15 Best Restaurants in Green River (UT)

Amazing scenery meets fantastic dishes in this beautiful city. Discover some of the best restaurants in Green River, UT.

Green River is a beautiful, quiet city in Emery County, Utah, with a good climate and a mystical pull.

The population of this Western city is about 1,000 people, but this beautiful place is not your typical small town.

Green River always has something lively to do, especially outdoor recreational activities like visits to historical sites, water sports, adventurous hikes, golf, climbing and bouldering, biking, riding, and camping.

No matter what you do in Green River, the city serves delicious meals at top restaurants where you will have memorable experiences. Below are the top restaurants in Green River, UT.

Best Restaurants in Green River

1. Tamarisk Restaurant

Tamarisk Restaurant

Tamarisk Restaurant is a fantastic riverside restaurant and one of the best Green River restaurants to eat.

The restaurant has a contemporary interior decor that gives both locals and tourists a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Enjoy a full California Eggs Benedict breakfast of two over-medium eggs, ham, sliced tomatoes & avocado served on an English muffin and covered in hollandaise sauce, served with hash browns.

If you want to start your day on a fruity note, try the Strawberry French Toast Combo of two slices of Fresh toast topped with powdered sugar, whipped cream, and fresh strawberries, served with two eggs and bacon or ham or sausage.

If you are feeling a little adventurous, the Huevos Rancheros of two corn tortillas topped with two eggs, cheddar jack cheese, red or green sauce salsa & sour cream and served with black beans and cilantro lime rice or hash browns is an excellent option.

Tamarisk restaurant serves a wide variety of breakfast options, lunch specials, and a kids’ menu.

Tamarisk Restaurant opens from 07:00 am – 10:00 pm from Monday to Sunday.

Address: 1710 E Main St, Green River, UT 84525, United States. Phone: +1 435-564-8109.

2. Tacos La Pasadita

Tacos La Pasadita

Food truck meals are kicked up a notch at Tacos La Pasadita. This restaurant is recognized among the best places to eat in Green River.

This fine restaurant is a great stop for a delicious Mexican treat in the middle of your busy day. The outdoor seating makes mealtime an enjoyable, airy experience.

Tacos La Pasadita serves interesting combos of meals and drinks that will make your mouth water at affordable rates.

Enjoy your tacos, burritos, quesadillas, tortas, green chili pork, barbacoa, vampiros with a Mexican bottle at Tacos La Pasadita.

Tacos La Pasadita opens from 08:00 am – 10:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday and from 09:00 am – 11:00 pm on Friday and Saturday.

Address: 215 E Main St, Green River, UT 84525, United States. Phone: +1 435-564-8159.

3. Green River Coffee Company

Start your serene day with a cup of hot, steaming coffee at Green River Coffee Company. This restaurant is a great place to eat in Green River.

Enjoy a cup of Cafe Mocha or White Chocolate Mocha with a mouthful of Bagel With Cream Cheese which can be served plain or with blueberries.

The freshly baked muffins’ wafting aroma will excite your stomach, and the restaurant serves various muffin flavors.

If you love Greek yogurt, try the Granola & Yogurt with Blueberries option made with Greek vanilla yogurt.

It does not matter what you want from Espresso, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Cafe Americano, House Brew, Tea Iced or Hot, Hot Coco, Flavored Moo or Chai; you will have an enjoyable time and a satisfying sip at Green River Coffee Company.

Green River Coffee Company opens from 08:00 am – 08:00 pm from Sunday to Saturday.

Address: 25 E Main St, Green River, UT 84525, United States. Phone: +1 435-564-3411

4. Chow Hound

Are you looking for a fun meal time or a quick bite in the city? Chow Hound is a top place to eat in Green River.

Enjoy a wide range of deliciously-prepared sandwiches, donuts, salads, appetizers, desserts, pizzas, and Mexican cuisine at Chow Hound.

The restaurant also has a kid’s combo menu and delicious gluten-free options.

One of the additional features of this wonderland is the arcade area for games. If you are in town with your kids, family mealtime will be much fun at this restaurant.

Enjoy a box of the Large Combo Deluxe Pizza made with pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, beef, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and black olives with friends.

Catch up with your favorite sports with a Basket of Chicken Strips or Fish and fries.

If you are a chicken lover, you cannot go wrong with a Chicken Malibu, a Chicken Club, or a chicken sandwich at Chow Hound.

Start your mealtime with Poppers, Cheese Sticks, Hot Wings, or Curly Fries from the appetizer menu.

Treat yourself to a delicious dessert on the Ice Cream list. Whether a hot fudge sundae melting on your tongue or scoops of Strawberry Ice Cream, you will have a delightful experience.

Chow Hound opens from 08:00 am – 09:00 pm from Monday to Saturday but is closed on Sunday.

Address: 30 E Main St, Green River, UT 84525, United States Phone:+1 435-564-3563

5. West Winds Restaurant

West Winds Restaurant

If you are looking for a nice place to enjoy delicious homemade meals, West Winds restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Green River, UT, to visit.

Start with a serving of Potato Tumblers, a combination of potatoes, cheese, and bacon rolled into balls, and deep fried served with ranch dressing.

The Soup & Sandwich combo of the day’s soup served with your choice of sandwich from cold beef, ham, turkey, BLT, or grilled cheese is a delicious pick.

Enjoy a plate of vegetarian-friendly Dinner Salads made with fresh green lettuce, tomato slices, and carrots served with your choice of dressing.

The delicious Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken or Shrimp served with garlic toast, parmesan cheese, and a dinner salad is an excellent lunch or dinner option.

West Winds Restaurant opens from 06:00 am – 10:00 pm from Sunday to Saturday.

Address: 1065 E Main St, Green River, UT 84525, United States. Phone: +1 435-564-3495.

6. Blimpie


Are you looking for where to grab a quick, delicious bite in the middle of your busy day? Blimpie is just the place to visit.

This neighborhood restaurant has been around for over five decades and continues to serve delicious sub sandwiches prepared with freshly-sliced meats and high-quality ingredients.

Grab a freshly-prepared Sub or Panini, or you could try the Wraps if you are feeling adventurous.

The restaurant offers a range of salads, drinks, and sides. The restaurant also has a Kids’ menu.

If you want to go all out on the veggies, you can try the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad or the Ultimate Club Salad for a relishing experience.

The Chicken Caesar Wrap is worth a try, but if you want more chicken and fewer vegetables, you can try the Buffalo Chicken Wrap or the Southwestern Wrap.

Blimpie opens from 08:00 am – 09:00 pm from Sunday to Saturday.

Address: 780 E Main St, Green River, UT 84525, United States. Phone: +1 435-564-8209

7. Ray’s Tavern


Ray’s Tavern is a top place to eat in Green River if you want homemade American cuisine in a comfortable environment.

This community restaurant has ample dining space and is ideal for hosting large groups for events like birthday parties.

Ray’s Tavern is a place for everyone. The restaurant has a solid menu of burgers, strips, Fries, salads, chicken, fish, steak, and pork.

Enjoy the Teriyaki Chicken or the Double Pork Chops for dinner at Ray’s Tavern.

You can try the Mahi Mahi filet with a side of fries with friends.

The Hamburger, Cheeseburger, and Bacon Cheeseburger are excellent options if you want a quick bite.

Ray’s Tavern opens from 11:00 am – 09:00 pm from Sunday to Saturday.

Address: 25 S Broadway, Green River, UT 84525, United States. Phone: +1 435-564-3511.

8. Arby’s

Ray’s Tavern

Arby’s is the place to be if you want fast, quality service and great meals. It is one of the best places to eat in Green River, UT.

Enjoy a sumptuous bite of the Arby’s Double Beef n’ Cheddar Classic or the Prime Rib Cheesesteak Meal of sliced prime rib steak with melted provolone cheese, onions, and fire-roasted red and yellow peppers on a toasted sub roll.

You cannot go wrong with the Premium 9 PC Chicken Nuggets Meal, especially if you are hungry in the middle of the day.

You can enjoy a nice Chocolate, Vanilla, or Jamocha Shake with Salted Caramel & Chocolate Cookies from the dessert menu.

If you are thirsty, a glass of Market Fresh Classic Lemonade, Market Fresh Peach Lemonade, or Market Fresh Strawberry Lemonade is an excellent choice to refresh you.

Arby’s also serves vegetarian-friendly options and gluten-free options and has a Kids’ menu.

Arby’s restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am – 10:00 pm.

Address: 1810 Main St, Green River, UT 84525, United States. Phone: +1 435 564-3604.

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9. La Veracruzana

La Veracruzana

La Veracruzana is an excellent spot for family hangouts and a great place to eat in Green River.

This cozy restaurant serves many vegetarian options and is suitable for kids.

Enjoy fine Mexican cuisine with a beer or wine in this restaurant at affordable rates. Meals are freshly-prepared with good quality ingredients.

You can try the Beef & Cheese Tostada or the Beef or Chicken Quesadilla with Pico de Hallo & Avocado if you like your quesadilla meaty and buttery.

The Burrito Rice & Beans with your choice of chicken, beef, or Carne Asada is an excellent lunch option. You can also try the Chimichanga with your choice of Beef or Chicken with Rice & Beans, sour cream, and guacamole if you want to have a big lunch.

The Kids’ menu has an exciting mix of Fries, Burritos, and quesadillas. The Grill Cheese with French Fries or the Hamburger with French Fries option is an excellent choice.

Enjoy your meal with a bottle of cold beer, wine, fresh juice, soda, or unsweetened iced tea.

One of the perks of eating at La Veracruzana is that the first round of Chips and Salsa is free making it one of the best restaurants in Green River, UT.

La Veracruzana opens from 11:00 am – 09:00 pm from Tuesday to Sunday but is closed on Monday.

Address: 125 Main St, Green River, UT 84525, United States. Phone: +1 435-564-3257

10. Mi Casita


Are you craving a Mexican experience and a fun mealtime? Mi Casita is the perfect Green River restaurant to visit.

The restaurant has a bright, lively ambiance with great lighting and polished wooden surfaces. It is ideal for a midday snack with friends or a romantic dinner date.

Enjoy a Breakfast Burrito of a combination of Ham, Potato, Chorizo, or Bacon with Egg and Cheese.

The Huevos & Chorizo option made of eggs scrambled with chorizo served with rice and refried beans and a side of corn or flour tortilla is an excellent breakfast choice.

Have an authentic Mexican sandwich from the Torta & Pambazo menu. The Torta made with carne asada (steak), al pastor (pork), ham, or milaneza (breaded steak) heated bread served with a thin layer of beans, tomatoes, avocado, pickled jalapenos, onion, and sour cream is yummy.

The Pambazo made of ground beef, shredded chickens, carne asada, al pastor, or chorizo (Mexican sausage) dipped in a no-spicy red enchilada sauce, grilled and filled with fresh lettuce, sour cream, and melted cheese is worth a try.

Enjoy your meal with fresh juice, soft drinks, beer, or cocktails. You can try the famous Margaritas (blended or on ice) made with Stanberry, mango, and original (lime).

Suppose you can hold your alcohol, the Cantarito mix of tequila, fresh lime juice, fresh orange juice, salt, and tajin. You can play a fun game accompanied by Tequila Shots if you are out with friends.

Mi Casita opens from 11:00 am – 08:30 pm from Tuesday to Saturday but is closed on Sunday and Monday.

Address: 36 E Flaming Gorge Way, Green River, WY 82935, United States. Phone: +1 307-875-6425.

11. The Hitching Post

The Hitching Post is a family restaurant and saloon that offers a unique home cooking experience and friendly service.

The Hitching Post has ample dining space, which you can use for significant group events, and an open bar.

Enjoy a simple but delicious breakfast from the Favorites menu with Zero Meat, Ham Steak, Hamburger Steak, Ribeye Steak, Bacon, Sausage Link, or Patty. Each choice comes with toast or hotcake, hash browns or cubed potatoes, and two eggs prepared in any style.

In the Breakfast Specialties section, you can find exciting sandwiches, patties, eggs, ham, bacon, cheese, and biscuit combinations.

French Toasts, Waffles, and Pancakes are For the Sweet Tooth options.

Relish your breakfast with coffee, hot tea, Chai tea, or fresh or flavored juice.

The restaurant serves a delightful range of appetizers and lunch options with vegetarian-friendly options.

The Hitching Post opens from 06:00 am – 10:00 pm from Sunday to Saturday.

Address: 580 E Flaming Gorge Way, Green River, WY 82935, United States. Phone: +1 307-875-2246.

12. Subway


Subway keeps the taste and quality of food at optimum and is among the best Green River restaurants.

Grab a delicious bite in the middle of your grocery shopping at Subway.

The restaurant offers a delightful range of sandwiches and salads that will make you return for more.

Subway has order-in, delivery, and pickup options. The restaurant also has a Kids’ Menu.

It does not matter if you grab a Caprese, Black Forest Ham sandwich, Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt sandwich, Steak & Cheese sandwich, or a Roast beef sandwich; every bite has a uniquely delicious taste.

The Veggie Delight sandwich is an excellent choice if you want a vegetarian-friendly meal.

Subway opens from 07:00 am – 11:00 pm from Sunday to Saturday.

Address: 1775 Main St, Green River, UT 84525, United States. Phone: +1 435-564-3531.

13. Silver Eagle

Silver Eagle

Do you need to grab a quick bite at a fuel stop? No problem. Silver Eagle is a great place to eat in Green River.

This gas station has quality fuel, food, snacks, and drinks to keep you going.

The environment is immaculately tidy, and the customer service is warm and friendly.

If you need to make a bathroom stop, you have nothing to worry about in this neat restaurant.

Grab a snack while you shop for your groceries.

Silver Eagle restaurant opens from 06:00 am – 11:00 pm from Sunday to Saturday.

Address: 370 E Main St, Green River, UT 84525, United States. Phone: +1 435-564-8295

14. Champs Chicken

This fantastic restaurant serves delicious meals and offers excellent service.

If you need a quick bite, Champs Chicken offers a good range of fast foods and snacks.

Enjoy the delicious Premium Chicken Sandwich or the Chicken Tenders.

The Chicken Dippers and Potato Wedges are excellent choices with the restaurant’s signature dipping sauce.

If you want comfort food, the Chicken Dipper Bowl is comfort food at its finest

Champs Chicken opens from 06:00 am – 06:00 pm from Sunday to Saturday.

Address: 1224 E Main St, Green River, UT 84525, United States. Phone: +1 435-564-8600

15. Melon Vine Food Store

Melon Vine Food Store

Spice up your grocery shopping with a delicious sandwich or yummy donut. This food store serves freshly made snacks and is a great place to eat in Green River.

This grocery store has everything you need, from house supplies to fresh food and baked goods.

Start your morning with the delicious Bean and Cheese Breakfast Burrito from the deli with a nice drink.

Stop by the Bakery and Deli for special lunch offers or snacks for a friendly outdoor activity.

Among the top Green River restaurants, Melon Vine opens from 08:00 am – 07:00 pm from Monday to Sunday.

Address: 80 South Broadway, Green River, UT. Phone: +1 435-381-3228.

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Plan a Trip to Green River, Utah

This beautiful city exudes warmth and tranquility, which wraps you up in an intense cocoon of serenity.

If you are looking for a place to relax and clear your mind, everything about this water-bordered city promises a good time.

You can never run out of places to eat in Green River, UT if you are a food-lover, and like everything else about this city, the food is exotic and delicious. Start planning your Green River trip!