15 Best Restaurants in Kapolei (Hawaii)

Have you ever pictured yourself on a sandy beach, sunbathing while drinking coconut water? The sunny day is perfect for all adventure lovers, and the oceanfront scenery is just picture-perfect. Well, such a narration perfectly describes Kapolei, Oahu, HI.

Kapolei is a government-registered area in Honolulu County, Hawaii, USA. It is the second city on the Oahu island of Hawaii.

This city is filled with tourist attractions, resorts, spas, restaurants, and private beaches.

The community was named after a volcanic cone, Puʻu o Kapolei. Puʻu means “hill,” and Kapo lei means “beloved Kapo” in the Hawaiian language.

In this article, we will be considering the best Kapolei restaurants . We will touch on each restaurant’s features, food offerings, and service options.

Here are the top restaurants in Kapolei, Hawaii.

Best Restaurants in Kapolei

1. Roy’s Restaurant

Roy's Restaurant

Roy’s Ko Olina Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Kapolei, Hawaii. It is located on the Ko Olina Golf course, which makes it a prestigious restaurant.

While dining, you are blessed with the green scenery by the window side or outdoor seating.

This prestigious restaurant was opened in 2004 within the exclusive Ko Olina Resort. You are sure to enjoy yourself in this resort as well as in Roy’s Restaurant. Guests love menu items like Hawaii Kai-style crab cakes, blackened island ahi, Mongolian spiced baby back ribs, miso yaki marinated butterfish, and so on.

Other notable foods on Roy’s Ko Olina Restaurant’s menu include honey mustard charred braised beef short rib, seasoned edamame, caviar, seared scallops, and Ko Olina dragon maki. This restaurant serves a lot of interesting desserts.

Some of them include chocolate souffle, Roy’s chocolate souffle, pineapple upside-down cake, and so much more.

If you’re interested in viewing all their food offerings, kindly visit their website and Facebook page. They open by 11.30 am and close by 8.30 pm every day of the week.

Address: 92-1220 Aliinui Dr. Koolina Resort, Kapolei, Oahu, HI. Phone: +1 808-676-7697

2. Monkeypod Kitchen

Monkeypod Kitchen

Monkeypod Kitchen is a classic Hawaiian restaurant that serves native fare in a casual space.

This eatery serves good-tasting Hawaiian foods, beer, and cocktails to the best of its ability. The Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman is located in Ko Olina Center.

The guests at Ko Olina Center and regular Kapolei customers come to Monkeypod Kitchen to fill their tummies with the best meals from the chefs.

You can come here to relax and unwind with good food and ice-cold beer on the table after the day’s activity.

Menu highlights include Monkeypod Mai Tai, lobster deviled eggs, garlic truffle oil fries, fish tacos, roasted chicken wings, and mushroom pizza. You can’t go wrong eating at Monkeypod Kitchen.

The nice pizza, the craft beer, and the lively environment all make for a fun evening at Monkeypod Kitchen.

Address: 92-1048 Olani St Suite 4-107, Kapolei, Oahu, HI . Phone: +1 808-380-4086

3. Noe Italian

Noe Italian

Noe is an indoor-outdoor restaurant at the Four Seasons in Oahu at Ko Olina, Hawaii. It offers upscale, contemporary Italian cuisine and wine for all guests and regulars.

Noe is an Italian restaurant inspired and led by Michelin-starred chef Ryo Takatsuka who is of Japanese Italian descent.

The menu is filled with many gourmet meals and fine wines. From seafood to tasty pasta, Noe Italian restaurant doesn’t disappoint in any regard.

Some of their signature dishes include whipped ricotta with truffle honey & almonds, branzino acqua pazza with clams & olives, and more.

Because of how spacious and lovely the scenery is, Noe in the Four Seasons can be used for weddings, birthdays, and private parties, for which the restaurant can offer in-house catering. You can choose to eat their filet magnon because it is delicious and well-seasoned.

The Noe restaurant menu includes seared scallops, wild tagliatelle mushrooms, fresh warm meatballs, Caesar salad, lobster, octopus, and ahi tuna.

Noe offers indoor and outdoor dining seats for customers. Noe Restaurant is truly a perfect restaurant in all ramifications.

Longhi’s Ko Olina is another great restaurant in the same building with a good reputation. Operating hours of Noe Italian are in the evenings, 5-9 pm.

Address: 92-1001 Olani St 92-1001 Olani St., Kapolei, Oahu, HI . Phone: +1 808-679-0079

4. Ama Ama Restaurant

Ama Ama Restaurant

Ama is a convenience store chain, and Ama Kapolei is the one in Kapolei. Although situated inside Kamokila Texaco, Ama Ama Restaurant is still one of the top Kapolei restaurants with high-quality food.

This restaurant serves mouth-watering soups, salads, seafood, beef, desserts, and drinks. There are also vegetarian options and gluten-free options as well for all.

The gorgeous view you get while enjoying your meal at Ama is breathtaking. We can’t recommend the tasty scallops enough. It’s incredible.

We highly recommend eating at this upscale restaurant in downtown Kapolei because of its excellent food service.

When going to this top-rated restaurant, be sure to take a plus one who would take you pictures because the scenery is picturesque.

Address: Aulani Disney Resort 92-1185 Aliinui Dr., Kapolei, Oahu, HI. Phone: +1 866-443-4763

5. Mina’s Fish House at Four Seasons, Oahu

Mina's Fish House at Four Seasons, Oahu

Mina’s Fish House is a seafood restaurant, as the name suggests. It is a posh restaurant at the Four Seasons in Oahu, less than 4 miles from Kapolei.

Like most restaurants on this list, Mina’s Fish House is an upscale restaurant serving Hawaiian food with a modern theme.

They serve well-garnished Hawaiian fishes with tropical cocktails to complement them. The panoramic views all around the restaurant heighten your gastronomic experience at Mina’s.

Each bite you take of Mina’s seafood offerings encourages you to eat more. It is no surprise that this is the case as the restaurant is run by celebrity chef Michael Mina.

Some of the restaurant’s menu highlights include shellfish, day boat grilled fish, seared yellowfin & foie gras, St Lourie-style fish, fish sandwiches, and more.

The restaurant is best for dinners, and that’s why they operate only in the evenings from 4 pm to 9 pm.

Address: 92-1001 Olani St Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina, Kapolei, Oahu, HI 96707.Phone: +1 8 08-679-0079

6. The Olelo Room

The Olelo Room

The Olelo Room is one of the best Hawaiian restaurants in Kapolei and Oahu. This restaurant is a great place to eat in Kapolei, Hawaii.

They serve traditional and modern Hawaiian food & cocktails with Hawaiian live music performances.

The interior is decorated with a lot of Hawaiian designs, and there is generous seating space on the patio. We loved the views from the patio but more especially the food.

Any foodie who walks into The Olelo Room would not want to leave because of their abundant, delicious food offerings.

The sushi here is good so is the ice cream; we recommend you try their New York-style steak taken with the Hawaiian drink called li hing rita.

A perfect takeaway food from The Olelo is cinnamon rolls with candied macadamia nuts. There’s no such thing as a bad-tasting meal at Olelo. Olelo offers indoor and outdoor dining seats for customers.

The Olelo Room is truly a perfect restaurant in all ramifications. Operating hours are in the evenings, 5-10 pm.

Address: 92-1185 Aliinui Dr, Kapolei, Oahu, HI 96707-4434

7. Makahiki


Makahiki is one of the best places to eat in Kapolei, Hawaii. This Hawaiian eatery is located in the colorful Aulani A Disney Resort & Spa.

Makahiki is the highest-rated eatery in that region due to its fun surroundings and great food.

The exterior and interior are decorated with a lot of Disney characters featuring the island style. The likes of Dora The Explorer are prominent even in the buffet service and kids’ sweet treats.

The patio is a great seating section to stay in a while eating and drinking with your spouse and kids at Makahiki.

Grilled shoulder steak with truffle butter and Hamakua mushrooms are most customers’ favorite meal.

However, some menu highlights include corn soup, Caprese salad, Caesar salad, yuzu tart, and sushi. Food menu items loved by kids include Mikey & Minnie waffles, fruit juices, chocolate mousse, chocolate croissants, and Kona coffee cheesecake.

Makahiki has morning and evening operating sections. Morning hours are 7 to 11 am, while evening hours are 5-8.30 pm at Makahiki.

Address: 92 Aliinui Dr, Kapolei, Hawaii 96707. Phone: +1 866-443-4763

8. Ulu Cafe

Ulu Cafe

Ulu Café is recognized among the best Kapolei restaurants. It is a poolside café at the Aulani Disney Resort & Spa, located on the first floor beside the Wailana pool.

Ulu offers customers ready-made sandwiches and made-to-order snacks and beverages. In other words, Ulu Café is simply a great place to eat in Kapolei.

What you’ll expect at this restaurant is that you would order your food with ready-to-go convenience.

You get to order already-made fresh hot food at the counter. Then you walk into the patio to eat, or you carry out a takeaway package. The café opens at 6.30 am and closes at 8.30 pm.

Address: Address: 92 Aliinui Dr, Kapolei, Hawaii 96707. Phone: +1 866-443-4763

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9. Longboards Bar & Grill

Longboards Bar & Grill

Longboards is a casual oceanfront eatery at the Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club. It is a fantastic spot for you and your friends and family to come eat excellent Hawaiian food and tropical drinks.

Though a bit pricey, Longboards gives you one of the best Hawaiian culinary experiences you can ask for. Their staff is super friendly, the food quality is superb, and the surroundings are so picture-perfect. You really can’t see your money being misspent after visiting Longboards Bar & Grill.

They serve delicious grilled fare along with a good variety of sandwiches and salads. Longboards open by 11 am and close by 9 pm daily.

Address: 92-161 Waipahe PI, Kapolei, HI . Phone: +1 808-679-4700

10. Paradise Cove Luau

Paradise Cove Luau

Do you want to have an awesome adventure in Hawaii? Then visit Paradise Cove Luau. This restaurant is not just a restaurant in Kapolei but a perfect tourist attraction.

As the name suggests, Paradise Cove Luau is truly a paradise to behold. Located in Ko Olina Resort, the seaside luau is renowned for serving the best Hawaiian food and drinks.

As a bonus attraction to this site, there usually have live music and dance performances every night.

This restaurant serves mouth-watering soups, salads, seafood, beef, desserts, and drinks. There are also vegetarian options and gluten-free options as well for all.

The gorgeous you get while enjoying your meal at PCL is breathtaking. We can’t recommend the tasty scallops enough. It’s incredible.

Address: 92-1089 Aliinui Dr, Kapolei, HI . Phone: +1 808-842-5911

11. Thai Lao

Thai Lao

This is not entirely a Thai restaurant but a Thai and Laotian restaurant. Both Thailand and Lao have similar foods but have their specialties.

Thai Lao Restaurant is located in Halekuai Center, Kapolei, HI. It is one of the best ethnic restaurants in Hawaii.

The long list of salads available here will make you scratch your head. There is Thai beef salad, basil shrimp salad, house chicken salad, cucumber salad, and eggplant salad.

The long list of noodles, soups, and stews on this restaurant’s menu is incredible.

For you to learn more about this unique Thai and Laotian food establishment, you should check their website or follow them on their Facebook page.

Thai Lao opens by 11 am and closes by 8.30 pm daily. It is also recognized as one of the best places to eat in Kapolei, Hawaii

Address: 563 Farrington Highway, No.103, Kapolei, HI

12. Eggs ‘n Things Ko Olina Center

Eggs ‘n Things Ko Olina Center

This restaurant is a casual eatery serving Hawaiian & American style breakfast and brunch staples.

The meals are all prepared using ingredients sourced from the area. No importation and frozen preserved ingredients are employed in preparing Eggs & Things foods.

We know there are a lot of menu items, but the Fresh fruit rainbow pancakes are customers’ favorite. It’s yummy and goes well with a cup of coffee latte.

In addition to that, Hawaiian loco moco is a good food to try at Eggs & Things café. It is simply an amazing breakfast or brunch fare to eat.

Plantation pork chop & eggs, eggs Benedict, crab cake Benedict, Egg white & veggies, veggie omelet, and more are all part of the menu. To learn more and peep into their full menu, you can visit their website or Facebook page.

Eggs ‘n Things is located at Ko Olina Center. It opens by 7 am and closes by 1 or 2 pm. What other way can you start your day at Kapolei than eating at Eggs ‘n Things?

Address: 92-1047 Olani St #1-101, Kapolei, HI 96707. Phone: +1 808-312-3447

13. Off the Hook

Off the Hook

Off the Hook is another poolside restaurant at the Aulani Disney Resort & Spa, similar to Ulu Café. It offers customers ready-made warm tacos and fish sandwiches, snacks, and cocktails. The eatery is simply “off the hook” as a great place to eat in Kapolei.

It is a Hawaiian seafood restaurant, so you’d expect the menu to be filled with fish-related preparations.

Nevertheless, it’s not only seafood that crowns this place as one of the best restaurants in Kapolei. Rather, the variety of sweet local craft cocktails makes here unique.

There is the availability of tropical mai tai, true blue Hawaii, mango-flavored mojito, pina colada, cider, and more. At Off the Hook, there’s no such thing as having a shortage of cocktails and beers.

The drinks keep flowing from their topical bar in company with the seafood offerings. The staff opens by 11 am and closes by 9 pm every day.

Address: 92 Aliinui Dr, Kapolei, HI 96707 . Phone: +1 866-443-3763

14. La Hiki

La Hiki

The restaurant’s name was inspired by the Hawaiian phrase “Mai ka la hiki” which, when translated, means “from sunrise to sunset.” What a lovely name for a lovely Hawaiian native restaurant!

La Hiki is just the right place to be during midday after having a lot of outdoor fun. They offer ice-cold cocktails in their tiki bar and other interesting American and Hawaiian foods.

Smoked Burrata salad, Ginger-Lime Hamachi, Maui onion soup, grilled lobster, and more are included in the La Hiki menu.

Address: 92-1001 Olani Street, Kapolei, HI Phone: +1 844-387-0308

15. Assaggio


Assaggio is a restaurant chain in Hawaiian that specializes in romantic dining.

The Kapolei branch of Assaggio restaurant is also an intimate eatery in line with the restaurant’s brand. They offer Italian-American classic foods, and their bar is well stocked with wines and beers.

Assaggio Kapolei is the best Italian restaurant in Kapolei. It serves generous plates of pasta, salad, and appetizer.

Their menu highlights foods like pasta, chicken parmesan, steaks, minestrone soup, and so on. The restaurant operates in the evenings as expected (5-7.30 pm).

Address: 777 Kamokila Boulevard, Kapolei, HI. Phone: +1 808-674-8801

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Plan a Trip to Kapolei

You have evidently seen that Kapolei has a plethora of international bites and fine dining spots.

With tropical clear sunny skies and summer vibes, Kapolei is one of the best places for vacations in Hawaii, following Maui.

There are great restaurants and wonderful resorts for holiday guests to live in and enjoy. Plan a visit to Kapolei today!