15 Best Restaurants in Mt Vernon (IL)

Mt Vernon is famous for its arts and culture and displays fun and creative vibes that attract tourists. This could be why it is known as the “Festival Arts City.” The vibes are strong and tilted more towards the city’s dining locations.

Vacationing travelers enjoy stopping at locally-owned restaurants to top off and keep moving. Mt Vernon, IL, is a fantastic place to dine, and the restaurants have eclectic menus that encompass dishes from different parts of the world.

You will find a range of irresistible foods in any of these restaurants you choose to dine in.

Are you planning a trip to Mt Vernon? Here are the best restaurants in Mt Vernon, IL, for a memorable meal.

Best Restaurants in Mt Vernon, IL

1. Trackside Bar & Grill

Trackside Bar & Grill

This spot is prominent among Mt Vernon locals and tourists and serves diverse meals.

The menu features Mexican Monday and Wing Wednesday, daily specials that keep customers enthusiastic. Trackside Bar and Grill is a typical bar and grill setting with an eclectic menu. Foods are made to order here; that is why they come out fresh, hot and sumptuous.

You can also find steak, sandwiches, handcrafted burgers, bacon, crab Rangoon, frog legs, filet mignon, and BBQ sauce on the menu, all tasty and cooked to perfection. In addition, there is an open salad bar by the corner where you can peruse and get something light to make your evening.

Here, service is fast and efficient, something you will like. The prices are affordable, too, and the servers are friendly and engaging. You can stop over one of the evenings and grab something flavorful over an old glass of wine or beer.

Trackside Bar & Grill is open on Monday to Saturday, from 11 am – 9 pm.

Address: 201 Broadway St, Mount Vernon, IL 62864-5114. Phone: (618) 315-6090

2. Double Overtime Grill

Double Overtime Grill

If you are around Mt Vernon, you can never go wrong by checking out Double Overtime Grill and what they offer. Located inside the Holiday Inn, it is a casual restaurant to enjoy classic Southern-style dishes.

Come in and grab some Kobe burgers, hand-cut steaks, fried bologna sandwiches, tilapia, prime ribs and salads. The full bar features premium wine and liquor selections. So sip a glass of your favorite drink while dining in a warm and welcoming setting that keeps your mind relaxed.

On the weekends, you will find a variety of seafood on the menu. Bring your friends along for casual dining. The service is spot on and efficient and will definitely bring you back.

Double Overtime Grill is open on Monday to Thursday, from 6 am – 11 pm, Friday to Saturday, from 6 – 12 am, and Sunday, from 6 am – 10 pm.

Address: 222 Potomac Blvd, Mount Vernon, IL 62864-6750. Phone: +1 618-241-6959

3. The Frosty Mug Bar & Grill

The Frosty Mug Bar & Grill

Established in 1989, this local eatery has a way of food that keeps attracting the most pleasing diners. Your presence is welcomed with live music that serenades the ear. The ambiance is relaxed and soothing, providing an out-of-the-world dining experience. Visiting the Frosty Mug Bar and Grill is nonnegotiable for smoked meat lovers.

The menu is famous for featuring delectable briskets, ribs, pork shank, Hawg wings, and BBQ sauce. The attraction here is the slow-cooking, fire-grilled method of preparing the meats, which makes them perfect. They are so tender that they easily fall off the bone. Their flavors are better experienced than imagined. Daily drinks are also part of the deal. You can pair your meal with a glass of your favorite drink.

This casual dining place is a terrific spot for an evening hangout. The staff will treat you most professionally as the cool breeze caresses your skin.

The Frosty Mug Bar & Grill is open on Sunday to Saturday, from 9 am – 11 pm.

Address: 1113 Salem Rd, Mount Vernon, IL 62864. Phone: (618) 242-3372

4. Rare Chop House

Rare Chop House

Rare Chop House is one of the best Mt Vernon restaurants that deliver mouthwatering dishes unique to them alone. Coming to dine in Rare Chop House guarantees a unique gastronomic experience with lots of items on the menu to scintillate your palate.

Try the tasty prime rib, rich in beefy flavors, moist, and tender. Every bite sends you to a world of awesomeness; you wouldn’t wish to exchange it for anything else. The extensive wine list is another perfect idea that keeps the place overflowing with curious customers.

Live entertainment sets the stage for something delectable as the entertainers play relaxed tunes to keep your head calm. The service is stellar, and you will definitely enjoy the professionalism.

Rare Chop House is among the top Mt Vernon restaurants, and it is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 4 – 9 pm.

Address: 224 S 10th St, Mount Vernon, IL 62864. Phone: (618) 244-7273

5. Bandana’s BBQ

Bandana’s BBQ

Along the 44th street is situated this grill that is famous for its southern-style BBQ. Everything about Bandana’s BBQ oozes of elegance and class. That is why you can ‘smell the smoke’ as you pull through the place. If you are BBQ lover, then, don’t miss coming here.

Smoked ribs, pulled pork, steaks are all amazing deliciousness coated in BBQ sauce to entice your taste bud. They tenderly melt in the mouth because of the slow cooking, hand-rub, grill-fire method of getting them soft and succulent. The side dishes are something else and freshly made to blend with the meat.

The restaurant offers speedy service in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Takeout is also available if you are in a rush. However, enjoying an unpretentious lunch or dinner here will be great.

Bandana’s BBQ is open from 11 am – 9 pm on Sunday to Saturday.

Address: 308 S 44th St, Mount Vernon, IL 62864. Phone: (618) 315-6550

6. Jimmie James Blue Goose

Jimmie James Blue Goose

If you are in the mood for Greek cuisine in a convenient environment, Jimmy James Blue Goose is an excellent place to indulge in. it is a family-owned and operated food place perfect for a lunch break. It should be on your list of top restaurants in Mt Vernon, IL.

They serve fresh and delightful kalamata salads, gyros, homemade desserts, French fries and lamb stew, baklava. The authentic Greek flavor, with its creaminess, will satisfy your craving and you may request more.

The premium-quality service is second-to-none. Plus, the atmosphere is enjoyable and cool, great for casual dining. The restaurant is highly recommendable.

Jimmie James Blue Goose is open on Monday to Thursday, from 10:30 am – 3 pm, and Friday, from 10:30 am – 5 pm.

Address: 1014 N Main St, Mount Vernon, IL 62864.  Phone: (618) 242-5626

7. Cracker Barrel

Jimmie James Blue Goose

This charming restaurant is perfect for those driving through as it is rightly positioned on Fairfax Drive. Cracker Barrel is a chain restaurant and has other spots in various locations.

It ushers guests in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The foods are home-style, with a Southern flare. This restaurant also has a selection of unique dishes to give room for more options. Desserts are served all day if you wish to take something light. Ice tea, lattes, and beverages served hot or cold are available on request.

If you appreciate good comfort when dining, you will love having a great time at this spot. For a quick lunch, select a bowl of turnip green with sliced onions, corn muffins, and chow. Service is always efficient and enjoyable, complemented by fresh and delicious meals. Surely, you will wish to come back for another fantastic moment with your favorite food.

Cracker Barrel is open on Sunday to Thursday, from 7 am – 9 pm, and Friday to Saturday, from 7 am – 10 pm. This restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Mt Vernon, IL.

Address: 4425 Fairfax Dr, Mt Vernon, IL 62864. Phone: (618) 242-9110

8. Agave Mexican Restaurant

Agave Mexican Restaurant

Opened in 2011, Agave Mexican Restaurant is a fascinating place to have classic Mexican dishes. It is family-owned and operated, providing a welcoming ambiance for a unique culinary experience.

The vast menu features rich items like taco salad, enchiladas, fajitas, quesadillas, crab meat, and assorted seafood. Fried ice cream, sopapilla or flan is excellent for sweet tooths. If you are a wine, beer, or margarita lover, you can request glass and pair it with your dish.

Let the live music on the patio sing to your ears on special evenings. You can choose to dine alone or bring someone special along. Soaking in the enchanting atmosphere on a casual evening is worth considering.

Agave Mexican Restaurant is open on Sunday to Thursday, from 11 am – 9:30 pm, and Friday to Saturday, from 11 am – 10:30 pm.

Address: 300 S 44th St, Mount Vernon, IL 62864. Phone: (618) 244-7454

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9. Ali Asian Cuisine

Ali Asian Cuisine

Since 2014, this family-owned food place has been catering for the gastronomic needs of the residents and visitors of Mt Vernon, IL. It is one of the best restaurants in Mt Vernon, IL, and delivers sushi and Asian cuisines.

Expect to be treated to a variety of nicely cooked Chinese, Thai and Japanese dishes. You may like Orange Chicken, an expertly prepared Chinese food consisting of crisply fried and juicy chicken. Also, order a special sauce to go with your food. Sip from the glass of wine, beer, cocktail, sake, or a special tea.

Stop by for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a calm environment with other happy diners. Let the meal’s flavor hit the right spot as the staff treats you in a friendly way. Prices have always been fantastic here.

Ali Asian Cuisine is open on Tuesday to Saturday, from 11 am – 9 pm, and Sunday, from 11 am – 8:30 pm.

Address: 101 S 27th St, Mount Vernon, IL 62864. Phone: (618) 246-2988

10. El Rancherito Mexican Restaurant

El Rancherito Mexican Restaurant

If you are driving along Broadway Street, Mt Vernon, you may wish to stop at El Rancherito Mexican Restaurant for a sumptuous treat. It is the first Mexican restaurant in the city and has been serving the people since 1995.

The expansive menu includes cheese dip, nachos, tamales, chicken over rice, burritos, and lots more. They are all made with fresh ingredients and served hot. Enjoy premium-quality wine or cocktail to complete your meal experience.

Depending on your mood, you can choose to dine on the patio or indoors. The classic décor and authentic flavor set the right mood for your appetite. Besides, the restaurant is also ideal for celebrating birthdays and other special events.

If you are low on budget, you can still make it to this venue because the price is affordable. The service is also spot on.

El Rancherito Mexican Restaurant is open on Sunday to Thursday, from 11 am – 9 pm, and Friday to Saturday, from 11 am – 10 pm.

Address: 4303 Broadway St, Mt Vernon, IL 62864. Phone: (618) 244-6121

11. Joe’s Pizza and Pasta

Joe’s Pizza and Pasta

If you are craving the best pizzeria in Mt Vernon, IL, where you and your family can have a nice time, this place is excellent. Joe’s Pizza is specialized in Italian dishes with homemade sauces.

Ensure to taste any meals on the menu, including pasta, sandwich, pizza, tortellini, cannoli and salad. If you are on a special diet, you should also make it a date with this Italian-inspired restaurant because there is always something for everyone here. Great drinks are also served at Joe’s Pizza.

Whatever you choose, you must ensure to soak in the atmosphere as you eat your meal. Evenings are best to visit to help you ease the stress of the day. Make it a date here, and you won’t have anything to regret.

Joe’s Pizza and Pasta is open on Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 am – 10 pm.

Address: 819 Jordan St, Mt Vernon, IL 62864. Phone: (618) 242-2600

12. Guero’s Mexican Restaurant

Guero’s Mexican Restaurant

Tucked away on 9th Street is this fantastic eatery in all its glory. It is another place to order authentic Mexican cuisine. In addition to serving classic Mexican dishes, Guero’s also serves American-style dishes.

From enchiladas, tacos, and quesadillas to cheeseburgers, sandwiches, Philly Steak, and cheesecakes, the expansive menu can accommodate your craving. Moreover, it serves fine wines, margaritas, and beers.

The laidback ambiance of Guero’s is perfect for an evening getaway. You can choose to dine alone amid other happy diners or share a table with your friends and family. The premium-quality service will add color to your experience, and prices are great for the value you get.

Guero’s Mexican Restaurant is open on Sunday to Saturday, from 11 am – 10 pm.

Address: 222 S 9th St, Mount Vernon, IL 62864. Phone: (618) 315-6369

13. La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant

La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant

La Fiesta is one of the best Mt Vernon restaurants. It features authentic traditional Mexican meals that are delicious.

Stop on your way through Illinois and have a brief moment of enjoyment by ordering any of the items on the list. The Fiesta Burrito, the signature dish, is prepared using shrimp, chicken, and steak, topped with cheese dip. You may also go for shrimp tacos, beef burritos, salsa, fajitas, tamale with rice and beans, chimichangas, sweet corn, and other fantastic dishes that satisfy the appetite.

The in-house margarita is something no one should miss. However, other drinks are also sampled for a better meal combination.

The servers are quick and courteous, making your stay an interesting one. If you wish to celebrate your birthday here, your decision is fantastic. Everything that makes a great evening is available for you, and the meal caps it with its out-of-the-world deliciousness.

La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant is open on Sunday to Thursday, from 11 am – 10 pm, and Friday to Saturday, from 11 am – 10 pm.

Address: 901 Prairie Ave, Mount Vernon, IL 62864-5326. Phone: +1 618-315-6688

14. The Grille

The Grille

A family-owned and operated restaurant, this farmhouse is a choice place to grab something hot and soothing in the morning before heading to work. The food flavors are always enticing, and that is one of the selling points of The Grille.

You can also order lunch and dinner, including pork chop, codfish, sandwich, burgers, and salad. Finally, if you want homemade desserts like coconut cream pie, lemon meringue, chocolate cake, and cheesecake, you can place an order and have them yummy.

In addition, the food portion is something to appreciate. The atmosphere is calm and helps in transporting the food home. The professional staff adds to the excellent service.

The Grille is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 am – 8 pm. It is among the best places to eat in Mt Vernon IL.s

Address: 424 S 44th St, Mt Vernon, IL 62864, United States. Phone: (618) 246-1700

15. Long John Silver’s (70203)

Long John Silver’s (70203)

If you are in Mt Vernon and long for seafood freshly sourced from the sea, you must dine in Long John for a unique culinary experience. They also have new grilled seafood options you will love aside from the usual fried fish and chips.

Try Lobster Bites, buttery, a crunchy and herby dish made with lobster tails. You may also enjoy sampling the new Coconut Popcorn Shrimp; it is crunchy and flavorful. Finally, enjoy a cup of iced tea to send the food down.

Besides, the atmosphere is inviting and lets you eat your meal relaxed. The food portion is decent and filling. The price is reasonable for the value you receive.

Long John Silver’s is open on Sunday to Thursday, from 10:30 am – 9 pm, and Friday to Saturday, from 10:30 am – 10 pm.

Address: 3920 Broadway St., Mount Vernon, IL 62864. Phone: +1 618-244-3449 

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Plan a Trip to Mt Vernon

Mt Vernon, IL, is a captivating place to enjoy the best dishes. We have shown you our top 15 picks after carefully researching them. You can stop by any of them on your next visit to the city. They all have eclectic menus and diverse flavors to keep you refreshed. Start planning a visit to Mt Vernon Today!