15 Best & Fun Restaurants in Newton (KS)

Do you want to know the best restaurants in Newton, KS? If yes, this article is for you.

Before delving into the topic of restaurants, let’s look at a few things about this city. Newton is a big city in Harvey County, Kansas, USA with a population of 18,845 as of 2020.

Newton is close to Wichita and Andover, which implies residents and tourists may enter those areas sometimes. Newton restaurants contribute greatly to the county’s overall food industry.

This guide comprises the best places to eat in Newton, KS. Below are the top restaurants in Newton, KS.

Best Restaurants in Newton, KS

1. Genova Italian Restaurant

Genova Italian Restaurant

Genova Italian Restaurant is the best Italian restaurant in Kansas. It is located in Cedar Village Properties along Washington Road, Newton, KS. This restaurant is well renowned for its fantastic Italian fare prepared using traditional recipes.

Genova Italian Restaurant serves Caprese salad, champagne chicken, chicken Florentine, mussels, ravioli, and more. Stromboli is a popular food many customers enjoy eating at Genova. It is delicious and its size is big enough to satisfy any foodie eating it. It is homemade with Italian cheese (mozzarella), cold cuts, or vegetables filled in between pizza dough or bread dough.

The restaurant is a great place to eat Italian food, drink Italian wine, and socialize with friends and family. Genova makes ravioli, pizza, baked ziti, linguini clams, and chicken parmigiana, all in the fully stocked kitchen. Dinner rolls and cannoli cream can be taken as carry-out packages in case you want to keep them for your next meal without having to come to the restaurant again.

The Genova special is an awesome combination of ham, chicken & sausage in a wine sauce over spaghetti. You can’t go wrong eating at Genova Italian regardless of your dietary expectations. This highly-rated Newton restaurant operates from 11 am to 8 pm every day except Mondays.

Address: 1021 Washington Road, Newton, KS. Phone: (316) 587-8099

2. Back Alley Pizza

Back Alley Pizza

Back Alley Pizza is a pizza restaurant in Newton, KS. It is one of the best Newton restaurants, providing top pizza-eating experiences for customers. Back Alley Pizzeria is good at what they do – that is, making delicious pizza.

The restaurant’s pizza comes in different flavors; cheese pizza, barbeque pizza, pepperoni pizza, Hawaiian pizza, beef mushroom and bacon pizza, and so on. You can’t run out of pizza choices to make at Back Alley.

Some of us love the simple beef tomato pizza, while some in our team love the pepperoni because they’re pepper lovers. Your choice of pizza flavor depends on you, but you’re always free to ask for an expert opinion from one of the friendly staff at Back Alley.

Address: 125 W 6th Street, Newton, KS. Phone: (316) 804-4924

3. The Breadbasket

The Breadbasket

We all love the sweet-smelling aroma of a bakery when we pass it by. The Breadbasket in Newton is one of such bakeries in Harvey County. The Breadbasket is the best place in Newton to get bread, cakes, cookies, and other baked products.

The Breadbasket opens early in the morning by 6.30 am and closes by 2 pm. the staff is friendly and fast service is assured whenever you order at The Breadbasket.

Some of the goodies you can expect to purchase from this bakery include cinnamon rolls, meatloaf, Biscuits & Gravy, lamb, cream puffs pie, and others. Soups and salads are also served here, which goes to show that this food establishment isn’t only about bread and baked stuff. Green bean & ham soup is a popular meal often ordered by customers.

They serve American and German fare, especially at their German dessert bar, with bohne beroggi being the best part of their buffet. There are several food options to pick from for a delightful breakfast or brunch at The Breadbasket.

Address: 219 N Main Street, Newton, KS . Phone: (316) 283-3811

4. Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy

Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy

Braum’s is the best ice cream shop in Newton, Kansas. Braum’s is a longtime Oklahoma-based fast-food chain that’s appreciated for its burger, ice cream, and other yummy desserts. This casual spot is perfect for grabbing a bite or relishing sweet desserts.

They offer ice creams, toots, tarts, burgers, sandwiches, cakes, biscuits, and coffee. It is gradually turning out to be a children’s wonderland because of the numerous sweet treats on the menu. They also sell a wide range of groceries.

Braum’s opens daily from 6.00 am-10.45 pm. You can sit in the lively atmosphere and be served your food, or you can have a takeaway, depending on you. Your kids may also relish chicken sandwiches, chicken salads, and so on.

Address: 1209 E 1st, Newton, KS . Phone: (316) 283-7509

5. Druber’s Donut Shop

Druber’s Donut Shop

Druber Donut Shop is one of the best restaurants in Newton, KS. It is actually the only donut shop we found in Newton, KS. Though a donut shop, it surely sells other yummy foods and drinks.

This restaurant is famous for its fresh yummy donuts. Other pastries available can lure any customer coming here with extra cash. Cinnamon rolls, fresh bagels, croissants, and cakes are all part of Druber’s menu.

They open very early in the morning, by 4.30 am, and they’re ready to attend to customers as early as 6 am. They close by noon on some days and by 1 pm on other days. Druber’s Donut Shop is the perfect place to come grab a quick bite for breakfast before heading to school or work.

Address: 116 W 6th Street, Newton, KS . Phone: (316) 283-1206

6. Casa Fiesta

Casa Fiesta

Casa Fiesta is where you want to be eating solo or with family and friends in Newton, KS. It is the best Mexican restaurant in Newton, KS. You can enjoy your favorite Mexican classic foods here with music playing in the background.

Casa Fiesta is a lively restaurant with a lot of jazz and traditional Mexican elements in the surroundings. They serve chips & salsa, Texas dip, steak quesadilla, taco salad, fajitas, Newton enchiladas, and so on.

We recommend the chicken and steak fajitas while at Casa Fiesta. It’s delicious, big in size, and well-seasoned. You can top that with a medium-sized glass of margarita. This fine Mexican restaurant opens by 11 am and closes by 9 pm every time.

Address: 1607 N Main Street, Newton, KS . Phone: (316) 283-7960

7. Le – J’s Bar BQLe – J’s Bar BQ


Le – J’s Bar BQ is a nice restaurant that offers the usual dine-in and takeaway service options, but no online delivery is available.

They serve ribs, beef barbeque, grilled chicken, steaks, burgers, salads, and sandwiches.

Their brisket dinner is one of the best in the area because it will be satisfactory for any adult who will purchase it. Le – J’s Bar BQ is located in Chisholm Trail Center on Southeast 36th street, Newton, KS. It is a nice location but what makes the restaurant better is the great-tasting grilled fare served there.

Our most recommended pick at Le – J’s Bar BW is barbeque meat, a side of baked beans with bread and pickle. This combo is a good selection if you want to fill your gastronomic tanks. This barbeque restaurant opens every day of the week except on Sundays and Mondays. They operate 11 am-4 pm on those business days.

Address: 601 SE 36th St Ste 108, Newton, KS 67114-8768 . Phone: (316) 283-0802

8. El Toro Cafe

El Toro Cafe

El Toro Cafe is one of the best cafes in Newton, Kansas. It is a unique American-Mexican breakfast restaurant in the city. El Toro Café serves the best food at great prices in all of the 5th street. Their cheese dip with chips and deep-fried flour tacos are delicious and highly rated.

They make the best-tasting breakfast comfort foods in town. El Toro Café menu items includes tacos tostada, burritos, Mac & Cheese, and more. Tacos and burritos are a few of the Mexican treat this restaurant offers. You can also expect to see guacamole, nachos, chile Relleno, enchiladas, and others on the menu. You can visit their Facebook page to see the full menu for all foods and beverages currently available.

They open by 11 am and close by 1.30 pm every day except on Sundays and Mondays. El Toro Café is the name that should come to mind when you want to relish some Mexican food in Newton, KS.

Address: 121 W 5th St, Newton, KS 67114-2113 . Phone: (316) 283-4044

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9. Applebee’s


Applebee’s® is a fast-food restaurant chain with several branches nationwide, including a branch in Newton, Kansas. Applebee’s Newton has been in operation since its founding in 1980. Applebee’s Pella opens daily by 11 am and closes by 11 pm on weekdays but at midnight on weekends.

This restaurant is a great place to eat an affordable lunch or dinner with family and friends in Pella. The food from the kitchen here lures customers to want to buy more and enjoy themselves in the informal setting that the restaurant provides.

What to expect at this restaurant is a wide selection of burgers, sandwiches, steaks, beverages, beers, and cocktails. Chicken wings & fries and a bottle of cool beer is a good lunch bite at Applebee’s. Great food, affordable prices, and a vibrant informal atmosphere are what Americans like about Applebee’s.

Address: 601 N Manchester Ave, Newton, KS 67114-5000 . Phone: 316-284-9366

10. Curtis C’s Diner

Curtis C's Diner

Curtis C’s Diner is one of the favorite restaurants in Harvey County to come and eat any meal of the day, especially dinner. Curtis C’s Diner offers dine-in and takeout, but there are no delivery services in place.

They serve classic American meals for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and supper. Meatloaf and spaghetti are good choices at the diner. It is delicious and the quantity you receive is nearly equivalent t that of a large plate.

They serve a lot of soup varieties, and you can briefly view them on their menu on Facebook. Pancakes, burgers, sandwiches, steaks, chicken, and salads are all included in the Windham Diner menu.

Curtis C’s Diner opens early by 7 am and closes by 8 pm daily. The only day of the week exempted from the restaurant functioning is Sunday. The staff issue takeouts only between 7 am and 7.30 pm.

Address: 1039 Washington Rd, Newton, KS 67114-4437. Phone: 316-283-6333

11. Billy Sims BBQ

Billy Sims BBQ

Next on this list of top restaurants in Newton, KS is Billy Sims BBQ. It is a fast-food restaurant chain with branches nationwide. Thus, the standard of the Newton branch is the same as others. They serve smoked or grilled fare, sandwiches, and beers.

You can walk into Billy Sims BBQ for a dine-in or just order and pick it up via a drive-through. This restaurant does delivery for customers wanting their barbecue food brought to them within Newton, KS.

The pulled pork served here is of generous size and great taste. Their brisket dinner is one of the best in the area because it will be satisfactory for any adult who will purchase it.

Taco, burger, Schooner BBQ salad, and chicken sandwiches are good menu items you can order. This restaurant in Newton is a great place to eat barbeque fare.

They open and close at 11 am and 9 pm, respectively, consistently.

Address: 1414 N Main Street, Newton, KS. Phone: (316) 804-7771

12. Great Wall Chinese RestaurantGreat Wall Chinese Restaurant


We like how this restaurant reminds us of the Great Wall of China, the Silk Road, and the Forbidden City. If you wish to enjoy the best Chinese food in Newton, then you ought to visit the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant.

The Newton Kansas branch is unique with its interior decorations and surroundings. Though been a fairly new restaurant in the region, its positive reviews online indicate that it’s a good place to eat in Newton. They serve original Chinese dishes such as General Tso’s chicken, beef with broccoli, sweet and sour pork, Kung Po shrimp, and Young Chow fried rice.

Some of these dishes may not be familiar to non-Asians, but the kind staff will give you their recommendations if you seek them. Seafood meals are commonplace at Great Wall Chinese Restaurant. So fish & chips, shrimps, and moo goo gai pan are available for your culinary experience. The staff opens by 11 am and closes by 9 pm daily. The only day of the week exempted from the restaurant functioning is Tuesday.

Address: 2305 S Kansas Avenue, Newton, KS . Phone: (316) 283-6667

13. Acapulco Mexican Restaurant

Acapulco Mexican Restaurant

Acapulco Mexican Restaurant is an award-winning restaurant and is also recognized among the best Newton restaurants.

They endeavor to offer the best Mexican home-cooked food in the area. Acapulco Restaurant was established by Salvador Lujano in 1971 and now his grandchildren run this family-owned restaurant.

If you crave to eat Mexican staple foods, then Acapulco Restaurant is your plug. They serve the likes of burritos, tacos, fajitas, tortillas, enchiladas, and nachos. Chimichanga and margarita to go with it is our top recommendation to you if you visit this location.

Also, taco salad with chicken is a well satisfactory meal you can eat while in this restaurant. Taqueria Ay Jalisco pride itself in preparing all Mexican dishes using traditional family recipes. They are good at what they do and this is reflected by the high ratings and positive reviews

Their opening and closing hours are 11 am and 2 pm, respectively. You can check Acapulco Restaurant’s Facebook page to keep up to update with menu changes.

14. Gurty’s Burgers & Shakes

Gurty's Burgers & Shakes

Gurty’s Burgers & Shakes is a wonderful place for everyone to come and eat burgers and sandwiches with milkshakes on hand. Gurty’s Burgers & Shakes don’t disappoint with the vast number of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fries, and shakes it serves.

Making a selection of which burger to eat is gradually becoming a challenge for a few customers coming to Gurty’s Burgers & Shakes. So in order to be pre-informed, visit their website to view the menu and make a choice.

Gurty’s Burgers & Shakes opens and closes at 11 am and 2.30 pm respectively.

Address: 214 E 12th Street, Newton, KS . Phone: (316) 333-1878

15. Charlie’s Restaurant

Charlie's Restaurant

Charlie’s restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Newton, KS. It is a classic American restaurant with dine-in and takeout options. Here, they serve pizza, burgers, steaks, seafood, salads, soft & alcoholic drinks, and full-course meals or buffet. It is wise to make reservations before coming to dine in for a serious occasion like a romantic date.

We would recommend the French toast, shrimp & grits along with a mocktail like the Moscow Mule. Many customers reportedly enjoy the chicken fried steak served at this fine restaurant. There is lasagna, hashbrowns, and omelets available to try out for morning breakfast or afternoon brunch.

Try out Hash browns, sausage, or egg Benedict smothered in cheese and ketchup.

Chicken & waffles, Fish & Chips, hamburgers, Chicken fried steak, and tacos are all specially prepared and taste good in this restaurant. The rich taste of the food is the number one reason that Charlie’s Restaurant is a top restaurant in Newton.

Address: 200 Manchester Avenue, Newton, KS . Phone: (316) 283-0790

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Plan a Trip to Newton, KS

From breakfast cafes to diners and BBQ joints, there is a restaurant for every foodie, irrespective of your craving at the moment.

Newton restaurants are great places to eat in a fun, lively atmosphere. Start planning a visit to Newton, KS, today to enjoy the wonderful dishes the city has to offer.