15 Best Restaurants in Monett (MO)

Did you know that Monett is a moderate size town with lots of places to eat and shop? The variety of restaurants in Monett is wide and attends to the needs and interests of all residents.

Monett is a city in Missouri with a population of about 9,600 people. Monett, MO, is nicknamed the “Strawberry Capital of the Midwest.” This is because they have had multiple thriving fruit businesses around the Ozark Mountains.

Back in the 1930s, Monett’s strawberry harvesting and processing industry were booming, partly owing to the Ozark Fruit Growers Association. The economy of this town was and still is based on manufacturing, financial services, software, and retail.

Now that we’ve given you a hint about Monett’s food-related economic activities, let’s now discuss the top restaurants in Monett, MO. Do read on!

Best Restaurants in Monett

1. Acambaro Mexican Restaurant

Acambaro Mexican Restaurant

If you’re a Mexican cuisine lover in Monett, then Acambaro Mexican Restaurant should be your favorite restaurant. It is the best-rated Mexican restaurant in Monett, Missouri.

Acambaro Mexican Restaurant is a casual Mexican eatery with familiar favorites plus breakfast and a variety of tequilas or margaritas. They serve good dip, salsa, chips, steak, and salad.

Every palate will appreciate the food coming out of the Acambaro Mexican kitchen. They pride themselves in providing only the best quality Mexican dishes.

The food quality and the nice staff treatment are what make Acambaro Mexican Restaurant one of the best restaurants in Monett, MO.

Some of the popular menu items from this eatery include chicken salad, carne asada, chicken fajita, steak & shrimp, yellow cheese dip, chips & salsa, and so on. Da Bomb rice is one of the most delicious food offers we can’t resist at this restaurant.

The restaurant is actively run by the Reyes Family, who is committed to offering the freshest and most delicious homemade eats to you. The bar is another section of the restaurant that contains drafted beers and local Mexican cocktails that were carefully selected and made available.

Address: 505 Plaza Dr, Monett, MO 65708-9359+1 417-354-8408

2. Lai Lai’s Buffet and Dining

Lai Lai's Buffet and Dining

Lai Lai Asian Buffet and Dining is one the top Monett restaurants. It is a pan-Asian restaurant offering most Chinese, Thai, and classic Japanese foods in a buffet fashion.

You will love everything about Lai Lai if you’re an Asian cuisine enthusiast. They offer all kinds of Asian food, which means there is always an abundance of food of different varieties.

Some of the food items in Lai Lai’s Buffet include milky shrimp, cashew chicken, BBQ chicken, teriyaki chicken kabobs, miso soup, and so on.

Lai Lai roll is a popular customer choice. It is a hot and spicy roll enjoyed by most people who try it out. It’s highly recommended.

Lai Lai Buffet and Dining also serves lava cake, sweet tea, shrimp tempura roll, twisted ice cream, and more. They operate in morning and evening sessions – 11am-2.30pm and 4.30-9pm, respectively.

Address: 608 E Broadway St, Monett, MO 65708-2145. Phone: +1 417-235-3772

3. Monett Family Restaurant

Monett Family Restaurant

Do you know of a place where you could eat home-cooked meals in Monett? That place is Monett Family Restaurant.

It is a little café with great food quality and variety. The staff at Monett Family Restaurant are friendly to kids and pets.

They serve salads, Biscuit & Gravy, chicken and rice soup, hash browns, pancakes, chicken fried steak & eggs, and more. You can view the full menu on their Facebook page.

Breakfast combos are the best foods to order from Monett Family Restaurant. We are sure you’ll be distracted by other breakfast foods, but just order their Breakfast Combo from the menu, and you’re set.

Address: 608 E Broadway St, Monett, MO 65708-2145. Phone: +1 417-235-3772

4. Angus Branch Steakhouse

Angus Branch Steakhouse Monett MO

Are you hungry? If you are, Angus Branch Steakhouse got some interesting food offers for you. The restaurant’s owner Fred Grant has been nurturing Angus Branch Steakhouse for decades now.

Though advanced in age, he now sees that the hard work that he put into this family-friendly restaurant was worth it. Angus Branch is the best steakhouse in Monett, Missouri.

The restaurant’s big signpost leads to the door, wherein the aroma of delicious steaks and barbecue dishes welcomes you. As you get settled in, you’ll notice the fine ebony wood tables, each able to serve a minimum of four people.

They serve the best margaritas in town. They serve the best soups and steaks in town, thus the name steakhouse. Angus Branch Steakhouse is one of the best places to eat in Monett, MO.

It offers starters/appetizers, seafood, desserts, drinks, and buffets. You can order surf & turf, baked potato, smokehouse burger & fries, rib eye steak plus fries, and more. Fried mushrooms and prime rib with herbs are some of the interesting menu items we’d love to try out at Angus Branch Steakhouse.

Address: 114 Chapel Dr, Monett, MO 65708-9370+1 417-235-3350

5. Mocha Jo

Mocha Jo

Are you a premium coffee enthusiast? Well, Mocha Jo’s Coffee Café is a breakfast café in Monett, MO, that takes its coffee business very seriously. They roast, prepare, and present coffee in a cozy café setting.

Mocha Jo is the best-rated coffee shop in Monett, Missouri. It is a cozy café situated along Broadway Street, Monett, MO.

Mocha Jo’s Coffee Café serves a great variety of coffee, latte, and espresso drinks. They serve many other breakfast classics.

Some of the best menu offers you can find at Mocha Jo include a Mocha latte, upside-down pineapple cake, sandwiches, and pancakes.

You can order a cup of their delicious latte as you pick a turkey cranberry delight sandwich with potato soup. That is a stomach-filling breakfast to jumpstart your day in Monett.

Mocha Jo opens by 7 am and closes by 3 pm daily. They have great food, friendly staff, and a passion for coffee-making. Mocha Jo is the place to go for breakfast in Monett, MO.

Address: 404 E Broadway St, Monett, MO 65708-2332. Phone: +1 417-635-1107

6. Big Baldy’s Bac-Woods Bar-B-Q

Big Baldy's Bac-Woods Bar-B-Q

Do you crave eating barbecue meat in Monett? Big Baldy’s Bac-Woods Bar-B-Q is the place to go to quench such cravings.

Big Baldy’s Bac-Woods is currently the best BBQ restaurant in Monett, Missouri. Big Baldy’s® has been owned and operated by the Hayes family since 2005. They moved to their current location along Hwy 60 two years later.

Our favorite thing about Big Baldy’s® is that their barbecue dishes are prepared and presented in Texas style. They make smoked meats, primarily brisket, using an old-fashioned grill. Also, their Texas-style ensures that the meats are never covered in the sauce while in the smoker (grill).

This BBQ restaurant is also good at making tasty homemade sauces and tender meats which would easily fall off the bone once in your mouth.

The house specialty is the loaded tater tots, BBQ nachos, and BBQ seafood. Every meal is reasonably priced, and the staff is warm and friendly. They open by 10.30 am and close by 8 pm daily.

Address: 814 E US Highway 60, Monett, MO 65708-9311. Phone: +1 417-235-6595

7. MO Wings

MO Wings

MO Wings is a chicken wings restaurant located along Kyler Street, Monett, MO. It is one of the top Monett restaurants as they are professionals who make superb chicken wings, making customers love their food.

Of course, MO Wings serve other interesting items aside from chicken wings. Some of those include fried onion rings, poutine, BBQ baked beans, and 6-piece combo honey buffalo mango habanero.

Chicken wings combos are available for you to order based on the size you want. Boneless honey sriracha wings on one side combined with spicy barbecue wings on the other side and with a side of coleslaw in between. That is a highly recommended menu item you can try ordering while you’re at MO Wings.

Address: 301 S Kyler St, Monett, MO 65708-2603. Phone: +1 417-489-1808

8. Happy House Restaurant

Happy House Restaurant

Are you craving Chinese food in Monett? Then you must consider visiting Happy House Chinese Buffett Restaurant.

Happy House is one of the best places to eat in Monett, MO. It caters to every need of Chinese foodies. They serve delicious small plates of Chinese food to all customers patronizing them.

The menu offers a selection of rolls, sandwiches, noodles, salads, and other classic Chinese comfort foods.

They serve orange-flavored chicken, crab rangoons, spring rolls, fried rice, and more. The restaurant has a complete bar and a wide selection of beer and wine.

Drive-through and wheelchair access are available, and take-out is also available.

Happy House opens by 11 am and closes by 9 pm daily. It is a great buffet eatery with a large variety of food and friendly people all around.

Address: 840 E US Highway 60, Monett, MO 65708-9310. Phone: +1 417-235-0380.

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9. Mexico 2000

Mexico 2000

Mexico 2000 is one of the best Monett restaurants. It is your go-to place for tasty Mexican food along Broadway Street in downtown of of the city.

The restaurant’s spacious dining room affords you the chance to come with friends and family as you savor your meal. The surrounding is relaxing and cozy, thus making it kid-friendly.

Mexico 2000 makes some of the most delicious carne asada and Asada fries in the whole neighborhood. They are delicious and received a lot of praise for their high quality.

This restaurant’s menu highlights include taco salad, tortas, gorditas, chicken fajitas, pozole, salsa & chips, and more.

You can be sure to see more menu offerings if you visit the Facebook page of Mexico 2000.

This Mexican eatery in Monett makes food in the traditional way, thus adding to its authenticity. They operate between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm every day except Mondays and Tuesdays, which are closed days.

Address: 613 E Broadway St, Monett, MO 65708-2144. Phone: +1 417-235-5955

10. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is a popular fast-food restaurant chain that serves signature shakes and ice creams. On top of that, they serve yummy burgers, fries, and chicken better than other fast-food restaurant brand names.

Dairy Queen Monett is a great place to eat if you’re on North Central Avenue. The menu highlights include chili cheese dog, chicken tender, bacon burger, side salad, and others.

Some of the shakes you can order at Dairy Queen include a mint chocolate chip blizzard, a large milkshake, and a large ice cream sundae with extra hot fudge.

The restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Monett, MO, and is perfect for solo dining and group eating. All the service options, such as dine-in, drive-through, and curbside pickup, are available. They open by 10 am and close by 10 pm.

Address: 1000 N Central Ave, Monett, MO 65708-1034. Phone: +1 417-235-7188

11. Sonic Drive-in

Sonic Drive-in

Feeling like grabbing a quick bite for lunch? Sonic Drive-in is a popular American fast-food restaurant chain that has a Monett branch.

Sonic Drive-in Monett is one of the best Monett restaurants. It is a burger & fries joint with an old-school feel, including retro drive-in service.

Sonic Drive-In can provide a great dining experience for a whole family. It offers breakfast favorites, delicious burgers, healthy fries, and yummy soft drinks.

A great deal of attention is paid to their burgers. They are made with 100% pure beef patties, prepared with hand-dipped onion dips, and best served with fresh-milk ice cream.

You can dine in, take out, pick up at the drive-through, or order via the Sonic™ app. Grabbing a quick bite is easiest with Sonic Drive-In!

Address: 810 E. Cleveland, Monett, MO 65708. Phone: +1 417-235-6345

12. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is a family-friendly chain known for its delicious ready-to-eat pizzas. Pizza Hut Monett offers fresh, hot pizza, chicken wings, pasta, and burgers.

Pizza Hut is one of the restaurants on this list with excellent service and a healthy food reputation. You can find sausage & mushroom pizza, beef pizza which is named meat lovers pizza, and pepperoni pizza.

Pizza is best served at Pizza Hut in Monett, Missouri. In other words, you can’t go wrong with eating at Pizza Hut.

If you want to get oven-hot pizza fast to your home and unto your taste buds, then ordering from Pizza Hut is the way to go. Apart from the delicious pizza options, the restaurant’s breadsticks are tasty. Pizza Hut Monett opens daily by 11 am and closes by 10-11 pm.

Address: 810 E. Cleveland, Monett, MO 65708. Phone: +1 417-235-6345

13. Braum’s


Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy is the best place to order burgers, fries, and shakes in Monett, Missouri. It is one of the top restaurants to check out while you’re in Monett.

Braum’s is a longtime Oklahoma-based chain offering fast-food burgers, ice cream, and a full range of groceries.

They serve chicken dinner, frozen yogurt, vinaigrette dressing, grilled chicken Waldorf salad, hamburger/cheeseburger, and chicken club sandwich.

Of course, they offer more than the above-mentioned items. You can check Braum’s Monett website to view the full menu before selecting your choice and order.

Braum’s great atmosphere, affordable prices, and quality burgers and ice cream make it the best fast-food restaurant in Monett. They operate between 6 am to 10.45 pm every day.

Address: 837 E US Highway 60, Monett, MO 65708-9311. Phone: +1 417-235-6866

14. Little Caesars

Little Caesars

Little Caesars Pizza is a take-out chain featuring chicken wings, signature breadsticks, and pizza tossed from homemade dough.

Little Caesars is one of Monett, MO’s most popular pizza spots. It offers a wide range of pizza types, sizes, and flavors.

There is no dining seating arrangement and so customers ought to order and takeaway or place an order online for delivery.

The menu highlights interesting items such as mozzarella breadsticks, Biscuits & Gravy, home fries, and pizza of all common flavors.

Little Caesars is the best-rated pizza in Monett, Missouri. It is also a great gathering place and an important landmark at Cleveland Avenue. They open by 11 am and close by 9 pm daily.

Address: 900 E Cleveland Ave, Monett, MO 65708-1211. Phone: +1 417-235-6000

15. Mazzio’s Pizza

Mazzio's Pizza

From one pizza eatery to another, Mazzio’s Italian Pizza concludes our list of top restaurants in Monett, MO. It is a basic, kid-friendly chain featuring pizzas, pastas, salads & subs, with a weekday lunch buffet.

Mazzio’s Pizza is a full-service eatery offering both dine-in, drive-through, and delivery services.

If you’re a pizza lover, you are bound to find your preferred pizza flavor at Mazzio’s Pizzeria.

The age-old founder of Mazzio’s Pizza, Ken Selby, premiered in 1979 as a one-man pizza restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

He gradually built more business branches and kept on using his unique pizza-making recipe. The refinement of that recipe has led to the addition of made-to-order pastas and the launch of Calzone Ring, Family Bakes, Cinnaboli, and more.

Mazzio’s Pizza is a cozy eatery offering customers all service options, as earlier mentioned. The Monett branch opens daily by 10.30 am and closes by 9.30 pm.

Address: 838 E US Highway 60, Monett, MO 65708-9310+1 417-235-5800.

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Plan a Trip to Monett

Monett Township is a great place to visit. It is filled with many diverse restaurants addressing different customer needs. There are ethnic restaurants, fast-food restaurants, BBQs, and pizza spots.

There are upscale restaurants as well as a lot of cheap casual eateries. We love Monett, Missouri, and we sure hope you also will.