Riblets vs Ribs (Full Comparison)

Have you ever wanted to make a Riblets vs Ribs comparison?

Ribs are popular meats, and most restaurateurs cannot do without them. You may be wondering what differentiates riblets from ribs. The truth is that they may serve the same purpose for you. However, somewhere in between is a thin line you need to identify.

So, if you want to know whether riblets babies of ribs, we urge you to sit up and follow us on this journey. You will see the difference and how best to entertain your guests with your favorite ribs.

Riblets vs Ribs

Riblets are bits of meat from the end of a rack. On the other hand, rib tips are chunks of meat cut from the base of extra ribs, having cartilage but without bones. Both parts are cheap and straightforward to prepare. And if you are looking for an excellent appetizer for your homemade barbecue, they can give you exactly that. You need to grill or smoke them slowly on low heat to derive the best from them.

What are Riblets?

They are little back ribs cut into two across the bone. When cut, each rib somewhat has its original size. Although this method is complex, it makes handling the pieces more convenient.

In case you are wondering, pork ribs usually come in various fashions. Their position on the pig determines the size, while other measures are because of how the rack was trimmed. We are going to explain the most popular parts.

What are Rib Tips?

While rib tips and riblets sound alike, they have their dissimilarities. The tips are cartilage pieces and meat cut from the tip of a rack of extra ribs. In some cases, they may be referred to as rib ends.

Due to the cartilage, rib tips are hard to eat, which makes some people detest them. However, they are flavorful, and if you can overlook the other side, you will enjoy them. They are also cheap, which is another reason people go for them.

If you do not mind, you can purchase a rack of spare ribs and cut off the cartilage and tips yourself. Then, you can grill everything together and snack on the tips when they are done. The ribs take a longer time to cook than the rib tips.

Riblets Vs Ribs- Key Difference

Are riblets different from ribs? There may be a thin line between them, but the truth is riblets are baby ribs. That is, they are baby backs of ribs cut into two. Their cooking time is precisely the same, only that ribs cook better on low heat left for longer. This will help the meat soften while bringing out the flavor. So, why do you think people can change a rack of baby backs into riblets?

You must understand that riblets are catchy and can make a perfect presentation on your appetizer plate. If you have children, they would appreciate riblets better because of the convenient size. You enable the racks to elongate more when you cut your small ribs into smaller pieces. So, if you are short of ribs for your family or guests, you may serve them riblets instead. But ensure plenty of side dishes to make up for the absence of ribs.

How to Cook Pork Riblets and Rib Tips

Always remember that rib tips and riblets are ribs, only that they are cut from different rib parts. To enjoy their best, you should cook them with low and slow heat. To get the flavor off them, use a smoldering charcoal or gas grill fire to cook them for one or two hours.

Sprinkle some rub with some seasoning on them. Again, brush some barbecue sauce at the end of the cooking time to keep it from burning. They contribute to the tastiness of the ribs.

The rib tips usually cook faster than a rack of ribs. So, you can snack on them while the other one is still cooking. To keep your guests busy and in high spirits, you can offer them some rib tips while the main course is sizzling.

What Do Pork Riblets and Rib Tips Taste Like?

Their tastes are like pork ribs. They quickly take on the flavor of any seasoning you put in there. Also, they can easily blend with different dishes. You can prepare them with wet sauce or dry rub, or mix both and apply. Look out for your fingers because they will make a mess of them. If you want to host a couple of people, you can consider serving them riblets instead of chicken wings.

Where to buy Pork Riblets and Rib Tips

Some years ago, you could toss or grind your riblets into sausage. Today, you can find them in packs in some superstores. Most specialty butcher shops also have them, in case they are unavailable in your grocery shop. Sometimes, your only option may be boneless tips packaged as riblets. There is nothing wrong with picking up as many as you want because both cook the same way.

If you like, you may select a baby back rack and request that your butcher cut them in halves for you. That is your riblets facing you!

Storing Pork Riblets and Rib Tips

If you bought some fresh pork rib tips and riblets, you could store them in the coldest part of your fridge for three days. But if you want them to last longer, you can wrap them firmly in plastic or freezer paper and store them for close to three months.

If you have some leftovers after eating to your satisfaction, you can firmly wrap them and eat them in a few days.

The Truth about Applebee’s Riblets

‘Riblets’ are part of the menus of Applebee’s. As much as they want to make you believe, those things are not real riblets. The truth is the ‘riblets’ you order to satisfy your cravings are only cruxes of bone cut off from somewhere around the spine. They are also called button ribs. Funnily enough, they do not have any rib bones on them. It is just a beautiful name to sell a beautiful dish.

While you may be wondering, the dish does not taste bad anyway. They are flavorful if you prepare them well. Nevertheless, correcting the wrong notion surrounding Applebee’s riblets is good.

FAQ-Riblets vs Ribs

Are Riblets the Same as Baby Back Ribs?

Riblets are not the same as baby back ribs; they are baby back ribs. However, they have been cut into two across the bone, with each rib slightly half the original size.

What Has More Meat, Ribs or Riblets?

Although spare ribs contain more bones, they are larger and meatier. They are also more flavorsome. On the other hand, baby backs are smaller, curvier, and leaner. However, they are the tenderest part of the ribs.

Are Applebee’s Riblets Real Ribs?

What Applebee’s call riblets are merely button ribs. They are not ribs, to start with. They are cut from around the spine, about six inches long, one-and-a-half inches broad, and one-quarter inches thick.

Are riblets short ribs?

Riblets are bits of meat cut from a full rack, while short ribs are cut below the spare ribs.

Are Riblets Good?

They are not only excellent but delicious. Riblets will make the best options if you want something unique and tasty to serve your guests. They are also convenient to make, giving you a perfect outcome.

Which cut of ribs is best?

Spare ribs make the best options. They are cut from beneath the ribs and are meatier, more extensive, and tastier, although they have more bones and fats. However, if you want something tenderer and lean, without minding the cost, baby racks should be your go-to. But if you want something more significant and flavorful, spare ribs are the best.

Are Riblets Boneless?

They are not boneless. Riblets are cut from the surplus strips of bone from a trimmed rib rack. Sometimes, people mistake them for rib tips, which are primarily boneless. In some dishes, both of them can substitute for the other.

Where do the riblets come from?

You can get riblets from the remaining bones at the backend of a surplus rib rack or the remaining bones or from the finger bones around the spine. If you want to know the best, consider eating spare ribs.

Conclusion-Riblets vs Ribs

Riblets and rib tips are cut from ribs and can substitute the other. Although they have a slight difference, it does not affect their ability to give your dish a touch of great taste.