15 Best Restaurants in Lantana (FL)

Lantana is a city in Florida that is part of Palm Beach County, Florida, USA. Lantana is an important part of the county and the Miami Metropolitan Area in general.

Lantana had a population of about 12,000 in 2021, and it is known for being home to a wide variety of tropical vegetation.

It is the greenest city in South Florida, containing lots of plants, trees, and flowers. In fact, the name Lantana is derived from the name of the city’s most popular flower (the lantana flower).

Seafood is the town’s specialty since it is a coastal community. Nevertheless, you’ll find a variety of eateries, cafes, and ethnic restaurants in the city.

Are you planning a trip to Lantana, FL? Here is a list of the best restaurants in Lantana, FL.

Best Restaurants in Lantana

1. Dune Deck Café

Dune Deck Café

On the list of the top restaurants in Lantana, FL, is Dune Deck Café. It is an open-air café and bar serving daytime American eats and weekend brunches against a beachside backdrop.

Dune Deck Café is at a wonderful location in Lantana Public Beach, which is part of South Palm Beach. It is the ideal dining alfresco spot for breakfast, brunch, or lunch.

While you dine at Dune Deck Café, you are certainly going to enjoy the cool breeze in a casual tropical setting.

The Dune Deck Café offers a good combination of delicious food offerings with Florida’s best scenery. Plus, there are palm fronds swaying, sea wave sounds, and the broad sweep of sand and surf of the Atlantic Ocean, which all make you feel like you’re on vacation in the Caribbean, or French Riviera.

Dune Deck Café menu contains foods such as filet mignon & eggs, mimosa, coffee, bloody Mary, grilled calamari, eggs benedict, and so on. There is a very well-garnished Greek salad & chicken combo that most foodies like here. It is a highly recommended choice at Dune Deck Café.

Do you want to know more about their breakfast menu offers? Some include Belgian waffles, egg benedict with hash brown casserole, stuffed French toast, chocolate chip pancakes, and more.

Address: 100 N Ocean Blvd Fl 33462, Lantana, FL 33462-3331. Phone: +1 561-582-0472

2. Old Key Lime House

Old Key Lime House

This is the world-famous historic waterfront restaurant.

Old Key Lime House is a palapa-roofed hut and historic house with regular live tunes, casual seafood, and Intracoastal views. It is no wonder that it is a very famous food establishment in South Florida. The exterior and interior design elements differ from anything you’ve seen.

Old Key Lime House is a family-owned and operated establishment that boasts a breathtaking waterside ambiance. It offers the best view of the South Florida Intracoastal Waterway and the largest gator viewing site.

They serve a number of delicious appetizers, soups, salads, homemade key lime pies, fresh seafood, and refreshing drinks. One of the best food we love to order here is their Maryland crab cakes eaten with a refreshing glass of mojitos.

This seafood restaurant opens daily by 11 am and closes by 10 pm.

Address: 302 E Ocean Ave, Lantana, FL 33462-3257. Phone: +1 561-582-1889

3. Victoria’s Peruvian Cuisine

Victoria's Peruvian Cuisine

If you want to enjoy authentic Peruvian food, you’ve got to come to Victoria’s Peruvian Cuisine.

Victoria’s Peruvian Cuisine is a basic but welcoming space serving classic dishes from Peru, including renowned ceviche. The owner, Chef Julio Leon, started Victoria’s in 2008. He and his wife were Peruvians who came to America from Trujillo.

The restaurant they open is upscale, but it still maintains the preparation and presentation of traditional Peruvian cuisine. They now have two other locations in addition to this lantana branch.

This Peruvian restaurant serves lomo saltado, leche de tigre, skirt steak, anticuchos, soup, pescado a lo macho, flan, seafood ceviche, and others. You can decide to order juice or one of their special wines else you can go with simple water.

Passion fruit pie made with a Peruvian recipe is the best dessert to bite while you’re at Victoria’s. It is a creamy pie made with a cookie-crumb crust with a very appealing look. We loved it and hoped you will too!

Address: 111 S 3rd St, Lantana, FL 33462-2853. Phone: +1 561-588-9606

4. The Station House Restaurant

The Station House Restaurant

Are you hungry? The Station House Restaurant is a great place to eat in Lantana, Florida.

The Station House Restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Lantana, FL. It features a spacious dining room, outdoor seating, and a bar area for all customers.

They have a warm fireplace for the winter days, and coffee and espresso drinks are always available. They offer a great beer, cocktail, and wine selection in the bar area.

Some of the menu items served here include lobster roll, lobster pasta, surf & turf, key lime pie, oysters, and whole Maine lobster.

The Station House Restaurant prepares a lot of lobster dishes. Our favorite happens to be the buffet option named All You Can Eat Lobster on the menu. It is a good choice for group dining at The Station House.

You can conclude your meal at this restaurant with one of their yummy dessert selection. The best pick is their white chocolate blueberry bread pudding. It can be ordered as an independent order or a dessert to follow up on your meal.

Address: 233 Lantana Rd, Lantana, FL 33462. Phone: +1 561-801-5000

5. Kona Bay Café

Kona Bay Café

Kona Bay Café is one of the top breakfast restaurants in South Florida. It is a casual Hawaiian-themed eatery serving breakfast and lunch in a colorful space with outdoor seating.

Kona Bay Café is located in the historic and family-owned Sportsman’s Park Marina, established in 1962. Kona’s location on the riverside marina is ideal for a rich Floridian to start his/her day.

This eatery has become a destination for locals and tourists in the area. It is among the best places to eat in Lantana, FL.

They serve French toast, eggs benedict, Kona Benny, crab cake benedict, big kahuna, Biscuits & Gravy, pumpkin pancakes, and more.

Eggs Florentine with fresh fruit is a great choice to order at Kona Bay Café. Another good breakfast choice is French toast and Kona coffee.

Address: 310 E Ocean Ave, Lantana, FL 33462-3257. Phone: +1 561-429-3606

6. Cheese & Wine Café

Cheese & Wine Café

Cheese & Wine Café is one of the best restaurants in Lantana, FL. It is a great place to relax after work with a glass of wine in your hand.

This restaurant offers a fun selection of wines, draft beers, soft drinks, and cocktails. They offer an eclectic variety of wines supplied by nearby local wineries.

The high-quality wines are all sold at affordable prices. Cheese & Wine Café readily welcomes guests to come in and enjoy one of their phenomenal boutique wines. That is one reason there are free wine-tasting arrangements.

Cheese & Wine Café is located in Moorings in Lantana, FL. It offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery service options to all customers.

They serve charcuterie platters, grilled cheese, mom’s lasagna, seared Atlantic salmon, chicken piccata, and more. There are two special days of the week for Cheese & Café. Those are Saturday wine tasting and Sunday brunch.

They open by noon and close by 9 pm every day. C&W Café is a beautiful café with French vibes, amazing food, and great staff service.

Address: 802 N Dixie Hwy, Lantana, FL 33462-1803. Phone: +1 561-585-0123

7. Riggins Crabhouse

Riggins Crabhouse

Do you want to go to a crab house in Lantana, Florida? Riggins is the place to go to. Before you stuff your stomach with junk food, stop by Riggins and eat healthily.

They offer steamed blue crabs plus local seafood in a nice restaurant setting. Riggins Crabhouse is a seafood market in Lantana, FL, with many crabs for sale.

It also has a restaurant for fine dining and seafood service. They accept reservations and offer takeouts. They dish out crab seafood in a no-frills spot attached to a fish market.

This seafood spot was established in 1982 as the area’s only authentic Maryland-style crab house in all of Florida. It serves the Lantana community with a truckload supply of blue crabs.

Some of the food offerings at the restaurant include steamed blue crabs, garlic crabs, king crabs, raw oysters, stone crabs, mussels, hush puppies, and Dungeness crabs. It is among the best places to eat in Lantana, FL.

You can view the seafood and beers menu list on their website, attached in the references section of this blog post.

Riggins Crabhouse is the ultimate spot for blue crabs. It’s the seafood restaurant to be at if you don’t want to waste time driving around in search of crabs or other seafood dishes.

Address: 607 Ridge Road, Lantana, FL 33462. Phone: +1 561-586-3000

8. Oceano Kitchen

Oceano Kitchen

Oceano Kitchen is a New American restaurant that gives shareable plates of modern American cuisine from local produce.

It is a casual neighborhood restaurant started by Jeremy and Cindy Bearman around 2008. Jeremy has been a long-time executive chef for upscale restaurants for decades.

He then decided to open his first restaurant, Lark Creek Steak in San Francisco, which Esquire Magazine named one of the best restaurants in Lantana, FL, in 2007.

He also opened Malliouhana, which is an upscale restaurant on the Caribbean Island of Anguilla, quite close to eastern Fort Lauderdale.

He and his wife Cindy, who is also a professional chef, opened Oceano Kitchen together. Her approach to the restaurant is to modernize the meals and desserts and not overcomplicate them in the process.

Their clean, seasonal, and simple modern cooking style has made Oceano Kitchen one of Lantana’s favorite restaurants.

The most sought-after menu item here is Pork Ribs from Oceano Kitchen Smoker. It is sumptuous and satisfying for all who order it. We highly recommend this menu favorite.

Cured foie gras pizza, sorbet, chilled spring onion soup, seared scallops, BBQ, and more are also part of the menu offers. Be mindful that Oceano Kitchen operates only during evening hours from 5.30 pm to 9 pm every day.

Address: 201 E Ocean Ave, Lantana, FL 33462-3208. Phone: +1 561-400-7418.

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9. Lantana Pizza

Lantana Pizza


Are you hungry and craving pizza in Lantana? There is no other better place to go than Lantana Pizza. This restaurant offers the best quality pizza and is among the list of top Lantana restaurants.

It is an informal pizzeria offering hand-tossed pies, Italian eats, patio seating, and regular live music.

They offer calzone, white pizza, pepperoni pizza, plain cheese pizza, chicken noodle soup, steak & cheese, mozzarella sticks, and more.

A lot of attention went into the preparation of this restaurant’s delicious Caprese salad. It is one of the best non-pizza items to order at Lantana Pizza.

They offer dine-in, curbside pickup, and no-contact delivery service options. They open by 11 am and close by 10 pm every day except that Friday and Saturday’s closing time is 11 pm instead.

Address: 467 Greynolds Cir, Lantana, FL 33462-4565. Phone: +1 561-582-5550

10. Sushi Bon Express

Sushi Bon Express

If you’re a sushi fan, then Sushi Bon Express should be your favorite Japanese restaurant in Lantana, FL. It is a small chain sushi specialist featuring inventive rolls and Japanese fare in a vibrant, compact eatery.

Sushi Bon is a great place to eat in Lantana, Florida. It is family-friendly, so kids, as well as family pets, are welcome. They serve mouth-melting spicy tuna together with crispy rice. That is a delicious dinner to try out whenever you step into Sushi Bon Express.

You know you’ve immersed yourself into the dining experience if you try this restaurant savor sushi rolls with Japanese teriyaki dip. It is tasty. After eating all this goodness, be sure to thank the sushi chefs who work hard at making these delicacies.

Another must-try is triple California rolls. It is a delicious choice, as online reviewers indicate. The Chef’s Choice 8 PC Sushi is every regular customer’s favorite. Sushi kitchen chefs specially make it.

Sushi Bon Express is among the best Lantana restaurants in the area. They open by 11.30 am and close by 2.45 pm in the first-part session; 5-9 pm for the second-part session.

Address: 304 E Ocean Drive, Lantana, FL. Phone: +1 561-540-8125

11. Rosalita’s Tex Mex Grill

Rosalita's Tex Mex Grill

Rosalita’s Tex-Mex Grill is the best-rated tex-mex restaurant offering homestyle Tex-Mex fare to the Lantana, FL community. They do this in a colorful mural-rich setting.

It is a family-owned restaurant located in Shoppers of Atlantis right there on South Congress Avenue. They are thriving in the Lantana restaurant industry.

Rosalita’s Tex Mex Grill serves tasty food in generous portions and at affordable prices. Some of their food menu offerings include chips and salsa, horni margarita, lunch fajitas steak, chicken fajitas, taco salad, chimichanga, huevos rancheros, and more.

Rosalita’s Tex Mex Grill is among the best Lantana restaurants, which fuses New American cuisine with traditional Mexican cuisine.

They open by 11 am and close by 10 pm on weekdays and 11 pm on Fridays and weekends.

Address: 5949 S Congress Ave, Lantana, FL 33462-1303. Phone: +1 561-964-5747

12. John G’s Restaurant

John G’s Restaurant

John G’s restaurant is an award-winning native American restaurant serving the coast of South Florida since 1973. It is among the top Lantana restaurants.

It is a bright, airy family-owned eatery serving American comfort food for breakfast and lunch. It is a full-service eatery with dine-in, takeout, and delivery service options available to all customers.

John G’s Restaurant is in Plaza Del Mar, on S Ocean Boulevard, Manalapan, FL. The restaurant’s name was derived from the founder John Giragos, who is an Armenian immigrant who first came to Ellis Island and then headed for Detroit, MI.

A few years later, he decided to come to the warmer Floridian climate and opened Ocean View, which was now renamed John G in remembrance of the founder.

They serve the most delicious cinnamon nut French toast in the state. It is not an understatement as this single dish has received several recognitions. Other delicious menu items include Hawaiian omelets, almond French toast, seafood platter, cole slaw, steak & eggs, salads, fish & chips, and more.

John G has a great atmosphere for breakfast and brunch. It opens by 8 am and closes by 3 pm daily.

Address: 264 S Ocean Boulevard, Manalapan, FL 33462. Phone: +1 561-585-9860.

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Plan a Trip to Lantana

From breakfast cafes to Italian and Japanese restaurants, there is a restaurant for every foodie in Lantana, FL. You can have all the food you want in some or all of the restaurants highlighted above, irrespective of your craving at the moment.

Lantana, FL, Restaurants are great places to eat in a fun, lively atmosphere. Some residents love the shades provided by the prevalent naturally growing oak trees. Underneath them is a conducive place to relax, eat and socialize. Thus, Lantana is a great place to live in addition to the restaurant’s perks.