15 Best Restaurants in Windham (NY)

Walking into a restaurant to eat is not a big deal for most busy people in Windham, New York. But the concern is walking into a restaurant that will satisfy your culinary desire and make you feel you got your money’s worth.

That is why we have compiled this list of the best restaurants to eat in Windham, NY. Due to your busy life, we know that you may be unable to figure out the best restaurants in Windham to visit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Windham is a busy town in New York located in the Catskill Mountains. It is a historic town sometimes referred to as “the gem of Catskills,” owning to its mountainous regions for skiing and mountaineering.

The Catskill Mountains is an uphill area in Windham, in the north of New York state. It is an attraction and recreational site for skiers, mountain bikers, and family hiking.

Windham’s Main Street is lined with restaurants, specialty shops, and lodges and hotels. This article will review the best Windham restaurants. Whether you’re craving international cuisine or home-cooked classic meals, there’s a restaurant to satisfy every taste palette in Windham, NY.

Are you planning a visit to Windham? Below are the top restaurants in Windham, NY.

Best Restaurants in Windham, NY

1. The Catskill Mountain Country Store and Restaurant

The Catskill Mountain Country Store and Restaurant

The Catskill Mountain Country is a breakfast café for Windham residents. It is one of the top restaurants in Windham, NY which takes takes its spot within the Catskill Mountain Country Club and has been operating since 1994.

It is a store, gift shop, and restaurant, meaning that you can buy groceries and/or sit for a meal. You can buy items like jams, jellies, mugs, candies, toys, baked products, country gifts, and more in the superstore.

There are even gourmet foods like salad dressings, spaghetti sauce, and preserves in the store made with exclusive Catskill Country Store recipes.

This popular Windham restaurant offers a wide selection of food on the menu. There is fudge, banana pecan French toast, blueberry pancake, stars & strips pancake, and so on. The coffee made by The Catskill restaurant is great. You can choose to try out their pumpkin pie latte, which is also tasty.

Waffles with vanilla ice cream are the best lunch treat you can have after a day of adventurous fun. The restaurant serves this in grand style, thereby adding to its sumptuous appeal to the eye. Bagel, eggs Benedict, French fries, and cheese omelet are also interesting items on the menu.

This amazing restaurant/café opens by 9 am daily. It closes by 5 pm on Sun-Thur and 6 pm on Fri-Sat. Catskill Mountain restaurant is a must-try restaurant for you if you go to Windham.

Address: 5510 State Route 23, Windham, NY 12496-5803 Phone: +1 518-734-3387

2. The Chicken Run

The Chicken Run

If you’ve been craving to eat some chicken or steak in Windham, then you should stop by The Chicken Run. The Chicken Run is a great place to eat chicken, steaks, and other classic American fares.

The Chicken Run Family Restaurant and Steakhouse is one of the best places to eat in Windham, NY.

This family-owned restaurant serves delicious and nutritious comfort foods in a family-style dining arrangement. It is a good restaurant for solo dining, group dining, family dining, and small private parties.

There are incredible live music performances that happen here often on weekends.

The cool factor here is the outstanding view of Ski Windham, which beckons you to ski down the slopes after your meal. As stated earlier, The Chicken Run Family Restaurant and Steakhouse serves mainly chicken and steaks. But that’s not what all their culinary expertise is limited to.

Mac & Cheese, chicken sandwich, chicken noodle soup, fish & chips, portobello burger, hot dogs, and cornbread on the side. There is complimentary popcorn for customers who want to enjoy the music shows.

Chicken Run is just the right place to be at all times because the atmosphere is always vibrant and full of life. They open on Tue-Sat and Sundays, which makes Mondays and Tuesdays their closed days.

Address: 5639 State Route 23 Corner of Route 23 and South Street, Windham, NY 12496-5610. Phone: +1 518-734-5353

3. Windham Diner

Windham Diner

Windham Diner is one of the best restaurants in Windham, NY to come and eat any meal of the day, especially dinner. Windham Diner offers dine-in and take-out, but there are no delivery services in place.

They serve classic American meals for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and supper. Meatloaf and spaghetti are good choices at the diner. It is delicious, and the quantity you receive is nearly equivalent t that of a large plate.

They serve a lot of soup varieties, and you can briefly view them on their menu on Facebook.

Spanakopita is a menu special that is enjoyed by most regular customers and visitors. It is a Greek food made of a sumptuous combination of fries, phyllo, spinach, feta/ricotta, Cheese, onions/scallions, and eggs. Some call it Greek spinach pie for short descriptive purposes.

Pancakes, burgers, sandwiches, steaks, chicken, and salads are all included in the Windham Diner menu. The Windham Diner opens early, by 8 am on weekdays. They open even earlier, by 7 am on weekends, so that morning adventure seekers can have their breakfast before climbing the mountains further.

Address: 5339 State Route 23, Windham, NY 12496-5906. Phone: +1 518-734-4831

4. Millrock Restaurant

Millrock Restaurant

Millrock Restaurant is the best Italian restaurant in Windham, NY. This family-owned restaurant was established in 1996 by John & Justine Gulino. Like most of the restaurants in this list, it is located in the Great Northern Catskills.

Millrock is a lively restaurant that has been committed to serving authentic Italian fare based on traditional Italian recipes. Although blended with modern American cuisine, Millrock chefs do their best to produce sumptuous Mediterranean-style meals.

Some of the menu highlights include mussels marinara or Bianco, pizza, cheese ravioli marinara, fried calamari, Caesar salad, and more. We recommend you try the smoked salmon pizza with dill shallot sauce. Trust us when we say ‘it’s unlike any pizza you’ve ever tasted!

This restaurant serves mostly dinners. It is an ideal place for a dinner date, a night out with friends, and so on. They are open from 5 pm till 9 pm on Thur-Sat and Sunday.

Address: 5398 State Route 23, Windham, NY 12496-5801 Phone: +1 518-734-9719

5. Ze Windham Wine Bar

Ze Windham Wine Bar

This is the best wine bar in northern New York. Some may argue it, but it’s just our empirical opinion. Ze Windham Wine Bar has nearly forty wine types by the glass paired with cheeses and charcuterie for enjoyment.

This place is a historic house with a cool patio for you to stay at while slipping in a glass of fine wine. Ze Windham Wine Bar surpasses all others in New York because of its fabulous ambiance, fabulous wine lists, and fabulous foods.

Ze Windham Wine Bar serves original specials alongside an enriched wine list in a hospitable and warm setting. Some of the food menu items served include pate, Sancerre, raspberry mousse, raclette, and more. The wine cellular at Ze Windham Wine Bar is so impressive that Travel & Leisure Magazine says, “Ze Windham Winebar is one of the 25 Best Wine Bars in the US”.

And it’s not only Travel & Leisure Magazine that recognizes this restaurant and wine bar. Hudson Valley Bar named Ze Windham named “Best Bar In Upstate New York” in August 2018. The staff here are super friendly and knowledgeable about every wine. They operate within the hours of 4-10 pm on Thurs-Sat.

Address: 5369 State Route 23 Behind the Post Office, Windham, NY 12496-5906 . Phone: +1 518-734-9200

6. Higher Grounds Coffee Co

Higher Grounds Coffee Co

Higher Grounds Coffee Co is one of the best places to eat in Windham, NY. It is the best coffee shop in Windham for a reason – it makes great coffee.

It is a great place to eat breakfast in Windham, NY. In fact, the two breakfast restaurant options you will likely have in your head are The Catskill Mountain Country and Higher Grounds Coffee Company.

Higher Grounds serves chocolate chip cookies, waffles, bacon eggs, Southwest wrap, bagels, and all sorts of sandwiches. A cup of coffee will go well with any of these menu items. However, you can try caramel frappe. This restaurant’s version is delicious and has a unique taste.

They open by 7 am and close by 5 pm. Coming to Higher Grounds for breakfast or brunch is the best way to start a day in Windham, NY!

Address: 61 State Route 296, Windham, NY 12496-5308 Phone: +1 518-734-4120

7. Brandywine of Windham

Brandywine of Windham

Brandywine is an Italian restaurant chain with offerings that will heighten your appreciation for fine dining. Brandywine’s food is excellent and highly recommended for anyone wishing to impress their romantic or business partners.

The lighting fixture, cozy environment, and refreshing ambiance are part of what makes the restaurant a luxurious Italian restaurant in Windham. The owner Louis Caracciolo has been cooking and serving savory Italian food for decades. He and his chefs use traditional Italian family recipes to prepare sumptuous meals with love and care.

We loved the gnocchi, which has rich flavors and tastes. Most people wish they’d have it brought to them every day so that they continue eating it even though they’re far away from Brandywine Restaurant. The restaurant opens by 4 pm and closes by 9 pm every day except Mondays.

Address: 11157 NY-23, Windham, NY 12496 Phone: +1 518-734-3838

8. Bistro Brie & Bordeaux

Bistro Brie & Bordeaux

Bistro Brie and Bordeaux is the best French restaurant in Windham, NY. It is a bright French bistro decorated with beautiful European artwork. The restaurant’s flower-filled porch affords you views of the Catskill mountains.

Bistro Brie offers classic French fare and some modern new favorites to the table. It is an exquisite site during the Christmas Holidays with lovely decorations and gifts around. President’s week, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and The 4th of July are special days where the staff stays open for additional hours.

You can expect to find the likes of escargot, onion soup, fried shrimp, seared scallops, mushroom risotto, French baguette bread, and more on the menu. Duck breast and duck ala orange are popular customers’ picks at this restaurant. Fresh lump crab cake or dessert cupcakes are fine desserts to eat after eating a full meal at Bistro Brie.

The restaurant sometimes offers menu specials like Lamb Shank with Lemon Couscous, so it’s wise to follow them on their Facebook page for updates. They operate in the evening from 5 pm to 8 pm Fri-Sun.

Address: 5386 State Route 23, Windham, NY 12496-5801 Phone: +1 518-734-4911

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9. La Patisserie Normande

La Patisserie Normande

La Patisserie Normande is the best bakery in Windham, New York. Many Windham residents come to this bakery to buy bread, cakes, and other baked products. It is a place almost all couples come to purchase their wedding cake. That implies that this bakery is an important part of the Historic town of Windham, NY.

You can choose to buy bread, strawberry cheesecake, pancakes, and more in this long-functioning bakery. Their Facebook page is where customers go to get updates on the bakery’s offerings. They are open only on Thurs-Sat and Sundays from 8 am-4 pm.

Address: 5339 NY-23, Windham, NY 12496 Phone: +1 518-734-5281

10. The Windham Local

The Windham Local

This is the best place to go for coffee and mac & Cheese in the morning. The Windham Local is a fantastic café and restaurant for residents and tourists to come to eat any meal of the day. Most American classic comfort foods are served here in a good social atmosphere.

Craft beer, cocktails, coffee, espresso drinks, thai classics, and so on are all available at The Windham Local.

This restaurant is recognised among the top restaurants in Windham, NY, for its reasonably priced food.

Some of the menu highlights include quesadilla, tuna melt, truffle grilled Cheese, bean chili, garden salad, and so on. Shrimp salad is one interesting food we would like to try ourselves. Maybe you’d eat that at Windham Local and share your experience with the blog in the comment section.

They open by 8 am and close by 3 pm daily, with Tuesdays being the day off.

Address: 5410 NY-23, Windham, NY 12496 Phone: +1 518-750-8300

11. Messina’s LaGriglia Ristorante

This is one of the best Italian restaurants in Windham, NY bringing old-fashioned Italian cuisine back to the modern day. They serve yummy pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, steaks, and other Italian classics.

The main thing about this Italian restaurant is how friendly the staff is and how great the food is.

Messina’s LaGriglia Ristorante serves linguine Sinatra or linguine with white clam sauce. Either of them is delicious because they’re well prepared at Messina’s LaGriglia Ristorante. Rigatoni Bolognese is yet another superb Italian meal that this restaurant excels.

Some of the other items on the menu include baked mashed potatoes, chicken Bolognese, penne pepperata, and more. We can only mention a few of the exquisite Italian foods offered by Messina’s LaGriglia Ristorante. But you can check online for their full menu.

The restaurant’s bar also contains a lot of fine wines and alcoholic beverages. So, in conclusion, Messina’s LaGriglia Ristorante is one of the top Windham restaurants. This is due to their delicious Italian fare coupled with the relaxed interior and friendly staff.

Address: 5658 State Route 23, Windham, NY 12496-5600 Phone: +1 518-734-4499

12. &Breakfast by Albergo

&Breakfast by Albergo

Albergo Allegria made this restaurant to be a top breakfast restaurant in Windham, NY.

The Breakfast by Albergo is in the Albergo Allegria hotel. Albergo Allegria offers guests fresh coffee, homemade muffins, crispy bacon, and other breakfast treats every morning.

They’ve got a creative breakfast menu featuring kitchen-garden-to-table homemade fare. They roast the coffee bean themselves, and they have 50+ tea selections all set in a mid-century modern historic hotel.

You will be tempted to pull out your phone to snap the “Picnic-style” presentation of your breakfast meal. It is a wonderful place to wake up to if you’re dreaming about a romantic ‘breakfast in bed’ treat in New York.

Breakfast by Albergo offers available dine in and takeaway options too. Rave breakfast reviews posted online about this place make us believe this had to make it to this list of best Windham Restaurants in 2022.

Address: 43 State Route 296, Windham, NY 12496-5307 Phone: +1 518-734-5560

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Plan a Trip to Windham

There are a variety of budget-friendly fun things to do in Windham, NY. In regard to Windham restaurants, favorites like The Chicken Run, Catskill Mountain Country, and Windham Diner serves hearty portions of pasta, fresh seafood dishes, and savory cuts of meat.

Most restaurants on this list prepare foods using seasonal and local ingredients from farms in the Catskill Mountains. In most restaurants here, you can enjoy a meal while enjoying the striking views of Windham Mountain.

Start planning a visit to Windham today to enjoy all that the city has to offer.