15 Best Restaurants in Kure Beach (NC)

If you want to know the best restaurants in Kure Beach, then you are in the right place.

Kure beach was discovered on the pleasure island directly south of the Wilmington beach annex of Carolina beach and north of fort fisher.

With a population of about 2,012 as of the 2010 census. Kure beach is a Town in New Hanover county, North Carolina, United States.

Kure beach was named after a family of settlers, and this was because Kure’s father had initially gotten ownership of the majority of the land, which is now Kure Beach.

Kure beach has many exciting features that visitors can find exciting while on vacation, on weekends, or a getaway, whether alone or in the company of family or friends.

While on vacation, you might desire to enjoy the taste of assorted varieties of cuisines in some of the best Kure Beach restaurants.

Below is a perfect list of the best restaurants in Kure Beach, NC, that’ll help you out.

Best Restaurants in Kure Beach

1. Beach House Burger

Beach house Burger

For one of the best burgers around North Carolina and Kure beach, visit Beach house burger. They offer their customers fantastic lunch, dinner, and solo dining experiences.

They are known for delivering deliciously prepared comfort foods and quick bites in a casual atmosphere.

Due to the restaurant’s close proximity to the beach, you will undoubtedly find your stay in the restaurant quite relaxing even as you dine.

Their cuisines are adequately priced to be pocket-friendly while giving the best quality. Some foods on their menu include; hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, lemonade, a cheeseburger with all toppings, fried bologna sandwich, french fries, bologna sandwich, chili, and so much more.

Their business hours are as follows; Sun -Thur;11 am – 4 pm; Fri – Sat; 11 am – 7 pm. This restaurant is recognized among the top restaurants in Kure Beach, NC.

Address; 118 Fort Fisher, Blvd N, Kure Beach, NC,28449.Phone;(910)458-8586.

2. Sea Witch Cafe & Tiki Bar

Sea witch cafe & tiki bar

The sea witch cafe and tiki bar is a bar and restaurant with a mission of giving customers who are significant tourists (because of its location in one of the most trafficked and visited areas of Carolina beach) a fun and memory-filled experience.

They are also known for their famous nightlife entertainment, for customers that yarn for an evening filled with liveliness. The nightlife features live band performances from local and national artists.

The environment is quite spacious, with open and enclosed areas. This enables the restaurant to host large gatherings and private functions without shutting down the public.

Some of the delicious meals offered at sea witch cafe & tiki bars include; Caesar salads, black beans burger, cheeseburger and fries, cowboy steaks specials, margaritas, bloody Mary, fried shrimps, ahi tuna nachos scallops, shrimps Alfredo, surfs and turfs. You will have a fantastic time as you dine in sea witch cafe & tiki bar.

Sea witch cafe & tiki bar are open for business at the following hours; Mon- Tue; closed, Wed – Thur; 4 pm – 11 pm, Fri;4 pm – 12:30 am, Sat;12 pm- 12:30 am, Sun;12 pm- 11 pm.

Address;227 Carolina Beach Ave N, Carolina Beach, NC,28428.Phone;(910)707-0533.

3. Happy Happier Java Hut

Happy Happier java hut

The happy happier restaurant is a cafe shop that creates one of the best kinds of coffee on Kure beach, inspired by the passion of Barb and Terry (owners). This restaurant was formed in July of 2018 and is also among the top Kure Beach restaurants.

Barb and Terry always had a flair for creating signature masterpieces for fun, but most times, when they offer their coffee to friends and family to try out, they are always encouraged to open a coffee shop.

After much persuasion, they took to the advice and decided to open up the Happy Happier java hut, and it has been an incredible journey since then. They are best known for exquisite varieties of coffee, tea, and dessert.

For a beautiful and calm breakfast, experience visits Happy Happier Java Hut. Here are some of the cuisines they offer from their simple menu, Latte, Flip flop, bomb dignity, cafe Au Lait, frappuccino, red eye, coconut milk, mermaid magic frappie, chai, cha pow cha pango, etc.

Happy happier are open to the public at the following hours; Mon-Tue;8 am – 12 pm; Wed – closed, Thur – Fri; 8 am – 12 pm, Sat-Sun; 7 :30 am – 2 pm.

Address;109 K Avenue, Kure Beach, NC, 28449.Phone; (910)660-6386.

4. Ide Thai Cuisines

Ide Thai cuisines

This Thai-inspired restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Kure Beach, NC, established by a couple, Rachene and Jackie. At ide Thai restaurant, the customers are treated to traditional inspired Thai cuisines, such as noodles dishes, fried rice, and curries.

At ide Thai cuisines, Jackie and Rach coordinate the overall activities in the restaurant. They ensure that customers have a homely feel as they enjoy their meal.

Although the restaurant isn’t that large, it has quite a location, so there might be situations where you will have to wait to get a table, but once you get to taste the meals, you would realize that the wait is worth it.

Hopefully, you will enjoy your experience when you visit Ide Thai cuisines. Here are some of the cuisines they offer on their menu; coconut cake, fresh rolls, sho chili, golden triangles, crab Rangoon, bai organic sake, Thai fish cake, rad na Panama curry chicken, beef noodle souls, spicy fried rice, beef noodles soups, Thai dumplings, golden triangles,thai sweet & sour, steak Thai cuisines, etc.

Their business hours are as follows; Sun;4 pm- 9 pm, Mon; 11 am – 9 pm, Tue; closed, Wed – Thur; 11 am – 9 pm, Fri – Sat; 11 am – 9:30 pm.

Address;304 N Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC,28428.Phone;(910)458-8136.

5. Havana Restaurant

Havana Restaurant

Havana is a seafood restaurant with recognition for its outstanding management staff that ensures the restaurant has the best form of coordination at all times.

Havana restaurant was created in march of 2009 by peter donat, and his creation was from a desire to ensure that customers are treated to meals gotten from a quality and freshly gotten ingredients.

The General manager Brian Rhoe is also driven by the same desires, and with the help of the fantastic staff, they have constantly been able to make those desires come to pass.

The kitchen activities are controlled by the chef and sue chef, Elissa smith, and Tim wright ( chef). They always come up with brilliant and creative menus that entice the customers’ taste buds.

Some of the brilliant cuisines from their menu include; S&S Alfredo, cheesecake, onion rings, broccoli, shrimps and grits, couch fritter, volcano shrimp,biscon burger, bananas foster, Mahi Mahi tacos, mashed potatoes, etc.

Havana restaurant is open to the public at the following hours; Sun;10 am – 10 pm. Mon- Thur; 11 am – 10 pm; Fri – Sat; 11 am – 11 pm.

Address;1 N lake park Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC,28428.Phone;(910)458-2822.

6. Jack Mackerel’s Island Grill

Jack Mackerel's Island Grill

Jack mackerel island grill is one of the best Kure Beach restaurants that offer a combination of American, Caribbean, Cajun & creole styles of cuisines. The restaurant’s atmosphere gives you an incredible feel as you enjoy your meal.

The restaurant’s interior decor is a bit dark and casual, and they have different collections of outdoor and indoor settings. Another feature is the available bar area and its outdoor seating.

The menu gives you a collection of meals that helps you relax as you enjoy your meal. Some of these meals include; sandwiches, Jack’s crab cake, old bay chips, islander Caesar salad crab, tsunami tuna salad, shrimp salad, kids tender, quesadilla, award-winning chicken tenders, clam chowders, seafood platters, etc.

Jack mackerel island grills are opened to the public at the following hours; Take out;11 am – 9 pm, Mon-Sun;11 am – 9 pm.

Address;113 K Avenue, Kwe, Beach, NC,28449.Phone;(910)458-7668.

7. Soul Flavor

Soul Flavor

Soul flavor is an excellent spot for a wide range of American comfort foods and cocktails.

If you are someone who loves good food from a creative menu while you have the pleasure of relaxing, this is the best place for you.

The atmosphere is casual and cozy, and it also gives a romantic feel to those looking for a romantic dinner date experience.

Their Dining options include Dessert, dinner, and seatings. You will be intrigued and relaxed as you enjoy your meals.

The staffs are always pleasant and cheerful, helping you relax and have a wonderful time. Their menu contains flavored-filled meals carefully crafted by creative-minded individuals from ingredients that a majorly sourced locally.

Some of the meals on their menu include; soul chicken cutlets, Demeter street taco, creme brulee, Carolina soul chicken, Chips & salsa, chicken & noodles, street beets, fish and chips, Baja grilled Angus, deviled eggs, Caesar pleaser salads, etc.

They are open for business at the following hours; Sun- Mon; closed, Tue- Fri;4 pm – 9:30 pm.

Address;716 N Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC,28428.Phone;(910)707-1113.

8. Freddie’s Restaurante

Freddie's Restaurante

For a phenomenon of Italian family-inspired cuisines, coupled with Almartino or Frank Sinatro playing in the background, visit Freddie’s restaurante. They have gained recognition for their sumptuous Italian cuisines, carefully crafted in a homemade manner.

They also offer an American selection of cuisines given to you at fair and moderate prices. Fred Shamboro and Barbara Gargian are responsible for the creation of Freddies restaurante.

Freddies restaurante was Created in 1995, and since then, they have been able to keep their spot in the light by offering consistency in the best Italian meals on their menu. Plan a visit to this Italian-inspired restaurant; You won’t regret it.

Some cuisines from their menu include; angel hair pasta, garlic pork chops, the chicken pic at ta, steak James, can noli, house garden salad, martini, chicken masala, spaghetti meatball, chicken parmigiana, house salad, shrimp scamp, house garden salad, salmona alla grigha, pineapple mojko, etc.

They are open for business at the following hours; Sun; closed, Mon-Sat;4:30 pm- 9 pm.

Freddie’s Restaurante is among the best places to eat in Kure Beach, NC, and it is worth adding to your list of top Kure Beach restaurants to visit.

Address;105 K Avenue, Kure Beach, NC,28441.Phone;(910)458-5979.

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9. Big Daddy’s Seafood Restaurant

Freddie's Restaurante

Big daddy seas food is recognized for its calabash style, but with the changing times and tides, they have evolved to different service patterns of magnificent broiled, steamed, grilled, and fried seafood selections.

Their supplies are from the Carolinas fishermen and farmers, freshly gotten to give customers quality foods. The meals always have eye-catching, mouth-watering presentations, coupled with flavor-filled tastes.

Although they still maintain the calabash style seafood, they have improved in its flavoring and presentation, and they are known to do it better than anyone else.

Some of the meals on their menu include; fisher man’s choice, house-smoked baby rack ribs, oysters, fish & chips, fish taco,house-smoked wings &sauce, big daddy’s classic burger, crab legs, fried pickles, Caesar salads, chicken tenders, chicken Sam much, New England clam chowder, etc.

Big Daddy’s seafood attends to customers at the following hours; Mon- Tue; closed, Wed-Sun; 4 pm – 9 pm. It is also one of the best places to eat in Kure Beach, NC.

Address;206 K Avenue, Kure Beach, NC,28449.Phone;(910)458-8622.

10. Island Burgers and Bites

Freddie's Restaurante

The burgers at island burgers and bites are not like any other burgers you might have ever tasted. Island burgers have become one of the best places to visit for perfectly cooked and deliciously prepared burgers.

Their menu is quite simple but packed with great varieties of deliciously prepared meals, such as their Philly cheesecakes, ice creams, and hot dogs, given to you at very affordable prices. You will undoubtedly have a great time as you dine at island burgers and bites.

Here are some cuisines made to suit your fantasies from their simple menu; grilled cheese and bacon, onion rings, French fries, chicken tenders, create your own, steak filly, fried chicken tender sandwich, pimento cheese, hamburger, island dog, etc.

Island burgers are open for business at these hours; Sun; 11 am – 4 pm; Mon-Wed; 11 am – 7 pm; Thur- Sat; 11 am – 9 pm.

Address;111 Carl Winner Drive, Carolina Beach, NC, 28428.Phone :(910)458-6219.

11. Hop Lite Irish Pub and Restaurant

Hop lite Irish pub and restaurant

Hop lite offers various dishes with a blend of American and Irish styles. The restaurant has many fun-packed activities you can experience, from sports TV, live music, karaoke & trivia night.

It would help if you always prepare your mind for mind-blowing fun experiences whenever you plan to visit because it’s a place that fuses fun with fine dining.

They offer you superb dishes from locally sourced ingredients made freshly to entice your taste bud. Make sure you plan a visit to Irish hoplite sub and expect a fun-filled time as you enjoy your meal.

Some of the meals they offer from their menu include; Turkey club, Nashville Hot chicken sandwich, shepherd pie, kids Americans cheeseburger, hot chicken sandwich, Mushroom swiss burger, veggie burger, buffalo shrimps, jumbo soft pretzels, Reuben egg roll, Mac n’cheese balls, etc.

They are open for business at the following hours; Tue, closed, Mon; 11 am – 9 pm; Wed – Thur; 11 am – 8 pm – Sat; 11 am – 10 pm; Sun; 10 am- 8 pm.

Address;720 N Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC,28428.Phone;(910)458-4945.

12. Ocean View Restaurant

Ocean view restaurant

For those who want a feel of the phenomenal view of the Atlantic Ocean (right next to the beach pier in Kure beach) while you dine, this is the place for you.

Ocean View is a family-owned restaurant dedicated to offering its customers one of the best forms of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and solo dining experiences.

The atmosphere is usually lovely and cozy in a casual way with great reception and accommodation from the staff. You will explore fantastic dishes from their appropriately crafted menu as you relax and enjoy your meal.

Some of the fantastic dishes they offer include; country ham, goat cheese, side Grits, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, traditional breakfast, avocado toast, Kure Benedict, chicken and waffles, pepper jack cheese, and so much more.

They are open to serve customers at these hours; Tue; closed, Wed- Fri, 6:30 am – 11:30 pm, Sat-Sun;6:30 am – 11:30 pm, Mon;6:30 am – 11:30 pm.

Address;101 K Avenue, Kure Beach, NC, 28449.Phone;(910)458-8778.

13. Salt Fish Restaurant & Tiki Bars

Salt fish restaurant & tiki bars

The Salt Fish restaurant & tiki bar has a superb, cozy, and casual atmosphere, befitting a romantic setting.

They specialize in offering customers handcrafted cocktails to give you that cool and fresh feeling when the day is hot on the beach.

Due to the size of the restaurant, reservations are highly recommended to control the population because of the restaurant’s popularity. They make sure that all their meals, majorly Polynesian and Caribbean inspired, are prepared from locally gotten ingredients.

Their cuisine is always filled with exciting flavors to be stepped down with different varieties of red, white, bubbly wines, popular beers, and their signature Toki cocktail. To give you utmost satisfaction befitting for your stomach needs.

Some meals from their menu include; fried monkfish, rice, and black beans, seafood & corn, tuna poke bowl, fried red snappers, seafood tom khan, half pineapple, ceviche, scallops, pineapple shrimps, wines, smoked whole fish dinner, tuna pock bowl, and a whole lots more.

They are open to the public at the following hours; Sun- Mon; closed, Tue – Sat; 5 pm – 9 pm.

Address; 718 N Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC,28428.Phone;(910)707-1225.

14. Cape Fear Boil Company

Salt fish restaurant & tiki bars

Cape fears boil company is a seafood restaurant with a specialty in low country boils. The atmosphere is usually casual and Cozy. Here you are treated to outstanding lunch and Dinner options from well-organized and attentive staff.

They have various options like the Kids’ menu, healthy choices, beers, comfort foods, and vegetarian options.

Some of the deliciously prepared meals from their menu include; Traditional coastal shrimp book, BBQ, peel,fristro mistro durians, seafood boil, the crab pod, steam pot, the clam pot, crab pot with add-on lobster, mussels,monosboro steamer pot, etc.

They are open for business at the following scheduled time; Sun – Mon;11 am – 8 pm.

Address;1140 N Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC,28428.Phone;(910)707-3034.

15. El Cazador Mexican restaurant

El Cazador Mexican restaurant

In Elcarzador, their topmost priority is to Carter to the stomach needs of customers. This family business has been owned and operated for over 50 years, with most dishes from their treasured family recipes.

Although Mexican dishes inspire their cuisines, they don’t just make their meals in a typical Mexican style. Instead, they add a twist of creativity to give you a superb menu, and this is what has made the restaurant so popular.

Head chef Agustin Alvarez manages the restaurant. He is the brain behind all the exquisite meals offered to their customers. With the help of the other culinary staff in the kitchen, they can coin out meals that are one of a kind just for you.

Some of the flavor-filled meals on their menu include; steak quesadilla, taco Al pastor, taco salad, chicken fajitas, beef chimichanga, chicken tortilla soup, virgin margaritas, mojarra frita, nacho supreme, street taco, fried ice cream, tortilla chips, and salsa, fajitas texanas, etc.

They are open for business at the following hours; Sun;11 am – 9:30 pm, Mon – Thur; 11 am – 10 pm, Fri – Sat; 11 am – 11 pm

Address;103 N Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC,28428.Phone;(910)458-5226.

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