Why Does Taco Bell Make You Poop? (Explained)

Why Does Taco Bell make you Poop? Have you experienced a stomach upset after eating Tacobell and would like to know why this happened?

It’s a general knowledge that fast food is unreliable in terms of consuming healthy foods; still, there might be days when you’ll crave an easy and quick meal, and most frequently, Taco Bell is usually the best choice for customers. However, there’s that one unfavorable effect well-known when you eat Taco Bell, which is: the terrible after-meal poop.

As you would expect, Taco Bell is quite affordable, and it is available in different varieties consisting of an infinite combo of hot sauce, cheese, chewy or crunchy wrapping, sour cream, beans or beef, and so on.

Over time, many fellows have found out that after eating taco bell, they have to make their way immediately to the closest bathrooms to poo. And that’s why today, we will be providing an in-depth analysis of some components found in taco bell that makes you poop after taking the meal.

Primarily, we’ll see what these components are, why they make you react, and how you can properly place your orders; that will not only make you enjoy your taco bell but also stop you from paying that regular visit to the bathroom.

I’m sure most of you have longed to read something like this, and now you’re glad you’ve finally got your hands on it. So now let’s begin to tick all the necessary boxes and answer all the possible questions you may have; First, why does taco bell make you poop? There might be many reasons for this, like too much fiber from the beans, a reaction to sour cream or cheese due to lactose intolerance, another reason may be the spice from the capsaicin or even a response to the beef.

Taco Bell is a well-known snack, and it will be of great importance to have enough knowledge about this food, like knowing how it affects the body and the best way to enjoy it without visiting the bathroom. When you’ve gathered this knowledge, you can always stay healthy.

Why Does Taco Bell Make You Poop?

Let’s just hit it straight; Taco Bell makes you poop because of chemicals, like capsaicin, that can be found in most hot foods.

For example, capsaicin is found in chilli pepper, which is hazardous for consumption by mammals. When ingested, the chemical creates a burning sensation in any exposed tissue.

This irritation can have a laxative effect, which helps loosen the stool faster and causes you to defecate. After eating taco bell, this is the reason why you poop.

The food items in taco bell are scorching, and they cause a burning sensation in your stomach when you eat them.

The gastrocolic reflex experienced by humans makes us release gas immediately after eating, though each person has their level of intensity.

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Why Does Taco Bell Make You Poop?-Probably the Spice

To know if eating that taco bell you’re about to order will make you poop, first investigate the level of spice added to the food.

The compound in hot pepper is called capsaicin, and it is used as a spice in their food. It makes the food spicy and gives that burning sensation when you eat it.

Capsaicin irritates the human body, especially for those who don’t love a lot of spice or those with a reactionary digestive system, so you might want to do a thorough background check before eating.

This spice can produce a burning sensation when you ingest it, which in some people may stimulate laxative effects.

Just order a mild hot sauce if you have issues with the hot spice. You can keep the sauce by the side or without the hot sauce.

If, after your experiment with taco bell, you find out that you poop because of your intake of spice and hot sauce, then it is best to stay away from naturally spicy food. It may not be easy, but you have to try.

On the other hand, if you discover that you can eat other spicy food without experiencing any reaction, the cause of your issue might be found below.

Why Does Taco Bell Make You Poop? – The Dairy

Adding sour cream and cheese to dishes like burritos, chalupas, cheesy gordita crunch wrap, quesadillas, and tacos makes them taste highly delicious.

It’s a bummer that many adults in North America experience mild lactose intolerance. Eating dairy products like cheese or sour cream in Taco Bell food can trigger a sudden trip to the restroom for those affected by this intolerance.

When we’re young, our small intestines produce lactase, which helps break down milk sugar (lactose). Unfortunately, as we grow old, we tend to stop making this enzyme. As a result, dairy sugars can pass through our digestive system without being properly broken down.

Gas, indigestion, bloating, and the urgency to use the toilet are some of the effects of this sugar. If lactose intolerance is a problem for you, you will experience some signs and symptoms within the first two hours of consuming your taco bell dish.

Some individuals have low-level lactose intolerance. This set of people will find it easy to add cheese when eating taco bell because of the negligible lactose it contains compared to sour cream. You may also add cheese and cream when ordering your taco bell foods.

Why Does Taco Bell Make You Poop? Might Be the Beans!

Beans, yes beans, that healthy food that we all love, is another suspect that can make you frequently visit the bathroom. So let’s look into it as well.

Beans are fully rich in fiber which is incredible for your guts. But there’s a little issue here, which is most individuals find it hard to break down this fiber.

Do you know that a cup of beans contains 10 grams of fiber? Mind-blowing stats, correct?

Fiber, in its way, attracts water when it gets to the digestive system, which enables it to make the stool soft and easy to discharge.

People have to dash to the bathroom after eating taco bell.

Additionally, beans have an oligosaccharide carbohydrate that isn’t broken down until it enters the colon. It feeds the bacteria that reside in your digestive tract in the colon, resulting in mild gas and bloating.

So, all you need to do to eliminate this annoyance if you suspect beans are to blame is to request that they not include beans in your dish.

Or better still, request a meal that does not have beans. Great options include crunch wrap, beefy nacho griller, beefy Fritos burrito, beef quesarito, and cheesy gordita crunch.

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Why Does Taco Bell Makes You Poop?- Could Be the Beef

Another ingredient in your Taco Bell meat dish that can make you urinate is ground beef. Certain people’s digestive systems may not handle the large amounts of animal protein and fat that can be consumed together with taco meat. Hence, they lack the stomach acid to effectively break down and digest red meat, which is the root cause.

Getting a milder beef taco would be recommended because the combination of the beef and the spice can make you feel like you have food sickness and hurry to the bathroom. Rather than request beef, you may consider ordering beans, though seasoned chicken can still be a stable option if you want to taste a meaty flavor.

How to Take Taco Bell Meals to Avoid Stomach Upset

We need to figure out the best method you can change your meal to stop this frequent unease in your belly now that we know the Taco Bell ingredients that keep you going to the bathroom. Here are a few ideas to try:

Limit your consumption of hot sauce: There is too much spice in hot sauce. The sauce contains capsaicin, which causes bodily irritation. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce or remove it from the order.

Remove sour cream: Did you know that besides cheese, sour cream can also cause lactose intolerance? But don’t worry, if you find sour cream is the cause, you can easily switch it up with cheese or remove it from your list altogether. Or, if you want to play it safe, why not try eliminating both and see how your body reacts?

Ditch the cheese: To avoid any discomfort from lactose intolerance, feel free to request to exclude the cheese from your order. Alternatively, you could opt for some tangy sour cream instead. This way, you won’t have to keep making frequent trips to the restroom.

You may also consider trading beef for chicken: Switching to chicken can help ease any discomfort you may experience after indulging in Taco Bell’s delicious foods.

 Remove the Beans: If you’re not a fan of beans and want to switch up your Taco Bell order, inform them to remove them from your order. Alternatively, you could jazz things up by swapping in some juicy chicken or beef instead; that’ll taste great as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions-Why Does Taco Bell Make You Poop?

Why Do I Have Painful Diarrhoea After Taco Bell?

If you’ve recently indulged in some flavorful Mexican cuisine, be aware that there’s a slight chance you may experience food poisoning. Taco Bell has had some reports of customers experiencing unpleasant symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting, with the most common diagnoses being Norovirus and Salmonella.

Is Taco Bell a Natural Laxative?

The answer is No. Taco Bell’s cuisine is abundant in fiber and lactose. Fiber is an advantageous and inherent substance that can help regulate bowel movements, while lactose can trigger diarrhea in some individuals. Do you want to know more about why Taco Bell may cause discomfort to your stomach?

Is Taco Bell Natural?

Does Taco Bell Use Artificial Colors And Flavors In Its Food? No. We understand that your tastes and preferences are constantly evolving, so we’ve decided to step forward to keep up with you. That’s why we’ve removed all artificial flavors and colors from our food and replaced them with natural and healthier options that will leave your taste buds happy and satisfied.

Conclusion-Why Does Taco Bell Make You Poop?

Taco Bell has the potential to stimulate bowel movements and causes diarrhea due to the variety of spices and flavors used in their delicious food.

While it may be tempting to indulge in large quantities, it’s essential to consume in small amounts to avoid unwanted effects on your digestive system. So, be mindful of your Taco Bell intake and enjoy it moderately.