15 Best restaurants in Greenville (Ohio)

If you are searching for the best restaurants in Greenville, Ohio, then you are in the right place.

Greenville is recognized for being the historic location of Fort Greenville. Anthony Wayne’s legion of the United States during the Northwest Indian war was responsible for building the historical Fort of Greenville in Nov 1993.

Greenville city was founded officially in August of 1808, after the settlement of the earliest European Americans. Greenville has a population of approximately 13,227 as of the 2010 census.

The fort of Greenville served as a base of operation for the battle of fallen timber during the Northern Indian war. Greenville, Ohio, has a lot of historical links to the general history of the United States.

It has a lot of restaurants that offer different cuisines from around the world, and they have the capacity to bring the “Wow” factor to both continental and intercontinental dishes.

Through careful research and observation of adequate professionals, below are findings on the top restaurants in Greenville, Ohio, that offer cuisines to satisfy your flair and fantasies of great and tasty meals. Do read on!

Best restaurants in Greenville

1. Maid-Rite Sandwich

Maid-Rite Sandwich

Maid rite Sandwich has existed for over 80 years since its establishment in 1934. Maid rite sandwich has consistently given its customers superb sandwiches and exquisite breakfast, brunch, and lunch experiences since it was created.

With so many years of operation accredited to their name, they have been able to keep their standards in check by gaining mastery and, with their experience, have given their customers the best form of satisfaction they genuinely desire.

They specialize in a few cuisines so that they can fully pay attention to details and give you perfection in their overall services. Some meals include; maid rite, big Jim, ham and cheese, egg salad, etc.

The main rite begins and wraps up their business schedule at the following hours; Mon-Sat; 11 am-8 pm, Sun; 11 am- 8 pm.

Address;125 N Broadway, Greenville, OH,45331.Phone;(937)548-9340.

2. The Coffee Pot

Maid-Rite Sandwich

The coffee pot is one of the best restaurants in Greenville, Ohio, Known for its specialty in Café treatment, American cuisines, and different varieties of soups. The restaurant has a great atmosphere, pretty cozy and casual, with a friendly decoration style befitting for a romantic date and a historic feel. The restaurant also features free WiFi accessibility to help customers relax, especially when they are not in a hurry.

They have a variety of breakfast, brunch, dessert, and lunchtime meals on their menu. They also offer their customers outdoor seating for those that love to enjoy the feel of fresh air outside as they dine.

Coffee pot restaurant draws inspiration from their desire to give customers the best kinds of coffee, tea, and other breakfast varieties to help start your day. They accommodate any form of groups, tourists, and university students. Their customer service is top-notch and fast, and their staff is very accommodating. You will have a swell time and meal when you decide to visit the coffee pot as your day’s meal destination.

Some of the lovely varieties of cuisines they offer on their menu includes; Frozen coffee and cake, coffee pot popcorn, pecan, muffin, custard tart, ice caramel, macchiato, vanilla latte, dirty Chai latte, latte and bacon quiche, raspberry, cappuccino. And a whole lot more.

Coffee pot operates at the following business hours; Mon-Fri;6;30am-6 pm; Sat;7:30 am – 2 pm; Sun; 9 am – 2 pm.

Address;537 Broadway, st Ste 101, Greenville, OH,45331-1965.Phone;(937)459-5498.

3. Asian Buffet

Maid-Rite Sandwich

This is an Asian restaurant that offers you hibachi, sushi, the best Chinese Buffet, and other excellently prepared dishes from fresh and unique recipes. The Asian Buffet hibachi and grill give a different twist to the Buffet in Ohio, with superb quality at a pocket-friendly price.

They also offer Chinese, American, and Italian meals. The restaurant’s main food is the hibachi-style grill. They also give customers the liberty of selecting their pasta, vegetables, and meat for the chef to transform into fresh and juicy dishes right before their eyes as they watch.

The staff is amiable and accommodating; the atmosphere is neat, cozy, and has a touch of classiness which gives you the feeling of royalty as you dine. It is a beautiful experience you don’t want to miss.

They are concrete about their customers’ satisfaction and make sure that the customers are relaxed and satisfied with the cuisines they offer. Some of these meals from their menu include; plain fried rice, egg drop soup, beef and broccoli, chicken teriyaki, white rice, mixed vegetables, choice mei fun, shrimp and cashew nuts, sesame chicken, orange chicken, and a lots more of other Asian delicacies.

Asian Buffet commences and wraps up business at the following hours; Tue- closed, Sun-Thur;11 am- 9:30 pm. Fri -Sat;11 am- 10:30 pm.

Address;521 Wagner Ave, Greenville, OH,45331.Phone;(937)316-6111, Fax;(937)316-6110.

4. Hot head Burrito

Hot head Burrito

At Hot head burrito, their signature dish is one of the best burritos you might have tasted in Greenville, Ohio. They offer freshly made quesadillas, nachos, tacos, bowls, burritos, and other Mexican known treats, that are topped off with an excellent choice of several electrifying sauces.

These are all made according to the taste preference of the customers, which may vary from mild to wild. They give you the best form of lunch, solo dining, and dinner experience. At Hot head burrito, they have a lot of space for Groups, university students, families, and friends to dine together. They are also LGBTQ Friendly.

Some of the exquisite dishes they offer include; Pork, bed barbacoa, taco, meat, quesadilla brown tee, pinto beans, nachos, brown, burrito sweet habanero, barbacoa, fountain drinks, taco meat, fiber, Li’l burrito, etc.

Hot heat burritos are open and closed to the public at these hours; Sun; 11 am – 9 pm, Mon-Sat; 10:30 am -10 pm. It is also recognized among the best places to eat in Greenville, Ohio.

Address;1324 Wagner Ave, Ste 7, Greenville, OH, 45331.Phone;(937)548-1060.

5. China Garden

China Garden

China garden has gained recognition and mastery in preparing classic Chinese dishes interpreted into modern-day cuisines, made initially from freshly obtained ingredients.

The restaurant owned by Carri and Richards Chui was created around 1989, located on South Broadway in the middle of Greenville.

They have evolved over the years into one of the best Greenville restaurants for traditional inspired classic Chinese dishes, and they offer you the best treatment to the meals. Their customer service is delightful. Make sure to visit China gardens for excellent service and superb meals.

Some of the meals on their menu include; chicken chap sauce, shrimp lo min, vegetable lo min, Hunan spicy chicken, chicken with curry sauce, boneless almond chicken, Kung pow chicken with peanuts, beef lo min, chicken and beef fried rice, etc.

China has its business operation at these hours; Mon- closed, Tue- 11 am- 9 pm, Wed-Sun; 11 am- 9:30 pm.

Address 1303 Wagner Ave, Greenville, OH, 4533.Phone;(937)548-4705.

6. Kathy’s restaurant

Kathy's restaurant

Kathy’s restaurant offers sizzling dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are a family restaurant that provides customers with perfect home-like service. The cuisines here are made to help you feel homely at an affordable price range.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is cozy and casual. Kathy’s restaurant ensures that you get your desired comfort as you enjoy your meals. It is an excellent place for those that a looking for wonderfully prepared home meals.

At Kathy’s restaurant, you will be served tasty and deliciously prepared breakfast and lunch varieties that lighten up your mood at every bite.

Some cuisines on their menu include; chicken fajita sub, baked potato, turkey or ham sub, baked beans, turkey Manhattan, fried apples, cottage cheese, nacho supreme, chicken breast Monterrey, garden salad, battered onion wings, and a lot of other varieties of meals.

Kathy’s restaurant operates at the following business hours; Sat-Sun; 6:30 am-1:30 pm, Mon-Tue; 6:30 am-1:30pm&4:30am-6:30 pm, Wed- Thur; 6:30 am -1:30pm&4:30pm-6:30 pm.

Address;416 martin St, Greenville, OH,45331.Phone;(937)547-1657.

7. Las Maria’s

Las Maria's

Las Maria’s is located in the small town of Greenville, Ohio, owned and operated by a family. Here you are treated to deliciously prepared Mexican family-style cuisines at appropriate portions and cost.

With adequately trained staff that are always very nice and attentive, you should be confident of a splendid lunch and dinner experience as you dine and enjoy fresh and authentic Mexican family-inspired cuisines.

They have a fantastic atmosphere, usually cozy and casual, and their food presentation is top-notch. By mere sight of the meals, your taste buds will begin to flatter with curiosity for the taste of the meals.

You could visit las Marias alone for solo dining or in the company of family and friends, either way. You will have lots of fun.

For fantabulous Mexican delightful meals, las Maria’s is one of the best locations for you in Greenville. Some of the meals on their menu include; Grilled shrimp, Del rancho sampler, three taquitos, happy polo, three taquitos, combo fajitas, polo empanizado, carne asada, etc.

Their business hours are as follows; Mon-Sat; 11 am -9 pm, Sun;11 am -9 pm.

Address;1160 Russ RD, Greenville, OH,45331.Phone;(937)316-8484.

8. A and B coffee

A and B coffee

Looking for a place that specializes in giving its customers the best breakfast experience in Greenville, Ohio? Look no further because A and B coffee has got you covered.

The name of the restaurant was coined out of the first letters of the names of each of the founders of the restaurant, that is, Aron and Besty.

They specialize in only breakfast choices and pay attention to giving the customer the best selection of breakfast to help kick start your mood while keeping them active for the rest of the day. They provide one of the best varieties of freshly brewed coffee made from freshly gotten ingredients.

They also offer you other superb breakfast varieties to lighten your mood for your day. The atmosphere is usually cozy and casual. The restaurant is large enough and suitable for hosting mini birthday parties, business meetings, weddings, etc. The staff is always ready to attend to all of your needs and make sure you have a swell of time and experience.

They offer you great choices for your breakfast. Some of the favorites from their menu include Pastries, muffins, cupcakes, biscuits, freshly brewed coffee, brown beans, expresso, frozen hot chocolates, coffee mocha, Americano, caramel brukee late, etc.

A and B coffee commences and closes business at the following hours; Wed – Fri; 7:20 am – 2 pm, Sat; 8 am – 12 pm, Sun; closed, Mon- Tue; 7:30 am – 2 pm.

Address;5015 Broadway St, Greenville, OH,45331.Phone;(937)621-2675.

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9. Tea ford Pizza and Sub’s

Tea ford Pizza and Sub's

At Teaford’s pizza, the organization has a mandate of ensuring consistency in the ingredients used for the production of the various cuisines they offer and consistency in the meals themselves.

They ensure that their cuisines are made from freshly acquired ingredients to give you the best pizza and subs you have tasted. Their drinks are very refreshing because they make sure to get their wine supplies from local breweries.

Their pizza was voted best pizza in the Darker count. They offer other specialties asides from pizza, and these are cheeseburgers, tacos, and chicken ranch. They also allow their customers to customize their pies and also offering great pie recipes.

Some of the meals on their menu include; turkey and bacon, taco, super deluxe cheeseburger, bone-in wings, boneless wings, potato wedges, French fries, pizza steak, pepperoni, steak and cheese, pizza burger, etc.

Their business operates at the following hours; Mon – closed, Tue ;3 pm – 8 pm, Wed- Fri; 11 am – 8 pm, Sat-Sun; 1 pm – 8 pm ( Hours of operation can be changed at any time).

Address;101 pine St, Greenville, OH,45331.Phone;(937)547-9383.

10. Greenville diary king

Greenville diary king

It is a family-friendly restaurant trendy for giving its customers splendid lunch, dinner, and solo dining experiences. Even as their name implies, they have gained supremacy in giving unique diary goodness to their customers in Greenville, Ohio.

The restaurant is owned and controlled by three families, the Buch Baumgardner and McCourtney families. They came together with a combined, similar desire to share the love for magnificent, splendid, and carefully prepared sandwiches, Ice cream, and other varieties of items with their customers, which is stated on their menu.

They are indeed the king of diaries in Greenville, Ohio. Some of the meals from their menu include; Burger deluxe, chili cheese dogs, cheeseburgers mushroom, hot dip, king lunch, fountain drinks, slush, and hard dip waffle comb. These and more are some delicious delicacies Greenville diary king has to offer. Make sure to visit this restaurant when you are in Greenville. You are going to have a fun experience.

Their operation time is as follows; Sun;12 pm- 8 pm, Mon -Thur;11 am – 8 pm, Fri- Sat; 11 am – 9 pm.

Greenville diary king is one of the best places to eat in Greenville, Ohio, and it is worth adding to your list of top Greenville restaurants.

Address;805 Martin St, Greenville, OH,45331.Phone;(937)459-5021.

11. Merchant house

Merchant house

Chris and Cassie created a merchant house along with their friends and family in 2016. They combined their experience of 50years to develop the merchant house team. This creation process was inspired by their passion for giving customers exquisite service like no other, by giving them delicious and superb food, cocktail, and locally crafted beers.

They pay keen attention to giving their customers quality products and services. They even go as far as to offer their customers 25%off on all carry-out pizza each day and fair pricing for their other cuisines.

Under the management of Craig Wooten, the merchant house kitchen goes through the proper organization so that the meals from their menu are made to perfection. Some of these meals include; waded potato, Merchant house wings, Irish rod, Moscato, Bavarian pretzel, coconut partner, chocolate raspberry stout, fried chicken and mac n’cheese waffle, turkey burger, bean cheesecakes, etc. Their business hours are as follows; Sun- Mon; closed, Tue- Thur; 4 pm- 10 pm, Fri – Sat; 11 am- 10 pm. Happy hours are 3 pm – 6 pm.

Address406 S Broadway St, Greenville, OH,45331.Phone ; (937)459-4405.

12. Montage


Jay and Rochelle Rex established montage in 2000. Their primary focus and specialty are on sandwiches, soups, and salads. They also offer exquisite wine and beer selections for your optimum satisfaction.

Their dining options include brunch, lunch, desserts, and catering options. They have a historic, cozy, and casual atmosphere. They are welcoming to groups, tourists, etc. You will surely encounter a fun-filled dining experience when you visit montage in Greenville, Ohio.

Some of the cuisines on their menu include; roaster cabetta, Paula’s sampler, bistro grilled cheese sandwich, burger days bacon ranch, A la carte sweets, etc.

Their business hours are as follows;24 hours, seven days a week.

Address;527 S Broadway St, Greenville, OH, 45331.Phone ;(937)548-1450.

13. Tolly’s Gastro Pub

Tolly's Gastro Pub

Tolly’s Gastro Pub is the best place for those that love to enjoy good music while they are treated to exquisite meals for lunch and dinner experience. The atmosphere is casual and cozy.

They offer you comfort foods, quick bites, a kids’ menu, vegetarian options, small plates, and so much more. They have a great menu with a whole lot of daily specials. You should expect a fun and thrilling experience as you dine in Tolly’s Castro pub.

Some of the cuisine on their menu include; Chicago style pizza, beef Manhattan, Cotton candy drink, ice tea, lasagna, Irish meatballs, deep-fried mushrooms, tater totes, strawberry diaguiri, jambalaya, and pork tenderloin sandwich. And so much more.

Their business hours are as follows; Sun – Mon; closed, Tue – Thur; 11 am – 10 pm. Fri – Sat; 11 am – 11 pm. Delivery; 3 pm- 9 pm, Take out; 3 pm – 9 pm, Happy hours; 2 pm – 5 pm.

Address; 644 Wagner Ave, Greenville, OH,45331.Phone; (937)459-5225.

14. El Carreton Greenville

El Carreton Greenville

El carreton was started by the Bernal Family in 2006 in Winchester, Indiana. They are passionate about offering people with superb Mexican family-inspired menu made from high-quality ingredients for groups, tourists, dining with friends, family, and solo dining experiences.

They give you fantabulous and incredible lunch, and dinner choices, with flavor-filled meals in generous portions. They can easily be named one of the best Mexican restaurants in Greenville, Ohio. With friendly and attentive staff, you can be sure to relax and dine peacefully.

Their menu contains sumptuous delicacies. Some includes; pollo loco, fish tacos, enchiladas, taco salad, tilapia, daiquiri, margaritas, burrito deluxe chicken/steak, fajitas, fundida, quesadilla mazattan,etc.

They opened at the following hours; Tue- Sat, 11 am – 9 pm, and Sun; 11 am – 6 pm.

Address;401 Wagner Ave, Greenville, OH,45331.Phone;(937)316-6183.

15. Captain D’s

Captain D's

Captain D’s was first known as Mr. D’s Sea food and Hamburger, Created on August 15, 1969, With a mindset of providing its customers with quality seafood at pocket-friendly prices.

They later changed the company’s name to captain d’s seafood in 1974 and still retain it today. They believe that everyone has the right to have a taste of the fantastic seafood-inspired meals.

They have gained recognition for being one of the top restaurants in Greenville, Ohio, for offering sizzling, pocket-friendly, and tasty seafood made from a unique menu.

Here are some of their unique seafood from their menu; cheesecakes, okra, baked potatoes, kid’s Mac and cheese, deluxe seafood, dipped fish, sandwich combo, Cajun catfish sandwich combo, and pecan pie. These and more are some of the delicious seafood delights you will be enjoying as you dine in Captain D’s restaurant.

Captain D’s restaurant is open to serve you at the following hours; Sun – Thur; 10:30 am – 10 pm; Fri – Sat; 10:30 am- 11 pm.

Address; 656 Wagner Ave,Greenville,OH,45331.Phone;(937)548-5956.

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With the restaurants listed above, whenever you plan a getaway or a vacation to Greenville, you won’t find it hard to locate the best places to eat in Greenville, Ohio.

Plan a visit to Greenville, Ohio, and you will indeed have an excellent time, fun packed with lots of memories, whether alone or on vacation with family and friends.