15 Best Restaurants in Hancock (MD)

In this blog post, we are going to enlighten you about the top restaurants in Hancock, MD. These restaurants are considered the best in the area based on their high online rating, great food, and amazing service.

Before we proceed, here is a little information about the town:

Hancock, MD, is a town situated in Washington County, Maryland. After the 2020 population census, Hancock’s population was counted as 1,545.

This town is the narrowest part of the state of Maryland because it measures just 1.8 miles as north-south distance.

Hancock, MD, is one of western Maryland’s oldest civil settlements. The town’s name was derived from the American hero Joseph Hancock Jr who fought alongside Gen George Washington in the American revolution. The family to which Hancock Jr. belonged operated the ferry at the Potomac River to its northern end.

Would you like to know the best restaurants in Hancock, MD? Below is a perfect list.

Best Restaurants in Hancock

1. Buddy Lou’s Eats Drinks & Antiques

Buddy Lou's Eats Drinks & Antiques

Do you know of any restaurant that’s a colorful cottage in downtown Hancock? Yes, we know one. Its name is Buddylou’s Eats Drinks & Antiques. Buddylou’s is one of the top Hancock restaurants. Everyone loves it as it is western Maryland’s destination for exceptional dining.

At Buddylou’s, you get to enjoy delicious food and patronize unique artisan gifts and vintage treasures. It is just a fun place for all. Buddy Lou’s Eats Drinks hosts a number of events, including dog-in dining, ice cream, antique gifts, and online radio presentations.

However, when it comes to food and drinks, they offer a variety of burgers, sandwiches, seafood, soups, and salads. They serve lobster rolls, fried green tomatoes, crab soup, truffle fries, lobster mac cheese, French fries, fried bologna, and pork belly sandwiches.

They offer Bloody Mary cocktails, which young ones mostly take. The unsweet tea, however, is the cocktail middle-aged and elderly customers of Buddylou enjoy the most. Some of the salads they offer are Caesar salad, Southwest salad with grilled chicken, strawberry spinach salad, and a side salad. The restaurant opens by 11 am and closes between 8.30-9 pm daily.

Address: 11 E Main St, Hancock, MD 21750-1505. Phone: +1 301-678-6460

2. Potomac River Grill

Potomac River Grill

Potomac River Grill is the best bar & grill restaurant in Hancock, MD. It features a small diner with a decent menu and a bar with drinks to complement whatever food you order. The restaurant is one of the primary eateries you will easily find in Blue Hill, Hancock.

Potomac has been serving hand-cut steaks produced from certified black Angus beef since its founding in 2000. They serve pulled pork sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburger steak, pancakes, bacon cheese fries, vegetable beef soup, 6 Philly cheese steak, and more.

You will likely enjoy their yummy and crunchy fried fish. So give it a try when next you’re in Potomac River Grill. Bacon BBQ burger or chocolate cake consumed with orange juice is a delightful lunch to have at this restaurant. The restaurant opens early on or before 8 am and closes by 8 pm Wed-Sun.

Address: 4 Blue Hill, Hancock, MD 21750-1348. Phone: +1 301-678-6100

3. Jimmy Joy’s Log Cabin Inn

Jimmy Joy's Log Cabin Inn

Jimmy Joy is one of the top restaurants in Hancock, MD. It is a log cabin inn that was established in 2004. It is a casual spot for eating burgers, oysters, wings, and salads. Jimmy Joy has become one of Hancock’s favorite restaurants in the past decade.

Some of the food offered on the menu includes AYCE crabs, crab pasta, beef stroganoff, steak salad, stuffed rockfish, broccoli, and coconut cake. Additionally, onion rings, haddock filets, steamed blue crabs, French onion soup, and crab legs are available.

The restaurant provides fresh Maryland blue crabs, which are sold at daily market price and available for dine-in or takeaway. They open by noon and close by 9 pm every day except Mondays.

Address: 7536 Millstone Rd, Hancock, MD 21750-2124. Phone: +1 301-678-5670

4. Krazy Rayz Smoke House

Krazy Rayz Smoke House

Krazy Rayz Smokehouse is a barbecue restaurant located in Hancock Antique Mall & Indoor Flea Market. It is the highest-rated BBQ restaurant in Hancock, Maryland. They serve generous portions of delicious homemade food at excellent prices.

The staff members are friendly and deliver fast service to all customers. They offer brisket sandwiches, pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, pulled pork & smoked brisket, deep-fried pickles, loaded home fries, and more.

A steak and cheese sandwich with fries is a good lunch option at Krazy Rayz. You can try their smoked brisket and maple-glazed pork loin chops. It is tasty and satisfying. You might want to bring a friend while visiting Krayz Rayz Smokehouse. This is because they serve huge portions of food which you may not be able to finish by yourself. The place is open from 11 am to 8 pm on Tue-Sat.

Address: 264 N Pennsylvania Ave, Hancock, MD 21750-1013. Phone: +1 301-678-6208

5. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is a family-friendly chain known for its delicious ready-to-eat pizzas. Pizza Hut Hancock offers fresh, hot pizza, chicken wings, pasta, and burgers. It is a great place to eat pizza in Hancock, Maryland.

Pizza Hut is one of the restaurants on this list with excellent service and a healthy food reputation. You can find sausage & mushroom pizza, beef pizza which is named meat lovers pizza, and pepperoni pizza. Pizza is best served at Pizza Hut in Hancock, MD. In other words, you can’t go wrong with eating at Pizza Hut.

If you want to get oven-hot pizza fast to your home and unto your taste buds, then ordering from Pizza Hut is the way to go. Apart from the delicious pizza options, the restaurant’s breadsticks are tasty. Pizza Hut Hancock opens daily by 11 am and closes by 10-11 pm.

Address: 224 W. Main, Hancock, MD 21750. Phone: +1 301-678-7226

6. Hardee’s


Hardee’s® is a fast-food chain serving fried chicken, big burgers, and made-from-scratch breakfast biscuits. It is a great place to eat in Hancock, Maryland.

This food establishment serves biscuits, Swiss mushroom burgers, French toast dips, breakfast sandwiches, and natural-cut French fries. They also serve chicken fingers, wings, thick burger combo, tater tots, Hardee’s vanilla malt, and Hardee’s strawberry malt shake.

Hardee’s is a casual spot for having great coffee in the morning, burgers in the afternoon, and fried chicken at night. It is just an all-rounded restaurant with great features and add-ons. They open by 6 am and close by 10 pm daily through Fridays, and Saturdays are 24hr service days.

Address: 42 East Main Street, Hancock, MD 21750. Phone: +1 301-678-6307

7. Tri-Angle Restaurant

Tri-Angle Restaurant

Tri-Angle is one of the best restaurants in Hancock, MD. It is a casual eatery good for watching TV sports or playing bar games while eating, drinking, or socializing. Tri-Angle restaurant is a vibrant place to be either weekdays post-work hours or on weekends.

They serve happy-hour drinks, burgers, sandwiches, and salads at Tri-Angle. Whether you ordered their crab cake salad or Rueben sandwich, you’re sure to have fun at Tri-Angle.

Some of the interesting foods on the menu include boneless wing baskets, French fries, onion rings, steak & cheese sub, crab cake, bacon cheeseburger, surf & turf, chicken Chesapeake and more. We recommend the restaurant’s perfectly made hamburger steak. It is seriously delicious and well-seasoned.

Tri-Angle opens by 11 am and closes by midnight at 12 am.

Address: 200 E Main St, Hancock, MD 21750-1544. Phone: +1 301-678-6175

8. Sheetz


Sheetz is a top-rated convenience store in Hancock, MD. Sheetz is a grocery/convenience store chain offering packaged snacks, drinks, and takeaway fare. It is located at some gas stations across the states. So they offer fuel and familiar convenience goods as a whole.

Sheetz Hancock serves mouth-watering soups, salads, seafood, beef, desserts, and drinks. There are also vegetarian options and gluten-free options as well for all. There are no dine-in seatings, so you’ll have to shop and carry them out or pick them up at the curbside. We can’t recommend their tasty scallops enough. It’s incredible.

We highly recommend shopping at this upscale store in downtown Hancock because of its excellent food service. When going there, be sure to take a plus one who would take you pictures because the scenery is picturesque.

Address: 192 W Main St, Hancock, MD 21750-1433. Phone: +1 301-678-6393

9. Paps Dairy Dreams

Paps Dairy Dreams

Pap’s Dairy Dreams is the best ice cream shop and one of the best Hancock restaurants. It is a place for young & old to enjoy great ice cream, sweet treats, and fun items. The ice creams sold here come in various yummy flavors.

This shop is just a short drive off the main road at Fairview Drive, which is about 5 miles away from Hancock, MD. Pap’s Dairy Dreams offers great shakes and sundaes at extremely reasonable prices. They have banana split ice cream, watermelon shake, fudge parfait, peach parfait, strawberry ice cream, and vanilla ice cream.

There is cotton candy available for all customers interested in enjoying its fluffiness and sweet taste. At Pap’s, you get to enjoy With Soft Serve Ice Cream cup, which is unarguably the most delicious ice cream treat you can get. This ice cream shop is a paradise for Berkeley Springs and Hancock kids.

Address: 2614 Fairview Dr, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411-4534+. Phone: 1 304-283-6474

10. Lot 12 Public House

Lot 12 Public House

Lot 12 Public House is a classic American restaurant along Warren Street, Berkeley Springs, WV. It is about 3 miles away from downtown Hancock, MD. It serves refined, seasonal New American fare and wines served in an elegant 1913 home.

They have a wide array of wines, with their impressive cellar containing several local and international wine bottles. Lot 12 menu contains toasted gnocchi, seared scallops, lemon rosemary crème Brulee, duck confit, grilled veal chop, and more.

To see the restaurant’s full menu, visit their website or follow them on social media. We love Lot 12 for its super-delicious tuna roulade-Nappa slaw wasabi sauce with crispy ponzu noodles. We can’t recommend that enough for anyone visiting this restaurant. The staff opens their doors only on Fridays and weekends from 5 pm to 10 pm.

Address: 117 Warren St, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411-1491. Phone: +1 304-258-6264

11. The Country Inn Restaurant & Morgan Tavern

The Country Inn Restaurant & Morgan Tavern

The Country Inn of Berkeley is a 3-star hotel along Washington Street, BS. On the other hand, The Country Inn Restaurant & Morgan Tavern is the restaurant inside the hotel premises. It is an upscale restaurant meant for a fine-dining experience.

The restaurant has a rich history paired with the elegance that is shared with the hotel itself. It serves some of the best-tasting steaks, wraps, sandwiches, cakes, and salads in the neighborhood. The Country Inn Restaurant is one of the best Hancock restaurants, serving also Berkeley Springs.

Address: 110 S Washington St, Berkeley Springs, WD 25411-1577. Phone: +1 304-258-1200

12. Fairfax Coffee House

Fairfax Coffee House

This is one of the best places to eat in Hancock, MD. Fairfax Coffee House offers delicious food at reasonable prices. The menu shows that they serve mainly breakfast foods. And this is typical of a Hancock café.

Some of the menu items include bagels, biscuits, avocado toast, summer sandwiches, cookies, and coffee. Fairfax Coffee House is a great place to have breakfast in Hancock, Maryland. You can drink a cup of mocha latte, cappuccino, or just plain coffee. In addition with that, you can go ahead to order bread or bagels to complement your beverage.

Fairfax Coffee House is located on Fairfax Street, Berkeley. It is less than 6 miles away from most Hancock, MD residents. So it is an ideal place to eat breakfast before daily activities commence in Hancock, Maryland. They open by 8 am and close by 3 pm daily.

Address: 23 Fairfax St, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411-1519. Address: +1 304-500-2710

13. The Naked Olive Lounge

The Naked Olive Lounge

The Naked Olive Lounge is a top-rated bar & grill spot in Berkeley Springs, and one of the best places to eat in Hancock, MD. It is 5.8 miles away from Hancock, right along the same street as The Country Inn Hotel. This place was established by Irv and Laurah Miller, who have kept the food quality top-notch.

It has an interesting olive oil and balsamic vinegar-tasting gallery in the building. You can buy one or two virgin olive oils, flavored oils, and gourmet oils of the highest quality. You may go for one of their balsamic vinegar instead if you prefer.

This lounge serves crab pizza, charcuterie, steak burger sliders, and chicken fried steak. There are a lot of drinks to have here at Olive Lounge. Some of the drinks you can pick include honey ginger martini, bloody Mary, crabby Mary, grapefruit martini, and so on.

Address: 87 N Washington St Alley Entrance, Berkeley Springs, MD 25411-1528. Phone: +1 304-500-2668

14. Lighthouse Latte

Lighthouse Latte

Lighthouse Latte is one of the best restaurants in Hancock, MD, especially for cafés for coffee and sweet desserts. It serves truffles, tiramisu, strawberry muffins, black raspberry pie, and homemade pies.

We love taking their sumptuous mocha latte with keto cheesecake. It is highly recommended. Lighthouse bakes wedding cakes, and there are always beautifully designed and sweet in taste. They make a lot of yummy pastries and confectioneries, therefore, making them similar to a bakery.

You should try the hot caramel macchiato by Lighthouse Latte. It tastes heavenly, and it’s a good compliment to most menu items there. Lighthouse Latte opens daily by 8 am and closes by 4-6 pm.

Address: 114 N Mercer St., corner of Independence St, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411.

Phone: +1 304-258-5429

15. Angus & Ale

Angus & Ale

Want to drink and socialize at a bistro in Hancock, MD? Angus & Ale is the spot to go to. Angus & Ale is the best gastropub in Berkeley Springs, WV, and Hancock, MD. This establishment is a gastropub meaning a restaurant with food and drink offerings.

They serve cheese fries, fried cheesecake, cheeseburgers, crab legs, gator tail, sweet potato, and more. Many of the food menu items are seafood dishes. We recommend their steamed shrimp for dinner. It is delicious and well-seasoned.

Some like to eat voodoo shrimp appetizers before pounding on their shrimp & grits. The restaurant offers takeaway and preordering prior to pickup. This ensures your fast service. The restaurant operates only in the evening, thus making it a great place for a fun night with friends and family as you dig into your seafood. They open by 11 am on Fridays and weekends but 4 pm on Mon-Thurs. Closing time is usually by 8 or 9 pm daily.

Angus & Ale concludes our list of the top Hancock restaurants.

Address: 1776 Valley Rd, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411-4804. Phone: +1 304-258-7575

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Plan a Trip to Hancock

There are a lot of amazing restaurants in the beautiful town of Hancock, MD. Most of them prepare amazing homemade food with the freshest ingredients they can find.

The lovely staff and reasonable food prices at most Hancock restaurants make the town a foodie’s destination. So, stop speculating and visit Hancock, MD, today!