15 Best Restaurants in Martinsville (IN)

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Martinsville, Indiana, this article is perfect for you.

Martinsville is nicknamed the city of mineral water. It is known for its mineral water sanitariums and proximity to several major highways, which connect many cities together. The latter earned Martinsville the title of “gateway to Southern Indiana.”

The Old Town Martinsville is a historic city with pristine neighborhoods, mom-and-pop shops, and historic architecture.

The historic sites, including shops and restaurants, are actively revitalized regularly.

Martinsville, Indiana, has some of the most interesting restaurants in the area. This old town is filled with great places to eat, drink and enjoy outdoor activities.

Are you planning a visit to Martinsville, IN? Here are some of the best restaurants in Martinsville, IN.

Best Restaurants in Martinsville

1. Indy’s Family Restaurant

Indy's Family Restaurant

Do you want home-cooked meals in a relaxing atmosphere in Martinsville? Indy’s Family Restaurant offers you just that. They offer ‘great food and great times.’

They offer an interesting all-day menu which includes breakfast and dinner items. Some menu items are Reuben sandwich, country fried steak, hash browns, ranch hand breakfast, beef Manhattan, eggs & bacon, cinnamon French toast combo, and more.

Indy’s Family Restaurant is currently one of the top Martinsville restaurants because of all it offers.

You can stop by for a quick meal or stick around and savor the aromatic flavors as you eat in relaxed surroundings. This restaurant serves delicious dinner combos that satisfy your food cravings.

Indy’s Family Restaurant is recognized among the best places to eat in Martinsville, IN. they serve great coffee, desserts, and comfort foods at this eatery. They open by 6 am and close by 3 pm on weekdays and 9 pm on weekends.

Address: 2210 Burton Ln, Martinsville, IN 46151-9405. Phone: +1 765-342-4600

2. 21 North Eatery & Cellar

21 North Eatery & Cellar

21 North Eatery has been a place for fine food and wines since its founding in 2017. It is one of Martinsville’s favorite restaurants.

The famous chef/owner Matt Harakal and his right-hand man Chef Steve Martine work closely with farmers and ranchers to provide the best culinary experience to all 21 North Eatery customers.

21 North is a great place to enjoy fine Italian cuisine with a romantic partner or friends and family members. The food menu is fantastic, containing sandwiches, burgers, soups, salads, seafood, pasta, and more.

They serve grilled chicken sandwiches, fish & chips, carrot cake, turkey burgers, chicken salad, apple cinnamon cake, and scotch eggs. These are a few of the menu offers. Visit 21 North Eatery’s website and social media handles to view all menu lists.

This restaurant is located at a prime spot along Jefferson Street in downtown Martinsville. 21 North is an upscale, chef-owned gastro pub featuring a carefully curated selection of wines and alcoholic beverages that complement each meal served.

Address: 21 N Jefferson St, Martinsville, IN 46151-1541. Phone: +1 765-315-0767

3. Come N Git It

Come N Git It

Come N Git It is one of the top restaurants in Martinsville, IN. The quality of the food and the portions are what make this restaurant the best in Martinsville.

Their array of delicious foods beckons you to ‘come and get it.’ Come N Get It is the best restaurant in town for home-style food and breakfast.

The staff at Come N Git It is super-friendly, which is a bonus for the restaurant. Some menu items served here include sides, potato, crispy fried onions, pork tenderloin sandwich, patty melt, and smothered chicken.

If you want somewhere where you would eat healthy meals to satisfaction, look no further. Come N Get It restaurant is the best spot to visit. They open by 8 am and close by 2 pm Tue-Sat.

Address: 96 N Main St, Martinsville, IN 46151-1415. Phone: +1 765-352-8222

4. Bynum’s Steakhouse

Bynum's Steakhouse

Do you want steaks, seafood, and other American food offered to you in Martinsville? The place to get these goodies is Bynum’s Steakhouse. It is the best steakhouse in Martinsville, IN

Bynum’s Steakhouse is an old-school place with unique décor and a full bar. They serve many delicious foods and cold drinks from 5 pm to 9.30 pm every Mon-Thurs.

It is a perfect spot to bring family and friends together for a dinner night out. The wine list and dessert menu are our favorite things about Bynum’s. They do not disappoint in that segment.

Bynum’s Steakhouse in Indianapolis is a great place to come and unwind after a long day at work or school. They serve French onion soup, bread, stimulus ribeye meal, king crab, lobster tail, garden salad, steak & potato, and more.

When you arrive at Bynum’s®, be sure to try out their jumbo shrimp cocktail with a side cocktail sauce. You can’t go wrong putting this food combo in your mouth. It’s delicious.

Bynum’s® is renowned as the place to come in for prime rib and Madagascar lobster tails. It has a great selection of wines, champagnes, and specialty beers.

This restaurant opens by 5 pm and closes by 9.30 or 10 pm. Sundays are closed working days.

Address: 25 Sunnyside Dr, Martinsville, IN 46151-1819. Phone: +1 765-342-4398

5. La Herradura Mexican Grill & Bar

La Herradura Mexican Grill & Bar

La Herradura Mexican Grill & Bar is the best Mexican restaurant in Martinsville, IN. It is located in The Shoppes at Grand Valley. They feature a full bar, dining room, and outdoor seating arrangement.

They serve salsa & chip, chimichanga beans & rice, chimichanga chicken, burrito herradura, chori pollo, steak milanesa, chickend fajitas, and more. The most recommended menu item is Mexican pizza which is delicious and satisfying.

Chicken wings and taco salad are among the popular menu items in La Herradura. La Herradura is one of the top restaurants in Martinsville, IN. It is one of the best places to eat in Martinsville, Indiana.

La Herradura opens by 11 am and closes by 10 pm daily. The place is lovely, with great food and awesome service being the hallmark here.

Address: 361 Grand Valley Blvd, Martinsville, IN 46151-5851. Phone: +1 765-342-3111

6. Sgt Pepper Chicken

Sgt Pepper Chicken

Sgt Pepper’s Chicken is a top-rated restaurant specializing in chicken, tenderloins, and pork. This chicken restaurant is located in Martinsville Plaza.

This restaurant is well known for its great service and friendly staff eager to help you with food choices. Sgt Pepper’s Chicken offer dine-in and drive-through service options.

They serve chicken tenders, wings, fried potato chips, breaded tenderloin, chicken manhattan, and chicken strips.

They open by 11 am and close by 5 pm daily. Come and get your tasty chicken chops at Sgt Pepper’s Chicken in Martinsville!

Address: 2028 Burton Ln, Martinsville, IN 46151-3010. Phone: +1 765-349-9199

7. Los Tres Caminos

Los Tres Caminos

Tres Caminos Mexican Grill is a full-service eatery in Martinsville, IN, serving delicious Mexican foods. Tres Caminos offers a wide array of fresh food, such as burrito deluxe, fajitas, and grilled chicken breasts.

They use the freshest ingredients in preparing high-quality meals at Los Tres Caminos. Each small plate is enriched with the best-tasting burritos in town. They have a variety of burrito types.

Los Tres Caminos Mexican Grill serves special burritos, margaritas, chips & salsa, taco salad, Mexican fried ice cream, beef, torta pork meal, and more. Molcajete and cheese dip are specially made at Tres Caminos kitchen, and you wouldn’t taste anything better than these. Yum!

This restaurant’s strengths are fast service, good beer selection, great cocktails, and delicious dinner. They open by 11 am and close by 9-10 pm daily.

Address: 229 Grand Valley Blvd, Martinsville, IN, USA. Phone: +1 765-349-1502

8. No 1 Chinese Restaurant

No 1 Chinese Restaurant

Do you love Chinese cuisine? There is a place in Martinsville that share such love with all. It is No 1 Chinese Restaurant along Ohio Street.

No 1 Chinese Restaurant is the best Chinese eatery in Martinsville, Indiana. They serve Crab Rangoon, sesame chicken, Lo Mein, Kung Pao Chicken, fried rice, noodles, and more.

Have you ever tried shrimp with broccoli? This restaurant will heighten your culinary appreciation for that food combo. It is well prepared here at No 1.

This restaurant will treat you to the most satisfying Chinese Lunch Special you’ll ever have in your life. It is highly recommended that you order this.

The restaurant doesn’t conduct food deliveries, but customers can receive take-outs if they desire.

They open by 11 am and close by 9 pm daily.

Address: 1608 S Ohio St, Martinsville, IN 46151-3317. Phone: +1 765-342-8078.

9. Knead the Dough Bakery

Knead the Dough Bakery

Do you like to eat high-quality pastries and confectioneries in Martinsville, IN? Head over to Knead the Dough Bakery.

Doughnuts, bread loaves, cakes, coffee, and more are the common things sold at Knead the Dough LLC. There are several food options to pick from for a delightful breakfast or brunch at Knead The Dough Bakery.

Knead The Dough Bakery is the best bakery in Martinsville, Indiana. It opens on all work days, including Saturdays. The hardworking and friendly staff provide bread and other yummy pastries.

You can visit Knead’s Facebook page to see its range of baked goods. You can also get weekly updates on the menu offerings and specials.

1299 E Morgan St, Martinsville, IN 46151-1748. Phone: +1 765-315-0648

10. Chili’s Grill & Bar

Chili's Grill & Bar

Do you want to taste some fresh, delicious Tex-Mex food in Martinsville, IN? Then you must head over to Chili’s Grill & Bar. It is a family-friendly chain serving classic Tex-Mex and American fare in a Southwestern-style setting.

Chili’s® is most people’s favorite Mexican spot in Martinsville for family-friendly TexMex eats.

The restaurant’s in-and-out design is spectacular and inviting. The spacious car park, the neon-light sign, and the interior décor all add to the desirability of Chili’s Bar & Grill.

Besides the lovely interior and exterior features, Chili’s® serves some of the best-tasting Mexican classic foods. They serve chips & salsa, brisket quesadillas, margaritas, chimichanga, seafood enchiladas, guacamole, black beans, and jalapenos.

They are other popular menu items at this Mexican restaurant, but they aren’t all mentioned in this blog. Therefore, you can visit Chili’s website to find out more about its food offerings. They operate daily between 11 am and 10-11 pm.

Address: 620 Birk Rd, Martinsville, IN 46151-6534. Phone: +1 765-349-8227

11. Brothers on 39

Brothers on 39

This is one of the best delis in Martinsville, Indiana. Pecan Street Station is a casual eatery and drive-through providing traditional breakfasts and sandwiches. The restaurant has a characteristic salad bar which is enormous in size.

If you view the menu, some of the highlights include tater tots, pastrami sandwiches, grilled chicken sandwiches, double cheeseburgers with fries, breakfast plates, chicken fried steak, and more. Their spicy burgers make customers return to order more because it’s delicious.

There are a lot of veggies and salad types to pick from their big salad bar section. Whether it’s Cobb salad, house salad, or Caesar salad, you’re sure to find your favorite salad items. They open by 7 am and close by 8 pm daily except on Sundays.

Address: 610 IN-39 Bypass, Martinsville, IN 46151+1 765-913-4077

12. Gather Around BBQ

Gather Around BBQ

Do you know where to go to satisfy your craving for grilled food/barbecue? It’s Gather Around BBQ in the heart of downtown Martinsville.

Gather Around BBQ is the best BBQ restaurant in Martinsville, IN. If you want grilled meat done by proper smoking and garnished with a unique recipe, then you’ve got to be at this spot.

They serve “the real barbecue” that will make you fill up your stomach with some of the choicest grilled meats in town.

Gather Around BBQ is known for its low-priced pulled pork, which is of high quality. It shocks people to realize it’s just $14/pound pulled pork. And that is an added advantage to coming here versus other BBQ restaurants.

If you view the menu, some of the popular picks include Carolina pulled pork sandwich with onion rings, a cobbler, pulled pork BBQ nachos, brisket chili, piggy puffs, and a brisket brigade sandwich.

Gabby Mac is a general favorite for most repeat customers of this food establishment. It is tasty, unique, and satisfying.

Gather Around BBQ restaurant offers another delicious item – fried pickles, slicked brisket, and pulled pork. This is the kind of combo that will make you lick your hand and the plate. It’s sumptuous and belly-filling. What a delightful food to try!

Address: 43 S Main St, Martinsville, IN 46151-1902. Phone: +1 765-343-6050

13. China Buffet

China Buffet

China Buffet is the best Chinese restaurant in Martinsville, Indiana. From orange chicken to pork lo mein, China Buffet Martinsville is a great eatery to eat if you live in the neighborhood.

The dinner menu is impressive as it contains a wide variety of chicken assortments and Chinese classics to choose from.

Small quantities of rice and chicken wings are good enough for a dine-in meal. We recommend this as a fantastic choice at this buffet restaurant.

China Buffet prides itself on providing a good mix of American and Chinese dishes in its buffets. The restaurant’s staff are super friendly and fast with serving each customer. They open by 11 am and close by 9 pm on a daily basis.

They have a good selection of chicken, pork, Lo Mein (Soft Noodles), Chow Mein (Vegetables), and Mein Fun (rice noodles). China Buffet serves special salads, and all the chef’s specialties are savory.

Address: 2100 Burton Ln, Martinsville, IN 46151-3012. Phone: +1 765-342-6399

14. Forkey’s Restaurant

Forkey’s Restaurant

This is a great spot in Martinsville for grabbing breakfast or lunch. Forkey’s Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Martinsville, Indiana.

The restaurant provides buffet service that offers a hearty and satisfying food selection. Home-style breakfast and lunch meals are the hallmarks of Forkey’s Restaurant.

Forkey’s Restaurant menu offers fired potatoes & sausage Gravy, salad bar, sausage gravy & biscuits, chicken fried steak, meatloaf dinner, and more.

Burger and fries with cheese are popular lunch choices for Forkey’s customers. It’s something you can quickly eat and resume your daytime activities.

The restaurant’s staff are friendly, courteous, and attend to everyone quickly. They open by 6 am and close by 2 pm daily.

Address: 539 E Morgan St, Martinsville, IN 46151-1639. Phone: +1 765-342-2033

15. Texas Corral

Texas Corral


Do you want steaks, seafood, and other American food in Martinsville’s steakhouse? The place to get these goodies is at Texas Corral. It is the best steakhouse in Martinsville, IN

Texas Corral serves the best-tasting steak burger & fries with cheese, steak & potato, and more. They serve a multitude of delicious foods and cold drinks from 5 pm to 9.30 pm every Mon-Thurs.

It is a perfect spot to bring family and friends together for a dinner night out. The wine list and dessert menu are our favorite things about Texas Corral. They do not disappoint in that segment.

Texas Corral in Indianapolis is a great place to come and unwind after a long day at work or school. They serve French onion soup, rolls, potatoes, peanuts, nachos, mozzarella sticks, ribeye, and salads.

Address: 610 Birk Rd, Martinsville, IN 46151-6534. Phone: +1 765-342-6800.

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Plan a Trip to Martinsville

Martinsville is a wonderful place for someone with mixed culinary preferences to reside. In other words, people who love to eat different foods from different cuisine types should pay a visit to Martinsville, IN.

The city has the best combination of restaurants ranging from pizza restaurants to coffee shops, ice cream shops, ethnic restaurants, and contemporary American restaurants. Plan a visit today!