15 Best Restaurants in Lake Worth Beach (FL)

Lake Worth Beach is located in Florida, United States of America. It is surrounded by a body of water in the East known as the Lake Worth Lagoon.

Lake Worth Beach is bound in the East by the Palm Springs, wrapped in the south by the West Palm Springs, and bounded in the north by the Lantana.

The census conducted in the year 2020 reports that it has a population of about 42,219 persons. It is situated within the axis of the Miami metropolitan city.

If you are looking forward to a vacation, you should consider a trip to this place. It features certain things that interest tourists and travelers. Things like College park, Palm Beach, and other historical sites are captured in the city. It is also a land of festivities and diverse ethnic cultures, which holds yearly at certain periods of the year.

Other popular restaurants and recreation centers in the city are the Lake Worth Casino complex, Bryant Park, the Snooks Islands Natural Area, and other Parks that offer various fun activities, including volleyball, golf, and other picnics.

Are you planning a visit to Lake Worth Beach, FL? Below are the best restaurants in Lake Worth Beach, FL:

Best Restaurants in Lake Worth Beach

1. The Pelican Restaurant

The Pelican Restaurant

The Pelican restaurant is a beachside eatery that offers dishes in a traditional American style with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including coffee, banana & blueberry pancakes, curries, omelets, pizzas, and so on as breakfast & lunch, and many assorted dishes of different sorts.

It is so welcoming, with a family-friendly service to its customers and an environment to receive cool air as you sip your drink.

This cafe specializes in Indian dishes like good lamb shanks, chicken curry, and many more.

It is a place worth trying out for its classic services in their deliveries.

The opening hours are Mondays-Fridays(8 am-1 pm), Saturdays & Sundays- (8 am-2 pm), and it is always closed on Tuesdays.

Address: 610 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth, Florida, USA. Phone: +1 561-582-4992

2. Chris’ Taverna

Chris’ Taverna

The Chris’ Taverna is a restaurant that mostly specializes in Greek delicacies, presenting tasty and palatable diets to its customers.

The popular demand here ranges from special diets like vegan options, gluten-free foods, loukaniko sausage, vegetarian-friendly foods, shrimp salad, and other assorted dishes.

They uphold high values with classic and superb services and guarantee a cozy atmosphere. This also makes it one of the best Lake Worth Beach restaurants.

The opening hours are Monday-Thursday(11:00 am-9:00 pm), Friday-Saturday(11:00 am-10:00 pm), and 11:30 am-9:00 pm on Sundays.

Address: 6338 Lantana Rd Suite #54, Lake Worth, Florida, USA. Phone: +1 561-964-4234

3. Rustico Italian Restaurant

Rustico Italian Restaurant

Next on our list of top restaurants in Lake Worth Beach, FL is Rustico Italian Restaurant.

This restaurant, just like the name implies, has a specialty in preparing Italian dishes alongside excellent services with an elegant setting for its visiting customers.

Its menu offers delicacies like seafood linguine, antipasti (insalata mediterreanea, insalata primavera, cozze capriccio, calamari fritti), Primi Piatti(capellini italiano, spaghetti integrali, panzerotti, trio di pasta), Second Piatti(pollo rustico, salciccia cacciatore, elk tenderloin, pesce del giorno) with Central-Italian and Mediterranean cuisines.

The environment offers both a satisfying and romantic meal to its customers. It is such a nice eatery to visit and taste its colorful draperies.

Its opening hours for rendering her services are Thursdays – Saturdays(05:30 am-09:30 pm) and Sundays (05:30 am-09:30 am). Mondays to Wednesdays are no working days.

Address: 701 Lucerne Avenue, Lake Worth, Florida 33460. Phone: +1 561-547-2782

4. Callaro’s Steak House

Callaro’s Steak House

This Steak house is known for its standardized services and consistently keeping to the expectations of its customers.

Excellent is the word for their services and diner setting, having a good array of food menu which includes mashed potatoes, seafood, crabcakes and omelets, salad, shrimp cocktail, and onion rings strips.

It also features other reservation outlets for visiting persons which makes it one of the best Restaurants in Lake Worth Beach, FL.

Its dishes are really impressive, and there is room for innovative dishes to ensure optimum satisfaction of its guests; quite promising with no room for regrets.

Its services are open to all from 11:30 am-09:00 pm on Sundays to Thursdays and then from 11:30 am-10:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Address: 717 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth, Florida, USA. Phone: +1 561-588-9730

5. Darbster


The Darbster restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Lake Worth Beach, FL, with various tasty menus, but most particular about vegetables because they are concerned for the health of its visiting guests.

Its dishes appeal to mostly vegetarian and American cuisines with quality culinary.

It is such an attractive and welcoming place to pay a visit to, especially with your family specializing in the following dishes: mushroom, risotto, vegetarian foods, roasted beets, gluten-free options, and so many others.

The environment and atmosphere are exquisite and alluring, with excellent services.

The hours of services are as follows: Wednesdays – Fridays (5:00 pm – 10:00 pm) and Saturdays and Sundays (10:30 am – 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm-10:00 pm), with Mondays and Tuesdays left out.

Address: 8020 S Dixie Highway, Lake Worth Beach, Florida, USA. Phone: +1 561-586-2622

6. Safire Restaurants

Safire Restaurants

The Safire restaurant is a classic cafe with a conglomerate of appealing Asian dishes interwoven with other tasty menus.

They do appetizers, brunch, lunch desserts, and dinner foods with all kinds of assorted delicacies alluring to its guests.

The dishes that can be found on the menu are seaweed salad, ginger sauce, sweet potato, green salads, wakame salad, spring rolls for appetizers, and poached pear for dessert.

They provide excellent services and is also among the top Lake Worth Beach restaurants.

Address: 817 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth, Florida, USA. Phone: +1 561-588-7768

7. Couco Pazzo Restaurant

Couco Pazzo Restaurant

The Cuoco Pazzo restaurant is an Italian-based dish eatery with other incentive dishes appealing to various ethnicities and groups with a display of perfect services and a cozy atmosphere making it home-friendly for its customers.

The well-being of her guests are well treated and properly served, with satisfactory comments on the lips of the visitors.

It also provides enjoyable reservations for interested people.

The menu on their table includes arugula salad, risotto, vegetarian-friendly foods, and other Italian cuisines.

Its opening hours are from 5:00 pm-10:00 pm from Mondays to Sundays. Feel free to add this restaurant to your list of the best Lake Worth Beach restaurants to visit.

Address:915 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth, Florida, USA. Phone: +1 561-585-0320

8. Paradiso restaurant

Paradiso restaurant

The Paradiso restaurant is located at the lake worth beach, offering Italian and Vegetarian-friendly dishes to its guests.

The atmosphere is alluring and very attractive, providing quality and excellent services. Their skill in their deliverables is second to none.

It also provides enough relaxable features, with discount offers to accommodate all.

It’s menu features the following: grilled octopus, cornichons, Caprese, capers, vegan options, and gluten-free options.

The working hours are from 11:30 am-3:00 pm & 5:30 pm-10:00 pm on all weekdays and Sundays.

Address:625 Lucerne Avenue Front A, Lake Worth, Florida, USA. Phone: +1 561-547-2500

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9. Benny’s On The Beach Restaurant

Benny’s On The Beach Restaurant

This is a famous restaurant located on the side of Lake Beach, with an influx of many persons keeping themselves busy with the tasty delicacies of various incentive dishes alongside quality wines to drive the meals down.

It also offers a nice and comfortable environment for fresh air as one awaits to be served, and the services rendered in this cafe are top-notch.

The definition of a true course and delicious meal is well described here.

The menu highlights Local American cuisines, Vegetarian-friendly options, shrimp & grits, Mediterranean scrambled eggs, sauteed spinach and crumbled bacon and other delectable favorites, tasty and appealing for consumption.

They also feature a relaxation center which can also be used for special occasions and scenic views.

Benny’s On The Beach Restaurant’s operating hours are from 07:00 am-09:00 pm on Mondays – Sundays except for Fridays, which is from 07:30 am-09:00 pm.

Address: 10 Ocean Beloved, Lake Worth, Florida, USA. Phone: +1 561-582-9001

10. The Vincent’s Bistro Restaurant

The Vincent’s Bistro Restaurant

Vincent’s Bistro is a French-friendly cafe that mostly offers French dishes and other assorted delicacies appealing to the taste buds.

Giving this a try promises a wonderful experience for yourself and your family; for the meals are nutritious and health inclined.

Their menu includes French and European cuisines with a touch of Mediterranean dishes. They also have room for special diets like Vegan options, Gluten-free options, and vegetarian-friendly dishes with a touch of sea foods like octopus salad, crabs, and spinach quiche delight.

The cost of food here is also friendly and affordable making it one of the best places to eat in Lake Worth Beach, FL.

The environment also aligns with the quality of meals served, possessing great attributes of what a home away from home should look like.

The opening hours are from 08:00 am – 02:00 pm every day.

Address: 516 Lucerne Avenue, Lake Worth, Florida, USA. Phone: +1 561-533-0840

11. Rhythm Cafe

Rhythm Cafe

The Rhythm Cafe is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant that also serves international American dishes to its customers who demand such, ranking as one of the best around Lake Worth Beach.

The collection of food it serves is all tasty and appealing, having on its menu alluring flavors spicing up the whole place and keeping a toll of people on the ground because of its standard and quality deliveries.

The menu contents are as follows: cashew-crusted mahi-mahi, onion-crusted salmon, homemade ice cream for dessert, Indian coconut lentil stew, chickpeas, spinach, and plum tomatoes.

It also serves warm and cool drinks with local cuisines made available on its menu.

The ambiance where this restaurant is cited has an eclectic decor with outstanding services that are customer friendly.

It is a wonderful place that will blow up your expectations of what a good meal was taken in a good home is all about, and cool kinds of music as you hang out with your family.

The opening hours are from Wednesdays to Sundays (5:30 pm-9:00 pm). Mondays and Tuesdays are left over.

Address: 3800 S Dixie Highway, Lake Worth, Florida, USA. Phone: +1 561-833-3406

12. Rollatini


The Rollatini restaurant is a place worth visiting in a lifetime; to put it up in your records, you once visited this popular restaurant with outstanding services.

The menu it presents to its guests are pizza, Italian cuisines and special diets peculiar to Vegetarians, Vegan options and Gluten free options, and also serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner with delicious meals like homemade pizza, pasta, and seafood; and also features a comfortable relaxation and event centers, with a well-designed parking lot for your rides.

The staff is excellent in their services, always cheerful, at the beck and call of its customers, making it a wonderful experience.

Give it a try, and you will never regret what you did. Tasty and fresh foods thrive here.

Rollatini opens throughout the week from Mondays – Sundays (11:30 am-09:30 pm).

Address: 7125 Lake Worth Road, Florida, USA. Phone: +1 561-721-0089

13. Gourmet Deli House

Gourmet Deli House

Looking out for friendly, attractive, and incredible places to enjoy a good and tasty meal, Gourmet Deli House is the best place to satisfy your curiosity, touching the meals, environment, and atmosphere.

It is an eatery with neat, clean, and professional services and palatable and salivating delicacies of all sorts and kinds.

They also specialize in American and Deli cuisines with special diets compatible with vegetarians, cutting across all daily meals with quality drinks that suit each meal.

Delicious snacks like the sandwich, pancakes, baked foods and other meals are also found in this place, and it also features free wifi, gift cards, home service deliveries, television sets to keep the customers at home, and also a parking lot made available for anyone who came with a ride.

The restaurant is open from Mondays to Sundays from 8:00 am-8:00 pm except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Address: 7117 Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth, Florida, USA. Phone:+1 561-965-1605

14. TooJay’s Deli Restaurant

TooJay’s Deli Restaurant

TooJay’s restaurant is one of the eateries located at the side of the lake with outstanding qualities, high quality, and efficient services. It is a delightful place to be in. So tasty and tempting is the meal they offer in this particular restaurant.

TooJay also engages in bakery services with other additional stuff to make it taste good and thrilling to its customers. The menu includes poached eggs on crispy grilled rye bread, hollandaise sauce, Swiss cheese, chopped scallions, tomato pasta, corned beef, hot beef brisket, onion soup dip, smoked ham, red onion, and capers.

Their meals also appeal to American Cuisines, Deli, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten-free options, and many other assorted dishes with additional incentives to ensure the customer’s desires are comfortable and satisfactorily met.

The character of the place is quite thrilling to its customers, and it’s such a place everyone wants to be in because of its fun looks and the cozy atmosphere that accompanies its services.

It also features outdoor seating for cool air intake, high chairs for special occasions and events, takeout, and garnished table service captivating enough that just a visit will compel you to make more trips to this wonderful cafe, and be rest assured that you are covered and well served once you are in and give it a try and return with testimonies!

The opening hours are on all weekdays and weekends, from 08:00 am to 9:00 pm. This restaurant is also recognized among the best places to eat in Lake Worth Beach, FL.

Address: 419 Lake Avenue Dixie and Federal Highways, Lake Worth, Florida, USA. Phone: +1 561-582-8684

15. Eggscetera Cafe

Eggscetera Cafe

This cafe presents itself with tasty and excellent food choices, with many items displayed here that agree with breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.

Assorted snacks and baked goods can be found here with special diets like vegetarian-friendly, vegan options, and gluten-free options. Adding to the list, American cuisines make dining in this restaurant most thrilling to its customers with a call for ‘more’ on their lips.

The meal options range from pancakes, omelets, skinny burritos, french toasts, wrap-type sandwiches, grilled eggs, tomato sauce, avocado, lobster rolls, fries, and a whole lot more; the food is not just cheap but also served in large and generous portions for food lovers that will love to have a full taste of these meals. It is captivating, thrilling, and alluring to the taste buds.

The Eggscetera Cafe is worth the wait and a try. It features nice outdoor decorations and event centers that afford one a good space to behold the beautiful skies and wonderful things of nature, with room for special occasions and parties and a parking lot to add to what it offers.

The restaurant is at your service every Monday to Sunday from 07:00 am-04:00 pm.

Address: 6346 Lantana Road, Suite 74, Lake Worth, Florida, USA. Phone:+1 561-968-8200

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Plan a trip to the Lake Worth Beach

Do you seek a trip to a place with quality eateries, cozy environments, exquisite culinary scenes, and excellent and professional services, then a trip to Lake Worth Beach, Florida, should be on your itinerary.

It is an adventurous place with perfect and unique characters that testify to what is being spoken of it. What was described is even short of what its experience would be like.

Restaurants in the Lake Worth side of Florida are a good place to visit. Start planning a visit to Lake Worth Beach today!