15 Best Restaurants in Trinidad (CA)

Trinidad is an incredible seaside city located in Humboldt County, on the Pacific Ocean, and 15 miles north of Arcata.

With a population of 367 at the 2010 Population Census, this seaside city is one of California’s smallest cities.

Trinidad is famous for its breathtaking coastline with up to ten offshore rocks and public beaches. Historical sites and marine landmarks surround Trinidad.

Trinidad is a great place to go for a family vacation or a fun trip with friends. The city offers several fun activities to keep you on your toes. Catch the sunset on the lovely beaches during a relaxing evening stroll.

Trinidad restaurants are a great feature of this incredible city. This city has excellent restaurants that are worth checking out.

Below are the best restaurants in Trinidad, CA.

Best Restaurants in Trinidad

1. Larrupin Cafe

Larrupin Cafe is a lovely place and one of the top restaurants in Trinidad, CA.

Enjoy the flowery aesthetics of the garden outside, the incredible beauty of the restaurant’s interior, and the incredible meals served at this restaurant. Larrupin Cafe has a great ambiance and a rich, classy feel that makes you feel at home.

Larrupin Cafe serves a delicious range of appetizers, entrees, and wines.

The restaurant offers excellent meals and fine dining experiences.

Start with an appetizing plate of Claudia’s Rosemary Roasted Garlic served with cambozola cheese, herbed olive oil, and toast points.

Enjoy a delicious dish of Filet & Prawn Kabob made with prime filet mignon skewered with fresh vegetables and white Mexican prawns prepared over the mesquite barbecue with citrus-molasses sauce.

Larrupin Cafe opens from 04:30 pm – 08:00 pm from Sunday to Saturday.

Address: 1658 Patricks Point Dr, Trinidad, CA 95570, United States. Phone: +1 707-677-0230

2. Trinidad Bay Eatery & Gallery

Trinidad Bay Eatery & Gallery

Trinidad Bay Eatery & Gallery is a community restaurant that offers fantastic meals. This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Trinidad, CA.

Trinidad Bay Eatery & Gallery has been a favorite among locals, visitors, and fishermen for over four decades. The restaurant has excellent indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Trinidad Bay Eatery & Gallery serves fresh food made with high-quality ingredients. The restaurant has comfortable booths that give intimacy to the customers. The interior decor is classy and elegant, creating a lovely atmosphere.

This restaurant serves a delicious variety of starters, breakfast, lunch, sandwiches, chowder & salads, seafood, dinner, and burgers, and the wine menu is incredible.

An incredible dinner time can start with Coconut Prawns served with honey sambal sauce. The Herbed Calamari Steak sauteed in butter and finished with fresh citrus local herbs is an excellent entree choice.

The restaurant has an incredible list of wine choices, from red to white, rose, sparkling, sweet, and lots more.

Trinidad Bay Eatery & Gallery opens from 09:00 am – 08:30 pm from Tuesday to Sunday and from 11:00 am – 06:00 pm on Monday.

Address: 607 Parker St, Trinidad, CA 95570, United States. Phone: +1 707-677-3777

3. The Lighthouse Grill

The Lighthouse Grill

The Lighthouse Grill is a fantastic restaurant with great outdoor seating. This restaurant is recognized among the best places to eat in Trinidad, CA.

The Lighthouse Grill serves delicious meals in a very comfortable space. The restaurant is tidy and airy, creating a fresh, relaxed atmosphere.

Stop at this restaurant after a fun day at the beach for unique dishes. The Lighthouse Grill serves burgers prepared with high-quality Humboldt Grass Fed Beef.

Enjoy a slice of the Double Cheeseburger made with tasty patties and double cheddar, Swiss, American, or pepper Jack cheese. If you are feeling a little adventurous, try the Smoked Tuna Melt Sandwich made with smoked tuna, dill, red onions, capers, cheddar cheese, and tomatoes.

A signature dish you should try at The Lighthouse Grill is the Mashed Potatoes in Savory Waffle Cones. The cones are delicious and made with cornmeal, rosemary, garlic, and chives. You can have mashed potatoes with gravy, bacon, and cheese.

The restaurant serves incredible salads, soups and sides, homemade ice cream, and dinners. The restaurant also has a kids’ menu.

The Lighthouse Grill opens from 11:00 am – 08:00 pm from Sunday to Saturday.

Address: 355 Main St, Trinidad, CA 95570, United States. Phone: +1 707-677-0077

4. Beachcomber Cafe

Beachcomber Cafe

If you want a beautiful spot to enjoy a nice treat on a lovely day, Beachcomber Cafe is a great place to eat in Trinidad.

Beachcomber Cafe is an incredible restaurant offering a fantastic view of the stunning Trinidad setting.

The restaurant serves fresh-baked goods like cookies, cakes, scones, muffins, and more delicious treats. The restaurant also offers vegan, vegetarian-friendly, and gluten-free options.

Enjoy the Basic Brekkie breakfast option made with two poached eggs and two pieces of buttered toast. You can add avocado or Marionberry jam.

The Lox Special, made with organic cream cheese, capers, salmon lox, and red onion, is an incredible treat.

Beachcomber Cafe opens from 08:00 am – 02:00 pm from Friday to Monday but is closed on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Address: 363 Trinity St, Trinidad, CA 95570, United States. Phone: +1 707-677-0106

5. Murphy’s Market & Deli

Murphy's Market & Deli

Grab a delicious bite of your favorite snacks at Murphy’s Market & Deli. This deli is worth adding to your list of best Trinidad restaurants.

Murphy’s Market & Deli offers delicious snacks, from casual bagels and sub sandwiches to delicately prepared wraps and salads.

At Murphy’s Market & Deli, the menu has a wide variety of tastefully prepared salads, platters, pasta, entrees, side dishes, and breakfast options.

You can pop into this deli for a delicious Breakfast Combo of bagels, cream cheese, muffins, and jam. You can have this combo with a fruit platter.

The Jerk Chicken, made with boneless, skinless chicken thighs marinated in soy sauce, yellow onions, jalapeños, garlic, nutmeg, pepper, thyme, salt, cayenne, and vegetable oil, is a spicy, delicious entree choice.

Murphy’s Market & Deli opens from 07:00 am – 10:00 pm from Sunday to Saturday.

Address: 1 Main St, Trinidad, CA 95570, United States. Phone: +1 707-677-3643

6. Moonstone Grill

Moonstone Grill

Enjoy a delicious meal and a scenic view of nature at Moonstone Grill. This restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Trinidad, CA.

This restaurant spreads the warmth of this seaside city with its cozy interior, great ambiance, and unique dishes.

Moonstone Grill serves starters, soups & salads, fish & seafood, meats, specialty dishes, and vegetarian & vegan meals.

If you love seafood, you can start with the Jumbo Prawns, made with spicy Cajun prawns, polenta cubes, and fried green onions.

The Lobster Fettuccine is an excellent dinner choice, made with housemade fettuccine, lobster tail, saffron cream sauce, and parmesan tuile.

The Wild Rice Pilaf is a tasty vegetarian-friendly meal made with forbidden rice, carrot, pistachio, shaved brussels sprouts, and dates.

Moonstone Grill has an excellent bar with a classy range of wines and cocktails.

Moonstone Grill is among the top Trinidad restaurants, and it is open from 04:30 pm – 09:00 pm from Monday to Saturday but is closed on Sunday.

Address: 100 Moonstone Beach Rd, Trinidad, CA 95570, United States. Phone: +1 707-677-1616.

7. Seascape Restaurant

Seascape Restaurant

Experience excellent dining in a comfortable environment at Seascape restaurant.

Seascape restaurant has been a great dining spot for locals, fishermen, and travelers since the 1950s

This fabulous restaurant’s menu features a classy range of sandwiches, fresh seafood, breakfast options, lunch options, and a fantastic housemade dessert.

Seascape restaurant is an ideal spot if you want to have an enjoyable family mealtime.

Whether you have Hearty Omelets and Egg Classic breakfast combo, unique seafood breakfast scrambles, or HotCakes and Waffles, Seascape restaurant offers a variety of delicious options.

Seascape restaurant opens from 08:00 am – 04:00 pm from Sunday to Saturday. Feel free to add this restaurant to your list of top restaurants in Trinidad, CA.

Address: Bay St, Trinidad, CA 95570, United States. Phone: +1 707-677-3762.

8. Headies Pizza and Pour

Headies Pizza and Pour

If you want to experience exquisite Italian dining, Headies Pizza and Pour is a top place to eat in Trinidad.

This family-owned restaurant has an elegant interior that creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Headies Pizza and Pour serves incredible pizza and offers gluten-free crust as well.

Enjoy delicious pies of various sizes, pizza, salads, beers, wines, and lots more. To make your pizza experience more interesting, you can build your pizza with the listed toppings and crust.

The restaurant offers canned soda, Liquid Death sparkling water, locally made drinks, ciders, orange juice, Martinelli Apple Juice, and more.

Some highlights of this incredible restaurant include a nearby ocean view, delicious pizza options, and delicious pies, and this restaurant is an excellent place for a quick bite.

Headies Pizza & Pour is open from 03:00 pm – 08:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday and from 03:00 pm – 09:00 pm on Friday and Saturday.

Address: 359 Main St, Trinidad, CA 95570, United States. Phone: +1 707-677-3077

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9. Katy’s Smokehouse

Katy's Smokehouse

Grab excellent, well-processed fish cuts and seafood at Katy’s Smokehouse. This incredible spot serves naturally smoked, high-grade fish and is a beautiful place to get fish in Trinidad.

Katy’s Smokehouse offers premium quality fish, and most of the fish served at this incredible spot are all ocean fresh and caught by hook and line.

Shop fresh and high-quality canned food, vacuum-sealed products, Larrupin Sauces, Hum Yum Caramel Sauces, and lots more.

Katy’s Smokehouse opens from 09:00 am – 04:00 pm from Thursday to Monday but is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Address: 740 Edwards St, Trinidad, CA 95570, United States. Phone: + 1 707-677-0151.

10. Sunset Restaurant

Sunset Restaurant

Sunset restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience and is one of the best places to eat in Trinidad, CA.

Experience fine dining in a classy restaurant with an incredible ocean view through expansive, clear windows. The restaurant is tasteful and elegantly furnished, creating a superb ambiance.

Come to Sunset restaurant for exceptional American cuisine, excellent service, and a breathtaking ocean view. The restaurant serves appetizers, soups & salads, steak, chicken, seafood, and pasta.

Start your fine dining experience with the Salmon cakes made fresh and served with lemon aioli.

The Chicken Piccata with Penne Pasta is a delicious entree made with pan-seared chicken breast served with penne pasta; all tossed with butter, caper sauce, and a lemon. You can have any of your chicken or steak cuts with baked potato, risotto, pasta, or twice-baked potato.

The Seafood Fettuccine is an excellent dish if you love seafood. This tasty meal made with prawns, scallops, snapper, and crab in Alfredo tossed with cream is yummy.

Sunset restaurant opens from 05:00 pm – 09:00 pm from Wednesday to Sunday but is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Address: 27 Scenic Dr, Trinidad, CA 95570, United States. Phone: +1 707-825-2770

11. Aztec Grill

Aztec Grill

Aztec Grill is a quick stop for incredible Mexican cuisine. This fantastic spot is among the best Trinidad restaurants.

Start your day with a Breakfast Burrito made with scrambled eggs, potatoes, cheese, salsa, and your choice of meat. The Eggwich is a delicious option made with American cheese, egg, and your choice of meat served on a croissant, biscuits, or English muffin.

Aztec Grill serves signature burritos, specialty items like taquitos, tostada, torta sandwiches, and drinks.

Enjoy the Street Taco made with your choice of meat in tortillas topped with onions, cilantro, and mild tomatillo salsa.

Aztec Grill opens from 06:00 am – 03:00 pm from Monday to Saturday but is closed on Sunday.

Address: 101 Main St, Trinidad, CA 95570, United States. Phone: +1 707-677-9266.

12. Ocean Grove Restaurant

Ocean Grove Restaurant

Ocean Grove restaurant is a cozy eatery in Ocean Grove Lodge. This restaurant is a great place to eat in Trinidad.

Ocean Grove serves incredible Mexican food with high-quality ingredients and authentic recipes. The cooking is home-style, and the setting creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

This restaurant has an airy outdoor seating area and a great spot to enjoy your meals surrounded by nature at its finest.

Ocean Grove restaurant serves seafood, American Cuisine, and Mexican cuisine. Enjoy the Chile Relleno with pork tamale, rice, local rockfish taco, and beans.

The Red Snapper Fish and Chips is a fantastic choice to share with friends. The tostada is delicious as well. The restaurant also serves cocktails and a good range of drinks.

Ocean Grove restaurant opens from 10:00 am – 10:00 pm from Sunday to Saturday.

Address: 480 Patricks Point Dr, Trinidad, CA 95570, United States. Phone: +1 707-677-3543

13. Sunrise Grill

Sunrise Grill

Sunrise Grill is a great place to eat in Trinidad.

Enjoy delicious appetizers straight from the grill at Sunrise Grill. The Steak Skewers made with ginger soy marinated steak kebabs with a cucumber salad topped with Sriracha Aioli is a delicious appetizer that will whet your appetite.

The Coconut Prawns made with panko and coconut-breaded prawns and served with Thai chili sauce are a fantastic choice.

Sunrise Grill also serves an exciting range of soups and salads. The New England Clam Chowder is a delicious option.

Sunrise Grill opens from 09:00 am – 10:00 pm from Monday to Thursday and from 09:00 am – 12:00 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Address: 27 Scenic Dr, Trinidad, CA 95570, United States. Phone: +1 800-684-2464.

14. Wild at Hearth

Wild at Hearth

Find a fantastic spot near the ocean tucked in a beautiful garden. Wild at Hearth is a top place to eat in Trinidad.

Wild at Hearth restaurant serves a good range of delicious dishes. The restaurant offers excellent meals in a comfortable environment. Wild at Hearth provides dine-in, take-out, and delivery options.

The restaurant also has vegetarian-friendly and vegan meal options. Enjoy pizza at its finest alone or with friends at this incredible restaurant.

Wild at Hearth opens from 05:00 – 08:00 pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but the restaurant is closed from Monday to Wednesday.

Address: 363 Trinity St, Trinidad, CA 95570, United States. Phone: +1 707-677-3881

15. Brett Shuler Fine Catering

Brett Shuler Fine Catering

Brett Shuler Fine Catering is one of Humboldt County’s finest catering services. Enjoy tasty, excellent meals from this service for all events like picnics, parties, elegantly seated dinners, and large banquet buffets.

The items offered by this unique food delivery service include a delicious range of starters, Passed Hor d’Oeuvres, buffet options, light snacks, and BBQ.

The Grilled Marinated Tofu with Romesco sauce is a delightful appetizer option for an exquisite dining experience or an incredible lunch at the beach.

If you are planning a business luncheon meeting, the Salad Nicoise made with Katy’s Smokehouse Albacore, kalamata olives, sliced egg, French green beans, and potatoes on a bed of greens with creamy vinaigrette is an excellent choice.

Brett Shular Fine Catering opens from 09:00 am – 07:00 pm on Monday and Wednesday to Friday, from 02:00 pm – 04:00 pm on Sunday, and 11:00 am – 07:00 pm on Saturday and Tuesday.

Address: 936 11th St. Arcata, CA 95521. Phone: +1 707 822-4221

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Plan a Trip to Trinidad

If you want to have a memorable time, especially during the summer, Trinidad offers an incredible experience.

The city has a charming coastal atmosphere and offers excellent, fun activities. If you love boat rides, water sports, and beach time, this seaside city offers a lot.

Trinidad is a hidden gem in California with many adventurous activities. This city is worth the experience; start planning a visit today!