15 Best Restaurants in New Ulm (MN)

Are you searching for the best restaurants in New Ulm, MN? If yes, then you are in the right place.

New Ulm is an organized city in the Brown country seat of Minnesota, United States of America.

The city has its location at the triangle of land that is formed by the confluence of the cottonwood and Minnesota Rivers.

This wonderful city is home to a lot of historical, heritage, monuments and a lot of interesting sites to visit.

Once you might have been able to select your location of interest for your visitation, another thing you should have in mind is how to locate the most suitable restaurant in New Ulm that would satisfy your stomach needs.

Looking for the best places to eat in New Ulm, MN may be quite cumbersome and sometimes stressful.

This article, however, got you covered as it features the top restaurants in New Ulm, MN  to visit for a memorable dining experience.

Best Restaurants in New Ulm

1. New Ulm Turner Hall

New Ulm Turner Hall

Now!!! , this restaurant in New Ulm is a unique place to eat in New Ulm; this is because you will be exposed to so many meal options that they happily offer to the public.

Some of these food options include; small plates, late-night foods, happy hour drinks, food at the bar, kids menu, and many other food options.

They also have a lot of amenities installed, such as an accessible Wifi facility to ensure guests relax adequately as they dine. The atmosphere depicts a historic feel and is usually nicely casual and cozy.

Their menu is loaded with yummy delicacies. Some of those cuisines include; German platters,liver&onion, bloody Mary, ribs &shrimp, shells back, prime rib dinner, fish and sweet potato, turner burger, fish &fries, Philly sandwich, coleslaw Reuben spaetzle, etc.

They are open to serve the public at these hours; Sun-Tue; closed, Wed;3-8 pm, Thurs;11 am-8 pm, Fri&Sat;11 am-9 pm.

Address;1025 State St, New Ulm, MN 56073, Unites States. (507)354-4916.

2. Lakes on 1st

Lakes on 1st

This restaurant puts classiness to all of the services they render, from the type of cuisines that they treat its guests with to the level of customer service that is rendered. You will be given a treat.

Here at this restaurant, they aim to ensure that you get the utmost satisfaction and you enjoy your experience while you dine at this beautiful restaurant.

They offer the public many service options such as healthy meal options, small plates, coffee, alcohol, etc. The restaurant’s ambiance is calm and very relaxing, with a casual and cozy feel.

Some of the meals on their menu include; fried steak, jumbo lakes wings, loaded hash browns, crispy chicken, fuji apple salad, side house salad, Asian chicken salad, Reuben bites, lakes slides, the Hawaiian classic, etc.

They are available to serve the public at these hours; Sun;8 am-12 pm, Mon-Sat;7 am-1 pm.

Address;512 1st N St, New Ulm, MN 56073, United States.Phone;(507)354-0306.

3. Happy Joe’s pizza and ice cream

Happy Joe's pizza and ice cream

For those that enjoy dining as a family, this restaurant in New Ulm is one of the best places that offer such an opportunity to the public.

This restaurant offers kids-friendly pizza, Mexican-inspired pies, large-size sundaes, Pizza with different choices of crust, and a whole lot more; they make sure that their pizza is always fresh and made from authentic, high-quality material.

The ice creams are of different lovely flavors and varieties. Their menu also entails other great cuisines crafted especially for you. Pay a visit to this New Ulm restaurant for a wonderful experience.

Some dishes from their menu include; happy Joe’s special, garlic bbq wings, smokehouse burger, pepperoni pizza, house salad, taco Pizza, smokehouse burgers, half taco, hot chicken wings, taco Joe, taco supreme, etc.

Happy Joe’s pizza and ice cream are available to serve the public at these hours; Sun-Thur;9 am-8 pm, Fri-Sat;9 am-10 pm.

Address;1700 N Broadway, St, New Ulm, MN 56073, United States.Phone;(507)359-9811.

4. Green mill restaurant & bar

Green mill restaurant & bar

The Green mill pizza was coined out of the love the owners of Green mill had for a deep-dish pizza, so they decided to create their version. Over the years, their menu grew into different varieties of dishes.

With smiles on their faces, the staff at this beautiful restaurant encourage the guests to feel relaxed while they are treated to dishes that can’t be found elsewhere.

This is achieved by making sure that their meals are created from the best ingredients gotten locally and used to create such unique delicacies. It is one of the best New Ulm restaurants, and a must-try.

Some of the exquisite dishes served at this restaurant from their menu include; new chicken, fettuccine Alfredo, buffalo chicken sandwich, chicken stir fry salad, western mill, sky scrappers cheesecake, Italian gabatte, dry rub chicken sandwich, mill house club, etc.

They are available to serve the public at these hours; Sun-Thur;11 am-9 pm, Fri& Sat;11 am-10 pm.

Address;2101 S Broadway St, New Ulm, MN 56073, United States.Phone;(507)359-5300.

5. Cottonwood Grill New Ulm

Cottonwood Grill New Ulm

Are you looking for a restaurant where you can sit, relax, work on your laptop, and be served tantalizing American dishes while in beautiful New Ulm city?

Cottonwood Grill gives you the best experience as you dine in this restaurant. You should expect wonderfully prepared delicacies, great staff, and exquisite customer service in a wonderfully nice cozy, and casual atmosphere.

Their menu contains a lot of wonderful dishes, some of which include; shells light, shells’ fire bricks, bud light line, pulled pork grilled cheese, steak sandwich, Carmita sandwich, angry orchard, Koon juice hard ader, breaded cod filet, etc.

They are available to serve the public at these hours; Sun-Sat, 11 am-8 pm.(daily).

Address;1 Golf Dr, New Ulm, MN 56073, United States.Phone;(507)354-8896.

6 Georger’s fine steak & spirits

Georger's fine steak & spirits

If you are a lover of drinks, wines, and the best kinds of spirits, served with various delicious dishes from a well-crafted menu whenever you are in New Ulm.

George fine steaks and spirits is one of the best restaurants in New Ulm, MN to offer you such an opportunity. This restaurant is very popular and has a reputation for offering splendid customer service.

Make a reservation before you pay a visit, and ensure you come hungry because the foods are served in large portions and sides, so your stomach will be filled.

Their menu contains a lot of wonderful dishes, some of which include; French onion soup, pork chop with baked potato, biscuits, local salad, rack of lamb, lamb chops, chicken wings, homemade cheesecake, new York shrimp, meatloaf, and potato chips, onion rings basket, bloody Mary, etc.

They are available to serve the public at these hours; Sun; closed, Mon-Sat;4 -9 pm.

Address;301 N Minnesota St, New Umn, MN 56073, United States.Phone;(507)354-7440.

7. Plaza garibdi restaurant

Plaza garibdi restaurant

This is one of the best places to eat in New Ulm, MN you could trust for a second to non-Mexican cuisines served by well-attentive staff in a casual atmosphere.

The meals here are filled with authentic flavors that are very satisfying. The services here are usually very fast because they don’t want to keep their customers waiting.

If you like to dine on a budget, plaza garibdi has got you covered because their meals are very affordable and budget-friendly. If you are in New Ulm, pay a visit to this restaurant because it is one of the best New Ulm restaurants.

Their menu has a lot of wonderful dishes, some of which include; margaritas on the patio, burritos, jumbo margaritas, enchiladas suizas, mole da pasto, tortilla soup, horchata seafood, Azteca, carne asada taco, chicken fajitas, margaritas pitcher, etc.

They are available to serve the public at these hours; Sun;11 am- 9 pm, Mon-Thurs;11 am-10 pm, Fri&Sat;11 am-10:30 pm.

Address;1707 N Broadway St, New Ulm, MN 56073, United States.Phone;(507)359-7073.

8. Rodney’s Tavern

Rodney's Tavern

For a fun-filled time with an authentic taste of deliciously prepared dishes, while in New Ulm, visit .

They have a lot of Fun games at the bar, such as karaoke and other bar games, large screen TV that is very good for watching sports.

There is also a bar on-site and many other fun activities that will make your time worthwhile. The customer service here is one of the best, with an incredible staff that ensures all their guests are comfortable.

There are a lot of great options that they offer, some of which are happy hour foods, comfort food, small plates, quick bites, etc.

You will be thankful that you stepped your feet into this fun-filled restaurant because it is a nice place to relax while dining.

Their menu contains sizzling and wonderful dishes. Some dishes on their menu include; wings &fries, beef commercial, burrito salad, la tigra tartar, buffalo chicken, pizza and cauliflower crust, rodeo, hamburger, Reuben balls, garlic cheese bread, etc.

They are available to serve the public at these hours; Sun; closed, Mon-Tue;3-10 pm, Wed;3 pm-12 am, Thurs;3-10 pm, Fri&Sat;11 am-1 am.

Address;65 Minnesota St, New Ulm, MN 56073, United States.Phone;(507)354-3040.

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9. Lola’s American bistro

Lola's American bistro

Whenever you are in New Ulm, come and be exposed to great varieties of the sizzling and wonderful taste of American cuisines served in a cozy atmosphere coupled with a historic ambiance and feel.

Here at the Lola’s American bistro, they offer you many unique vibes, and it is a very nice place for a romantic date.

There are a lot of things that make this restaurant special, one of which is the fact that your experience here will be filled with mind-blowing fun, and of course, you will be satisfied with the mind-blowing dishes that they offer.

Some of the dishes offered from their menu include; chicken sorta, America no, Lola latte, coffee to go, salmon salad, chai, bistro burger, muffins, meatloaf commercial, scrambled eggs flatbread, sage sausage, patty and tomato chutney, bacon biscuit, etc.

They are open to serve the public at these hours; Sun;9 am-2 pm, Mon-Sat;7 am-3 pm.

Address;16 N Minnesota St, New Ulm, MN 56073, United States.Phone;(507)319-2500.

10. Caribou Cafe

Caribou Cafe

Caribou Cafe brings the wow factor to the different kinds of specialty coffee they offer. They make sure that their guest experience bliss and have a memorable experience. They will crave more experiences and decide to visit regularly anytime they can.

This restaurant has an accessible WiFi facility which makes it a nice place for those that like to work on their laptop while dining.

They accommodate people from all spheres of life, whether you are a tourist, a group of individuals, university students, in the company of family and friends, or visiting alone. The services and products you will be treated to at this beautiful New Ulm restaurant are outstanding.

Some of the outstanding dishes from their menu include; spicy mocha, cold press with oat milk cold foam, red velvet cake pop, americano, brave macchiato, hot chocolate, turtle mocha, frozen hot chocolate, espresso, turmeric ginger latte tea, spicy hot chocolate, etc.

Caribou coffee is available to serve the public at these hours; Sun-Sat, 5 am-8 pm.(daily).

Address;707 N Minnesota St, New Ulm, MN 56073, United States.Phone;(507)610-0373.

11. Perkins Restaurant & Grills

Perkins Restaurant & Grills

It started in 1958 as a single bakery house in Ohio; today, it is a well-known establishment. The taste of the dishes you will be treated to at this restaurant is second to none.

Perkins is one of the top New Ulm restaurants, which gives you senior-friendly dishes but still tasty dishes, Healthy food options, and other dishes that will put a smile on the faces of their guests after every bite.

The restaurant has a superb ambiance. You will truly have a great time when you pay a visit to this wonderful restaurant in New Ulm.

Their menu has a lot of varieties of cuisines, some of which include; big county, bbq tangled short burger stack, heartyman’s combo, magnificent serene, platter, hash brown, build your own, quaker oatmeal, English muffins, onion rings, patty melt, French fries, perfect duo, etc.

They are available to serve the public at these hours; Fri-Sat;6 am-9 pm, Sun-Thurs;6 am-7 pm.

Address;1727 S Broadway St, New Ulm, MN 56073, United States.Phone;(507)354-6685.

12. Kaisahoff New Ulm

Kaisahoff New Ulm

This wonderful place offers guests traditional German fare, bbq ribs & burgers. The restaurant’s ambiance gives the vibe of a classic historical feel and usually has a cozy and casual atmosphere.

Here at this restaurant, you will be introduced to the traditional German cuisines carefully crafted by skillful culinary staff and transformed into delicious meals that will give your stomach satisfaction for your lunch dining experience. Pay a visit to the Kaisahoff restaurant in New Ulm, and you won’t regret it.

Their menu contains great meal varieties, some of which include; French fries, filet if wallet pike, broiled jumbo shrimp, chicken strip basket, hamburger, chicken filet sandwich, kaiserhoffs famous square kraut balls, deep fried pickles, and so much more.

They are available to serve their customers at these hours; Mon-Tue; closed, Sun;11 am-8 pm, Wed-Thurs;11 am-8 pm, Fri& Sat; 11 am -9 pm.

Address;221 Minnesota St, New Ulm, MN 56073, United States.Phone;(507)359-2071.

13. Apple Bee

Apple Bee

This wonderful restaurant has been in operation since 1980, and since then, they have continued to give the guests reasons to smile after every visit. They have a lot of fun activities that spice up your dining experience whenever you are in this New Ulm restaurant.

The most important event and activity here is the football season, which is shown live during every season at this restaurant to keep the guest entertained as they dine.

For a treat to wonderful American-style cuisines in an informal setting, visit this restaurant. Their menu contains a lot of items such as drink specials, dinner & lunch specials, kids menu, steaks, burgers, and a whole lot more.

Applebee’s menu is packed with sizzling dishes, some of which include; perfect margaritas, oriental chicken salad, apple bees riblets basket, chicken tender basket, red apple sangria, the cheese chicken penne, quesadilla, burger, crunchy onion rings, citric lime sirloin, etc.

They are available to serve the public at these hours; Sun-Thurs;11 am-11 pm, Fri-Sat;11 am-12 pm.

Address;410 20TV South St, New Ulm, MN 56073, United States.Phone;(507)218-8800.

14. 209 Pub & Grill

209 Pub & Grill


This restaurant ensures that their guests are treated as friends, not just customers; they serve you delicious meals by nice staff that ensure that they leave the restaurant fully satisfied with a smile on their faces.

They have free WiFi for those that enjoy working and eating, a bar on site for a glass of wine or two, and so many other unique factors that make this restaurant a very wonderful location and a nice place to eat when you are In New Ulm.

Some of the dishes they offer from the 209 pub & grill menu include; chicken, bacon ranch wrap, Reuben/Rachel, the club, fettuccine Alfredo, Caesars supreme, country club wrap, hot ham & cheese, western burger, California burger, crises chicken, lamplighter churches, snicker pie blitz, etc.

They are available to serve the public at these hours; Sun;11 am-8 pm, Mon-Sat;11 am-9 pm.

Address;209 N Minnesota St, New Ulm, MN 56073, United States.Phone;(507)354-2091.

15. Casey’s restaurant

Casey's restaurant

Lastly, on this list of top restaurants in New Ulm, MN is Casey’s restaurant, offering lovely sandwiches, baked goodies, and varieties of pizzas.

They make sure that all of these meals are made from ingredients that are gotten fresh and filled with delicious flavors. The ingredients are then used to prepare sizzling and delicious varieties of cuisines, especially for you.

The staff here are always super nice and endeavor to give you the best form of customer service that you solely desire.

They have a lot of cuisines on their menu, some of which include; taco pizza, pepperoni pizza, chicken, sandwiches, bacon breakfast pizza, mozzarella cheese, create your pizza, hot fresh coffee, fountain soda, etc.

They are available to serve the public at the following hours; Sun-Sat, 5 am-10 pm.

Address;314 20th S St, New Ulm, MN 56073, United States.Phone;(507)354-9656.

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