15 Best Restaurants in Citrus Park (FL)

Want to know the best restaurants in Citrus Park? Citrus Park is a town in the northwestern part of Hillsborough County, Florida, United States.

It is a suburb of Tampa with a population of 28,178 as of the 2020 Census. It boasts fun-filled outdoor recreation offering surf, sunsets, and sandy beaches.

Citrus Park also has a blooming shopping and dining scene as this area provides an incredible culinary adventure and retail options.

Although seafood is the town’s specialty, you’ll find a variety of eateries, cafes, and ethnic restaurants in Citrus Park.

Are you planning a visit to Citrus Park? Below are the top restaurants in Citrus Park, FL.

Best Restaurants in Citrus Park

1. Florida Cracker Fish Company

Florida Cracker Fish Company


The name of this establishment summarizes what the restaurant is basically about. Florida Cracker Fish Company opened its doors to Florida in 2012, and over the course of time, it has been serving the best-quality seafood in the area.

It was founded by two brothers, Blair and Ethan Hensley, who started Florida Cracker as an old-school fish shack spot.

Florida Cracker Fish Company is a great seafood restaurant where you can enjoy cooking or smoked fish.

They serve Southern food, including fresh fish cooked to order in company with sides. Florida Cracker is a great place to dine in Citrus Park, Florida.

This restaurant is quite busy, especially at night, for those dinner dates. Therefore, it is wise to book a table prior to arrival.

Things you can eat here include crab legs, lobsters, fried spicy shrimp, cinnamon rolls, and pancakes.

The menu gives you a hint that ‘there are no-nonsense seafood offerings here.’ They have the Florida Cracker B-Fast menu and the Florida Cracker Lunch menu.

The restaurant sells hometown honey, chicken scratch, wine bottle topper, and more. Many residents come in to order these to eat at home.

The restaurant doors are open from 3.30 pm to 9 pm, and it is also one of the best restaurants in Citrus Park, FL.

Address: 7604 Ehrlich Rd Tampa, FL 33625. Phone: (813) 336-6460

2. Rice & Spice

Rice & Spice

Are you craving some sushi? Then you must consider going to buy some from Rice & Spice. It is the best-rated sushi restaurant in Citrus Park, FL.

Rice & Spice is a Japanese restaurant in Citrus Park, Florida that provides delicious sushi in addition to noodles, teriyaki, and other Japanese culinary delights.

Each bite at this restaurant hints to you that you’re eating traditional Japanese sushi rolls. They offer well-prepared teriyaki beef, which is among most customers’ favorite things to buy.

They serve bento, edamame fish, Japanese red dragon rolls and ninja rolls, ramen, miso soup, teriyaki beef, spicy tuna, albacore tuna, and spider roll. All these and more are the delightful meals you can enjoy at Rice & Spice.

This Japanese food spot has a dedicated sushi menu. The environment is comfy, and the staff is friendly and helpful. So what are you waiting for? Go and make culinary memories at this fine Citrus Park restaurant.

Rice and Spice is an Asian unique and quality sushi to the Tampa community. The restaurant opens by 11.30 am, closes by 3 pm, and later reopens daily from 5 pm to 9.30 pm.

Address: 11625 Sheldon Rd Tampa, FL 33626. Phone: (813) 475-6955

3. Seaglass Tavern

Seaglass Tavern

Seaglass Tavern is one of the top restaurants in Citrus Park, FL in the greater Tampa area.

The restaurant owner, Claudia Johnson, claims the “Seaglass menu is filled with a mix of delicious dishes, from your favorite comfort foods to heightened specialties.”

They offer a range of from-scratch recipes, wines, cocktails, and dinner entrees. Sunglass Tavern’s menu features elevated but cozy, tavern-style American classics, including pasta, seafood, chicken, and more.

We recommend tavern lentil soup, an awesome soup, for brunch in Sunglass Tavern. It’s delicious, and you can also try their fried calamari or lemon pepper mussels.

Some of our dinner recommendations at Sunglass Tavern include their Meat Lovers pizza, Caesar salad, tavern fish sandwich, and pina colada shrimp. There are available vegetarian options for seafood and gluten-free options for pizza.

Seaglass Tavern is one of the top-rated seafood restaurants in Florida. It is well known for its wide selection of wines and occasional wine-tasting events, and Seaglass Tavern is Tampa, Florida’s biggest wine shop.

Address: 11935 Sheldon Rd Tampa, FL 33626. Phone: (813) 749-7711

4. Saikyo Kitchen

Saikyo Kitchen


Saikyo Kitchen is one of the best Asian restaurants in Citrus Park, FL. It is a sushi restaurant that features an ample blend of Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine.

This restaurant aims to satisfy both Asian and Western palates. You and your family are sure to enjoy your time here as they eat a variety of Japanese dishes and sushi and Vietnamese dishes.

You can try their noodles, nigiri, sashimi, and unique sushi rolls. The latter include varieties such as lollipop rolls, sexyman rolls, volcano rolls, summer rolls, and pink lady rolls.

The menu items include Kimchi Conch salad, hot tuna salad, banh mi sandwiches, tuna tartare/tataki, tonkatsu ramen, spicy miso ramen, spicy beef soup, chicken fried chicken rice, and more.

We love Saikyo’s shrimp fried rice because it is superb. It comprises shrimp cooked with eggs, peas, carrots, and onions. Saikyo Kitchen opens by 11 am and closes by 9 pm every day.

Address: 8741 Gunn Hwy Odessa, FL 33556. Phone: (813) 926-3333

5. Terra Sur Café

Terra Sur Café

Do you know of any Peruvian restaurants in the Greater Tampa area in Florida? One such rare and unique restaurant is Terra Sur Café.

Terra Sur Café is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant with a Peruvian theme. They serve fried chicken, grilled chicken BBQ, and chicken sandwiches and steaks.

They serve the best high-quality, organic-grown chickens to the Citrus Park community. Whether it’s charbroiled chicken or deep-fried chicken you want, the restaurant is there to serve you. They also serve tasty sauce and simple fruit juices to eat along with the chicken.

Terra Sur Café serves Peruvian foods using fresh ingredients and traditional family recipes. The restaurant’s menu highlights the likes of ceviche de Pescado, Mixto Seafood Ceviche, fried Red Snapper, ribeye, Inca burrito, and more.

Grilled salmon, chopped chicken sandwiches, roasted chicken, and rotisserie chicken are among the nice items on the menu. They open by 11 am and close by 9.30 pm daily.

Address: 5330 Ehrlich Rd Ste 103 Tampa, FL 33624. Phone: (813) 269-2694

6. Grand Hacienda

Grand Hacienda


Do you want to order food from a Mexican restaurant? If yes, add Grand Hacienda to your list of best places to eat in Citrus Park, FL.

The restaurant founder aims to introduce the people of western Tampa, FL, to the authentic flavors of Mexican cuisine curated from the finest ingredients and spices.

They make the best-tasting handmade tortillas, fresh chips & salsa, and margaritas.

GH’s menu features chicken chimichangas, chicken fajitas, enchiladas, flan, shrimp fajitas, wet burritos, nachos, refried beans, carnitas, black beans, and carne asada plate.

This is one of the best Citrus Park restaurants, guaranteed to greet you with hospitability whether you are seeking a delightful evening rendezvous with friends and family members or solo dining during the day. It is the perfect place to make lasting memories.

Grand Hacienda opens daily by 11 am and closes by 9 pm. Drop by GH to eat high-quality Mexican food.

Address: 11955 Sheldon Rd Tampa, FL 33626. Phone: (813) 475-5610

7. Bowl Bar

Bowl Bar

Bowl Bar is the best Irish pub in Citrus Park, Florida. The building is age-long but is now modernized and serves a roster of burgers and beers to the Tampa, FL, population.

Bowl Bar serves craft beers that are always nice and cold. Guinness stout and bloody Mary are common drinks you can order at Bowl Bar.

They also serve casual digs to enjoy your beer with. These include buffalo wings, lobsters, prawns, steaks, corned beef & cabbage, and burgers. You can visit Bowl Bar’s website or Facebook page to see the full menu.

The upside of this restaurant is the live music performance that takes place there most nights. It attracts residents and tourists to dine inside while enjoying the entertainment.

There is outdoor seating, and reservations can be made as well. The restaurant opens by 11.30 am and closes by midnight every day.

Address: 12090 Anderson Rd Tampa, FL 33625. Phone: (813) 269-2666

8. TOAST-Citrus Park

TOAST-Citrus Park

TOAST is a European restaurant that features Italian, Greek, and other Mediterranean cuisines.

This restaurant is a great place to eat breakfast and brunch if you’re near Odessa, just a few miles away from central Citrus Park.

TOAST is a family-owned business that has stayed true to serving only the healthiest foods with the freshest ingredients. It has a European-style theme in its interior décor & patio.

They offer exquisite Greek, Italian, and American fare and serve in a vibrant environment. Customers constantly applaud the manicotti sold here.

It might be something you have to try out. You can’t lack what to eat when you arrive at TOAST’s because the variety of food is numerous.

They open daily between 7 am and 2 pm. TOAST takes pride in producing sweet seafood meals that are fresh and awesome.

The bar section of the restaurant has a lot of alcoholic drinks plus soft drinks for all visitors.

Address: 8552 Gunn Hwy Odessa, FL 33556. Phone: (813) 749-0989.

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9. Keke’s Breakfast Café

Keke’s Breakfast Café

Keke Breakfast Café is a breakfast café in Citrus Park, FL, with quality food served in an informal setting. They offer dine-in, takeaway, and delivery service options to all customers.

Keke’s Café isn’t just a casual storefront in Citrus Park; it is a cozy social area to chat and relax in the morning and early afternoon.

Whether it is a corned beef sandwich or fried chicken cutlet, Lenora will serve you at your table or deliver to your house.

The restaurant’s extensive menu indicates the level of hard work the chefs put in behind the scenes for the sumptuous breakfast meals.

Breakfast burritos, quesadillas, Mexican chicken torta, dulce de leche, French toast, flan, and others are part of the menu.

We recommend their chilaquiles and eggs with a cup of coffee. It’s a favorite for most customers. As a second recommendation, try their Cajun shrimp quesadilla with cheese and fresh avocado. It is seriously delicious.

Address: 12883 Citrus Plaza Dr, Tampa, FL 33625. Phone: (813) 616-8108

10. Smokey Bones

Smokey Bones


This is a smokehouse & barbecue dishes fill out the menu of this easygoing bar & grill chain. It has other Florida branches besides Citrus Park. The nearby locations of this restaurant chain include Clearwater and Brandon.

Smokey Bones is the best BBQ restaurant in Citrus Park, Florida. It specializes in three things; ‘good food, good drinks, and good times.’

This Bar and Grill restaurant has staff that is masters of open-flame food preparation techniques. They produce high-quality grilled fare with flavorful recipes.

You are sure to enjoy eating Smokey’s pulled pork. They made it by slowly smoking it and frequent pulling.

Smokey Bones is not your typical BBQ restaurant. It offers frankfurters and BBQ sandwiches doled out from a tiny cottage with a walk-up window and backyard tables.

It has outdoor seating for those who prefer to eat outdoors while soaking in the picturesque views of the oceanic surrounding.

The bartenders offer the best beers and cocktails served cold at all times. Smokey Bones also features flatscreen TVs showing sports and sound systems for music entertainment. They open daily by 11 am and run till midnight up to 1.30 am.

Address: 8020 Citrus Park Dr, Tampa, FL 33625. Phone: (813) 920-9434

11. Bahama Breeze

Bahama Breeze

Bahama Breeze is one of the best Caribbean restaurants in Tampa, FL. It is a laid-back chain eatery featuring Caribbean entrees & tropical cocktails amid beachy decor.

Bahama Breeze offers Caribbean-inspired food, tropical cocktails, and a fun island atmosphere at the waterfront Bahama Breeze in Tampa off of W Courtney Campbell Causeway.

“This waterfront Bahama Breeze offers all your favorites: seafood, chicken, tacos, salads, burgers–all with our Island flair.

From coconut shrimp to plantains to jerk chicken pasta, you can enjoy the Islands one taste at a time, discovering new flavors along the way.

Our Latin and Caribbean-inspired recipes thrill the senses, are delicious, and will leave you craving more. Come explore island vibes and good times.”

Bahama Breeze is a place to gather with friends and share a tasty plate or two. You’ll find your favorite Caribbean dishes here. The chefs’ products will introduce you to tropical tastes and new recipes.

You will find yourself eating delicious food while listening to Caribbean soul and contemporary tunes.

This restaurant opens daily by 11 am and closes by midnight on weekdays and at 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Address: 3045 N Rocky Point Drive, E Tampa, FL 33607. Phone: (813) 289-7922

12. Little Greek Restaurant

Little Greek Restaurant


Little Greek Restaurant is a casual spot serving a menu of Greek, Mediterranean, and American food items. They serve some of the best tasty breakfast sandwiches and American comfort foods.

Little Greek Restaurant has so many branches, all targeted at heightening family dining experiences.

This little Greek restaurant has branches in other Florida locations like Winter Garden, Lakewood Ranch, and Waterford Lakes. Little Greek Restaurant makes their food with ‘fresh, flavorful, and fabulous ingredients,’ which yields the best-tasting meals.

Spinach pie, fish & chips, tzatziki sauce, chicken cobb salad, chicken avocado wrap, and more are menu highlights at Little Greek.

Little Greek Restaurant is a neighborhood Greek restaurant with an American influence. They offer dine-in, take-outs, and online ordering service options.

Address: 8007 Citrus Park Town Center Mall

13. Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Are you hungry? Do you know the best place to eat Italian food is Olive Garden? It is a Lively, family-friendly chain featuring Italian standards such as pastas & salads.

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Citrus Park, FL. They offer menu specialties that are inspired by Italian generosity and a love for culinary excellence.

This Italian eatery features a variety of Italian specialties, including filled and classic pasta, seafood, chicken fried steak, chicken, ravioli, meatballs, and so on. They are renowned for serving freshly baked breadsticks and iconic garden salad.

Olive Garden is located in The Plaza at Citrus Park, Florida. They offer dine-in and curbside delivery service options to all.

Address: 8306 Citrus Park Dr, Tampa, FL 33625, USA. Phone: +1 813-920-7475

14. Chili’s


Chili’s Grill & Bar is a casual spot offering traditional American dishes, cocktails, and a long wine list.

Chili’s Grill is also among the best Citrus Park restaurants. It has a big bar containing all your common brand names and favorite alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks.

This bar and grill spot is an upscale restaurant that accepts a limited number of reservations. So customers are therefore encouraged to book a reservation ahead of their dine-in time. They serve chili Verde, French toast, eggs & chicken fried steak, fried chicken plate, grilled ham & swiss burger, huevos rancheros, eggs Benedict, and coffee.

You may have noticed that you’re sure to have plenty of breakfast options at Chili’s Grill. At night, there are even more dinner options available to customers. You can choose to eat sandwiches, grilled seafood, chicken barbecue, soups, and salads.

Address: 8402 Citrus Park Dr, FL, USA. Phone: +1 813-792-0909

15. Culver’s



Culver’s Willmar is a fast-food restaurant specializing in frozen custard and signature burgers made in Midwest beef and dairy. There is the availability of cod, Swiss mushroom burger, tater tots, Culver’s fish sandwiches, grilled chicken, and duke.

You can relish one of their sweet treats, such as gelato and what they call “flavor of the day.” The kitchen staff is experts on burgers, chicken, and sandwiches.

You can visit Culver’s from 10 am to 10 pm every day, including on weekends. Culver’s has provisions for online orders via their website and other affiliated websites.

Address: 8410 Citrus Park Dr, Tampa, FL, USA. Phone: +1 813-926-0013.

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Plan a Trip To Citrus Park

Whether it is seafood restaurants, barbecue spots, or breakfast cafes, Citrus Park, Tampa, FL, is a great place to visit. Citrus Park offers numerous recreational activities, including shopping stores and restaurants, some of which have been highlighted in the article.

Good food is one of the most contingent factors that influences a good getaway, and Citrus Park has more than enough establishments offering it. We’d encourage you to pack your bags and do well to enjoy your trip to Citrus Park.