15 Best Restaurants in Buffalo (TX)

Buffalo is a beautiful yet small city located in Leon County, Texas, United States of America with a total land mass of 4 square miles, 10 kilometers.

The city is situated halfway between Houston and Dallas and between Louisiana and Austin. A short drive from the city will lead you to the metropolitan areas.

As of the last population conducted in 2020, Buffalo had a population of 1767 persons. It has a climate characterized by hot and humid summers with apparently cold winters.

The city also has beautiful and unique shops, supermarkets, and restaurants. It is a historic district town with special amenities and infrastructures that has made the place habitable for various visiting guests. Beautiful scenes like the oak forests, green hills, creeks, and lakes make here a place for fun fare and relaxation.

The city is less populated but has many job opportunities and good restaurants where one can enjoy a quality meal in a cool and serene atmosphere.

The restaurants found here include red roof inn, the Pharm restaurant, El Corral Mexican Restaurant, Rancho Viejo restaurant, Dairy queen restaurant, TX Burger café, and many more.

Are you planning a visit to Buffalo, TX? Here are the best restaurants in Buffalo, TX.

Best Restaurants in Buffalo

1. The Pharm Restaurant

The Pharm Restaurant

The Pharm Restaurant is one of the top Buffalo restaurants, owned by a family with a track record of tasty and inventive dishes.

They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a specialization in American cuisine and Vegetarian-friendly food options.

The menu served here are numerous: hamburger, chicken steaks, fried chicken, battered onion rings, grilled fish, chicken ribs, vegetables, shrimps, jalapeno bun, salads, grilled salmon, assorted meats, beverages, and a wine bar.

The meals served here are tasty, alongside professional chefs excellently discharge their duties with a friendly customer approach. The atmosphere is cool and serene for relaxation and meditation.

Other features found here are the table services, credit card accessibility, free parking lot, television screen, free wi-fi, wheelchair accessibility, accepting visas, and also offer live music for special events.

The restaurant is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays (11:00 am-9:00 pm). Thursdays to Saturdays (11:00 am-10:00 pm), with exceptions on Mondays and Sundays.

Address: 520 West Commerce Street, Buffalo, Texas. Phone: +1 903-322-2229

2. Rancho Viejo

Rancho Viejo

Among the top restaurants in Buffalo, TX is The Rancho Viejo restaurant, a high-class eatery that specialize in mostly Mexican and Southwestern cuisine.

The value they uphold is standard, possessing excellent culinary with a cozy atmosphere shooting forth bliss.

The menu highlights; fish, shrimp, cream cheese, jalapeno, avocado, pastries, cookies, margaritas, taco meat, fajita meat, chicken sauce, enchiladas, fried rice, burgers, ice cream, grilled chicken wings, salsa, potato chips, beverages.

The environment is decent, with pleasantly surprising meals and services.

Other outstanding features include; table service, takeout, wheelchair accessibility, flat television screens, beautifully arrayed trees, seating space, and parking lots.

The restaurant opens on Sunday to Wednesday (10:30 am-9:00 pm), Thursdays (10:30 am-9:30 pm), Fridays, and Saturdays (10:30 am-10:00 pm).

Address: 335 Craig Street, Buffalo, Texas. Phone: +1 903-322-7474

3. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

The Dairy Queen café is excellent, serving tasty and quality meals with highly standardized services.

It is also a fast-food cuisine-oriented eatery with meal options that cut across breakfast, lunch, dessert, and dinner. The meals are tantalizing indeed.

You can find here: fries, coconut rice, coconut cream, milky biscuits, shortbread, double-decked cheese, chocolates, blizzard, chicken strips, steaks, diet coke, pop-corn, hamburger, grilled chicken sandwich, tacos, and chips.

The services rendered here are highly professional. They are given hospitality and a friendly welcome to their customers.

The atmosphere is cool, with cool music and succulent sofas to make it worthwhile. You can find features like the wheelchair accessible, interior and exterior dining hall, takeouts, credit cards, and nice decorations.

The opening hours are on Monday to Thursday (10:00 am-10:00 pm), Fridays and Saturdays (10:00 am-11:00 pm) except on Sundays.

Address: Interstate 45 And Highway 79, Buffalo, Texas. Phone: +1 903-322-5321

 4. Anthony’s Restaurant

Anthony's Restaurant

This eatery presents mainly American cuisine with vegetarian-friendly options. It is one of the wonderful places to enjoy a good meal in the city of Buffalo.

People from distant places visit here to enjoy a good meal. It is worth a try.

The tasty meals found here are fried rice, chicken wings, fried plantain, meats, salad, cheese, sandwiches, black beans, plates of spaghetti, soups, grilled shrimp, freshly baked cakes, sausages, vanilla ice-cream and other assorted meals served in buffets.

The ambiance is accommodating, satisfactory, and comfortable for the visiting guests.

Other utilities are featured here: table services, free parking lots, nicely decorated dining rooms, and event centers for special occasions.

The opening hours are Mondays to Sundays (5:30 am-10:00 pm).

Address: 311 Craig Street, Buffalo, Texas. Phone: +1 903-322-4173

5. Subway Restaurant

Subway Restaurant

The Subway restaurant is a popular restaurant worth adding to your list of best places to eat in Buffalo, TX.

Varieties of meals are known to be served here, which cuts across breakfast, lunch, and dinner with appealing American and Deli cuisine to add to its flavor.

The subway restaurant’s menu options include pepper meats, sandwiches, burgers, grilled chicken wings, mozzarella, grilled turkey, vegetables, crushed eggs, fries, fish steaks, shortcakes, cheese, snacks, and assorted drinks.

The subway has a special service delivery with descent looking waitpersons, all excellent in their services.

The surrounding environment is alluring, with a cool atmosphere for relaxation and comfort.

The restaurant is open on Sundays to Wednesdays (9:00 am – 9:00 pm), Thursdays and Fridays (9:00 am – 10:00 pm), and Saturdays (9:00 am – 9:00 pm).

Address: 1521 West Commerce Street, Texas Burger, Buffalo, Texas. Phone: +1 903-322-5825

6. El Corral Mexican Restaurant

El Corral Mexican Restaurant

The El Corral restaurant is one of Buffalo’s most beautiful places to enjoy a good meal.

The restaurant upholds a track record of a satisfying and highly standardized mode of operations and customer deliveries.

Mexican cuisine, vegetarian-friendly, vegan, and Gluten-free options are found here in generous portions and affordable prices.

The menu it highlights include; sausage rolls, burrito, double-decked cheese, fried rice, grilled chicken, tacos, beans, potato chips, salsa, garbage, enchiladas, calamari, fried avocado, chicken pie, meat pie, roasted fish, and wine bars.

It also has free wi-fi, free parking lots, home service deliveries, a kid’s menu, lounge: table services, a recreation center, sporting activities, and the like.

The restaurant opens on Sundays to Saturdays (10:30 am – 9:00 pm).

Address: 219 Buffalo Avenue, Buffalo, Texas.

7. The Pizza Hut

The Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is a classic and quality restaurant that serves appealing and tasty meals with class.

The restaurant is known for high value and thrilling services with a warm outlook of its surroundings. You are served like royalty in this place.

The delicacies served here includes; meats, Pizza buffets, creamed salads, fish, carrots, grilled chicken, sausage, meshed eggs, Tuscan pasta, chicken wings, breadsticks, shortcakes, crispy chips, peanuts, hamburgers, sandwich, boiled eggs, soups, steaks, sea foods, pastries, tomato sauce, shrimps, black beans and noodles

They also have wonderful features like full wine bars, table service, visas, wheelchair accessibility, credit card options, parking lots, a lounge, a swimming pool, a museum, special deliveries, and event centers for birthdays and parties.

The opening hours are Sundays to Thursdays (11:00 am – 10:00 pm), Fridays, and Saturdays (11:00 am – 11:00 pm).

Address: 1608 West Commerce, Buffalo, Texas. Phone: +1 903-322-1780

8. Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Drive-In

The Sonic Drive-In is a cool place in Buffalo to enjoy tasty meals at lower and affordable prices.

Their meals appeal to breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, with room for other incentive dishes and special diets.

The menu displayed here are berries, fruit salads, smoothies, fries, grilled chicken, seafood, shrimp, eggs, egg rolls, buns, burritos, fried rice, double bacon cheeseburger, totes, grilled chicken wings, turkey, beef, grilled pork, rice sauce, salsa, tomato sauce, vegetables, fish, boiled potatoes, fries, pastries, crunchy snacks, ice-creams, pop-corns, and full wine bars.

The Sonic Drive features include tray service, good dining halls, unique interior and exterior decorations, well-arrayed seating, wheelchair accessibility, free wi-fi, credit card options, and home deliveries.

The restaurant is open Mondays to Fridays (7:30 am – 9:00 pm), Saturdays and Sundays (8:00 am – 9:00 pm).

Address: 2610 West Commerce, Buffalo, Texas. Phone: +1 903-322-1896.

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9. The McDonald’s restaurant

The McDonald's restaurant

Next on our list of best restaurants in Buffalo, TX is The McDonald’s restaurant.

The McDonald’s restaurant is an interesting place with various delicacies and excellent delivery.

The ambiance is quite cool, having beautified gardens to add to the color of its brilliance. The meals here are captivating.

Foods like fried rice, beef, sausage rolls, hashbrown, fries, burgers, cheese, pounders, freshly baked cakes, coffee, cappuccino, crispy buns, butter-biscuits, brisket bones, pepper soups, chicken sauce, fried fish, grilled pork, shrimp, crabs, boiled oysters, barley cakes, custard powder, and beverages.

They also do home deliveries, kids menus, and event centers for birthdays with other features like the seat-out, lounge, table services, credit cards, free wi-fi, wheelchair accessibility, parking lot space, and television screens.

Your wildest dreams come true when you happen upon this eatery.

The opening hours are Mondays to Sundays (12:00 am – 11:59 pm).

Address: 441 South Craigs Drive, Buffalo, Texas. Phone: +1 903-322-1010

10, Texas Burger Café

Texas Burger Café

In the Texas Burger, fast food cuisine is mostly served with professional deliveries and services.

The meals are appealing to vegetarian friendlies, Gluten-free options with other incentive dishes that blend to the taste of its visiting customers.

The menu highlights tasty meals like green beans, salad, chicken wings, chicken breasts, beef, burgers, ice cream, grilled fish, barbeque, ketchup packets, fries, potato chips, buns, cabbage, spinach, fresh vegetables, shrimp, crabs, noodles, shortcakes, wafer snacks, biscuit steaks, and full wine bar options.

From the entrance, the atmosphere is welcoming. The waitpersons maintain cute smiles and friendly service while attending to the customers.

Excellent features like credit cards, visa acceptance, free wi-fi, television screens, tray and table services, and wheelchair access are all found here.

The restaurant is open from Mondays to Sundays (9:00 am – 10:00 pm). Feel free to also add it to your list of best places to eat in Buffalo, TX.

Address: 1521 West Commerce Street, Buffalo, Texas. Phone: +1 903-322-5825

11. Rainbow Restaurant

Rainbow Restaurant

The Rainbow restaurant is a wonderful place located in the city’s center where delicious meals are properly served.

The careful packaging, well-mannered staff culture, generous portions, and cozy atmosphere make this eatery stand out amongst many.

The menu highlights chicken fried steaks, hot breed, fresh pastries, snacks, ice cream, fried rice, chicken wings, fried beans, grilled fish, fish stew, boiled green beans, salad, sausage rolls, fried potatoes, chicken tenders, French toast, breakfast tacos, burger, an oven-baked sandwich, and various meat stews.

There are also classic features: beautiful interior and exterior decorations, table services, credit card functions, hair salons, dry cleaning services, wine bars, visa acceptance, free wi-fi, wheelchair accessibility, tree gardens, and special event centers.

The definition of home away from home is clearly defined here.

The restaurant is open from Mondays to Sundays (5:30 am – 10:00 pm).

Address: Intermediate 45 Highway, Buffalo, Texas. Phone: +1 903-322-4173

12. The Crawfish Hideaway

The Crawfish Hideaway

The Crawfish restaurant is a friendly place with high-grade recipes that are soothing to taste and an alluring atmosphere that gives it the perfect blend you need.

An unusual taste in their meals, specializing in Cajun cuisine, offers, and seafood options with other incentive dishes appealing to vegetarians.

Tasty meals like cooked prawns, banana puddings, boudin balls, black pudding, crawfish, shrimps, crab legs, grilled octopus, roasted fish, plantain steaks, catfish, creamy cheese, sandwiches, well-dressed salads, grilled pork, rich gumbo, and black beans.

The restaurant has excellent features, including table settings, tray options, wheelchair accessibility, credit card acceptance, free wi-fi, parking lot space, flat television screens, resort gardens, takeaway options, and event centers for bookings.

Their services are professional, and the ambiance is cozy and quite comfortable.

The opening hours are on Sundays (11:30 am – 8:00 pm), Thursdays (4:00 pm – 9:00 pm), Fridays (4:00 pm – 10:00 pm), Saturdays (11:30 am – 10:00 pm), and always closed on Mondays to Wednesdays.

Address: 143 Hill Street, Buffalo, Texas.  Phone: +1 903-322-6023

13. Church’s Chicken

Church's Chicken

The Church’s chicken café is a famous grill spot in Buffalo, specializing in assorted chicken delicacies.

This eatery also deals in fast foods and has room for incentive dishes, special diets appealing to vegetarian friendlies, and gluten-free options.

The delicacies offered here are grilled chicken wings, chicken ribs, mashed potatoes, chicken strips, causa, chicken chili, chicken biryani, pepper chicken, fried fish, calamari, pepper stew, dressed salads, cheese, burgers, spicy chicken chopsticks, coleslaw, pork, causa, crumbles, assorted meats, turkey meats, biscuits, and beverages.

A wonderful environment has this place, with the standardized mode of operations and skilled staff at one’s service.

They also have features like credit card acceptance, free wi-fi, pools, takeaway-enabled home delivery services, and drink spots.

The opening hours are Mondays to Sundays (10:30 am – 10:00 pm). It is also among the best Buffalo restaurants.

Address: 2430 West Commerce Street, 75831 Buffalo, Texas, USA. Phone: +1 903-322-9159

14. PJ Fresh Marketplace

PJ Fresh Marketplace

This eatery is known for its constantly tasty meals with high value for its customers and a standardized way of operating.

The restaurant offers great services, friendly staff, a cozy atmosphere, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

The meals served here include grilled chicken wings, sandwiches, fries, steaks, fish, fried spicy chicken, tacos, salads, meats, sausages, soup, beef, pork, burgers, creamy cheese, mashed potatoes, spaghetti, noodles, crunchy snacks, buns, oven baked bread, cakes, and pastries.

Other outstanding features that add color to the restaurant are the free wi-fi, credit card acceptance, wheelchair accessibility, takeaway options, parking lots, table settings, and interior and exterior decorations.

The restaurant is open from Mondays to Sundays (7:00 am – 10:00 pm).

Address: 2605 West Commerce Street, Buffalo, Texas, USA. Phone: +1 903-322-9034

15. Taqueria Lopez

Taqueria Lopez

Lastly, on this list of top restaurants in Buffalo, TX is Taqueria Lopez restaurant.

The Taqueria Lopez restaurant is a famous eatery in Buffalo, well known for its friendly staff services, attractive dishes, and affordable food price range.

It mostly specializes in Mexican dishes, with special diets that appeal to vegetarian-friendly options, Vegan options, and gluten-free options with other incentive dishes.

The dishes served here are spectacular which include: tasty asado, omelets, homemade tortillas, barbacoa tacos, potato chips, salsa, burritos, cheese, grilled chicken laps, pork, sandwiches, fajitas, beef, assorted meats, salads, hot bread, pancakes, sausage rolls, cabbage, fish stew, pepper sauce, fried rice, fried beans, plantains, tasty snacks, beverages, and drinks.

The environment is attractive and alluring, having a well-arranged seat out, features like succulent sofas, wheelchair accessible, takeaways, credit cards accepted, free wi-fi, free parking lots, resort gardens, free bookings for birthday parties and dates with a cozy ambiance and cool music to keep one comfortable.

Their services are top-notch, and their waitpersons are skilled, well-trained, and mannered. The staff to customer service is captivating.

The restaurant is open Mondays to Saturdays (5:00 am – 9:00 pm) and Sundays (7:00 am – 3:00 pm).

Address: 717 North Buffalo Avenue, Buffalo, Texas, USA. Phone: +1 903-322-3806.

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Plan a Trip to Buffalo

Tasty meals and interesting offers await you in this city. If you have ever doubted the possibility of having a delicious meal outside your home, the restaurants in Buffalo, TX will convince you that such possibilities exist.

What are you waiting for, plan a visit to Buffalo, Texas today!