15 Best Restaurants in Torrey (UT)

Are you planning a trip to Torrey? If so, when you arrive, you might wonder about the best places to eat in Torrey, UT. Don’t worry. This blog post will enlighten you about the top Torrey restaurants.

As much as you want to delve into the subject of the top restaurants in this city, let us do a little briefing on the city of Torrey, Utah.

Torrey is a town situated in Wayne County, Utah. It is sandwiched between Oakland and Berkeley, with the west side bordered by the shores of San Francisco Bay. After the 2010 population census, Torrey’s population was counted as 182, but that has increased now.

The restaurants here are considered the best ones in the area based on their high online rating, great food, and amazing service.

The restaurants we are going to be highlighting are some of Torrey’s finest restaurants for residents and tourists alike.

Here is a list of the best restaurants in Torrey, UT.

Best Restaurants in Torrey, Utah

1. Capitol Burger

Capitol Burger

Starting first on our list of best restaurants in Torrey, UT is Capitol Burger – a fast-food restaurant chain operating throughout coast-to-coast of the United States. Capitol Burger Torrey’s branch is located in Chuck Wagon General Store. It is the highest-rated restaurant in Torrey, Utah.

The restaurant is a food truck that specializes in making high-quality, tasty burgers. They serve bacon cheeseburgers, pulled pork burgers, mushroom burgers, and Mac & Cheeseburgers. There is seating nearby for customers to eat their burgers and shakes. Alternatively, they offer takeaways, but Capitol Burger does not conduct deliveries.

They offer vegetarian and gluten-free options to customers who prefer those. They open by 11 am and close by 7-8 pm daily except Sundays.

Address: 44 N 100 West, Torrey, UT. Phone: +1 801-362-0226

2. Gifford Homestead

Gifford Homestead

Gifford Homestead is a well-known restaurant among Torrey residents. The reason is that it is situated at the iconic Capitol Reef National Park. It is less than a mile south of the visitor (welcome) section on the Scenic Drive.

It is a historical farmhouse that serves pies, burgers, sandwiches, shakes, and full platters. Ice cream, Cinnamon rolls, cookies, and coffee are interesting items on the menu. It has a green valley that stands out from the surrounding red rock of the conservative park.

They are flexible booking options for tourists around Capitol Reef National Park. Guests can enter Gifford Homestead for a bite before starting their adventurous park tour. This food establishment has a gift shop that contains cards and sweet desserts complimentary to the Capitol National Park.

Address: Capitol Reef National Park Scenic Dr, Torrey, UT 84773. Phone: +1 435-425-3791

3. Hunt & Gather Restaurant

Hunt & Gather Restaurant

Hunt & Gather restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Torrey, UT, owing to its high-quality food service. This place was formerly called Café Diablo, but in the summer of 2019, it was taken over by Hunt & Gather.

They offer excellent food and drinks to Torrey locals and visitors. One special thing about Hunt & Gather is their unique sauces which are often prepared in-house with fruits and spices. They accompany the soups and chowders.

Some of the customers’ favorite picks include west main filet mignon, schnitzel, tiramisu, cheese & charcuterie board, crab appetizer, and mountain Trouts. They serve fresh and delicious king crab bisque. You can go for their duct breast along with wine pairing. Hunt & Gather Restaurant is a good restaurant to dine at in Torrey, Utah.

Address: 599 W Main St, Torrey, UT 84775-7725. Phone: +1 435-425-3070

4. The Rim Rock Restaurant

The Rim Rock Restaurant

Do you want to enjoy the beautiful rocky landscape of Torrey while dining? Then you must consider dining at The Rim Rock Restaurant. This restaurant is just outside the Capitol Reef National Park. So there is no doubt that you will enjoy non-obstructed zoom-out views of the park from the restaurant’s windows.

The Rim Rock Restaurant is a safe haven to go to after a fun day touring the national park. It is also ideal for romantic dinner dates, birthdays, engagement parties, and other private parties. The café provides blissful breakfast fares, while the bar section provides a wide variety of soft drinks, wines, and beers.

You can simply order pizza if you’re there, mainly gazing into the park and its mountain reefs. Other than that, you can order masked potatoes for breakfast. There is a choice of going for tenderloin, spicy fries, or sirloin steak. It’s all up to you!

The Rim Rock Restaurant offers free Wi-Fi, which makes it a hot rustic restaurant for everyone that comes to the hotel or park. They operate in the evenings between the hours of 5-9 pm daily.

Address: 2523 east Highway 24, Torrey, UT 84775. Phone: +1 435-425-3388

5. The Rim Rock Patio

The Rim Rock Patio

This rustic café offers an eclectic blend of barbecue, pizza, and other western foods. The Rim Rock Patio offers customers amazing seating to take in the views of the iconic Capitol Reef National Park. It is a great place to eat in Torey, Utah.

They serve tamales, BBQ chicken pizza, mushroom ravioli, mixed greens salad, and more. You can order their medium-sized pizza or select your own custom-made pizza. The restaurant’s chips & salsa are tasty and highly recommended.

You will love the flavors and high-quality composition of their pizzas. The Rim Rock Restaurant discussed previously is beside The Rim Rock Patio. The former is for upscale dining, while this one is for a casual hangout with pizza and BBQ being served. TRR Patio opens by 4 pm and closes by 9.30 pm daily.

Address: 2523 E. Hwy 24, Torrey, UT 84775. Phone: +1 435-425-3389

6. Chak Balam

Chak Balam


Chak Balam is one of the best Torrey restaurants in Utah. It prepares and serves classic Mexican dishes with a modern theme to each. Whether it’s coffee or chicken fajitas, Chak Balam got you covered as the best Mexican spot!

They serve enmoladas, chips & salsa, carne asada, breakfast burritos, shrimp tacos, fish tacos, and more. You can visit their website to see all the Mexican food offered by Chak Balam. California burrito is a tasty menu item that the restaurant excels in.

Flan, taco salad, and margarita drinks are good foods to order at this Torrey restaurant. The staff there are friendly and helpful to those who are newbies to Mexican cuisine. They open by 2 pm and close by 9 pm daily.

Address: 12 N Sand Creek Rd, Torrey, UT 84775-7806. Phone: +1 435-425-2877

7. Broken Spur Inn & Steakhouse

Broken Spur Inn & Steakhouse

Broken Spur Inn is an eatery inside Torrey Utah Hotels and Lodging. This hotel provides paid accommodation for tourists who visit the Capitol Reef National Park. Every room, including the windows of Broken Spur Inn, permits you an up-close view of the remarkable canyonlands of the park.

The restaurant serves wonderful breakfast and dinner treats. Hot coffee and bread or a French roll is an excellent breakfast option at Broken Spur Inn. Their good-tasting meals have earned the restaurant the 2020 travelers’ Choice Award by Trip Advisor and the 2019 Best Steaks Award by Restaurant Guru.

Broken Spur is one of the best places to eat in Torrey, UT while enjoying yourself during your visit Torrey. From premium hotel facilities to fine food, the place is the best place to lodge while in Torrey. They open by 7 am and close late at night, around 10 pm.

Address: 955 E Sr-24 Broken Spur Inn, Torrey, UT 84775. Phone: +1 435-425-3775

8. Torrey Grill and BBQ

Torrey Grill and BBQ

If all that trekking and fun adventure around Torrey’s attractions made you crave barbeque, then you should head to Torrey Grill & BBQ. It is managed by celebrity chef Peter Cole who makes slowly cooked BBQ dishes that are served up Chuck-wagon style around the fire pit.

Torey Grill and BBQ is one of the top Torrey restaurants. Chargrilled salmon happens to be customers’ favorite pick among all the delicious grilled or smoked foods they serve. Some of the BBQ items on the menu include pork ribs with pineapple slaw, corn on the cob, smoked chicken, briskets, and a smoked combo.

The restaurant is a fun place to be as they are flatscreen TVs showing sports and space for entertainment and social interactions. Torrey Grill & BBQ restaurant offers customers the opportunity to take in views of Thousand Lakes RV Park.

Address: 1110 West SR 24, Torrey, UT 84775. Phone: +1 917-363-4124

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9. Slackers Burger Joint

Slackers Burger Joint

Slackers Burger Joint is a fast-food restaurant featuring a 1950s-style house. The eatery is one of the top restaurants in Torrey, UT, and a good place to grab a bite for lunch before resuming your fun activities in Torrey. They serve a lot of burgers, ice cream, fish & chips, and sandwiches.

Some of the menu items include a chicken sandwich, great burger, cheeseburger, fried cheesecake, southwest burger, hamburger, and more. The variety of burgers here outcompetes those of other fast-food brands. The restaurant’s innovation when it comes to burgers is felt in the long burger list on the menu.

Specialty burgers such as Outlaw Burger are really sumptuous. We recommend this. You can dine in at Slackers and even opt for takeaway, but there are no delivery services. The staff opens by 11 am and closes by 7.30 pm or 8 pm daily.

The restaurant has some of the best quality ice creams in Torrey, Utah. They also serve excellent ice-cold milkshakes that will make you keep revisiting there. The exterior of the restaurant is marked by cottonwood trees which is a fine place for a shed as you enjoy the gastronomic treats from Slackers.

Address: 165 E Main Street, Torrey, Utah 84775. Phone: +1 435-425-3710

10. La Cueva

La Cueva

Address: 875 North State Road 24, Torrey, UT 84775. Phone: +1 435-425-2000

11. The Wild Rabbit Café

The Wild Rabbit Café

Looking for a breakfast café in Torrey? The Wild Rabbit Café is one of the best restaurants in Torrey, UT. It provides all the classical American breakfast foods you can imagine. From bread to coffee to huevos rancheros, The Wild Rabbit Café has all it takes to rock your breakfast.

The restaurant has an extensive list of sandwiches, toasts, salads, and coffee on its menu. For instance, mocha latte, iced coffee, and cappuccino are just a few of the items on the coffee menu. Other goodies on the menu include French toast, Capitol sun toast, turkey sandwich, and pancakes.

Their avocado toast and veggie breakfast burrito are perfect for eating at Wild Rabbit Café. Grilled cheese waffles and a cup of coffee are great breakfast options. There are a lot of breakfast foods that can satisfy any customers entering The Wild Rabbit Cafe.

Address: 135 E Main St, Torrey, UT 84775-7721. Phone: +1 435-425-3074

12. Dark Sky Coffee

Dark Sky Coffee

Dark Sky Coffee is one of the best Torrey restaurants in the area owning to its good-tasting coffee and breakfast treats. Iced coffee, caramel, iced Americano, and Frappuccino are the restaurant’s stronghold drinks.

This eatery is known for its wide variety of wonderful breakfast coffee types and milkshakes. They serve amazing cookies, bread, pies, and sandwiches, but the coffee for breakfast and milkshakes for lunch are the main features of the restaurant.

You can try their yogurt parfait, which is delicious and a delight to eat alongside any food you order. Dark Sky Coffee is the best coffee shop in Torrey, Utah. That is undoubted because of the wide coffee selections and soft drinks. Dark Sky Coffee opens five days a week (Fri-Tues) from 8 am to 4 pm.

Address: 178 E Main St, Torrey, UT 84775-7721. Phone: +1 435-425-2553

13. Rock Garden Eatery And Bar

Rock Garden Eatery And Bar

The Rock Garden Eatery is a restaurant located right inside Red Sands Hotel and Spa. It offers the best food and drinks to its guests and Torrey residents as well. The restaurant serves wonderful culinary treats for breakfast and dinner. Hot coffee and bread or a French roll is an excellent breakfast option at Rock Garden Eatery & Bar.

You can simply order pizza if you’re there to mainly gaze into the park and its mountain reefs. Other than that, you can order masked potatoes for breakfast. There is a choice of going for a fish taco, tenderloin, quesadilla, or breakfast burrito. It is all up to you! But be sure to order with a cup of their iced tea.

Lunch can be chips and salsa queso or something else that is light to allow you to have the greatest fun in the hotel and spa without feeling sluggish. Rock Garden Eatery & Bar offers free Wi-Fi, which makes it a hot rustic restaurant for everyone that comes to the hotel or park. They operate in the evenings between the hours of 5-9 pm daily.

Address: 670 East Highway 24, Located Inside The Red Sands Hotel, Torrey, UT 84775

Phone: +1 435-425-2360

14. The Pioneer Kitchen

The Pioneer Kitchen

Capitol Reef Resort is a popular hotel near the Capitol Reef National Park. It is inside this amazing resort or hotel that The Pioneer Kitchen resides. The Pioneer Kitchen is one of the top Torrey restaurants in Utah. The restaurant serves high-quality meals, including classic comfort foods, in a casual, relaxed setting.

The Pioneer Kitchen serves its awesome Pioneer Breakfast platter, which is the best breakfast option on the menu. It contains a lot of breakfast goodies to start your day in the adventurous nearby park. You are sure of the ability to sip your delicious coffee with window-side views of Capitol Reef National Park and the dry desert of the Colorado Plateau.

The Pioneer Kitchen is managed by the capable hands of celebrity chef Bret Saign. His food creations will excite your taste buds at every instance. Burgers, fries, ribeye steaks, chicken wings, French toast, chili soup, and more are some items on the restaurant’s menu.

Address: 2600 East Highway 24 At Capitol Reef Resort, Torrey, UT. Phone: +1 435-425-3323

15. Austin’s Chuckwagon Deli

Austin's Chuckwagon Deli

Finalizing our list of top restaurants to eat in Torrey, UT is an in-store shopping center for all Torrey residents and visitors. Austin’s Chuckwagon Deli is a good place to pick up bread, pastries, and other comfort foods. It has a bakery that produces good tasty bread, which is supplied to the Torey community.

The snack bar or deli is a perfect section of the store to choose your favorite American snack to bite. There is a drink section fully stocked with soda, beer, and soft drinks. So it is the favorite place for tourists to come and stash their bag packs with food and drinks. They offer a wide variety of domestic groceries, which compose essentials for most Torrey households.

Address: 12 W Main St, Torrey, UT 84775-8050. Phone: +1 435-425-3290

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Plan a Trip to Torrey

If you’re a foodie hoping to explore Torrey’s conservative parks, this guide may have helped you. The city of Torrey has a lot of tourist attraction sites which necessitates a high number of restaurants, cafes, and hotels.

You should know that Utah has some awesome food contributions to American cuisine. So if you live in Torrey, Utah, and haven’t tried the restaurants around you, go try them because you’re missing the pleasant dining experiences available to you.