15 Best Restaurants in Oscoda (MI)

Oscoda is a census-designated place in Iosco County, Michigan, USA. It has a population of 916 as of the 2020 census, making it one of the smallest cities in the country. Besides, it is located at the mouth of the Au Sable River along Lake Huron.

If you are a seafood lover, you will enjoy a visit to Oscoda, Michigan, as it provides the people with diverse seafood, especially walleye, salmon, and perch.

Virtually all the restaurants in the city do not joke with seafood, although they offer other delicious food.

They mainly provide American-style dishes, but some add a twist of other cuisines to provide an eclectic taste.

Are you planning a trip to Oscoda? Here are the top restaurants in Oscoda, MI  for a memorable meal time.

Best Restaurants in Oscoda

1. Tait’s Bill of Fare

Tait's Bill of Fare

Regarding class, Tait’s Bill of Fare is among the best restaurants in Oscoda, MI. It is an upscale restaurant serving mouthwatering meals in a welcoming environment. The food is generously served and moderately priced to suit any budget.

The menu has numerous regular and healthy choices you would love to taste. Stop in and order a chicken sandwich with fries and a soft drink. Then, check out the millennial soup, a two-layered cream soup with black beans. If you don’t want it heavy, you can select a good salad, nicely dressed and served cold and flavorful.

Since the restaurant is off the main traffic flow and closes to some hotels, you can easily locate it. It is a charming, clean place with excellent service where you are treated like a family. All you need to do is to bring your appetite and let the servers treat you to a sumptuous meal.

Tait’s Bill of Fare is open from Sunday to Saturday, from 11:30 am – 8:30 pm.

Address: 111 E Dwight St Frnt, Oscoda, MI 48750-1638. Phone: +1 989-739-1518

2. Wiltse’s Brew Pub

Wiltse's Brew Pub

This is a locally owned restaurant in an upscale environment, serving pub-style food. Wiltse’s Brew Pub provides a fun vibe with modern facilities that make an out-of-the-world dining experience. It has a selection of ice-cold drinks with freshly made pub food.

With a grouper sandwich comprising battered and fried grouper, crispy fries, and tartars, you can order an ice-cold beer and sit back for fun. If you are hungry for steak, the restaurant does not disappoint with its varieties of slow-cooked meats, served with fries and a good drink. There are also burgers, desserts, and sandwiches with great tastes.

Whether you live in Oscoda or passing through, you should stop here and order some good food and drink. Eating homemade comfort foods on a cool evening and on the patio feels refreshing. The prices are great for the value you receive.

Wiltse’s Brew Pub is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 4 – 9 pm.

Address: 5606 F 41, Oscoda, MI 48750-8611. Phone: +1 989-739-2231

3. Camp Inn Lodge

Camp Inn Lodge

This is a full-service resort with a good restaurant where guests from Oscoda and beyond can eat fabulous food. It has a family relaxing atmosphere with friendly servers that guarantee your comfort. Food is cooked to perfection with homemade options you would love.

You should get peel-and-eat shrimp, fresh cod, and hand-cut fries if you love seafood. On the other hand, the Mongolian BBQ with veggies and balsamic dressing is a fabulous choice. Moreover, they have good sandwiches, chips, burgers, and desserts.

The restaurant provides a neat patio with a fire pit for outdoor dining. As one of the best Oscoda restaurants, the service is top-notch; all you would desire is made available. So make it a date with Camp Inn and enjoy a great brunch, lunch, or dinner.

Camp Inn Lodge is open from Monday to Saturday, from 11:30 am – 9 pm.

Address: 3111 N US Highway 23, Oscoda, MI 48750-9570. Phone: +1 989-739-2021

4. G’s Pizzeria & Deli

G's Pizzeria & Deli

This is one of the best restaurants in Oscoda, MI, with lots of amazing pizzas and sandwiches. It provides a small-town feel where you can relax for an outstanding culinary experience. There is something for everyone on the menu, including gluten-free and vegetarian options.

If you are looking for a favorite, the Chicken Sandwich with French Onion Soup is an excellent selection. The pizzas also come with plenty of meaty toppings and crusty dough. The vegetarian pizzas are served with an assortment of vegetables, generously topped and served fresh.

If you are looking for comfort meals and pizzas in the area, look no further than G’s Pizzeria. You cannot fault anything on the menu; the service is one of the best. From breakfast to lunch, dinner, and late-night meals, you will be glad to come around to experience something worth remembering.

G’s Pizzeria & Deli is open on Monday to Thursday, from 10 am – 11 pm, Friday to Saturday, from 10 – 1 am, and Sunday, from 8 am – 11 pm.

Address: 5226 N US Highway 23, Oscoda, MI 48750-8846. Phone: +1 989-739-1133

5. Office Lounge and Grill

Office Lounge and Grill

Tucked in Dwight Street, this iconic restaurant is a fantastic place to ease stress and relish some nicely cooked meals. It offers a comfy vibe where locals come to eat and drink. Nothing is disappointing on the menu, and the portions are large for the price.

You will not go wrong with anything from burritos to burgers, pizzas, fries, sandwiches, and any typical bar food. However, pair it with a good drink and sit back to enjoy your meal. There are also daily specials that make a pleasant meal.

The restaurant is not upscale but offers good food at a moderate rate. If you are looking for a place to hang out with friends or meet new people, Office Lounge provides the experience. You will meet friendly servers who enjoy taking care of guests.

Office Lounge and Grill is open from Monday to Saturday, from 10 – 2 am, and Sunday, from 12 –m – 2 am.

Address: 110 E Dwight St, Oscoda, MI 48750-1611. Phone: +1 989-739-3388

6. Parkside Dairy

Parkside Dairy

Located in a beautiful Rotary Pocket Park, this family-owned establishment with lots of unique treats. If you crave delicious ice cream, you will find over 30 flavors in Parkside Dairy. They are soft and freshly made and ideal for a beautiful summer afternoon.

You can request different scoops of different flavors so you can enjoy a variety of tastes. You can find hand-dipped sundaes, shakes, malts, mint chocolates, vanilla, and other fabulous toppings. Combine it with some waffle cones and give yourself some treats.

You can sit in the outdoor area or go down to the park to watch the waves. There are many lovely guests, looking to have a good time. The serving size is generous and the staff makes your presence appealing with their courteousness.

Parkside Dairy is among the best Oscoda restaurants, and it is open Monday to Thursday, from 1 – 9 pm, and Friday to Sunday, from 12 – 10 pm.

Address: 106 E Dwight St, Across the street from the Hallmark Store, Oscoda, MI 48750-1611. Phone: +1 248-895-1699

7. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

This is another fantastic ice cream spot in Oscoda, MI, that gives the locals and visitors something to savor. The atmosphere is fun and cheerful, everyone seems to enjoy everything on the menu. Dairy Queen offers consistent tastes in all their chains, giving you something to look forward to.

Stop in for soft ice cream, shakes, and drinks. Try the Fresh Berry Blizzard with chocolate chip cookies and toppings. Their marshmallow ice cream sundaes are also great.

While it offers usual outdoor services, Dairy Queen is a fantastic place to visit occasionally. The service is fast and prompt, and the servers are polite. Unfortunately, they do not serve food, but that does not stop many people from coming to give themselves lovely treats.

Dairy Queen is open on Sunday to Thursday, from 12 – 9 pm, and Friday to Saturday, from 12 – 10 pm.

Address: 102 N State St, Oscoda, MI 48750-1714. Phone: +1 989-739-0884

8. Hilltop Bar

Hilltop Bar

If you want a restaurant that especially recognizes you and provides a family-friendly atmosphere for a unique dining experience, stop in Hilltop Bar and have all of that. It is a bar and grill stopover where you can have a quick bite or relax with friends and loved ones. You will enjoy the delicious offerings on the menu, which are freshly prepared and served hot.

Order the burger, ribs, fries, or wings to enjoy a piece of goodness. You can also warm your heart with a delicious salad, dressed and served cold with a mug of ice-cold beer if you want it light and rich. Not to forget, great Mexican food is served; of course, they have margaritas that go smoothly down the throat.

The décor is unusual with up-north vibes that beautified the interior and blended with the atmosphere. Making the pub a favorite place is pretty easy because everything seems warm and inviting, including the incredible food. You should try it if you want a quiet meal or share a great dinner with your loved ones.

Address: 431 W Mill St, Oscoda, MI 48750-1315. Phone: +1 989-739-0344.

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9. Mancino’s


Conveniently located in a gasoline station is Mancino’s, one of the top restaurants in Oscoda, MI. They make excellent food in a welcoming environment. It is a true gem where you can relax on a beautiful evening.

Come for a homemade, wet burrito with Spanish rice, seafood, Cajun fried fish wrap on a jalapeno wrap, brined beef with fries, noodles, BBQ ribs, pizzas, and other sandwiches. The Popeye Salad is a must-try with spinach, red onions, homemade croutons, bacon pieces, and hard-boiled eggs. Soup enthusiasts should try the New England clam chowder and steak noodles.

You will not go wrong with any item on the menu; their portions are hugely served. The service is friendly, and the prices are adequate. Although not a fancy place, the restaurant is open for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Mancino’s is open Monday to Thursday, from 10:30 am – 10 pm, Friday to Saturday from 7 am – 11 pm, and Sunday, from 8 am – 10 pm.

Address: 5665 N US Highway 23, Oscoda, MI 48750-9792. Phone: +1 989-739-0100

10. Desi’s Taco Lounge

Desi's Taco Lounge

Do you crave Mexican cuisine in a welcoming environment while visiting Oscoda? Consider Desi’s Taco Lounge; it provides everything that makes a unique dining experience. The food is made from fresh ingredients and comes out quickly and to order.

Fajitas, nachos, salsas, guacamoles, burritos, salads, burgers, seafood, chicken parm, and tacos are some of the delicious items on the extensive menu. They also serve good quality margaritas are smoothly mixed and can pair with any meal.

The overall feeling is casual, with beautiful décor that releases a warm vibe. The food is of good portion and affordable. Coming with your significant other for a simple dinner is the best experience.

Desi’s Taco Lounge is open on Sunday to Thursday, from 8:30 am – 9 pm, Friday to Saturday, from 8:30 am – 10 pm, and closed on Tuesday.

Address: 1949 W River Ave, Oscoda, MI 48750-9295. Phone: +1 989-739-7856

11. Chee Peng

Chee Peng

This is a hidden gem where delicious Chinese food is provided for the residents and visitors in the city. You will find excellent options to satisfy your appetite. It may not be an authentic Chinese restaurant, but as it has some twists, it still serves good meals worth checking out. The food is always fresh and delicious.

If you must miss anything, let it not be the hot and sour soup, Pad Thai, or the egg drop soup. Instead, egg rolls served in Chee Peng are tasty and a piece of goodness.

Takeout and pick-up options are also available. Because of the cozy atmosphere, you can dine inside and feel good about your experience. It is one of the best places to eat in Oscoda, MI, perfect for a quick bite.

Chee Peng is open on Saturday to Wednesday, from 4 – 8 pm, Thursday to Friday, from 11 am – 8 pm, and closed on Sunday.

Address: 220 S State St, Oscoda, MI 48750-1635. Phone: +1 989-739-4577

12. Lakewood Shores Resort

Lakewood Shores Resort

Nestled in the Michigan woods, Lakewood Shores Resort is one of the best places to eat in Oscoda, MI. It is a fun and friendly golf resort for a family getaway. It is tastefully decorated for people who love to dine in a chic restaurant.

The restaurant is an off-shoot of the hotel and provides a variety of activities you can partake in with your family, including a private beach or special events. The facilities are upscale, and you will enjoy the staff’s professional services with attentive vibes.

There is an excellent array of breakfast and dinner items, and you will enjoy every meal because of their tastiness and lovely presentation. Make it simple with their Fish n Chips with salad and a nice drink. Burgers, seafood, pasta, steaks, and sandwiches are other options served in the restaurant. You won’t want to miss it whenever you visit the neighborhood.

Address: 7751 Cedar Lake Rd, Oscoda, MI 48750-9452. Phone: +1 989-739-2073

13. Bavarian Restaurant and Bakery

Bavarian Restaurant and Bakery

Located along Highway 23, Bavarian Restaurant and Bakery provides breakfasts, catering, and decoration services. It only serves made-from-scratch and to-order American comfort meals. It is a place to stop for the weekend and enjoy a well-cooked meal in a relaxed atmosphere.

The western omelet, with corned beef hash and country-fried steak, receives numerous reviews for its deliciousness. However, the star of the restaurant is their homemade bread, served soft and with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Cookies, sausages, pancakes, and cupcakes with unlimited coffee options are some foods that keep the customers coming for another delectable treatment.

As one of the top Oscoda restaurants, the atmosphere is cheerful and unpretentious, a great way to start your weekend. Whatever you desire is available in reasonable portions and at an affordable rate. The service is excellent, and the place is perfect for giving your family an incredible treat.

Bavarian Restaurant and Bakery is open from Thursday to Sunday, from 6 am – 2 pm.

Address: 5222 N US Highway 23, Oscoda, MI 48750-9560. Phone: +1 989-739-8077

14. AuSable Market

AuSable Market

This is a great family-oriented shop where you can purchase homemade BBQs, sandwiches, and delicious drinks. It gives some casual vibes and is perfect for celebrating small wins and special occasions. Every item is freshly made and to order for an excellent experience.

They have good food, and lovers of wings will enjoy how it is prepared and served. It is a fantastic piece that hits the right spot. Fresh fruits and veggies are also sold, which are healthy for your system. The bar has an array of ice-cold beers, Michigan wines, liquors, and cocktails.

Stop in whenever you are around and grab something mouthwatering to eat or drink. The servers know their duties and professionally discharge them. You will also enjoy the relaxed feeling you experience sitting back to unwind.

AuSable Market is open on Monday to Thursday, from 9 am – 10 pm, and Friday to Saturday, from 9 am – 11 pm.

Address: 402 N State St, Oscoda, MI 48750. Phone: +1 989-739-5171

15. Mama’s Country Kitchen

Mama's Country Kitchen

This is one of the best and most prominent family restaurants Oscoda boasts of. It prides itself in specializing in American-style dishes with Greek twists. The food is creatively prepared in a welcoming atmosphere, offering bold flavors that hit differently.

The menu features daily and seasonal food with a blend of local and regional flavors and cuisines.

Taste the hearty Mama’s Super Breakfast, comprising eggs, bacon slices, sausages, ham slices, toast, jelly, and hash browns. Saganaki is a super appetizer made of flaming Greek cheese, while homemade rice pudding is a delicious bite appropriate for a dessert. There is a lot on the menu, so you should not miss dropping by on your way to Oscoda.

Mama’s Country Kitchen is open from Sunday to Saturday, from 6:30 am – 8 pm.

Address: 384 State Street Swc, Oscoda, MI 48750-9542. Phone: +1 989-739-4333.

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Plan a Trip to Oscoda

Oscoda is a fantastic place to eat delicious meals. A good number of restaurants are strategically located to help you make the right choice.

What are you waiting for? Plan a visit to this town and have a wonderful experience exploring its food scene.