25 Foods that start with the letter Y (Latest Edition)

Are you searching to know the names of foods that start with the letter Y? If yes, then you are in the right place.

There’s an assortment of foods worth unraveling, which begins with the letter Y and ranges from sweet to spicy.

In any way, have you been able to notice the difficulty in finding words that start with the very last letters of the alphabet? Scrolling through this list will make you more knowledgeable and give you an edge in word games. Have fun as you scroll through this list of foods beginning with the letter Y.

We’ve selected some of the best foods that start with the letter Y, most of which are started in the article below. Do read on!

Foods That Start With the Letter Y

1. Yassa


Although Yassa has a huge influence in West Africa, it originates in Senegal. It is a spicy dish made ready using onions and fish or poultry, which has been soaked in a lemon, vinegar, and onion marinade for at least 8 hours long.

To obtain a really good meal, Yassa is made using different varieties of spices, to your tastes. For a perfect family meal, dish Yassa Over a bed of vermicelli, couscous or basmati rice.

2. Yukon Gold Potatoes

Yukon Gold Potatoes

Canadas’ well-favored Yukon Gold Potato Variety has opened them into the potato market in a huge way. Keep this from the Irish, though. This yellow-skinned spud once caused a political event.

This happened when Hillary Clinton, in 1997, professed that the dinner menu served in the White House was of American origin – and failed to notice the Yukon golds, which have been served to presidents since the 1980s, when it first appeared.

3. Yellow Eye Beans

Yellow Eye Beans

Yellow Eye Beans, almost Identical to kidney beans, are dry legumes. Also, they share another similarity, as they are both people’s choices for stews, soups, and chilis thickening.

These beans increase the depth of quite a lot of meals with their meaty touch and appearance and their light flavor. For vegetarians or semi-vegans, Who keep to plant-based diets, the Yellow Eye Beans can serve as a convenient source of protein.

4. Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire Pudding

The Yorkshire Pudding is traditionally made from milk, eggs, and flour and is British baked.

For a high-quality Sunday roast, the Yorkshire pudding is also served with gravy, meat, and potatoes. Grease a skillet with trickles from a roast lamb or mutton, and pour your batter in it after you must have let the batter sit.

The Yorkshire pudding puffs into a crispy, light, and unfilled popover.

5. Yahni


Yahni is a soup made up of vegetables, meat, stock, and tomatoes in Middle Eastern and Near Eastern kitchens.

Yahni is used in rice and soups as a base ingredient and is simply described as a meat-based soup stock in South Asian kitchens

6. Yakitori


Grilled chicken kebab is referred to as Yakitori in Japanese cuisine. It is best bathed and pickled using a soy sauce-based sauce (known as tare) containing sugar, mirin, sake, and soy sauce. Charcoal grills are best used for it’s grilling.

7. Yacon


In South America, the local root vegetable of the Andes mountains is Yacon. It has a crunchy touch and a sweetened taste, which is much like the Jicama.

The fact that Yacon is rich in fiber and low in calories, makes it worth adding to any diet.

In the Peruvian culture, Yacon is commonly used in the making of syrups and jams. It can be consumed cooked, juiced, or raw.

8. Yoghurt


When milk is fermented with cultures of live bacteria, the product produced is known as Yoghurt, sometimes expressed as yogurt. Yoghurts can be consumed by themselves or made sweet using sweeteners, fruits, or honey.

It is commonly used as a finding in sauces, dressings, and plunged, and well used for cooking and baking too.

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9. Yolk


A Yolk is commonly described as the nutritious, rich Yellow part of an egg found in its middle. A yolk is also described as the part of an egg with a color different from its normal white.

Yolks contain important minerals like potassium and calcium and have a very high amount of protein too.

An egg yolk can be used in many different applications aside from being eaten. Some of these applications include using as a thickening agent, increasing nutritional value, and enriching dishes.

Egg yolks have a lot of applications and can also be used in baking and in the preparation of breakfast dishes.

It’s without denial that the yolk of an egg is its best part, irrespective of how you want it cooked or served.

10. Yiros


Yiros, also spelled Gyros, is an ancient Greek food comprising of very soft, charred pita, filled with chicken, lamb, or pork and added some other ingredients, consisting of red onion, tzatziki sauce, and tomato.

There are very few recipes different from the traditional. At most, halloumi or feta are added.

11. Yabby


Yabby is an Australian freshwater crustacean. They have a variety of colors, which include dark brown, black, and blue, and are around 4-8 inches (10-20cm) long.

They are at risk of going extinct and as such cannot be harvested or caught without adequate permissions. They can either be cooked with spices or cooked as it is.

12. Yautia


These are tubers used in the preparation of stews and soups after they have been mashed or boiled. The Yautia is a typical food enjoyed in the Dominican Republic.

The Yautia consists of some different species, in English, which include malanga, Taro, Yucca, Japanese Yams, and Indian yams. The Yautia can also be served as a side dish.

13. Yeast


Yeasts have been used prehistorically, even before the existence of some languages. This based on information obtained following some sources. Yeasts have been used by Ancient Egyptians, dating back to about 5,000 years, in making alcohol-based beverages with beer as an example and in the leavening of bread.

The Bible also has detailed information on the use of yeast.

14. Yellow apples

Yellow apples

These are sometimes referred to as delish golden apples. In the USA, the yellow apple ranks among the top 15 apple cultivations available.

It is also a widely used ingredient in the making of a variety of apple-based recipes. Beyond having golden yellow colored skin, they’re quite round and large.

15. Yuzu


In some Asian countries, like Korea, China, and Japan, Yuzu is among the most dominant citrus fruits available. It can be used in a variety of applications, such as in the making of cocktails, marmalades, and also in salad dressing. Its taste is quite very sour.

In Japan, Yuzu is used in making a variety of miso soups. In Korea, it is commonly added to tea and marmalades.

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16. Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna

They are tuna species located around the world, mostly in subtropical and tropical oceans. This tuna specie is dominating as one of the biggest tuna specie and is commonly recognized for its yellow fins.

Tunas can eat up anything that can enter its mouth due to its long length, close to 7 feet, and weight of about 400 pounds or more.

This yellowfin tuna is a very tasty fish with a lot of value. They can be served as a steak or raw as sushi.

17. Yangmei


This is a fruit local to Asian countries, especially Taiwan and China. It is a wax fruit obtained from the wax myrtle tree. Yangmei is also recognized for its medicinal properties.

For thousands of years now, China has been known to have been in constant cultivation and harvesting of this fruit. Yangmei is delicious and rich in minerals, vitamin C, and strawberries.

The Chinese utilize the potential of this fruit by using it in the fermentation of wines, adding it to teas, and eating it raw as a fruit.

18. Youngberry


This fruit is rich in antioxidants and some very important nutrients too. Youngberry is a hybrid between a blackberry and a dewberry of the rose family. Rubus Caesius is known to be its botanical classification.

Cellulose, Vitamins A, C, and B1, and calcium can be obtained in rich quantities from the Youngberry. They can be used in place of some other blackberry species in the making of fruit salads and crumbles.

They’re sometimes preferred because of their smaller quantity of seeds.

Youngberries have a core encompassed by plumpy drupes, which are bigger than that of other blackberry varieties and fragile too.

19. Yardlong Beans

Yardlong Beans

This bean is also referred to as an asparagus bean or a Chinese long bean. Yardlong beans are vegetables having long pods that are edible and are grown annually.

Yardlong beans are being planted in multiple places around the world, with their origin in the tropical and subtropical regions of southeastern Asia and China. They are a valuable ingredient in a variety of local dishes.

It’s worth knowing that yardlong beans are not exactly yardlong. Though it’s the name says otherwise, it isn’t. It is actually about half a yard long.

20. Yams

Yukon Gold Potatoes

Yams, easily mistaken for sweet potatoes, are vegetables with starchy roots. Yams have a sturdy brown peel on the outside and a pale yellow color on the inside. In contrast, sweet potatoes have orange skin and are also moister. Yams and sweet potatoes have a little close taste. Though, Yams are less sweet.

If you intend to serve them for dessert, they’ll have to be coated with cinnamon and sugar to make them sweet instead of having their initial savory taste.

It is also worth knowing that the Caribbean, where yam stands as an important cash crop, probably provides and supplies the yam you relish at Thanksgiving dinner.

21. Yellow beans

Yellow beans

This is often referred to as Wax beans. This bean has a clear yellow skin attached from the inside to its lime green peas.

22. Yellow Cornmeal

Yellow Cornmeal

This is common around the Caribbean regions, precisely Haiti. Yellow cornmeal is used in their culture in making Mai’s Moulin. It is often used in the making of cornbread.

23. Yakhnet Batata

Yakhnet Batata

Yakhnet Batata is a very tasty potato stew made by the Lebanese.

24. Yakhnet Sabanikh

Yakhnet Sabanikh

This is part of Lebanese cuisine. It is a tasty spinach stew.

25. Yali Pear

Yali Pear

Yali pear is also known as Ya Li Pear. In Asia, a wide range of pears are available, and the Yali pear is one.

The Yali pear is bigger than the normal pear. It has a white color on the inside and a light green one On the outside.

The Yali pear doesn’t ripe on the tree; its ripening begins after they’re harvested. They have a very juicy, crisp flavor once they are ripe. Their taste is quite close to that of an apple.

The Yali pear is rich in nutrients, containing vitamins c and k, copper, potassium, antioxidants, and fiber.

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Frequently Asked Questions-Foods that start with the letter Y

What Breakfast Foods Start With Y?

Yoghurt serves this purpose perfectly and can be eaten with granola, fruit, and honey. Yoghurt is made from a variety of sources ranging from plant-based milk to milk gotten from goats, but it is commonly made from the milk of cows.

What Christmas Food Starts With the Letter Y?

Yule log gives a suitable answer to this question. Yule log is a log-shaped Christmas sponge cake covered in chocolate, traditionally from French-speaking countries.

What Dairy Food Starts With Y?

Yogurt. Yogurts can be eaten together with fruits or other flavorings, and they are milk-based products stiffened by a bacterium-aided curdling process.

What Chinese Food Begins With Y?

Here, Yangmei gives the answer. This is a fruit often referred to as yumberry, waxberry, and yamamomo. Yangmei is very common in China.

What Japanese Food Starts With Y?

The Japanese noodle Yakisoba is our answer to this question. This noodle is stir-fried and contains carrots, cabbages, and protein.

It is often dished with green onions, pickled ginger, and nori.

Conclusion-Foods that start with the letter Y

There are many tasty foods that start with the letter Y, though they’re not so regular. They are worth the trial and experience. Such foods, which include Yuzu, Yellow squash, Yak meat, Yoghurt, Yam, and a lot of others, are rich in nutrients and can help achieve a healthy body and diet.

When in the market or store, always check out the Y section for good cooking ingredients or exploration purposes. We’ve listed several foods in the course of this article; check them out and enjoy new culinary discoveries.