15 Best Restaurants in Santa Paula (CA)

Do you want to know the top Santa Paula restaurants in California? If yes, this article is for you.

Let’s do a little briefing on this Californian city.

Santa Paula is a major city in Ventura County, California, USA. The city’s population was 30,654 at the 2020 census.

Santa Paula is known for the Santa Paula Art Museum, Santa Paula Canyon, and the Museum of Ventura County’s Agriculture.

This big town was one of the early centers of California’s petroleum industry. Santa Paula is nicknamed the citrus capital of the world. It is filled with citrus trees and plantations, thus making it a hub for oranges and other citrus orchids.

So now that we’ve done that brief intro to the city of Santa Paula, let’s proceed to the list of best restaurants in Santa Paula, CA.

Best Restaurants in Santa Paula

1. Rabalais Bistro

Rabalais Bistro

Rabalais Bistro is one of the best restaurants in Santa Paula, CA. It is an ideal place for eating and drinking while you’re in downtown Santa Paula.

This eatery was established in 2011 to serve New Orleans cuisine and cocktails. There are all made from fresh local ingredients and served with Southern hospitality. The restaurant is good at fast, friendly service and the sale of cheap yet high-quality eats.

This restaurant menu highlights beignets, vanilla latte, chicken fried steak, and Biscuits & Gravy. You can choose to order a savory plate of Croque monsieur. This is a popular pick for most Rabalais Bistro customers.

You can choose to try out the restaurant’s seafood chowder, which is admittedly delicious. It is made with some of the best, freshest ingredients, and its physical appeal and aroma invite all to dig in. there are a lot of delicious food offerings from Rabalais Bistro. That is why we encourage you to visit their website or Facebook page to see the full menu and be informed of their daily specials.

Address: 861 E Main St, Santa Paula, CA 93060-2737. Phone: +1 805-525-2109

2. Enzo’s


Enzo’s Italian Restaurant is a top-rated Italian restaurant in Santa Paula, CA. It is an upscale restaurant located inside Glen Tavern Inn on Mill Street, SP. They offer Italian entrees in a relaxed and cozy environment.

Enzo is the perfect restaurant for romantic dates or business dinners. It is also perfect for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other exquisite private parties. The place serves chicken parmesan, garlic bread, chicken marsala, olio spaghetti, agua y olio, and ribeye steak gorgonzola.

There is provision for local wine, sweet tea, rainbow ice cream, Marilyn Monroe cocktail, and fine Italian wines. We recommend you try out their bellini and bread, coupled with a glass of Marilyn Monroe. It is a tasty combination that you’ll enjoy. Their stuffed mushrooms and fettuccine alfredo are also good recommendations.

Enzo’s staff are super-friendly and try their best to better your dining experience at this cozy restaurant. They operate only in the evenings, which is why it was earlier stated that it’s perfect for only dinners. They open by 5 pm and close by 9-10 pm daily except on Mondays.

Address: 134 N Mill St, Santa Paula, CA 93060-2812. Phone: +1 805-933-3444

3. Hozy’s Grill

Hozy's Grill

Hozy’s Grill is a casual bar and grill offering traditional American dishes, cocktails, and a long wine list. Hozy’s Grill is one of the best Santa Paula restaurants. It has a big bar containing all your common brand names and favorite alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks.

This bar and grill spot is an upscale restaurant that accepts a limited number of reservations. So customers are therefore encouraged to book a reservation ahead of their dine-in time. They serve chili Verde, French toast, eggs & chicken fried steak, huevos rancheros, toast/cinnamon toast, eggs Benedict, and coffee.

You may have noticed that you’re sure to have plenty of breakfast options at Hozy’s Grill. At night, there are even more dinner options available to customers. You can choose to eat sandwiches, grilled seafood, chicken barbecue, soups, and salads.

Fish and chips, heirloom tomato salad, 30-day dry-aged tomahawk steak, fried chicken plate, grilled ham & swiss, and others are all part of Hozy’s menu. We recommend you go for their seafood combo. It is a perfect dinner choice if you’re overwhelmed by choices to make from loads of menu options.

The restaurant operates in two sessions – morning and evening. The morning session opens by 7 am and closes by 2.30 pm daily, while the evening session opens by 5 pm and closes by 9.30 pm daily.

Address: 1760 E Lemonwood Dr, Santa Paula, CA 93060-9510. Phone: +1 805-525-1068

4. Flight 126 Cafe

Flight 126 Cafe

Flight 126 Café is a wonderful restaurant situated inside Santa Paula airport. It is the top-rated breakfast café in Santa Paula, CA. Flight 126 Café serves almost all American breakfast and brunch classics. The foods are tasty, the prices are reasonable, and the staff is very receptive.

It is the only eatery that serves some of the yummiest New York-style sandwiches in the whole town. These sandwiches are reportedly delicious and are worth a try if it’s your first time arriving at Santa Paula via the city’s airport.

The restaurant serves homemade fries, chicken fried steak and eggs, and great-tasting coffee. They serve breakfast burritos, French toast, burger patty, two eggs, and fresh fruit juice. You will love the café’s Biscuits and Gravy with pancakes. It’s best eaten either with a cup of cappuccino or a mocha latte.

Flight 126 Café opens by 7 am and closes by 2 pm daily. The café identifies as a Latino woman-owned café. It has great outdoor seating areas for customers.

Address: 830 E Santa Maria St, Santa Paula, CA 93060-3633. Phone: +1 805-525-7200

5. Tlaquepaque Restaurant

Tlaquepaque Restaurant

Tlaquepaque is not a Mexican city but, in this case, a restaurant in Santa Paula. Tlaquepaque is the best Mexican restaurant in Santa Paula because it leads the way in providing the community with delicious, high-quality Mexican meals.

It is located at a nice spot along Mill Street, thus adding to its desirability. Tlaquepaque was established in 1994, and they’ve been providing authentic Mexican dishes over the years. They offer Caldor de res, pozole, chimichanga, 2 enchiladas verdes y chile relleno, guacamole, taco salad, and more.

You will likely love eating carne asada tacos with rice and beans at Tlaquepaque Restaurant. It is tasty, filling, and well-presented. Bistec ranchero is another interesting food to try out at this wonderful Mexican restaurant. You may choose to order their combo mole plate, which is the chef’s recommendation. Tlaquepaque opens by 8 am and closes by 9-10 pm daily.

Address: 120 S Mill St, Santa Paula, CA 93060-2801+1 805-933-5535

6. Santa Paula Steak and Hoagie

Santa Paula Steak and Hoagie

This is one of the top restaurants in Santa Paula, CA. It contains a fairly spacious dining room with cozy, hospitable environs. Santa Paula Steak and Hoagie is a great place to eat dinner or just grab a bite in the daytime.

They offer burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads, and classic breakfast foods. Pastrami, French fries, Philly cheese steak, bacon cheeseburger, mushroom cheese steak, and Japanese teppanyaki are some of the restaurant’s menu highlights.

The restaurant makes very delicious cheesesteaks. You can try out either their Philly cheese steak or mushroom cheese steak. There are both delicious and well-prepared. SP Steak and Hoagie offers dine-in, takeaway, and curbside pickup service options. They open by 10 am and close by 8 pm every weekday. They don’t operate on weekends.

Address: 110 W Harvard Blvd, Santa Paula, CA 93060-3874. Phone: +1 805-525-4090

7. Chapala


Chapala is another Mexican restaurant in Santa Paula that is highly rated online. It is one of the best restaurants in Santa Paula, CA, owing to its high-quality food and fast customer service. They serve a variety of homemade Mexican meals, which are delicious and satisfactory.

Some of the menu items include chile Colorado burrito, enchiladas de queso, carne asada con camaron, chimichanga, vegetarian burrito, pozole, and others. You can visit their official website or follow them on Facebook to see the full menu.

However, Chapala Mexican Restaurant offers some of the best-tasting Cadillac margaritas in its bar section. Sometimes, it’s the only reason we go there. Its taste is just sublime. You’ll almost get addicted to it after one or two sips.

This Santa Paula Mexican restaurant opens by 11 am and closes by 9 pm every day. Come and immerse yourself in Chapala’s fine dining experience!

Address: 245 S 10th St, Santa Paula, CA 93060-3703. Phone: +1 805-525-2813

8. Garden Market

Garden Market

Garden Market Meats is the best-rated grocery store in Santa Paula, CA. It is a gourmet provision store serving the Santa Paula community and other California Bay Area towns. They serve fresh ravioli, plates of pasta, soups & salads, and homemade desserts. Garden Market is a fantastic place to buy household food items and dine in Santa Paula, CA.

They make their coffee by roasting the beans locally in the kitchen. There are a lot of fine foods to purchase at Garden Market. Moreover, this restaurant is a provision shop, so there is no dine-in option. Else you’re solo-dining, it’s not ideal for a sit-down meal with family and friends. You can pick up what you want in-store, pay for it, and leave with a takeaway package.

Garden Market became the best grocery store with a healthy combination of friendly staff, moderate food prices, and fast service. Comfort foods and pantry staples are also available in this establishment. They are open every day from 8-7 pm except on Sundays.

Address: 449 N 10th St, Santa Paula, CA 93060-2123. Phone: +1 805-420-9045

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9. El Pescador

El Pescador

El Pescador is one of the best Santa Paula restaurants along the city’s Peck Road. El Pescador is a family-friendly restaurant chain with a seafood-focused menu of classic Mexican food. They also offer cold beer and cocktails.

El Pescador is where you want to be if you’re in Santa Paula, CA. They serve michelada, campechana, and margaritas to all customers of legal age. They serve carnitas, oysters, chile relleno, ceviche tostada, taco salad and more.

Other interesting menu items include molcajete de marisco, don alejo, mojarra frita, shrimp burrito, surf & turf, mixta tostada and others. This Mexican eating spot opens at around 10 am daily and closes between 8-9 pm.

Address: 322 S Peck Rd, Santa Paula, CA 93060-3030. Phone: +1 805-525-8846

10. La Cabana

La Cabana

La Cabana is one of the top Santa Paula restaurants in California. The surroundings are beautiful, and the food and drinks are high quality. La Cabana is a great place to enjoy Mexican entrees in Santa Paula, CA.

They serve the best-tasting taco enchilada and Chile Relleno. Their guacamole is very tasty and is a good compliment to most of their food offerings. Other menu items include big burritos, Mexican pizza, albondigas, shrimp tacos, fish tacos, and Rick’s tacos.

La Cabana excels at making delicious tacos. All their available taco options are on point. You can choose to have a beer, michelada, or margarita. The restaurant operates between the hours of 11 am and 9 pm daily.

Address: 1259 E Harvard Blvd, Santa Paula, CA 93060-3742. Phone: +1 805-525-8383

11. Foster Freeze

Foster Freeze

Foster Freeze is the best ice cream shop in Santa Paula, CA. It offers one of the best ice creams and their common flavors. It is located on Harvard Boulevard, along with La Cabana and SP Steak and Hoagie on this list.

Foster Freeze serves the Santa Paula community delicious ice cream and sweet desserts. Thus, making this restaurant a paradise for kids in Santa Paula, California.

Their ice cream is served in different flavors, sizes, and cones. So kids have a lot of variety to choose from while at Foster Freeze Ice Cream Shop. There is banana split ice cream, vanilla with whipped cream, Jr ice cream cone, worms & dirt ice cream, and others available for consumption.

Foster Freeze also has mozzarella sticks, onion rings, rocking corn dogs, double-decker burgers and fries, and corn burritos. Their burger menu is expansive, and the variety adds to the restaurant’s reputation.

The staff opens in the afternoon by 10 am and closes by 8 pm. They provide all customers with in-store pickup, drive-through, and takeaway service options. You can be lucky to get a friendly free coffee. Foster Freeze is family-friendly, and kids are highly welcome.

Address: 907 E Harvard Blvd, Santa Paula, CA 93060-3655. Phone: +1 805-525-9129

12. La Terraza Restaurant

La Terraza Restaurant

La Terraza is another Mexican restaurant in Santa Paula that is highly rated online. It is one of the top restaurants in Santa Paula, CA, owning to its high-quality food and fast customer service. They serve a variety of homemade Mexican meals, which are delicious and satisfactory.

Some of the menu items include shrimp tostada & beef tacos, chimichanga, guacamole, vegetarian burrito, pozole, and others. You can visit their official website or follow them on Facebook to see the full menu.

When you’re in La Terraza, you should treat yourself to their beef tacos and combo with Chile Relleno & enchiladas. During a return visit, try out their tostada de pecado or tostada camaron. You will thank us later for these recommendations.

This Santa Paula Mexican restaurant opens by 9 am and closes by 9 pm every day. Come and immerse yourself in the age-old Mexican dining experience!

Address: 1000 E Main St, Santa Paula, CA 93060-2810. Phone: +1 805-525-0528

13. Masa Sushi Ventura

Masa Sushi Ventura

Masa Sushi in Ventura is a sushi restaurant that serves Ventura County, including people residing in Santa Paula. It is not far from the heart of downtown Santa Paula, California. They prepare the best-tasting sushi in Ventura county y using the freshest, highest-grade fish available.

This results in the production of Masa’s award-winning sushi dishes that everyone loves to eat. Each bite notifies you that you’re eating traditional Japanese sushi rolls. Masa Sushi Ventura offers well-prepared edamame fish, which are among most customers’ favorite things to buy.

They serve bento, Japanese beer, ramen, miso soup, teriyaki beef, spicy tuna, albacore tuna, and spider roll. All these and more are the delightful meals you can enjoy at Masa Sushi Ventura. So what are you waiting for? Go and make culinary memories at this fine Santa Paula restaurant.

Address: 500 E Main St, Ventura, CA 93001-2629. Phone: +1 805-648-2533

14. Best Bar-B-Q

Best Bar-B-Q

Do you feel like relishing some delicious barbeque food? Well, if you’re in Santa Paula, you’ve got to consider visiting Best Bar-B-Q. It is the best BBQ restaurant in the city. They’ve got outdoor seating, music entertainment, plus takeaway and delivery services.

Some of the food served here include beef ribs, a three-meat combo, a three-meat bowl, and others. You may enjoy eating a trip-tip sandwich with coleslaw. It is a good choice for brunch, lunch, or dinner at Best Bar-B-Q.

The restaurant opens at 10.30 am and closes at 8 pm on weekdays and 6 pm on Sundays.

Address: 915 E Harvard Blvd, Santa Paula, CA 93060-3655. Phone: +1 805-229-7668

15. Tuscany Pizzeria

Tuscany Pizzeria

Tuscany Pizzeria is the best pizzeria/pizza restaurant in Santa Paula, CA. Cajun chicken bruschetta cold wrap is their customers’ pick. Carrot cakes are the best desserts in The Broken Wing Pizzeria & Grille.

This restaurant provides scotch ale, a local craft beer that many customers enjoy. Tuscany Pizzeria provides various pizza flavors, including cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, beef sausage pizza, and so on.

You can choose to go for their delicious chicken wings, either smoked, grilled, or fried. Most of the grilled seafood you will order will be tasty and go with beer. Now, head to The Broken Wing Pizzeria & Grille and enjoy yourself!

Address: 973 E Main St, Santa Paula, CA 93060-2822. Phone: +1 805-229-7279

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Plan a Trip to Santa Paula

Santa Paula is a place worth visiting not just for the fine restaurants but mainly because it has many tourist attractions and desirable orchards.

If you’re someone that loves the outdoors and food at the same time, Santa Paula will give you both.

So, pack your bags and take a trip to Santa Paula, California today!.