18 Best Breakfast in Chattanooga (TN)

The county seat and largest city in Hamilton County, Tennessee, is Chattanooga, TN, in the United States. Situated on the Tennessee River, it shares a southern border with Georgia. With 181,099 residents as of 2020.

It ranks as the fourth-largest city in Tennessee and, along with Knoxville, is one of the two main cities in East Tennessee. It serves as the center of a broader three-state region that encompasses Southeast Tennessee, Northwest Georgia, and Northeast Alabama, as well as the Chattanooga metropolitan area, which is Tennessee’s fourth-largest MSPA.

Situated in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Chattanooga is a city in southeast Tennessee that is situated along the Tennessee River. Its trolley-style Incline Railway climbs the steep Lookout Mountain to reach Ruby Falls Waterfall and Rock City, with views of the surrounding landscape, gardens, and sandstone formations.

The site of a Civil War engagement is commemorated at the Battles for Chattanooga Museum at Point Park, which is also located atop Lookout.

Chattanooga is famous for it’s The city is known for its numerous outdoor activities, sceneries, and ability to keep the hands of tourists full. It is also home to many places to eat, drink and unwind.

Are you looking to get the best breakfast in Chattanooga, TN? Below is a perfect list.

Best Breakfast in Chattanooga

1. Niedlov’s Bakery & Cafe

Niedlov's Bakery & Cafe

Niedlov’s Bakery & Cafe is a family-run restaurant established in 2002 as a classic artisan bakery in Chattanooga. It is well known to be one of the places to get the best breakfast in Chattanooga, TN.

If you are looking for a restaurant in Chattanooga, The ideal option for you whenever you’re searching for a spot to eat breakfast is Niedlov’s Bakery & Cafe.

This business collaborates to offer clients the best items possible while putting forth a tremendous amount of effort and inventiveness.

The bakery sells only naturally leavened bread and organic grains free of sugar and preservatives, making them completely safe to eat. The pastries and breads at Niedlov’s Bakery & Cafe are produced by hand, from scratch, using age-old methods.

Additionally, it operates a small cafe that offers a homey and rustic space for people to unwind and enjoy their mornings.

Address: 215 E Main Street, Chattanooga, TN 37408, United States. Phone: +1 423-756-0303

2. Cadence Coffee Company

Cadence Coffee Company

The Cadence Coffee Company is well-known for its tasty and nutritious dishes. This is a great spot for breakfast in Chattanooga, TN.

Some of the menu items include cinnamon coffee cake, chocolate chip cookies, breakfast casserole, banana bread, gluten-free banana, oatmeal muffins.

They have a wide selection of drinks, including Cold Brew, Cold Red Tea, Cold Green Tea, and Cold Black Tea. Cadence Coffee Company is well known for its top-notch

It’s a nice spot to unwind, read a book, and hang out with loved ones. And its location makes it easy to spot. Located at the summit of Signal Mountain, their most recent branch offers a cozy area for anyone.

This business is closed on Sundays but is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Address: 11 E 7th St, Chattanooga, TN 37402, United States. Phone: +1 423-521-7686

3. Kenny’s


Kenny’s is another restaurant in Chattanooga with a focus on sandwiches and breakfast favorites, as well as brunch boxes and sweets.

In the center of Chattanooga’s downtown, Kenny’s offers excellent indoor and outdoor seating and online ordering.

The menu features the freshest local and fresh ingredients available, focusing on Kenny’s house-made meats and sides.

Delicious blt, brisket, and fried chicken are some of the items you should get from Kenny’s. Enjoy your stay here, and bring your friends and family to enjoy some delicious mimosas, muffins, beignets, and biscuits.

Most customers comment on how well-trained the staff is, which greatly contributes to the excellent service rendered at this establishment.

Another perq of this Chattanooga restaurant is the affordable prices attached to the delicious meals, and you will undoubtedly love this restaurant’s amazing decor and serene ambiance.

Address: 1251 Market St, Chattanooga, TN 37402, United States. Phone: +1 423-498-5888

4. Julie Darling Donuts

Julie Darling Donuts

Julie Darling Donuts was established in 2019 by Kent Davis, and since its establishment, it has not ceased to put a smile on the faces of its customers and visitors.

The idea of creating this business came up after searching the city for a while without finding a good locally manufactured donut; he decided to make his own and invited his loved ones to try it.

Daily doughnut production is done in-house at Julie Darling Donuts, where they are constantly experimenting with flavors and designs.

The doughnuts prepared at this spot become more than a delight When paired with a delicious cup of coffee, including lattes and cappuccinos.

The customer service here is cool, and get to enjoy delicious breakfast and snacks at affordable pricing.

Address: 121 Frazier Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37405, United States. Phone: +1 423-591-3737

5. Whitebird


Whitebird is a stylish fine dining establishment featuring dishes from local suppliers for brunch and dinner, along with cocktails.

Taking their name from Chattanooga’s founder, Chief John Ross, whose Cherokee name was “Mysterious Little Whitebird,” they aim to preserve the area’s rich culinary traditions and history while fusing them with inventive current interpretations.

When it comes to serving breakfast dishes, including brunch and evening specialties, Whitebird is considered to be among the best.

Whitebird offers Appalachian cuisine with special ingredients that come straight from Tennessee’s River Valley.

Their grilled oysters, PB & J French toast, buttermilk pancakes, biscuit & gravy, peach crepes, fruit & muffin, and vegan scrambler are a must-have.

Whitebird shares the warmth and concern of Southern hospitality by collaborating with growers and artisans from the Tennessee River Valley.

For every single visitor, Whitebird pledges to provide unmatched hospitality, approachable elegance, and a truly upgraded dining experience.

Address: 102 Walnut St, Chattanooga, TN 37403, United States. Phone: +1 423-269-8537.

6. Bluegrass Grill

Bluegrass Grill

This family-run restaurant was established In 2007, and It encourages guests to have the same level of comfort they would at home.

Their specialty is providing freshly prepared breakfasts, which include lunches, five days a week.

There is something for everyone because they make a variety of breads every day, including vegan, gluten-free, and southern-style varieties.

Corned beef hash, Joan Marie’s Special Sandwich, Mediterranean Frittata, Meat & Cheese Omelet, Alderwood Smoked Salmon Frittata, and other dishes are available at Bluegrass Grill.

You will also be captivated by Bluegrass Grill’s stunning setting and atmosphere as soon as you walk in. The customer service at this restaurant is said to be great as well.

Address: 55 East Main Street, Chattanooga, TN 37408, United States. Phone: +1 423-752-4020

7. Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey

This is an exceptional restaurant operated by the Monen Family Restaurant Group, which serves as the mothership of about four restaurants. It is a neighborhood counter service restaurant situated on the Northshore close to Taco Mamacita. Providing artisan coffee and brunch fare.

Milk & Honey is the perfect place to start your mornings, especially when serving delicious and comfortable meals with refreshing drinks.

The restaurant offers homemade Breakfast sandwiches, buns, and properly cooked bacon, delicious gelato, biscuits, muffins, pastries, sweets & treats, with several other breakfast and lunch meals. You can likewise accompany your meal with delicious tea, green smoothie, or honey latte to start your meal.

The welcoming ambiance of this establishment helps patrons unwind and enjoy themselves. Employees are mentioned as being appealing by most users. The prices here are pocket-friendly.

Address: 135 N Market Street, Chattanooga, TN 37405, United States. Phone: +1 423-521-3123

8. Aretha Frankensteins

Aretha Frankensteins

Aretha Frankensteins is one of the best places to eat in Chattanooga; this breakfast restaurant is loved by neighbors and visitors who are looking for good food.

This restaurant in Chattanooga’s is located in the northern region, close to the city’s theater complex.

Breakfast is served seven days a week, and guests can select from a wide selection of alternatives on the menu to guarantee freshly prepared dishes.

Pancakes, Breakfast Burrito, Dave Scramble, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon Eggs, Cheese Biscuits, and more are available at Aretha Frankensteins.

Using age-old methods, the freshest local ingredients are used to prepare meals for visitors, guaranteeing consistently wonderful fare.

The welcoming ambiance of this establishment helps customers to relax and have a great time. The customer service at this restaurant is commendable, and the prices are affordable.

Address: 518 Tremont St, Chattanooga, TN 37405, United States. Phone: +1 423-265-7685

9. The Daily Ration

The Daily Ration

The Daily Ration is a Casual, locally-owned restaurant focusing on reinvented classics for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Daily Ration is a restaurant and coffee shop that opened in May 2016 and specializes in serving great, fresh breakfast and lunch.

Their goal has been to establish a cozy and inviting space where friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers may gather to share food and beverages. This has also been possible because of this establishment’s convenient location, making it easy to find.

Enjoy a pleasant time with your friends while sharing deliciously spicy chicken, delicious blueberry, bacon, sandwiches, biscuits, waffles, and pancakes. Good mimosas must be ordered.

They put a lot of effort into ensuring everyone, including friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors, has a comfortable and restful space.

Address: 1220 Dartmouth St, Chattanooga, TN 37405, United States. Phone: +1 423-355-5372.

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10. Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey

The first café to be established outside of Middle Tennessee was Southside Chattanooga. It’s well-known as a stunning spot inside the well-liked Choo Choo Hotel. It is also known as a spot to have and relax after having a hectic day.

For a delightful breakfast, most visitors to Southside Chattanooga make a point of stopping by Frothy Monkey. You might enjoy pastries, avocado toast, loaded biscuits with chorizo gravy, toasted sourdough, salmon sandwiches, architect omelets, and more for breakfast.

And drinks to accompany your meal, such as Havana, Iced Coffee, Bloody Mary, Golden Monkey, Rosemary Honey Latte, and more, were available for order.

Frothy Monkey provides various seating options, such as bar seating, patio seating, or mezzanine seating, ideal for alfresco dining with loved ones, happy hour, or the beginning of the workday.

The welcoming ambiance of this establishment helps customers to unwind and have a great time.

Address: 1400 Market St, Chattanooga, TN 37402, United States. Phone: +1 423-680-6343

11. Puckett’s Restaurant – Downtown Chattanooga

Puckett's Restaurant – Downtown Chattanooga

Puckett’s beginnings date back to a small grocery store in the Tennessee town of Leiper’s Fork in the 1950s. Since then, their major priorities have been to serve delicious food and warm Southern hospitality to both old and new friends.

Puckett’s has established a reputation for providing Southern classics and showcasing live, regional musical artists.

You’ll be impressed from the first bite with the perfectly cooked southern fried chicken, fried beans, and fried cheese. Puckett’s Chattanooga draws a lot of customers with its delicious waffles, brownies, and bread pudding.

Puckett’s Restaurant – Downtown Chattanooga

This Chattanooga restaurant is renowned for its Excellent fruit tea, americano, and lemonade beverage options.

You can host any event here, including parties, weddings, and anniversaries. You should stop by this barbecue if you wish to receive great service. From the perspective of the visitors, the costs are pocket-friendly.

Address: 2 W Aquarium Way, Chattanooga, TN 37402, United States. Phone: +1 423-708-8505.

12. Starbucks


Starbucks is a must-visit restaurant in Chattanooga, TN, if you are looking forward to savoring delicious breakfast.

They have interesting breakfast options on their menu, along with beverages that go well with them. There is something for everyone, and they try to see that you leave with a smile.

The most recommended breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks include the Vanilla Biscotti with Almonds, Strawberry Overnight Grains, and Bacon, Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon and Cage Free Egg White Sandwich, Gouda, and Egg Breakfast Sandwich.

Refreshing beverages accompanying your breakfast, such as Frappuccino, Double Latte Coffee, and Iced Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte, are excellent options.

Employees at the restaurant are committed to their profession and focused on providing patrons with a cause to come back for more.

Address: 827 Broad St, Chattanooga, TN 37402, United States.

13. Innside Restaurant

Innside Restaurant

It is highly suggested that you visit Innside Restaurant if you plan on eating a delicious breakfast and having a great time.

This is a great spot to enjoy and have the best breakfast in Chattanooga, TN with your buddies while splitting delicious burgers, pancakes, belts, delicious muffins, bacon, and biscuits. You can also accompany your meal with a delicious cup of coffee.

One of the main advantages of Innside Restaurant is food delivery, but if you are available to dine in, this location welcomes you all year round with a happy staff.

In their reviews, customers frequently emphasize the professional service they received. This spot also provides you with a wide selection of dishes at affordable costs.

At this establishment, guests can unwind because of its exotic setting, beautiful decor, and welcoming ambiance.

Address: 800 Chestnut Street, Pioneer Building, Chattanooga, TN 37402, United States. Phone: +1 423-266-7687.

14. Wally’s restaurant

Wally's restaurant

In May 1937, Wally Alexander opened Wally’s restaurant on McCallie Avenue. Initially, it was a drive-in where patrons could pull in and give orders through the glass. Then, in 1975, Tony Kennedy purchased it and turned it into a restaurant featuring house-made meats and veggies.

Wally’s restaurant promises to offer you a pleasant time here; some of the highly recommended meals on their menu are southern fried chicken, pork chops, coleslaw, delicious biscuits, peach cobbler, and banana pudding. The teas and beverages at this establishment are top-notch.

This location welcomes you all year round with a happy staff. Customer satisfaction is something that they all agree upon. And from the point of view of customers of this restaurant, prices are affordable.

Wally’s restaurant is known as a place with homey decor, and the cozy ambiance makes it easy for visitors and locals to unwind after a demanding workday.

Address: 1600 McCallie Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37404, United States. Phone: +1 423-698-4643.

15. The Maple Street

The Maple Street

Still on our list of best restaurants in Chattanooga, TN, to eat breakfast is Maple Street, which takes delight in serving its visitors a tasty and innovative take on comfort cuisine.

Maple Street was first established in 2012 by its founders, Gus Evans and Scott Moore, in Jacksonville, Florida, and since its establishment, it has continued to grow. It can now be found in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The Maple Street location, which is not far from Jack’s Alley, makes it a great spot to stop by and enjoy a quality meal after spending time at Jack’s Alley.

They offer interesting menu items like fried sausages, Frittaffles, Potatoes O’ryan Bowl, chocolate waffles, High Steaks, Eggs Eggs- extraordinary, pepper jelly, fried chicken, and more.

You can also accompany your meals with tasty wine, craft-roasted maple street coffee, Cappuccino, Americano, maple vanilla latte, brandy, or mimosas. Visitors can choose from various delicious iced coffees, dark coffees, or fresh juices.

Visit this location to commemorate any occasion or gathering. This is the place to go if you want excellent service.

Address: 407 Broad St, Chattanooga, TN 37402, United States. Phone: +1 423-362-5380

16. Ruby Sunshine

Ruby Sunshine

Renowned for its breakfast, brunch, and lunch dishes, The Ruby Slipper Cafe has won numerous awards and was founded in May 2008. Now, it’s one of the best places to eat the best breakfasts in Chattanooga, TN.

The menu items at Ruby Sunshine include Ruby Sunshine’s French pancakes, french toast, fried prawns, eggs Benedict, and many more delicious meals. Customers of this restaurant also highly recommended the delectable bellini served here.

Among the variety of beverages available on their menu list, hot, tea, iced coffee, and vanilla lattes are highly recommended.

This place has the benefit of food delivery. And they also offer take-out services.

The staff are diligent and always ready to take your order, as seen in the reviews by customers of this establishment. Additionally, you will pay average amounts on food purchased at this restaurant.

The welcoming ambiance of this establishment helps patrons unwind and enjoy themselves. No doubt you will have a great time at this Chattanooga restaurant.

Address: 405 Market St, Chattanooga, TN 37402, United States. Phone: +1 423-840-8600

17. Adelle’s Creperie

Adelle's Creperie

Adelle’s Creperie is a family-run breakfast and lunch Chattanooga restaurant that’s great for get-togethers with friends, lunch with the family, or just lounging around while enjoying live music.

Adelle’s Creperie menu offers Savory Crepes made from only the best and freshest ingredients, which are cooked to order.

You can make your custom combo using their extensive list of ingredients or choose from one of the five delectable selections, such the Crowd Pleaser, which consists of ham, egg, and Swiss cheese with a Hollandaise sauce, or The Roma, which has turkey, tomato, pesto, and Havarti cheese with a special Adelle sauce.

A fresh salad consisting of mixed spring greens, tomatoes, and sliced almonds with a house vinaigrette is served with the crepes.

For every single visitor, Adelle’s Creperie promises to provide unmatched hospitality and a memorable dining experience.

Address: 400 E Main St, Chattanooga, TN 37408, United States. Phone: +1 423-531-2222

18. First Watch

First Watch

Last on our list of places to eat the best breakfast in Chattanooga, TN, is First Watch; the name First Watch was chosen because, Notably, First Watch restaurants are only open from 7:00 AM to 2:30 PM, a nautical metaphor for the first work shift on a ship.

John Sullivan and Ken Pendery opened the first First Watch restaurant in Pacific Grove, California, in 1983.

At First Watch, you enjoy delicious breakfast sandwiches, pesto chicken, bacon, biscuits, Belgian waffles, and blueberry pancakes.

The guests say that the waitstaff here serves excellent tea, fresh juices, and coffee, and they will leave you coming back for more.

First Watch offers food delivery and take-out services.

All year long, the friendly staff welcomes visitors to come and enjoy delicious breakfast. This establishment exhibits a high caliber of service thanks to its superb service. You are going to enjoy the lovely decor and relaxed atmosphere present at this restaurant.

Address: 1825 Gunbarrel Rd Suite 100, Chattanooga, TN 37421, United States. Phone: +1 423-362-5951

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Plan a Trip to Chattanooga

There are many different entertainment options in Chattanooga, especially restaurants that offer dine-in, delivery, and pickup options.

You will undoubtedly appreciate Chattanooga if you enjoy delicious food, as there are plenty of breakfast establishments that will satisfy your needs and those of your friends or family.