15 Best Restaurants in Portage (WI)

Ever pondered where the ideal vacation destination might be? Portage, a lovely city in Columbia County, Wisconsin, in the United States, is the perfect location for you.

Portage city was incorporated in 1854. As of the 2020 census, the population of Portage was collated to be around 10,581.

The word “Portage” actually means the carrying of a boat, or its cargo, between two navigational water, And due to Portage city’s Unique position along the one-and-a-half-mile strip of the marshy plain between the Foxdo Wisconsin rivers, hence Portage city derived its name, which is similar to the original meaning of the word Portage.

This article ensures you are exposed to classy and intriguing restaurants to explore for great adventurous meals in Portage.

Below are the best restaurants in Portage, WI, to visit for such an experience.

Best Restaurants in Portage

1. Sal’s Pizza

Sal's Pizza

Sal’s pizza is a place to try out one of the most astonishing pizza bites in Portage, always made from sizzling and fresh ingredients and finally beautified into perfection with beautiful toppings.

They have been ranked on the list of the best Portage restaurants that offer different pizza flavor varieties for your lunch, dinner, and a pleasant dining experience.

Make sure to visit Sal’s pizza because it is one of the best places to eat in Portage, WI.

Some of the fantastic meals on their menu include; baked ziti, spaghetti, meatballs, plain cheeseburger, cheese pizza, gyro pizza, onion rings, chicken caesar salad, greek salad, french fries, lasagna pizza, bacon cheeseburger pizza, and so much more.

They are open to the public at these hours; Sun; 11 am-9 pm, Mon-Sat; 11 am-10 pm.

Address;2555 New Pinery Rd#1211, Portage, WI ,53901.Phone;(608)775_9955.

2. Pizza Hut Portage

Pizza Hut Portage

Pizza hut restaurant offers customers their tummy’s favorite pizza. They are known in Portage for being one of the best pizza delivery, carryout, and place to eat in Portage, WI.

They derive joy in delivering the best pizza in different flavors, made hot and with the best topping. They make sure to get their ingredients fresh from local farmers, and their meals are always at very affordable prices.

The dream behind pizza hut kicked off after the Carney brothers borrowed $600 from their mum to open up the pizza hut restaurant. And ever since, the restaurant has grown into a very successful business venture, ensuring all customers are treated as family.

There are a lot of top restaurants in Portage, WI, that make pizza, but pizza hut has been able to stand out because of their consistency in making all of their meals with love and ensuring that customers feel the love put into all their meals.

Some of the great meals on their menu include; double chicken sausage, creamy mushroom, garlic breadsticks, potato wedges, spiced tomato twist pasta, chicken pepperoni, fish and chips dinner, supreme pizza, crust pizza, garlic knots, supreme pizza, etc.

Pizza hut is open for business at the following hours; Sun -Thur;10 am – 10 pm, Fri;10 am – 12 am, Sat;10:15 am – 12 am, Delivery;10:30 am – 10 pm, Takeout;10:30 am – 10 pm.

Address;401 E Wisconsin St, Portage, WI,53901.Phone;(608)742-8829.

3. Two rivers coffee

Two rivers coffee

For a wonder-filled and bliss-filled breakfast experience, visit Two Rivers Coffee.

The atmospheres are usually cozy to give you a very nice casual feel. The restaurant allows customers to relax and have breakfast while working on their laptops.

Here at the restaurant, they offer unique blends of numerous varieties of coffee that go well with their great dessert options for your breakfast.

They accommodate various groups, tourists, family, and friends or just for your solo dining experiences and quick dining options.

Some of the beautiful breakfast options on their menu are; chi latte, Americano, muffins, doughnuts, black violet sea latte, chai tea latte, almond joy, redeye coffee, etc.

Two Rivers Coffee Restaurants are open to the public at these hours; Sun-Sat, 7 am – 2 pm.

Address;224 W, Wisconsin St, Portage, WI,53901, United States.Phone;(608l745-9400.

4. Portage Asian Cuisines

Portage Asian Cuisines

Asian cuisines are known to be derived from a combination of healthy, organic ingredients, gotten freshly and transformed into a delicious and mouth-watering meal.

Portage Asian cuisine restaurant has a reputation for giving you that authentic Asian feel from their Asian-inspired recipes.

They offer numerous meal options such as vegan options, beers, kids’ menu, vegetarian options, comfort foods, cocktails, etc., for lunch, dinner, and solo dining, all in a cozy and casual atmosphere.

Some of the cuisine from their menu include; bento box, shrimp teriyaki, miso soup, fried cheesecake, tuna sushi lunch, jasmine green tea, oreo tempura, Japanese spring rolls, sweet or sour chicken, sushi appetizer, etc.

Portage Asian cuisines are open to the public at these hours; Sun; closed, Mon-Thur;11 am – 9 pm, Fri -Sar;11 am – 9:30 pm.

Address;123E, Cook St, Portage, WI,53901, United States.Phone;(608)743-9031.

5. La Toleca

La Toleca

Their vision and mission in Portage city are to create authentic Mexican dishes at a cost-effective price.

They take pride in making sure that the atmosphere is always friendly and also deliver fast services to all of their customers.

The restaurant’s overall ambiance is usually spacious, colorful, and always in a festive mood. They treat their customers to standard grub & potent Margaritas.

Here are some fantastic Mexican cuisine from this specular Portage restaurant menu; nacho supreme, seafood nachos, enchilada supreme, tas taco salad, fajitas taco salad, pork and beef tacos, fried ice cream, etc.

La toleca renders services to the public at these hours; Mon-Thur;11 am-9 pm, Fri- Sat;11 am-10 pm, Sun;11:30 am- 9 pm.

Address;2756 New Pinery Rd, Portage, WI,53901.Phone;(608)745-6776.

6. Craig’s Popcorn Corner

Craig's Popcorn Corner

Craig’s Popcorn Corner is a dessert restaurant that offers flavored-filled, colorful popcorn and other dessert goodness.

With features like an accessible wifi facility to ensure their customers can relax as they enjoy their dessert goodies.

They ensure that their Popcorns are always freshly popped, filled with lovely flavors, crunchy and delicious, and delivered with fast service.

They also have around 30 flavors of soft-serve ice cream and chocolate ship brand ice cream. For a quick bite, Craig’s popcorn is one of the top notch restaurants for you.

Some of the dessert treats that Craig’s Popcorn has on their menu include; cheddar cheese, white cheddar, dilly dilly pickie, butter pecan, attic tundra, Zanzibar, blue moon, raspberry rhapsody, mint chip, sticks &stones,zereo,minti chip, caramel corn, etc.

Craig’s popcorn serves the public at these hours; Mon-Thur;3 pm- 9 pm, Fri – Sat;1 am- 9 pm.

Address;206 W Wisconsin St, Portage, WI,53901.Phone;(608)742-8050.

7. Big Dog Saloon

Big Dog Saloon

Big dog offers you all American dishes, put together with fun features such as bars, a Large screen TV so you can enjoy sports events, a live music display, etc.

The overall ambiance of the place is always thrilling and bubbling, with loads of fun activities combined with a significant variety of meals offered to the customers.

Their menus are coined out of the original cultural recipes of the city of Portage. They are well known for their spectacular fast and excellent service from competent and friendly staff.

Some of the delicious cuisines on their menu include; chicken strips, fried sausage ravioli, mozzarella sticks, boneless wings, onion rings, mushrooms, mac n cheese, Italian sampler, shannon sandwich, cider, pabst blue ribbon, etc.

Big dog restaurant is open to the public at these hours; Mon-Fri, 10 am -2 am.

Address; Cook St, Portage, WI, 53901.Phone;(608)742-3644.

8. Cimaroli’s Super Club

Cimaroli's Super Club

Cimeroli’s supper club is a family-owned eatery, well known as one of the best Portage restaurants specializing in prime ribs, seafood, steaks, etc. They are best known for offering American pattern stake houses and soups.

Here in this restaurant, you will enjoy live music, a bar on site, high chairs, great dessert, great beer, and wine options, etc.

All of these features are provided and put in place to ensure maximum customer comfort. As a result, the atmosphere gives an aura of classiness befitting for a romantic outing or date.

Some exquisite dishes on their menu include; jumbo shrimp, brandy Alexander, chicken tenders, fish fry, salmon, grasshopper, raspberry cheesecake, prime rib and shrimp, frog legs, etc.

Cimaroli’s super club is open to serve the public at the following business hours; Sun;4 pm-9 pm, Mon; Closed, Tue-Sat;4 pm-9 pm.

Address; W 11993 State Road 127, Portage, WI, 53901.Phone;(608)742-2238.

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9. Culver’s


Culver’s is a fast food chain that has gained recognition for delivering and offering customers dishes with the freshest ingredients.

They ensure their means are consistently prepared according to order and never frozen but made fresh all day.

They also specialize in frozen custards with midwest dairy, beef, and excellent dessert options.

To ensure that the customers are well relaxed and comfortable, features like an accessible wifi facility and a high chair have been put in place to provide the best form of lunch and dinner experience for their customers.

Culver’s has been rated among the top restaurants in Portage, WI, with exquisite services. So make sure to visit Culvers Portage restaurant.

Some of the beautiful dishes on Culver’s restaurant menu include; cheeseburger deluxe, double bacon, burger and fries, frozen custard, Culver’s double deluxe cheeseburger, and chili, shrimp baskets with fries, etc.

They are open for business at these hours; Mon-Sun;10 am-7 pm.

Address; New Pinery Rd, Portage, WI,53901.Phone;(608)742-7982.

10. Little Italy

Little Italy

Here at this restaurant, you will be exposed to dining in an Italian way, coupled with fine wine selections.

Little Italy has been operating since 2019 and has made it a duty to deliver customers one of the best Italian-inspired cuisines for their lunch, dinner, and solo dining experience.

There is this feeling of warmth and classiness that comes with the overall ambiance and atmosphere of the restaurant, and this is most suitable for a romantic date experience.

Their restaurant features high chairs, Free wifi, and a bar on-site, and it is also fantastic for kids. You will undoubtedly have a blast as you dine in Little Italy.

Some dishes on their menu include; Italian sodas, banana foster, pizza garlic bread, lasagna, spaghetti, meatballs, red wine, seafood bisque, bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, calamari, etc.

Address;2653 New Pinery Rd, Portage, WI,53901.Phone;(608)566-1232.

11. Suzy’s Steak and seafood house

Suzy's Steak and seafood house

Suzy’s steak and sea food restaurant is locally owned and loved by the locals, majorly because of its specialty in delivering customers with best-known steaks and seafood in Portage city.

Meals are served in an ambiance that depicts a wonderfully casual feel while being cozy at the same time. They also go the extra mile by providing customers with features like an on-site bar, fireplace, high chairs, etc. This ensures maximum comfort and satisfaction for the customers.

Although this restaurant is the locals’ favorite, tourists and other groups from within and outside of Portage city are welcome to come and experience unique comfort and bliss as they dine at Suzy’s steak and seafood restaurant in Portage.

Some dishes on their menu; are seafood pasta, baked potato, calamari, bloody Mary, shrimp Alfredo, fisherman’s platter, crab legs, new work strip, onion soup, clams, cherry juice, New York strip, etc.

They are open to serve the public at these hours; Mon-Tue; closed, Wed-Fri;4 pm-8 pm, Sat;4 pm-9 pm, Sun;4 pm- 8 pm.

Address;2711 County Rd CX, Portage, NI,53901.Phone;(608)742-8400.

12. 1873 Grille

1873 Grille

1873 Grille creates its menu in olden days styles harmonizing with the restaurant’s history, making it one of the unique and top Portage restaurants.

At this restaurant, you can enjoy sports shows on a large-screen TV. At the same time, you are presented and served with their specialties such as Burgers, sandwiches, and other excellent meals on their menu.

They also have a pool table to give customers an enjoyable experience while enjoying their meals. The mere aroma of the meals, if you are around the restaurant, is enough to draw your attention to the restaurant, the aroma is lovely, but the taste is even better.

Some of their superb dishes include; margaritas, chopped salad, chunks norms burger, spinach dip, Reuben burger, kids grilled cheese, Friday night fish fry, nacho supreme, liquor, chicken sandwich, boneless wings, potatoes bravas, etc.

They are open for business at these hours; Fri-Sat;11 am-8 pm, Sun-Thur;11 am – 7 pm.

Address;301 Dewitt St#,2199, Portage, WI,53901.Phone(608l742-3270.

13. Cathay Garden

Cathay Garden

Here at this portage restaurant, you are treated to traditional Chinese-inspired cuisines like the tao’s and chow Mein’s, made in the classic Chinese style just for you.

Here their top priority is to ensure that all customers are satisfied regardless of their taste preferences. This is achieved by offering some unique food options such as vegan, healthy, and vegetarian options.

Cathay garden is one of the best places to eat in Portage, WI for Chinese-inspired recipes. Pay a visit to Cathay’s garden for fantastic customer service and a great meal.

Some memorable meals on their menu include; hot &sour soup, pore chow mine, cashew chicken,kung pao chicken, orange chicken, egg drop soup, sweet &sour chicken, egg foo young, beef lo mein, etc.

They are open to the public at these hours; Sun; closed, Mon-Sat;11 am- 9 pm.

Address;238 W Cook St, Portage, WI,53901.Phone;(608)742-6453.

14. B & B Hitching Post

B & B Hitching Post

B & B Hitching post is a restaurant in Portage that offers customers a homemade cooking style for delicacies such as salads, prime ribs, fish fries, homemade pies, desserts, etc.

Suppose you are yearning for a fantastic restaurant that presents customers with American-style lunch, dinner, and solo dining experience. All these and more makes this restaurant one of the best restaurants in Portage, WI for that kind of experience.

All their great meal from their creatively crafted menu is offered to you in a delightful atmosphere, usually cozy and casual, to give you the utmost satisfaction as you dine.

Some of the delicacies on their creatively crafted menu include; fish and fries, corned beef and cabbage, Sunday brunch buffet, gyro sandwich, chicken salad on a croissant, patty melt, quesadilla, soup and salad bar, egg benedict, Denver omelet, etc.

They are open to serve the public at the following hours; Sat-Sun;7 am – 2 pm, Mon- Thur;7 am- 8:30 pm, Fri; 7 am- 9:30 pm.

Address;2503 W Wisconsin St, Portage, WI,53091, Phone;(608)742-8208.

15. Neil’s Wine House

Neil's Wine House

At Neil’s Wine House, their specialty is in giving their customers exquisite and unique wine, beer, alcohol, cocktails, happy hour drinks, and spirits, served to you in a superb, cozy, and casual atmosphere coupled with a very spacious outdoor seating arrangement.

The outdoor seating is for those that want to enjoy the fresh air while they relax with their meal. They also have a bar on site indoors.

The staff undergoes top-notch training to give the best treatment that the customers genuinely desire. As a result, their excellent dishes, superb atmosphere, and great customer service make them one of the best restaurants to visit in Portage.

Some of the exquisite wines and dishes Neil wine has to offer include; chicken parmigiana, quesadilla, baked goat cheese, whiskey, tenderloin medallions, bourbon whiskey, sangria, packers champagne, spinach artichoke dip, etc.

Neil’s wine house is open to serve you at the following hours; Sun-Tue; closed, Wed-Thur;11 am-8 pm, Fri-Sat;11 am-10 pm.

Address;235 W Pleasant St, Portage, WT 53901, United States.Phone;(608)617-8465.

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Plan a visit to Portage

In Portage, there is a load of Historical places, parks, tourist attractions, and other outdoor and indoor recreational places you could visit for a fun-filled experience.

Portage is also home to beautiful and splendid restaurants that craft unique dishes to give your belly a tremendous and phenomenal feel; this is enough to ensure that your visit or stay in Portage is filled with fun memories.

Start planning a visit to Portage today!