15 Best Restaurants in Chehalis (WA)

Are you planning to make a journey to Chehalis, United States? Are you in Chehalis already? Would you like to explore some of the city’s food? If yes, then this article is for you.

Chehalis is a city in Lewis County, Washington with a population of about 7,439.

This city has distinct sights to explore, restaurants to sample delicious dishes, and places of attention like Mount Adams, Mount Rainer, and Chehalis Central Airport.

Whether you are in the mood for a tasty breakfast, launch, or dinner, there is a restaurant for you in Chehalis.

This guide has collected the best restaurants in Chehalis, WA. Do read on!

Best Restaurants in Chehalis

1. Once Upon A Thyme

Once Upon A Thyme

For a restaurant enthusiastic about your satisfaction, for expert cooking classes from scratch, Once Upon A Thyme, Chehalis is a place to be. It is deservedly first on our list of top restaurants in Chehalis, WA.

At Once Upon A Thyme, the service is superb; they make available for their customers the opportunity to have a taste of the soup to help them choose the one they want.

The beautiful designs in this restaurant are alluring, and its conducive atmosphere keeps visitors and travelers coming.

Once Upon A Thyme, Chehalis, has a fantastic menu selection; her staff is excellent and friendly. The food is fresh and made with unique ingredients that add flavor to its taste.

The special diets include Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options

Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service, Parking Available, Takeout, and Seating, are the available features.

Meals: Broccoli salad, turkey and cranberry sandwich mayo, honey and lemon, butternut squash soup, salmon bisque, salad, pastries, cakes, beets and berries, sliced almond, hot panini, homemade meatloaf, salmon bisque, white bread, marinara, pesto, and grilled onions.

Once Upon A Thyme is open for visits from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM daily.

Address: 1090 NW State Ave, Chehalis, WA 98532, Phone Number: +1 360-740-8944

2. Mackinaw’s


Do you need a place with great food and atmosphere, a restaurant where you will enjoy savory meals with your family or loved ones? Mackinaw’s is one of the best restaurants in Chehalis, WA.

At Mackinaw’s restaurant, they are served hot and taste excellent. The meals are reasonably priced, and it is highly recommended for a getaway or a date night.

Their service is superb, and the serves are pleasant and kind.

With its calm atmosphere, and fresh and delicious meals beautifully exhibited, it promises to be a fantastic time in Mackinaw.

Meals: cheese fondue, salads, veggies, pasta, crispy chicken, cheese sauce, chicken breast, asparagus, cheese sauce, steak, noodles, parmesan, white fish, gratin potatoes and cauliflower,

Some characteristics are Full Bar, Reservations, Seating, Table Service, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol.

Mackinaw’s is open for patronage from 05:00 AM – 10:00 PM daily.

Address: 545 N Market Blvd Ste 1, Chehalis, WA 98532-2100, Phone Number: +1 360-740-8000

3. Jeremy’s Farm To Table

Jeremy's Farm To Table

If you need a quick, good lunch during your lunch break or a taste of the city’s finest meals at Jeremy’s Farm To Table, Chehalis is your point of call.

Jeremy’s Farm To Table specializes in fresh local foods with unique flavors. Its charming setting with the blooming flowers makes it attractive to customers and visitors.

The food is enticing, the service exceptional, and the staff fantastic. This restaurant is worth the stop.

Here are some special diets offered here Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, and Gluten Free Options.

Meals: Homemade tartar, fish & chips, chicken nugget, pizzas, ribeye, biscuits, salads, soups, mushroom chowder, beef stroganoff, chicken cordon, sandwiches, blue panini, and luv ya lager.

Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Reservations, Seating, Live Music, Television, Highchairs Available, Outdoor Seating, Full Bar, Takeout, and Parking Available are their characteristics.

Visit Jeremy’s Farm To Table from 09:00 AM – 9:00 PM on Monday- and from 07:00 AM – 11:00 PM Saturday – Sunday.

Address: 576 W Main St, Chehalis, WA 98532-1544, Phone Number: +1 360-748-4417

4. The Shire Bar & Bistro

The Shire Bar & Bistro

Are you looking for a restaurant in the choicest part of Chehalis where you can relish the taste of delicious Caesar steak and a cup of coffee? Or a restaurant to unwind after a long day at work?

The hire Bar & Bistro, Chehalis, is a good choice.

With its comfortable and cheerful aura, especially on a cold and rainy day, the live music and tasteful decor. The Shire Bar & Bistro is a restaurant worth giving a try.

At The Shire Bar & Bistro, Chehalis, the staff is respectful, the food is fantastic, and you can watch the chef cook from your seat if you want.

The dishes are fresh and savory, perfectly seasoned with their natural flavor.

The edibles enjoyed here are Caesar salad, shrimp, grilled smoked turkey, sandwich, clam shower, cold beer, chicken and crab savoy, broccoli, crab, iced teas, french dip, caesar steak, sandwiches,

Their features include Serves Alcohol, Reservations, Table Service, Wheelchair Accessible, and Seating

Visit The Shire Bar & Bistro for a treat of delightful made meals from 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM daily.

Address:465 NW Chehalis Ave, Chehalis, WA 98532-2037, Phone Number:+1 360-748-3720

5. Sweet Inspirations

Sweet Inspirations

Are you in Chehalis and looking for a delightful place for a luscious breakfast and superb service, Sweet Inspirations, has got you covered.

Sweet Inspirations is a family eatery that makes good meals with healthy and fresh ingredients. Its outstanding flavor keeps visitors and travelers thrilled.

At Sweet Inspirations, Chehalis, its workers are thoughtful, its environment conducive, and its meals delicious, adding to its overall beauty and charm.

Meals to be enjoyed are Oysters, red potatoes, ham, sausage gravy, green peppers, toast, egg benedict, hash browns, hollandaise sauce, hash brown, salad, muffin, red onions, biscuit, and corn beef sewed.

For the best eating experience, Sweet,Inspirations Restaurant, Chehalis, is a good place.

Wheelchair Accessible, Seating, Table Service, Serves Alcohol, and Takeout.

Sweet Inspirations is open for visits from 08:00 AM – 7:00 PM daily.

Address:514 N Market Blvd, Chehalis, WA 98532-2110, Phone Number:+1 360-748-7102

6. Taqueria Juquilita

Taqueria Juquilita

For a restaurant where sumptuous Mexican dishes made with unique and natural flavors is enjoyed, Taqueria Juquilita, Chehalis is a block away.

At Taqueria Juquilita, Chehalis, the service is superb, the food delicious, and the meals priced reasonably.

The staff here are friendly, the portions reasonable, and the environment clean and serene.

For the best food and service in the area, drop by the restaurant Taqueria Juquilita.

Their characteristics include Serves Alcohol, Wheelchair Accessible, Seating, Table Service, and Takeout.

Meals: chorizo con huevos, licuados, nachos, salad with cactus, tortillas with tacos, alambre, enchiladas, mole sauce, chorizo, rice and beans, steak, and burgers.

Visit Taqueria Juquilita to relish the taste of expertly cooked meals.

Address: 917 SW Cascade Ave, Chehalis, WA 98532-3319, Phone Number:+1 360-748-6020

7. Somsiri Thai Restaurant

South Pacific Bistro

For those craving a taste of deliciously made Thia food relished in a serene environment, Somsiri Thai Restaurant Chehalis is at your beck and call.

At Somsiri Thai Restaurant, the combinations of natural and fresh ingredients will bring pleasure to your taste buds.

It is eye-catching, the staff is thoughtful, and they help you suggest menu items to try.

Somsiri Thai Restaurant has efficient and pleasant workers, prompt and fantastic service, and meals at affordable prices with music playing in the background to give you a lovely time.

For a beautiful place for private business meals and a time out with your family, this restaurant is an excellent place to be.

Meals: homemade fries, meatballs, soup, peanut butter, chicken, salads, fajitas, white and vanilla mocha

Their features include Table Service, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Takeout, and Reservations.

Visit Somsiri Thai Restaurant, one of the top restaurants in Chehalis, WA, for a delicious treat.

Address: 263 NW Chehalis Ave, Chehalis, WA 98532-2033, Phone Number:+1 360-996-4447

8. South Pacific Bistro

South Pacific Bistro

For a beautiful Asian restaurant to visit with your family and loved ones or for a date night, South Pacific Bistro, Chehalis promises to be a memorable one.

Here, the meals are cooked with fresh ingredients and natural flavors tha add uniqueness to their taste.

South Pacific Bistro has diligent workers, its decor simple and alluring, and its environment soothing to the body.

Because of its relaxed atmosphere with its pleasant workers, it is frequented by locals and visitors.

The food at South Pacific Bistro, Chehalis, has superb taste, and meals are served in generous portions at fair prices.

If you want to enjoy savory food at reasonable prices after a long day at work, be sure to get that at South Pacific Bistro.

Their special diets include Vegetarian-Friendly Vegan Options.

The delectable to be savored here is peanut sauce, brown rice, pepped tofu, chicken curry salad rolls, summer rolls, and basil chicken.

Takeout, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, and Table Service are some of their characteristics.

South Pacific Bistro is open for visitors. Drop by for delicious meals.

Address: 432 SW 13th St, Chehalis, WA 98532-3703, Phone number:+1 360-740-0763

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9. Chehalis Deli

Chehalis Deli

For the best chicken strips, homemade fries, and sandwiches with an excellent selection of wine to go with Chehalis Deli, will give you a remarkable experience. Our list of top Chehalis restaurants would be incomplete without this spot.

Located in a serene and beautiful environment, Chehalis Deli serves expertly prepared dishes and treats to its customers.

At this restaurant, the prices for the delicacies are fair, the staff accommodating and cheerful, and very good at what they do.

It is a good stop for business owners, travelers, and locals. For an evening out, you can trust Chehalis Deli to have that covered.

Their delicacies include soup, Swiss cheese, salad, shrimp, veggies, avocados, sandwiches, hot dogs, chicken strips, homemade fries, meatballs, salads, fajitas, and nachos.

These are their features Wheelchair Accessible, Delivery, Seating, and Takeout.

Chehalis Deli is open for patronage. Make it a point to stroll by.

Address: 355 NW Chehalis Ave, Chehalis, WA 98532-2035, Phone Number:+1 360-748-6021

10. Denny’s


Are you in search of one of the best Chehalis restaurants, where you will feel relaxed and try out something new, like parmesan chicken or sizzling skillets?

Denny’s, Chehalis, is your point of call.

Its clean environment and meals are prepared to satisfy the eating craving of customers.

At Denny’s, Chehalis, they make excellent dishes at reasonable prices and have fantastic servers.

They have an extensive menu spotlighting tasty choices that meet your tastes and dietary conditions.

Their meals include cheesecake, omelet, hash browns, grand slam, milkshakes, beef burgers, parmesan chicken,

Accepts Mastercard, Seating, Accepts Visa, Wheelchair Accessible, Accepts Discover, Accepts American Express, Takeout, Accepts Credit Cards are some of their available services.

Visit Denny’s from 06:00 AM – 12:00 AM daily.

Address: 118 Interstate Ave, Chehalis, WA 98532, Phone Number: +1 360-748-6851

11. Royal Buffet

Royal Buffet

This family-owned restaurant makes delicious soup with fresh vegetables, so if you want to enjoy hot and luscious meals, visit Royal Buffet and Chehalis.

This restaurant serves the best meals, it is customer-friendly, and the prices are affordable.

In Royal Buffet, Chehalis, they have a decent assortment of traditionally made food to be enjoyed by locals and travelers.

Their service is superb, and the environment is neat, so if you are in Chehalis, this is an excellent place to drop by.

Visit Royal Buffet, Chehalis, today for a beautiful experience.

Meals: Tso’s chicken, egg rolls, Mongolian beef, veggies, broccoli, pepper chicken, sesame chicken, soup, peanut butter chicken, mushu pork, pot sticker, and meat.

Their services include Wheelchair Accessible, Takeout, Table Service, and Seating.

Royal Buffet, one of the top Chehalis restaurants, is open from 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM daily.

Address: 575 N Market Blvd, Chehalis, WA 98532-2109, Phone Number:+1 360-740-0900

12. Fiddler’s Coffee

Fiddler's Coffee

Are you planning a business meeting? Do you want to hang out with friends, or do you want a cozy place for a date? Fiddlers, Chehalis is the best meeting place.

To boost your caffeine, taste vanilla mocha, and creme espresso. Fiddler’s Coffee, Chehalis, is a call away.

This restaurant has an assortment of pastries to choose from and enjoy in a warm and beautiful atmosphere. It is highly recommended if you are taking a trip to Chehalis.

Fiddler’s Coffee is a fantastic place for decent lunch and coffee. They have thoughtful and engaging workers, excellent service, and amazing food.

Their meals include strawberry coconut, Italian soda, americano, hemp milk, mocha coconut, iced white, vanilla mocha, creme espresso, and bacon quiche.

Visit Fiddler’s Coffee for a cup of deliciously made coffee.

Address: 101 Interstate Ave, Chehalis, WA 98532-3700, Phone Number:+1 360-748-7771

13. Applebee’s


For a splendid meal relished in a bar or booth, Applebee’s is a block away.

With Lots of combinations of meals washed down with tasty drinks, it is one of the best Chehalis restaurants and promises to be a memorable one here.

At Applebee’s restaurant, Chehalis, the service is quick and staff friendly. They serve delicious and refreshing meals in a clean environment.

The delicacies here are Bourbon Street steak, lime chicken, pilsner, steak, brownie bite, stir fry, salad and wings, burger, chicken,

Here are some of their features Wheelchair Accessible, Seating, Takeout, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Table Service, and Television.

Visit Applebee’s from 11:00 AM – 12:00 AM Monday – Tuesday and from 10:00 AM – 01:00 AM on Saturday.

Address: 1670 NW Louisiana Ave, Chehalis, WA 98532-1711, Phone Number:+1 360-748-1800

14. Market Street Bakery & Cafe

Market Street Bakery & Cafe

For a delicious memory of expertly prepared dishes or the treat of your life, visit Market Street Bakery & Cafe, Chehalis.

The delectable pastries and cuisine will keep coming back for more.

The service in this restaurant is fantastic, its surroundings neat, beautibeautifullyated with exquisite designs that are alluring.

Market Street Bakery & Cafe is a comfortable place to be.

Wheelchair Accessible Takeout Seating is available.

The meals offered are pastries, turkey croissants, berry danish, soup, sandwiches, pumpkin tarts, cheesecake, coffee, pie, chocolate mint cookies, vegetable panini, and eg,g salad sandwich.

Market Street Bakery & Cafe is open for visits from 08:30 AM – 5:30 PM daily.

Address: 492 N Market Blvd, Chehalis, WA 98532-2628, Phone Number:+1 360-748-0875

15. Dairy Dan

Market Street Bakery & Cafe

For a fantastic lunch and dinner with friends and family or a business luncheon, Dairy Dan, Chehalis is a sure place.

Dairy Dan serves terrific food; their service is excellent, and the servers are very polite.

This restaurant has a variety of flavors to choose from, and their prices are reasonable.

Located in a neat environment and peaceful atmosphere Dairy Dan is one the best restaurants to eat in Chehalis, WA.

Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, and Takeout are their available features.

Visit Dairy Dan to enjoy delightfully prepared meals.

Address: 1582 S Market Blvd, Chehalis, WA 98532-3621, Phone Number:+1 360-748-8381

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Plan a Trip to Chehalis

A trip to Chehalis will be remarkable, from the numerous tourist allures to explore to the multiple parks to sightsee. At Chehalis, a time well spent is assured.

The display of restaurants in the city depicts a beautiful privilege to explore the excellent and luscious variety of meals the city has to offer.

This article has headlined the best restaurants in Chehalis, WA. For the duration of your visit, plan a trip to them to get some of the most excellent dining experiences in the city.

Plan a visit to Chehalis today!