15 Best Restaurants in Burlingame (CA)

Do you want to know tge best restaurants in Burlingame, CA? If yes, then you are in the right place.

Located on the San Francisco Peninsula, Burlingame is a beautiful city in San Mateo County, California, that has a significant shoreline on San Francisco Bay.

Burlingame is a tourist-friendly city as it features several spectacular attractions that boast lots of fun.

The city also has amazing restaurants that offer delicious, some of which have been featured in this article.

This guide has collected the best places to eat in Burlingame, CA. Here are the top restaurants in Burlingame, CA, for a memorable meal time.

Best Restaurants in Burlingame, CA

1. Stella Alpina Osteria

Stella Alpina Osteria

We love Italian food! And we love eating them from professional chefs who put their heart and skill into preparing them.

Stella Alpine Osteria is one of the best restaurants in Burlingame, CA. It is a Northern Italian restaurant that provides authentic Italian fare.

Stella Alpine Osteria is a sophisticated neighborhood osteria that serves rustic Northern Italian cuisine in a romantic atmosphere. This eatery is a full-service food establishment that offers normal dining, curbside pickup, and delivery service options.

Getting wine in Stella Alpine Osteria is a good choice because the variety is wide. The restaurant has an interesting local and international wine list.

The menu offers foods such as gnocchi di patate (nonna nilla), osso buco di vitello, braised lamb shank, gamberi all’aglio, and scottadito di agnello. Risotto of the Day is good food that we recommend trying in Stella Alpine Osteria.

Stella Alpine Osteria gets a nice crowd, and the service is good. They open in the evening hours between 5-8.30 pm daily.

Address: 401 Primrose Rd Lbby LBBY, Burlingame, CA 94010-4009. Phone: +1 650-347-5733

2. Mingalaba


Do you know of a Burmese restaurant that offers high-quality native dishes? Mingalaba is the only Burmese restaurant in Burlingame. They provide the exotic flavors of Burma, plus some Chinese dishes.

Mingalaba draws crowds because of its modest exterior and interior décor, designed with a few Burmese elements. They do not readily accept reservations because of the capacity of the restaurant.

They offer dine-in on a first-come, first-serve basis. The staff will willingly offer you takeaway and delivery service options when you order in person or online.

If you view the menu, some of the highlights include mango salad, paratha with pumpkin curry chicken, Burmese pork curry, blooming flower Jasmine tea, samosa, and more. Other menu favorites include green papaya salad.

Minglaba Restaurant is also recognized among the best restaurants in Burlingame, CA.

Address: 1213 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010-4107. Phone: +1 650-343-3228

3. Kincaid’s Fish, Chop & Steakhouse

Kincaid's Fish, Chop & Steakhouse

Very few restaurants are all rounded with regard to supplying all food types. But Kincaid’s is one such restaurant.

Kincaid’s Fish, Chop & Steakhouse in Burlingame is part of a small national chain. This branch complements classic American fare and wine with bayside views.

This restaurant is unique in the food industry because it provides well-garnished seafood, quality steaks, and snacks. They have been artfully serving quality steaks and fresh, innovative seafood to the Burlingame community since 1986.

Kincaid’s restaurant is a chic spot to enjoy yourself and create many food memories. Over the years, guests have come in here and walked out feeling filled and satisfied with the food service.

Some of the good food they provide include

Kincaid has three interesting dinner reservation special offers: membership to Landry’s Select Club, privileged gift cards for any occasion, and Sweet Deal for Two.

Sweet Deal for Two is the perfect romantic dinner package for a couple. Kincaid accepts reservations but bears in mind that they operate daily between 3-9 pm.

Address: 60 Bay View Place, Burlingame, CA 94010. Phone: +1 650-342-9844

4. Gabriel & Daniel’s Mexican Grill

Gabriel & Daniel's Mexican Grill

Did you say you wanted Mexican foods with high-quality ingredients served to you in Burlingame, CA? Gabriel & Daniel’s Mexican Grill is the place for that.

It is a modest counter-serve spot next to a golf range, offering Mexican grub plus lunch with a bucket of balls. The most exciting thing about eating at Gabriel & Daniel’s is the greenery of the nearby Burlingame Golf Center.

It is a full-service restaurant offering dine-in, takeaway, and delivery service options. They prepare great-tasting chicken burritos. This is the signature food you’ll certainly enjoy.

The in-house tacos & nachos here are made from fresh dough on a daily basis. Same with their sumptuous taco salad, quesadilla supreme, chip& salsa, churros, burgers, and unique sandwiches.

They serve chicken assortments like a chicken quesadilla, tinga chicken tostada, chicken steak, and chicken enchiladas. Gabriel & Daniel’s menu is expansive. You can see more items on their menu by visiting their website. Alternatively, you can also join their lively Facebook community.

Their food menu is filled with what you would expect of a typical Mexican restaurant. But what makes G&D Mexican special to the residents of Burlingame is the atmosphere in the restaurant.

Address: 250 Anza Blvd, Burlingame, CA 94010-1939. Phone: +1 650-548-2447

5. Rasa Contemporary Indian

Rasa Contemporary Indian

Rasa Contemporary Indian restaurant is a casual spot for classic Indian dishes, hearty breakfasts, and other diner staples served 24/7.

Rasa is currently renamed Saffron. It provides Indian fare from sustainable ingredients served in a polished bi-level space with chandeliers.

You will likely appreciate every meal coming out of the chef’s kitchen at this wonderful Indian restaurant.

This award-winning Michelin Star restaurant is inspired by contemporary Southern Indian cuisine. They pay close attention to the rich, authentic flavors of the native dishes, which results in high-quality food service each time.

Saffron’s menu includes Bombay sliders, Bollywood dosa, cardamom Brulee, heirloom beet salad, chutney pawn, and more. There are other interesting menu offers at Saffron. And so you can visit their website or social media handles to see the full menu list.

You’re sure to enjoy yourself at Rasa Contemporary Indian restaurant. Reservations are accepted, and dinner is served from 5 to 10 pm every day.

Address: 209 Park Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010. Phone: +1 650-340-7272

6. Copenhagen Bakery & Café

Copenhagen Bakery & Café

Do you know the best place to buy pastries in Burlingame? It is Copenhagen Bakery & Café. Copenhagen Bakery is the best bakery and café in Burlingame.

It is a casual spot for all-day American-European meals, plus baked goods, including Danish-style pastries. It is a full-service bakery with dine-in, takeaway, and delivery service options.

This lovely food establishment has been serving delicious cakes, pastries, and classic foods to the San Francisco Bay Area since 1977. As of the moment of writing this blog post, they’re currently celebrating 42 years of food service from their Burlingame Avenue location.

Copenhagen is owned and managed by the Nielsen family, which caters to every customer’s bakery and café needs. They conduct in-house catering of pastries and confectioneries for weddings, birthdays, and private parties.

Some of the delicious treats they serve include breakfast croissants, coffee, wedding cake, birthday cake, red velvet cake, Chinese chicken salad, and French toast.

Address: 1216 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010-4128. Phone: +1 650-342-1357

7. Max’s of Burlingame

Max’s of Burlingame

Max’s is an upscale diner with classic American fare. They offer meaty sandwiches, classic soups, mile-high desserts, and a gourmet weekend brunch.

Max’s is the Bay Area’s favorite restaurant and bar. They treat every guest as an individual royalty, and the food is never caught badly. The high-quality food and friendly staff will keep Max’s® as one of the top Burlingame restaurants.

Do you know that Max’s of Burlingame is considered Michelin Star? It is no wonder it’s one of the Bay Area’s favorite restaurants and bars.

They have been serving corporate people, families, and the general Burlingame population since 1978. Their specialties include pastrami sandwiches, shrimp & lobsters, and classic cocktails.

They offer private dining arrangements for discreet clients. They also accept reservations.

Max’s of Burlingame has great customer service and a commitment to excellent food service. They operate between the hours of 11 am and 9 pm every day.

Address: 1250 Bayshore Hwy, Burlingame, CA 94010-1805. Phone: +1 650-342-6297

8. Ristorante Rocca

Ristorante Rocca

Are you hungry and crave eating Italian food in Burlingame? Ristorante Rocca is the best-rated Italian restaurant in Burlingame.

They offer Italian cuisine with Californian influences served in a high-ceilinged, mural-adorned dining room. This restaurant features a full bar, private dining room, balcony seating, and delicious Italian foods on its menu.

Ristorante Rocca is one of the best places to eat in Burlingame, CA. Its remarkable food is served on fine small plates and cutleries.

Some of the popular menu foods are steaks, tiramisu, beet salad, lasagna, bread pudding, Carpaccio di Manzo, Rotellini di Melazane, and so on.

Their eggplant parmigiana is a highly recommended food we can recommend. For those not familiar with Italian cuisine, please don’t confuse it with eggplant parmesan on the food menu.

If you’re planning for group dining with your family & friends or business associates, Ristorante Rocca can set up group menus and event catering for you. For such special events, the large banquet room will be appropriate.

Ristorante Rocca’s balcony seats are perfect reservations to book for a romantic date night. The same is true for their patio seating arrangements.

The restaurant opens every day of the week on a morning and evening session basis. The morning and evening session starts from 11 am and 4.30 pm and to 2 pm and 9 pm.

Address: 1205 Broadway, Burlingame, CA 94010-3423. Phone: +1 650-344-3900.

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9. Il Fornaio

Il Fornaio

Il Fornaio Burlingame is an upmarket restaurant chain for Italian dining, including freshly made pasta and bread from an in-house bakery. Il Fornaio is one of the top Italian Burlingame restaurants.

They are known for their extensive wine list. They offer a lot of California and other American wines, including Italian red wines.

Il Fornaio will heighten your appreciation for Italian cuisine with its tasty food offerings. At Il Fornaio, you get to enjoy authentic Italian food at Lorton Avenue in cozy surroundings.

They serve linguine mare chiaro, calamaretti fritti, risotto, ravioli luncana, tagliatelie Bolognese, salmon alla griglia, and more. You will have to go to your website and social media account to view all the full menu list.

Il Fornaio’s specialties include wood-fired Rotisserie and grilled meats, housemade pastas & soups, and pizza. Il Fornaio’s pizza is the annual winner of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence.

It serves a wide variety of desserts and freshly baked bread, and other pastries. They open by noon and close by 8.30-9 pm every day.

Address: 327 Lorton Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010-4116. Phone: +1 650-375-8000



Do you know that there is a Burlingame restaurant that features Peruvian cuisine? Yes, Limón is the name of that restaurant. Limon Restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Burlingame, CA.

It is a cozy eatery that serves excellent food in a trendy, upscale, and energetic setting. Limón is a modern restaurant with a modern take on Peruvian Rotisserie and cuisine.

They try their hardest to prepare and present the best Latin Asian meals with a bit of American influence. You will not regret your time in Limon.

With influences from Latin America to Asia to Italy, Peruvian food has become the most assorted after in the food industry. Limon is open to helping people explore Peruvian cuisine in all their branch locations.

Address: 1101 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010. Phone: +1 650-727-0050

11. Alana’s Cafe

Alana’s Cafe

Alan’s Café is a restaurant located in one of the oldest buildings on Burlingame Avenue in the Heart of Burlingame. They serve breakfast and lunch daily.

Alana’s Café is the perfect place to enjoy great comfort food in a cozy neighborhood atmosphere. The staff serves delicious food along with tables for dining, parklet seating, and dining sidewalk.

They have been serving the Burlingame community since 1993. You can order online, dine in, or pick up at the curbside/drive-through.

You will see huevos rancheros, southern pecan pancakes, sourdough French toast, scrambled eggs, spinach, and home fries with fresh herbs as part of the menu. Smoked salmon and avocado toast are our favorite offers.

Alana’s Café is the home of the famous Swedish oatmeal pancakes. There is a good selection of egg dishes, salads, and sandwiches. They open daily by 9 am and close by 2 pm.

Address: 1408 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010-4111. Phone: +1 650-348-0417

12. Pizzeria Delfina

Pizzeria Delfina

Pizzeria Delfina – Burlingame is one of the best restaurants in the California Bay Area. It serves meatballs, prosciutto pie, saffron arancini, burrata salad, and more.

Remember that Pizzaria Delfina ships award-winning Neopolitan-inspired pizzas to all corners of the county. Carbonara pizza, amatriciana pizza, salsiccia pizza, margherita pizza, funghi pizza, panna pizza, and other are the best pizza offers from Pizzeria Delfina.

Delfina buttermilk panna cotta is one of our best food recommendations at this pizza restaurant. They serve the best-tasting panna cotta in the whole bay area.

Pizzeria Delfina infuses the best flavors and preparation styles of the best-tasting pizzas of New York City and Naples, Italy, into theirs. It is no wonder that Pizzeria Delfina has a nice selection of pizza in Burlingame, CA.

They are open only in the evening hours from 5 pm to 8 pm at night. They give takeouts from 4 to 8 pm daily.

Address: 1444 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010-4111. Phone: +1 650-288-1041

13. Stacks


If you didn’t know that Stacks is the best place to eat pancakes and classic American breakfast meals, then you should know now. Stacks is the best breakfast restaurant in Burlingame, California.

Stacks Restaurant is a lively American breakfast or lunch spot that’s popular on weekend mornings for big stacks of pancakes. It offers award-winning all-American comfort foods in San Francisco’s Bay Area.

Many individuals, such as corporate workers, love Stacks for its simplistic yet elegant interior. More important to that is the great food and drink selection you get at Stacks restaurant.

They serve Greek omelets, waffles, French toast, avocado toast, scrambled eggs, bagels, and chicken & waffles. You can be assured that no cup of coffee or espresso drink at Stacks will be disappointing.

Address: 361 California Dr, Burlingame, CA 94010-4114. Phone: +1 650-579-1384

14. Pacific Catch San Mateo

Pacific Catch San Mateo

Pacific Catch is the best seafood restaurant in San Mateo, CA. San Mateo is a nearby town to Burlingame and attracts visitors to San Francisco Bay Area.

Pacific Catch is a modern seafood outfit offering Pan-Pacific preparations from sushi and Hawaiian poke to Latin tacos.

They serve ahi tuna poke, S & P calamari, fried fish taco, lobster roll, fish & chips, sticky ribs, and more. Order their coconut shrimp basket, and you’ll thank us if you do so!

This wonderful eatery is located on B Street in Downtown San Mateo. It opens by 11 am and close by 9 pm daily and is one of the best Burlingame restaurants.

Address: 243 S B St, San Mateo, CA 94401-4017+1 650-389-2482

15. Mokutanya


Mokutanya is a casual spot with sunken tables and a romantic vibe serving Japanese grilled mains, ramen bowls, and sake.

They offer a variety of tasty treats, including wagyu beef, oysters, yaki onigiri, tonkotsu ramen, chicken karaage, ankimo, nankotsu, and others.

Mokutanya is a yakitori charcoal grill and ramen restaurant. Grilled squid is the best recommendation for this Japanese restaurant.

Mokutanya is a full-service restaurant offering the best Japanese foods. They open by 5 pm and close at 11 pm daily.

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Plan a Trip to Burlingame

Burlingame, CA, is a beautiful city to visit for fun, alone, or with the family during a vacation.

As seen above, its food scene is also worth exploring, as there are several restaurants in the city that promises a wonderful dining experience.

You can visit any of the above listed restaurants for fun dining. Feel free to also try out new dishes during your visit.

What are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Burlingame today!