10 Best Restaurants in Eden (UT)

Do you want to know the best Eden restaurants in Utah? If yes, then you are in the right article.

Eden is a major city in Weber County, Utah, USA. It is a census-designated place located an hour away from Salt Lake City International Airport. The city’s population was just over 600 people as of the 2010 census and 828 people as of the 2020 census.

Eden, UT, is a small mountain resort town that is home to three world-class mountain ski resorts tucked in as part of the Ogden Valley. It is part of Ogden Valley.

This small town has hidden gems seeking to be discovered by outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Eden is regarded by many as the Aspen of the State of Utah. It is a good place to live or visit for many reasons – among them is the serene environment and warm resident neighborhoods.

Are you planning a trip to Eden, UT? Here are the best restaurants in Eden, UT.

Best Restaurants in Eden

1. Carlos & Harley’s

Carlos & Harley's

Do you want to taste some fresh, delicious Mexican food in Eden, UT? Then you must head over to Carlos & Harley’s. It is among the best Eden restaurants.

Carlos & Harley’s is a rustic and funky spot in a circa-1800 general store for family-friendly TexMex eats. It is most people’s favorite Mexican spot in Ogden Valley.

The restaurant’s in-and-out design is spectacular and inviting. The spacious car park, the neon-light sign, and the interior décor all add to the desirability of Carlos & Harley

Besides the lovely interior and exterior features, Carlos & Harley serves some of the best-tasting Mexican classic foods. They serve chips & salsa, margaritas, chimichanga, seafood enchiladas, guacamole, Harley Burger, tortilla soup, and jalapenos.

They are other popular menu items at this Mexican restaurant, but they can’t all be mentioned in this blog. Therefore, you can visit Carlos & Harley’s website to find out more about their food offerings. They operate daily between 11 am and 8-9 pm.

Address: 5510 E 2200 N In Historic 120-year-old Eden General Store, Eden, UT 84310-9721. Phone: +1 801-745-8226

2. Mad Moose Café

Mad Moose Café

Are you a premium coffee enthusiast? Well, Mad Moose Café is one of the best places to eat in Eden, UT, as it takes everything about its coffee very seriously. They prepare and present roasted Ethiopian coffee in a cozy café setting.

Mad Moose Café most popular menu offer is its gourmet Rough Rider Coffee. We can’t just seem to get enough of its rich taste. They make some of the best-tasting cups of coffee in Eden, Utah.

They are dedicated to quality and offering splendid breakfast experiences. The magnificent exterior and calm interior of Mad Moose Café keep the customers walking in and out of there every day.

Mad Moose Café is a full-service eatery with dine-in, takeaway, curbside pickup, and online delivery service options. On sunny days, you can decide to sit outdoors as you munch on your delicious breakfast with a cup of coffee.

They serve sweet potato fries, French dip, lamb burgers, avocado toast, cheeseburgers, and so on. There are various types of specialty sandwiches and Panini available in this awesome café. You can get turkey avocado Panini, turkey cranberry Panini, and veggie Panini.

At Mad Moose, there is enough food to go around as the variety of breakfast offers is wide. They open by 10 am and close by 9 pm.

Address: 2429 N Highway 158, Eden, UT 84310-9856. Phone: +1 801-452-7425

3. Eats of Eden

Eats of Eden

We all love eating pizza slices at every chance we get as foodies. Eats of Eden is a pizza restaurant in Eden, Utah. It is one of the best restaurants in Eden, UT.

You will salivate to the numerous authentic pizza flavors available on display when you enter Eats. They offer the tastiest buffalo chicken pizza in town. No matter how much of a food critic you are, you will likely enjoy this chicken-flavored pizza.

Eats of Eden, like most pizza restaurants, also serves non-pizza food. Some of the interesting menu items include onion rings, pumpkin rolls, bison burgers, side house salad, chopped chef’s salad, and more.

The restaurant’s homemade bread stick is yummy and highly recommended. Eat’s bread pudding is another lovely food to order while you’re patronizing them. A steak sandwich with sweet potato waffle fries would be something a lot of people enjoyed and praised its high quality.

Eats of Eden is truly the best place to grab a quick bite in Eden. It is a wonderful pizzeria that has been serving this census-designed place for decades.

Address: 2595 N Highway 162 Ste B, Eden, UT 84310-6711. Phone: +1 801-745-8618

4. Shooting Star Saloon

Shooting Star Saloon

Shooting Star Saloon is among the top Eden restaurants. It is a veteran watering hole with quirky décor providing classic hamburgers and hot dogs, plus a full bar.

This restaurant is a fast-food chain with branches all over Utah and nationwide. The branch in Huntsville is notable because it also serves many Eden residents. It’s just a few miles from Eden’s center.

Shooting Star has got you covered whether you’re ordering a cheeseburger or bacon burger – it is Eden’s burger paradise. Their burger menu is expansive, and the variety adds to the restaurant’s reputation.

They serve bacon cheeseburgers, mini cheeseburgers, star burgers, and French fries or chips. Shooting Star Saloon also has mozzarella sticks, onion rings, rocking corn dogs, beers, and soft drinks.

The staff opens in the afternoon by 11 am and closes by 8 or 9 pm. They provide all customers with in-store pickup, drive-through, and takeaway service options. You can be lucky to get a friendly free coffee. Shooting Star Saloon is family-friendly, and kids are highly welcome.

It is noteworthy to mention that Shooting Star Saloon is one of Utah’s oldest enterprises. In their words, it is “Utah’s best-kept secrets” dating back to the 1850s. It has been serving the wonderful Huntsville and Eden communities for the past 135 years now.

Address: 7345 E 200 S, Huntsville, UT 84317-9711. Phone: +01 801-745-2002

5. Saddlebag Saloon

Saddlebag Saloon

If you want to drink craft beer and other alcoholic beverages, there is one place that comes to mind in Eden – Saddlebag Saloon.

Saddlebag Saloon is one of the top restaurants in Eden, UT. It has a good selection of beer and the best quality pub fare you can find around the area. The relaxing environment is a nice place to order a good draft beer while socializing with friends on weekends.

Do you want to watch TV sports while sipping your beer? Saddlebag Saloon provides such amenities, including live music performances every week. There is a spacious area for outdoor seating and entertaining.

Some of the best food treats ordered here are sandwiches served with tater tots or onion rings with a small side salad to complement it. It is a delicious combo that’s satisfying and stomach-filling.

Saddlebag Saloon has a friendly staff, a great beer selection, and a lively atmosphere. They open from 11 am to 9 pm on weekdays but at 11 pm on weekends and Fridays.

Address: 2612 N Highway 162, Eden, UT 84310-9745. Phone: +1 801-920-7087

6. Ogden Valley Pizza

Ogden Valley Pizza

Ogden Valley Pizza is one of the top restaurants in Eden, UT. They serve countless pizza flavors that you might just get confused about which one to order.

Some of the menu items include chicken BBQ pizza, buffalo chicken pizza, pepperoni Alfredo pizza, cheese pizza, and cowboy pizza. They also serve cheese bread and meat lovers’ pizza. It is the most requested pizza type that customers love.

This pizza restaurant offers super tasty pizza, wings, and local beer of high quality to all in Eden, UT. The owner spent years perfecting the sauce recipe and the crust, which turned out amazing each time you eat a pizza slice.

Ogden Valley Pizza’s IG page displays all the yummy and colorful pizza types that are available for order. Ogden Valley Pizza offers dine-in, curbside pickup, outdoor seating, and online delivery services for all.

The place is always full, with customers ordering their favorite pizza boxes. But don’t worry! The staff here deliver food at fast speed. Ogden Valley Pizza opens by 11 am and closes at 8 pm every day except on Fridays and Saturdays, where they close by 9 pm.

Address: 2612 N Highway 162 Unit 2, Eden, UT 84310-9745. Phone: +1 385-205-6130

7. Don Pollo Gourmet Mexican Restaurant

Don Pollo Gourmet Mexican Restaurant

If you crave to eat Mexican staple foods, then Don Pollo is your plug. They serve the likes of burritos, fajitas, tacos, tortillas, taquitos, enchiladas, and nachos. Tacos de carne asada and carne asada plates are our top recommendations from us.

Also, taco salad with chicken is a well satisfactory meal you can eat while in this restaurant. Don Pollo Gourmet Mexican Restaurant pride itself in preparing all Mexican dishes using traditional family recipes.

This family-owned restaurant chain which started as a small food outlet by Mexican immigrant Chef Cesar Ruiz now has 3 locations –two in West Valley City, UT, and one in Eden, UT. The founder’s core mission is to make a difference by cooking each meal with love.

They are good at what they do, and this is reflected by the high ratings and positive online review comments. They accept both dining reservations and casual take-outs.

Their opening and closing hours are 10 am and 8.30 pm, respectively. You can check Don Pollo Gourmet Mexican Restaurant’s website to keep up to update with the menu offerings.

Address: 2429 Ut-158 Suite 2, Eden, UT 84310. Phone: +1 801-745-6267

8. Links


Links® is one of the best places to eat in Eden, UT. It is located in WorldMark Wolf Creek, which is a notorious 3-star hotel and resort in Eden.

Links Bistro offers a variety of good food, drinks, and fun surrounding for any foodie. Their menu is expansive, thus, accommodating a lineup of burgers, sandwiches, salads, and many more, including vegetarian options for each.

The most spectacular thing about eating at Links is the iconic views you get from the Wolf Creek golf course. The scenery will certainly brighten your dining experience.

At Links, you can choose to simply enjoy a glass of wine or request to be served a full-course dinner. The choice is on you! Links provide the best dining experience in Eden, Utah. They are open all day long.

Address: 3873 N Wolf Creek Dr, Eden, UT Wolf Creek Resort Clubhouse, Eden, UT 84310. , Phone: +1 801-781-4150.

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9. Farr Better Ice Cream

Farr Better Ice Cream

Would you like to enjoy shaved ice in Ogden, Utah? Then you must consider paying a visit to Farr Better Ice Cream.

It is currently the best ice cream shop in the whole Ogden Valley geography. It is quite far from Eden (nearly 10 miles), which may demand that you drive behind Valley View Market and Pat’s Food Shop before you see it.

Farr Better Ice Cream is celebrating its 100 years of legendary ice cream-making in the province of Ogden, Utah. It no doubt offers the sweetest ice cream in the area.

Farr Better Ice Cream was founded by Micheal D. Farr, who started it out as an ice cream stand when he was a kid. He was one of the many children of Lorin Farr, the first mayor of Ogden City.

He established Farr Better together with his older brothers Valesco and David as partners in 1891. It was a trade named Farr Ice Company which majored in the supply of large and dynamically harvested ice.

In the course of successively establishing their ice supply businesses with hundreds of icehouses nationwide, the Farr brothers also created the Farr Better Ice Cream as one of the subsidiary companies of Farr Ice Company.

Today, Farr Better serves banana splits, mint chocolate chip ice cream, sundae, rootbeer, black licorice, and so on. They serve different ice cream flavors with different cone sizes.

You can try out either their black licorice ice cream or caramel caribou, or wild huckleberry ice cream. Either of them will penetrate through your palate to your skull with chills of goodness.

There are other ice cream types to order at Farr Better. Some of these include fire stick ice cream, coffee ice cream cone, oreo shake, peanut butter & pumpkin, coconut pecan, and chocolate Farr Better ice cream.

Address: 2580 N Highway 162 Behind Valley View Market And Pat’s Food Shop, Eden, UT 84310-5502

10. Gray Cliff Lodge Restaurant

Gray Cliff Lodge Restaurant

Wrapping our list of top Eden restaurants is Gray Cliff Lodge Restaurant. Right in the heart of Ogden Canyon lies this upscale restaurant – a relaxing, cozy eatery with all your favorite American foods served.

They serve lamb, filet mignon, key lime pie, grilled chicken breasts, New York-style steak, and berry cobbler. There is steak and chicken available at Gray Cliff Lodge.

We highly recommend this restaurant’s country-fried steak with white Gravy. It is delicious.

Is there anything that will be more pleasing than eating slow-roasted fried lamb with a glass of wine while overlooking either the snowy mountains or the Gray Cliff? Gray Cliff Lodge can offer that experience.

Do they serve seafood at Gray Cliff Lodge? Yes, they serve seafood, and lots of it, for that matter. We highly recommend going for their trout dinner special. You can make reservations for this particular one because you and your partner are sure to enjoy this dinner meal.

The trout dinner is prepared from fresh, locally caught trout. The same is said for their fresh pacific oysters. Gray Cliff Lodge is a great place to eat in Ogden. It is a few miles from Eden. This upscale restaurant only operates in the evenings from 5 pm to 9 pm every Thurs-Sun.

Address: 508 Ogden Cyn, Ogden, UT 84401-0955. Phone: +1 801-392-6775.

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Plan a Trip to Eden

Eden is a place worth visiting not just for the fine restaurants but mainly because it has many tourist attractions and snowy mountain ski resorts. If you’re someone that loves the outdoors and food at the same time, Eden will give you both.

Remember that Ogden is a large city in Utah, whereas Eden is a small census-designed area close to Ogden City.

Your visit to Eden will likely encompass tours around Ogden Valley. So, pack your bags and take a trip to Ogden/Utah! Try as many restaurant foods as possible in Eden, UT. Have a nice trip!