15 Best Restaurants in Port Orange (FL)

Do you want to know the best restaurants in Port Orange, FL? If yes, then you are in the right article.

Before we discuss the best Port Orange restaurants, let’s consider some basic details about this town.

Port Orange is a town in Volusia County, Florida, United States. The population was 64,842 as of the 2019/2020 Census. It is about 4.3 miles from Daytona Beach and part of the Deltona-Daytona-Ormond Beach metropolitan area.

Port Orange and Daytona Beach have two things in common. Both of them are cities in Florida, USA, and they both offer surf, sunsets, and sandy beaches.

With Port Orange, there is a diverse and blooming dining scene as this city provides an incredible culinary adventure.

Although seafood is the town’s specialty, you’ll find a variety of eateries, cafes, and ethnic restaurants in Port Orange.

Here is a list of the top restaurants in Port Orange, FL.

Best Restaurants in Port Orange, FL

1. McKenna’s Place Port Orange

McKenna's Place Port Orange

Have you been craving lobster in Port Orange? Then, it would be best if you considered going to McKenna’s Place. This is one of the best places to eat in Port Orange, FL, for lobsters and seafood lovers.

Located in Park Place Plaza, this restaurant is perfect for burgers, seafood, and craft beers.

There are big flat TV screens to watch sports or music videos. People come to McKenna’s Place to watch sports matches while drinking beer with their friends. It’s sort of a sports viewing center with incredible food offered there.

You can eat lobster rolls, chicken sandwiches, Philly cheese steak, chicken wings, and more at McKenna’s Place Port Orange. The staff opens by 11 am every day, and since reopening post-pandemic, it’s been a busy restaurant.

Address: 3781 S Nova Rd Suite M, Port Orange, FL 32129 Phone: (386) 256-2691

2. Cinnamon Tree Café

Cinnamon Tree Café

Cinnamon Tree Cafe is a counter-serve café that provides breakfast and lunch meals. It is one of the top restaurants in Port Orange, FL. This restaurant got it all, whether it’s breakfast and lunch staple foods or desserts.

This is the best restaurant in Port Orange for eating brunch at mid-day with a coworker or business partner. Cinnamon Trees Cafe’s buttermilk pancakes are the best you’ll have in the entire area.

You can eat this in addition to fresh juicy strawberries, blueberries, or chocolate chips.

This eatery has a very youthful vibe with refreshing interior décor. You can be assured of an optimal dining experience in Cinnamon Tree Café. This top Port Orange restaurant opens at 7 am and closes by 3 pm every day.

Address: 1665 Dunlawton Ave #103, Port Orange, FL Phone: (386) 760-1500

3. San Diego Grill

San Diego Grill

Make no mistake, San Diego Grill is not really a San Diego restaurant. It is among the best restaurant in Port Orange, with an expansive menu. There is food diversity that lures everyone to come and dine in this restaurant.

It is one of the highest-rated Port Orange pavilion restaurants in the state of Florida. San Diego Grill offers a delicious menu, awesome cocktails, and barbeque assortments.

Soft ribs, chicken fajitas, cajun pasta, fried shrimps, and sandwiches are some of the menu highlights of SDG.

SDG is the grilled meat and seafood home in Port Orange, FL. It is the type of American Restaurant where you get to enjoy yourself in a relaxing environment and wish to return again. The restaurant opens by 11 am and closes by 9 pm on a daily basis.

Address: 5535 Williamson Blvd no. 656, Port Orange, FL Phone: +1 386-256-3521

4. Aunt Catfish’s On The River

Aunt Catfish's On The River

The name of the restaurant is admittedly funny, but it summarizes what the restaurant is basically about.

Aunt’s Catfish On The River is a great seafood restaurant where you can enjoy cooking or smoked catfish. They serve Southern food next to the Halifax River in Port Orange, thus, making it a great place to dine.

This restaurant is quite busy, especially at night, for those dinner dates. Therefore, it is wise to book a table prior to arrival. Things you can eat here include crab legs, lobsters, fried spicy shrimp, cinnamon rolls, and pancakes.

The menu gives you a hint that this food establishment isn’t only good at catfish alone. The chefs also do tasty cinnamon rolls and buns.

Many tables often order them because of how good they are, and you should. The restaurant doors are open from 3.30 pm till 9 pm.

Address: 4009 Halifax Dr, Port Orange, FL Phone: +1 386-767-4768

5. Monterey Grill

Monterey Grill

You should remember you’re living close to the Halifax River and River Walk which are surrounding Port Orange. So it is expected that most of the eateries there would be offering seafood and BBQ. Monterey Grill is another seafood restaurant similar to Aunt Catfish’s On The River.

This food establishment has been serving the community for well over a decade. It is a family-owned restaurant that makes in-house soups, salad dressings, breakfast foods, and grilled seafood. So while at Monterey Grill, you can enjoy home-cooked meals offered by the friendliest staff.

There are a number of Gourmet burgers Monterey Restaurant makes. Some include Monterey burger, California burger, Fresno turkey burger, bacon cheeseburger, and all hail “The Queen” burger.

They have the service option to order online for home delivery if you don’t want to come to the restaurant. There are wines and beers to choose from on the menu.

This is so far one of the best California-inspired restaurants in the tropical area of Florida as a state.

Address: 1665 Dunlawton Avenue, Port Orange, FL Phone: +1 386-761-6868

6. Malibu Beach Grill

Malibu Beach Grill

This restaurant is another California-inspired restaurant located on Williamson Boulevard, Port Orange, FL.

Malibu Beach Grill is among the pavilion restaurants on Port Orange. This eatery is an upscale/casual spot for steaks, seafood, and California cuisine in a modern setting.

Loads of positive comments and high ratings on online forums indicate that Malibu Beach Grill is a great place to eat in Port Orange.

Some may or may not have tried baked potatoes; once you arrive here, try and order them. It has a unique taste and is well prepared in this particular restaurant, unlike any other place.

Malibu Beach Grill’s menu has gluten-free and vegan options for certain foods such as Asiago Mashed potatoes, black beans, and rice. Encrusted mushrooms, Thai calamari, and fried asparagus are part of the slightly odd menu.

There are a lot of fresh veggies and salads for those who are aiming to only eat green. Creamed or sauteed spinach, freshly cut vegetables, spinach & artichoke dip, belong to this category. Malibu salad and Caesar salad are the common salads on the menu you can order at this fine restaurant.

Address: 5543 S Williamson Boulevard no.900, Port Orange, FL Phone: +1 386-492-2968

7. Boondocks Restaurant

Boondocks Restaurant

This restaurant is a casual, fun restaurant with a unique seating arrangement. It has open, airy sitting spaces for customers to sit and dine in.

The Boondocks Restaurant is a low-key spot near the marina where some members of the Yacht Club and locals come to eat with views of the water body all around. Of course, there are indoor seats, but many would prefer outdoor picnic tables. Wouldn’t they?

Boondocks Restaurant is recognized among the top Port Orange restaurants. It offers fresh seafood, salads, soups, and sandwiches. Some of the menu highlights include food like fried shrimps, clam chowder, and seafood platter.

You can eat your food solo, or you can order wine or beer to complement your meal.

Many reviewers online who have visited Boondocks report that they loved their “grilled fish over rice.” We assume that must be an enjoyable culinary experience, and you should try it when you next walk into Boondocks Restaurant.

Address: 3948 S Peninsula Dr, Port Orange, FL Phone: +1 386-760-9001

8. La Fiesta Mexican Cocina

La Fiesta Mexican Cocina

If you desire to satisfy your gastronomic cravings for Mexican cuisine, then La Fiesta Mexican Cocina is the place to go. This restaurant is the best Mexican restaurant in Port Orange, FL, based on customers’ ratings.

This eatery is perfect for dinner dates, solo dining, and private parties with in-house catering. The food is great here, owing to the fact that the wide variety is made using the best ingredients.

They serve authentic Mexcian foods like empanadas, goat cheese, jalapenos, taquitos, mini chipotle tacos, and fajitas.

La Fiesta Mexican Cocina has curbside pickup and order delivery options for customers. The restaurant opens by 11 am every day. They close by 9 pm on Sunday-Thursday and 10 pm on Friday and Saturday.

Address: 3785 S Nova Road, Port Orange, FL 32129 Phone: +1 386-760-2919

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9. Hidden Treasure Tiki Bar & Grill

Hidden Treasure Tiki Bar & Grill

It’s called Hidden Treasure for a reason – the variety and quality of food and tropical drinks served here are like discovered hidden treasures. Well, that may not be the exact reason, but it’s our positive assumption. This is simply because Hidden Treasure Tiki Bar & Grill is one of the best places to eat in Port Orange, FL.

The place gives off the beach lifestyle of eating freshly caught fish with a cool fruit juice in your hand. And then, look around at the beautiful landscape and waterbody surrounding you. Truly, this restaurant is a perfect laid-back tavern for summer enthusiasts.

There are big flatscreen TVs to watch either sports, music videos, or movies. The food most commonly served here are fish sandwiches, oysters, shrimp & grits, and burgers.

You will wish to be spotted in Hidden Treasure Tiki Bar & Grill because the environment has vibrant, youthful vibes. If you’re coming here, note that they open by 10 pm and close by 10 pm.

Address: 5993 S Ridgewood Avenue, Port Orange, FL 32127 Phone: (386) 756-9565

10. Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse

Another youthful and vibrant restaurant on this list of best restaurants in Port Orange, FL, is Texas Roadhouse. Texas Roadhouse is a few blocks from Malibu Beach Grill, both on Williamson Boulevard, Port Orange, Florida.

Texas Steak is a chain steakhouse serving American fare with a Texan-themed interior décor. The building and the food carry a southwestern spin to them. Texas Roadhouse is good for watching sports and is a good social area for students and local residents/tourists to hang out.

This restaurant has a long list of custom-made meals to brag about among the many conventional meals they serve.

Some of these include hand-cut steaks, fresh-baked bread, made-from-scratch sides, and fall-off-the-bone ribs. Suppose you’re curious about their operating hours; head over to their website to learn more.

However, it is good to bear in mind that the restaurant opens in the late afternoons on Mon-Thursday and in the mornings from Friday-Sunday.

Address: 5549 S Williamson Boulevard, Port Orange, FL Phone: (386) 763-2420

11. Our Deck Down Under

Our Deck Down Under

The bunch of positive comments and high ratings on online forums indicate that this eatery is a great place to eat in Port Orange. Our Deck Down Under is an excellent seafood restaurant with sunset and riverside views.

This seafood-centered restaurant is one of the top Port Orange restaurants. They offer crab legs, steamed shrimps, raw or lightly steamed oysters, onion rings, and many more. According to their notorious claim, this restaurant is “Port Orange’s best casual dining seafood restaurant on the water.”

Our Deck Down Under restaurant is simply a place to go to chill after a hard day under the Florida sun. You have fish, crabs, shrimp, ribs, burgers, and homemade specialties.

Address: 78 Dunlawton Avenue, Port Orang, FL 32127 Phone: (386) 767-1881

12. Downwind Café

Downwind Café

Downwind Cafe is another amazing restaurant we would like to introduce. It is a place everyone needs to check out while they’re in town for brunch or breakfast.

They serve delicious coffee, tea, cinnamon roll, pies, pizza, cakes, and bread. There’s really no better way to start your day than by visiting Downwind Café.

They open early in the morning, around 8 am rush hour, and close by 9 pm every day. It’s a low-key cafe but the food quality is remarkable.

Address: 100 Cessna Boulevard, Port Orange, FL Phone: (386) 756-8811

13. Thai Kitchen By Saowanee

Thai Kitchen By Saowanee

Thai Kitchen By Saowanee is a casual, family-owned restaurant serving Thai foods. They offer classic Thai fare in a colorfully designed dining room with cultural themes around them. This restaurant is very family-friendly and is recommended for group dining as well.

In a mission to advance his career as a Thai cuisine chef in America, Saowanee (aka Chef O) started this restaurant in 2022. He passed away following a terminal illness, and his family now runs the restaurant.

Many people who visit commend the Thai fried rice and red curry with chicken. This meal is praised by reviewers online alongside other menu dishes like pad satay, ma-ma tom yum soup, drunken noodles, and of course, the one-and-only Thai tea served either iced or hot.

The Facebook page is where regular customers and visitors alike come to learn more about the restaurant. The restaurant has a strict policy of refusing to offer take out or dine in 25mins before closing time.

They open by 11 and close by 4.30 pm on Wed-Thurs and 8 pm on Fri-Sun. Mondays and Tuesdays are days off for Saowanee Thai restaurant.

Address: 1781 Dunlawton Avenue no.3, Port Orange, FL Phone: (386) 333-9792

14. Flapjacks & More

Flapjacks & More

This eatery is located in Westport Plaza off Taylor Road, immediately after the Publix Super Market. Flapjacks & More is the perfect place to eat breakfast before you go grocery shopping in the nearby supermarket.

We love Flapjacks & More because breakfast has all the favorite American types of food to eat. Flapjacks really do a great job of providing all of the breakfast or brunch classic meals.

What people usually order from Flapjacks & More is whatever they see as the breakfast special for that day.

You can add that with a bloody mary, especially if it’s closer to brunchtime. You can’t go wrong with anything here at Flapjacks.

Address: 1654 Taylor Rd, Port Orange, FL 32128 Phone: 386-304-4141

15. Leanh’s Chinese Restaurant

Leanh's Chinese Restaurant

Whether you like them or not, Leanh’s Chinese Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the state of Florida. Although situated in Daytona Beach, Leanh’s® is roughly 5 miles from Port Orange. Hence, many Port Orange residents come here to eat on a daily basis.

Leanh’s Chinese Restaurant opened in 1985 to bring the authentic flavors of Asia to South Daytona. Asian food lovers will find culinary delight at Leanh’s Chinese Restaurant.

Though they specialize in Chinese dishes, it also serves delicious homemade Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese entrees. And the best part is, all their dishes are prepared using fresh ingredients and cultural recipes.

Address: 1780 S Nova Road, South Daytona, FL 32119 Phone: (386) 756-3578

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Plan a Trip to Port Orange

You have evidently seen that Port Orange has a plethora of international bites and fine dining spots.

With the tropical clear sunny skies and summer vibes, Port Orange is one of the best places to live in Florida, following Port Lauderdale and Daytona Beach Area.

There are great places to eat in Port Orange, FL, and wonderful gated communities that boast lots of fun. Start planning a visit to Port Orange today!