15 Best Restaurants in Gallatin (TN)

In the middle Tennessee region of the united states lies Gallatin, the town Gallatin is named after Albert Gallatin. The latter was the secretary of the treasury to presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

Gallatin, TN, founded in 1802, was established as the permanent county seat of summer county, with a population of 44,431 at the 2020 census. Gallatin is located 30.6 miles northeast of the state capital of Tennessee.

Gallatin, TN, has been named ” the nicest place in America,” according to Reader’s Digest. This should give you a clue that visiting Gallatin, TN, will provide you with an experience always to remember.

It has a whole lot of interesting sights to visit and unique kinds of foods that you would not regret trying. Below are the best restaurants in Gallatin, TN.

Best Restaurants in Gallatin

1. Dos Margaritas

Dos Margaritas

This is one of the best places to eat in Gallatin, TN, for those who enjoy the grills and bar. They offer you great food and a fun atmosphere filled with warmth and friendliness.

The popular items served at the restaurant include Mexican Rice, cheese Dips, tamal, chalupa, refried beans fillings choices, beef dips, grilled chicken, cheese dips, and Jim’s Nacho. These and more are some of the meals you will be treated to when you pay a visit to Dos Margaritas.

Stop at Dos margaritas when you are in Gallatin, TN, and you will surely enjoy your experience.

Dos margaritas are open at these Hours: Breakfast; 6 am -11 am, Mon -Thur:11am -10 pm, Fri -Sat: 11 am -10.30 pm, Sun:11am -9.30pm.

Address: 512 mainmasin street, Gallatin, TN,37066united States, Phone:(615)452-4810.

2. Lime Deli.

Lime Deli.

On October 2010, lime Deli was founded by Icella. The creation and establishment of this restaurant were purely out of a passion for Mexican twist foods made homely, fresh, and healthy. At lime Deli you’re sure to feel at home and experience a lovely and serene atmosphere giving you the optimum satisfaction you need.

The foods are made from fresh and natural ingredients that depict a homemade cooking style; some of these dishes include the fajita, muffuletta, fried bologna, and prosciutto. Kids are not left out as they have various meals suitable for their taste buds. Some of them include lime pie, caramel pie, etc.

The staff offers exquisite services and is always ready to make you comfortable and relaxed as you enjoy your meal.

Lime deli is open at this Hours: daily:4am – 10 am.

Address: 105 public square Gallatin, TN 37066. United state, Phone: (615)442-8323.

3. El Ray Azteca.

El Ray Azteca.

If you are looking for one of the best places in Gallatin, TN, for traditional Mexican foods served in an atmosphere, visit El Ray Azteca.

Each food is properly and carefully seasoned and flavored to satisfy your taste buds. These foods include Mexican rice and grilled chicken or stakes for the side orders, cheese dip, beans dip for appetizers, Miranda grilled chicken salad, and for the kid’s taco salads, cheeseburgers, and a whole lot more.

El Ray Azteca is open at these hours; Sun:11am -9 pm, Mon-Thurs: 11 am- 10 pm, Fri-sat: 11 am 10:30 pm.

Address:300 E main st, Gallatin, TN 37066.united state  Phone: fax 615-451-7977,(615)230-7422.

4. Starr Ranch grill.

Starr Ranch grill.

This restaurant offers dishes for unique dietary options such as vegetarian-friendly dishes, gluten-free dishes, and vegan options.

They are known to be one of the best places in Gallatin, TN, for southern cuisine. On Fridays and Saturdays, they employ the services of the night local artists to give a live performance at the venue. This will surely give you a luxurious and splendid experience while you enjoy your meal.

With a Creative minded culinary team headed by chef James Lampley, you are sure to have a taste like nothing you have ever had the opportunity to try before; some of these meals include .fried pickles, fried green tomatoes, chicharrones, etc. for appetizers, classic carver, apple walnut, super Greek, strawberry mojo, etc. for Entrée salads, and a whole lot more.

Starr Ranch Grill is located in the heart of Gallatin, TN, at the northern part of the historic downtown square, they are prevalent for solar dining and lunch, and you can as well enjoy dinner time with your group of friends and family due to its cozy, casual atmosphere.

Starr Ranch grills are open at these hours:Tue-Thur: 11 am-8 pm, Fri -sat: 11 am-9 pm, Sun: closed, Mon(labor day): closed (hours might differ).

Address: 170 N water ave, Gallatin, TN 37066-2834, united states.Phone: 615 451-6961.

5 Fairvue Sapporo Japanese and Korean restaurants.

Fairvue Sapporo Japanese and Korean restaurants.

If you want to have a feel of the Asian culture and also to taste food from the Japanese and Koreans while in Gallatin, TN, then fairvue Sapporo Japanese and Korean restaurant is the best location to be recommended for you to have that form of experience.

They offer different and various varieties of Japanese and Korean cuisines, such as chicken tariyaki, fried rice, shrimp teriyaki, vegetable fried rice, lunch sushi specials, and so much more.

Here you will experience utmost relaxation and calmness. The staff is always friendly and ready to accommodate. They also allow you to select from the various cuisine options to give you satisfaction. You won’t regret it if you try them out.

Opening hours; mon- closed, Tue – Fri 11 am -2.30 pm lunch & 4.30 pm-9.30 pm dinner, sat 11.30 am -10pm, Sun:11.30 am – 9.30 pm.

Address: 1650 Nashville pike #700 Gallatin, TN 37066-4373 united states, Phone:615-230-0031.

6. The prince street pizza and pub

The prince street pizza and pub

In Gallatin, TN, The Prince Street pizza and pub are sure to give you an offer of a large selection of bars and also a specialty in the best-flavored pizza with a lot of varieties of drinks and a lot of fun activities, giving you a pleasurable experience.

In order to give support to the local breweries, all the different brands of beers are produced and brewed in Tennessee.

Their menu includes, of course, signatory varieties of pizza and other yummy foods, which consists of the fancy prince ( margherita Re ), mercer Margarita ( Grandma style ), Buddy broke vodka, mizz Lizzy’s veggie pie, The original princes, etc.

If you love pizza and find yourself around Gallatin, TN, then the prince street pizza and pub is one of the best Gallatin restaurants to place your order.

Opening hours: Mon – Thurs 11. am- 9 pm, Fri – Sat 11 am – 10 pm, Sun 11 am – 9 pm. This is one of the best places to eat in Gallatin, TN.

Address:123E prince street Gallatin, TN 37066, United States, Phone:(615)675-4640.

7. Alberto Brazilian

Alberto Brazilian

Between Hendersonville and Gallatin in an older farmhouse lies a small and cozy restaurant known as Alberto’s.

Alberto restaurant renders its services in Brazilian and European food styles. They are sure to give you a wonderful treat for your lunch and dinner setting, reminding you of a homelike atmosphere.

They offer you dinner and weekend menus such as bolinha de queijo and loxinha,quibe ( appetizer),celdos, pastel, chicken curry, chicken stroganoff ( maim frame ),beijinho, truffle, sweet patal( desert), wines, juice, beverages, etc.

Their working hours are as follows. Mon:closed, Tue -Thu: 11 am -2 pm & 4 pm -8pm (take outs and reservations ), Fri; 11 am -8.30 pm (take outs and reservations),sat:9am -8.30pm (takeouts and reservations), Sun: 9 am -2.30 pm.

Address 210 Douglas Bend road Gallatin, TN 37066, united states, Phone:615)206-4575.

8. Best donuts.

Best donuts.

For those that enjoy donuts for breakfast or as a snack, the best donuts are known to have one of the best varieties of donuts you can lay your hands on in Gallatin, TN. The donuts are adequately prepared and made into different, numerous varieties and flavors with a light and fluffy feel just as they should be.

Although they are best known for their donuts, they offer other cuisines to give you one of the best breakfast experience such, including Ham, egg and cheese, bacon, egg and cheese, chocolate holes, donut holes, kolaches and cheese, jalapeno, cappuccino, coffee, etc.

This restaurant is open from 5 am – 2 pm daily.

Address 184W main st,37066-3251 Gallatin, TN, Sumner county, united states. Phone:(615)451-2215.

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9. Top hog BBQ

Top hog BBQ.

Looking for one of the best places for an irresistible feel of American barbeque, catfish, and hamburgers all in a cozy atmosphere in Gallatin, TN, top hog BBQ is the right place to be. The food is always served fresh from the smoker, giving you the best form of freshly cooked meat.

The cuisines included in their menu are BBQ combo, chicken tenders, pulled pork,b roker sandwiches, deluxe melt, the Bavarian, Stu’s brisket, cheese steaks, brisket melt, chef salad, brisket and blue salads, fried pickles, etc.

Top hog BBQ is one of the best Gallatin restaurants, and it is open Mon – Thur 10:30 am – 8 pm, Fri – Sat 1010:30 am9 pm.

Address:642 Blythe Ave, Gallatin, TN,37066- 2226 united states.Phone:615-478-9330.

10 White Bison coffee

White Bison coffee.

This is a place you could stop at to have a break from all the heat of your day. It is a friendly and comfortable place for you to relax and hang out with friends for coffee. Coupled with its stylish location, it has an ambiance of calmness and is the right place for you.

As the name describes, white bison coffee specializes in making delicious, fresh, and well-brewed coffee and other beverages that have gone through true craftsmanship.

It is one of the best places for breakfast to start up your day in the morning when you are in Gallatin, TN. Their menu includes fresh fruit cups, avocado bagels, fresh fruit parfaits, etc., for breakfast. For lunch, they have chef salads, hummus wrap, ham &cheddar, honey mustards, also different varieties of drinks, tea, chocolate, and of course, coffee.

White Bison coffee is open 24 hours every day.

Address: 1101 long hollow pike, Gallatin, TN 37066-8519.united states, Phone:615-297-7158.

11. La michoacana delicious.

La michoacana delicious.

La michoacana delicious is known for its outstanding and delicious varieties of ice creams, smoothies, yogurts, etc. You will surely experience supreme sweetness and delight in all of their cuisines. They have been able to gain mastery in what they do.

Some cuisines include Red rojos,mangonado, Sandia loca, chicken tomato w/sauce,esquimal de coco Baja’s con salsa, and coconut ice cream mangonado.

Their working hours are as follows: Mon – Thur 10 am -9 pm, Fri-sat 10 am – 10 pm, Sun 11 am- 9 pm.

Address:839 Nashville pike Gallatin, TN,37066, united states. Phone; (615)461-7442.

12. Sonis Drive-In

Sonis Drive-In

This restaurant is commonly known as sonic or “The Drive-in. The company was created and founded by Troy N.Smith Sr (1922-2009) in the year 1953, and it hosts an annual skating carhop; now thats enough to show that it’s an enjoyable place to eat.

The main foods produced by the company are wacky pack kids, master shakes, sonic blast, sonic cheeseburger combo, cheesecake master shake, crispy tender dinner, jumbo popcorn chicken, fresh banana classic shake, .vallina cone, etc.

Sonis Drive-In is open for visitors Mon – Sun 6 am – 12 pm.

Address: 172N Belvedere Drive Gallatin, TN,37066 United states, Phone:(615)451-7922,(866)657-6642 (customer service).

13. Chick-fil-A.


At chick – fil-A, you are sure to have a taste of foods that have been appropriately crafted with ingredients of excellent quality and foods that have been prepared freshly. The restaurant is managed by the restaurant operator Greg Garretson.

Some of the cuisines served there include spicy chicken biscuits, chick -Gil-A waffle potatoes fries and chicken nuggets, the original Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich, egg white Grill, grilled nuggets, spicy southwest salad, chick -fil-A chicken strip, etc.

Working hours:Mon: 10.30 am – 4 pm, Tue – sat 6.30 am -9 pm, sun: closed, hours of operation may be affected by labor day.

Address;101 N Belvedere Dr Gallatin, TN, 37066.united states Phone: (615)230-1945.

14. Filly’s game & grill.

Filly's game & grill.

This family restaurant is known to be a place where you can combine a whole lot of fun with the dining experience whenever you are in Gallatin, TN, with friends and family.

It is a place you should try out because you will be sure to experience good music played in the background, arcade games, great ambiance, good food, and of course, a great time with your family and friends.

Even If you are on a budget, you will surely gain satisfaction and get enough value for your money. And also to experience bliss due to its cozy atmosphere. The hospitality rendered by the staff makes it even much better, and they give utmost and optimum attention to all that you will need.

The food on the menu includes grilled faces, main street turkey melt, pub burgers, classic filly, filly dog, the fillipe, the fat filly kid’s cheeseburger, grilled cheese, town square salad, Caesar salad, the good burger, etc.

opening hours; Thur-sat 11 am-11 pm, Sun -Tue 11 am – 8 pm.

Address: 102 N water ave, Gallatin, TN 37066, united states.Phone: 615 -206-8648.

15. Awe daddy’s Bar and grill.

Awe daddy's Bar and grill.

For Jimmy buffel fans and those looking for a Sumner-like restaurant, feel will find themselves at Home at awe daddy’s bar and grill. They have some of the best specialty drinks in Sumner county and are sure to make your dinner with them a night to remember. They make efforts and work really hard in making sure that it is a place to come for relaxation and also to listen to good music so you can feel calm and at ease while enjoying your meal.

The menu includes voo doo, bush Wacker, cheese sty’s, crash dip, chicken tenders w/fries, kiddie cat w/ fries, pancakes with bacon or sausage, catfish, awe daddy’s white fish, house salad, key wine pie, etc

opening hours; Fri 3 pm – 11 pm, sat 11 am -11 pm, Sun 10 am – 10 pm, Wed -Thur :3pm -10 pm.

Address: 727 marina private TD Gallatin, TN 37066. united states, Phone : (615) 348-4301.

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Plan a trip to Gallatin

Gallatin is known to have a lot of art scenes that are thriving, and they offer various activities, including economic, recreational, and educational activities. These activities help boost the economy’s health, which creates and makes available jobs that pay highly and lower taxes.

The restaurants in Gallatin, TN, will be able to meet any form of taste option that you so desire, whether it is American, Asian, vegan style, Glutton freestyle, Mexican, or any other food option.

Gallatin is a fantastic city, and you will be sure to have a lot of memories there. With the restaurant options listed above and their unique diversity, you will surely experience excellent services and a lovely time. Make plans for a visit to Gallatin, TN, today.