15 Best Restaurants in Avon (Indiana)

Avon is a small town with many exciting places to visit, fun things to do, and comfortable places to eat and enjoy a meal. And also a fast-growing community in Indiana with a low crime rate.

The city is famous for Its hospitable residents And beautiful scenery during the autumn season.

While visiting, you don’t want to miss Seasonal events like the Rib Fest and Balloon Glow festival during the summer, which features a race competition, live music, fireworks, hot air balloons glow, and one of the best-tasting Rib dishes.

During the beautiful autumn season is the Heartland Apple festival, featuring Wine tastings from local Indiana wineries, homemade apple cider drinks, arts and crafts, and mouth-watering Local dishes.

The Restaurant’s cuisine options in Avon, Indiana, range from American to Italian and Asian dishes, and restaurants like Opa Offer Greek and Mediterranean dishes.

This guide has collected the best places to eat in Avon, Indiana. Here are the best restaurants in Avon, Indiana.

Best Restaurants in Avon, Indiana

1. Opa!


Opa made it to our top list of best Avon, Indiana restaurants.

Opa is owned by a father and his son, ” Gus and dimos dagres.” And was established in the year 2014 and is still operated by them.

Since its establishment, Opa has continued to be one of the best restaurants to enjoy quality homemade Greek cuisine and wine.

The delicious dishes served here are not merely homemade but recipes passed from generation to generation, which is fascinating. And some of the ingredients used include freshly picked Greek herbs, spices, and olive oil.

Opa is very popular for its gyro and saganaki dishes (known as the flaming cheese dish) and is highly recommended by customers. They are also known to feature vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free Menu options.

The atmosphere in Opa! can be regarded as a happy one, and it has received many positive reviews from customers and customer service.

Opening and closing hours are from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm daily.

When you are at Avon, visit Opa for a memorable dining experience.

Address: 7900 E US Hwy 36, Avon, IN 46123, United States, Phone: +1 317-707-7513.

2. Bangkok Kitchen

Bangkok Kitchen

If you are searching for the best place to eat Asian cuisine in Avon, you should stop by Bangkok Kitchen for delicious and freshly made Asian dishes.

Bangkok kitchen was established in the year 2015. And have been recognized as one the best Restaurant in Avon that prepares Authentic Thai cuisine.

Stop by for a launch or dinner at Bangkok kitchen Thia Restaurant and enjoy mouth-watering spicy Thia cuisines. You can choose from the mild to hot spice menu; the chicken here is one of the best in Avon.

Asides from the exquisite dishes and perfect winery available at Bangkok kitchen, you would also notice the beautiful decoration and soft jazz playing in the background. You will also undoubtedly love the cozy atmosphere and fast customers services rendered.

Bangkok Kitchen Thia restaurant is open for business daily at 11:00 am and closes by 9:00 pm.

For a memorable Asian dining experience, visit Bangkok Kitchen Thai Restaurant.

Address: 9269 E US Hwy 36, Avon, IN 46123, United States, Phone: +1 317-438-5887.

3. Charbonos


The Charbonos Restaurant was created in 2012 and is a part of the Cunningham Restaurant Group (CRG) family.

Charbonos is one of the best restaurants in Avon, Indiana to visit, relax and enjoy drinks with friends, as they support full bar options, including freshly made cocktails, beers, and wines.

Aside from the usual casual dining setting, which is undoubtedly cozy, Charbonos also supports counter seating, wheelchair accessibility, and a private room.

When you stop by Charbonos, don’t miss out on the delicious sirloin steak, the mouth-watering crispy calamari, and the perfectly made carrot cake dessert. It is recommended you taste one of these dishes.

What is a restaurant without good customer service? Well, Charbonos is no exception. The customer service here is highly commendable.

Opening and closing hours at Charbonas are 11:00 am to 9:00 pm (from Sundays to Thursdays) and 11:00 am to 10:00 pm ( on Fridays and Saturdays)

Remember to visit Charbonos today.

Address: 128 N Avon Ave, Avon, IN 46123, United States, Phone: +1 317-272-1900.

4. Bj’s Restaurant and brewhouse

Bj's Restaurant and brewhouse

Enjoy your craft beers and vegan-friendly dishes at Bj’s Restaurant and brewhouse branch in Avon, Indiana.

Bj’s Restaurant was established in 1978 and is known to be good at what they do, giving customers value for their money.

You would want to experience the delicious meals and Appetizers on the menu, like famous buffalo wings, outstanding avocado egg rolls, and crispy mozzarella sticks.

Bj’s Restaurant and brewhouse support casual dining settings, and the atmosphere is comfortable. The staffs are also diligent at their work and amiable.

Opening and closing hours at BJ’s are 11:00 am to 11:00 pm ( from Sundays to Thursdays ) and 11:00 am to 12:00 pm ( on Fridays and Saturdays )

Stop by to enjoy a quality launch and dinner.

Address: 10367 Rockville Rd, Avon, IN 46123, United States, Phone: +1 317-610-0810.

5. La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant

La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant

Avon restaurants also offer Mexican cuisine, like the La Hacienda Mexican restaurant, where you enjoy fresh and delicious Mexican dishes. So as a Mexican visitor or a Mexican dish lover, if yes, then this will undoubtedly be your best place to eat in Avon.

La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant is said to be established as a business in 1998. This 25-years Restaurant uses fresh traditional recipes to give you the best taste a good meal can offer.

The menu holds many exciting dishes. Some dishes include the delicious nachos mexicanos, perfectly made chicken salad, mouth-watering shrimp soup, the famous combo C, I, and M dishes, and so many homemade dishes that will appeal to your taste buds.

The atmosphere at La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant is appealing and comfortable, the customer services are also pleasant, and the staffs are always ready to help.

La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant is open for business every day of the week from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Remember to visit La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant today, and you can book reservations in the private rooms for events or planned occasions.

Address: 7481 E US Highway 36, Avon, IN 46123, United States, Phone: +1 317-272-6855.

6. Pho 36

Pho 36

Pho 36 is one of the best restaurants in Avon, Indiana, that offers quality, pocket-friendly Asian dishes and Vietnamese cuisine.

This Vietnam restaurant was established in 2013 and has not seized to provide customers with delicious homemade Asian dishes from freshly procured ingredients.

The staff are very hospitable and will ensure you have a great time. You can make reservations, dine in, or order takeouts to enjoy at your place of convenience.

The menu holds many exciting appetizers, soups, rice plates, sandwiches, and drinks, and it is recommended by local and visiting customers that you taste the Pho dish here. It is affordable and very delicious.

Come and have your meal today at Pho 36 and enjoy perfectly cooked Vietnamese dishes in a welcoming and comfortable Atmosphere.

Pho 36 is open to serve its customers every day except on Tuesdays, and the operating hours are from 11:0 am to 10:00 pm.

Do well to visit Pho and enjoy a memorable Vietnamese dining experience.

Address: 9655 E US Highway 36 Unit C, Avon, IN 46123-6211, United States, Phone: +1 317-273-1830.

7. Emmy’s pancake house

Emmy's pancake house

Are you looking for a restaurant in Avon where you can enjoy an exquisite breakfast and belly-filling launch or a restaurant that offers takeout options to enjoy your meal at your convenience or on the go? If yes, stop by Emmy’s pancake house today, and you won’t be disappointed.

This American Restaurant was established in 2013 and is famous for making yummy American cuisine, Delicious meals that will leave you wanting more.

Emmy’s pancakes House offers a variety of freshly made foods and drinks. It is well known for its delicious Hash browns, skillet, biscuits and gravy dishes, sandwiches, and exciting meals. The waffles here are said to be second to none compared to other top Avon Restaurants.

Vegetarians and vegans are included, as Emmy’s pancake house offers vegetarian and vegan-friendly menu options.

The servers and staffs are very diligent at their job and are always available to take your orders, the services are fast, and the atmosphere here is cozy.

Opening and closing hours are from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm, making Emmy’s palace House an excellent spot to enjoy breakfast and hang out with friends for an exquisite meal, So stop by Emmy’s pancake house today.

Address: 7508 Beechwood Centre Rd Ste 300, Avon, IN 46123-7866. United States, Phone: +1 317-272-7200.

8. Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

This Restaurant was founded in 1982 by Bill Darden and has operated since then in different locations, including our place of interest in this article, Avon, Indiana, USA.

Olive Garden is a simple American dining restaurant that specializes in Italian-American cuisine. And if you are into Italian drinks, then Olive Garden is your place because among the menu options are different varieties of Italian beverages, from freshly made to bottled wines drink, both alcohol-based and non-alcoholic drinks.

Asides from the numerous drinks and winery options, Olive Garden Italian Restaurant offers lots of mouth-watering Italian cuisine. Like the numerous pasta dish options, the delicious herb-grilled Salmon, the trademark stick bread, which is always available, and the numerous chicken dish options, which include the famous garlic rosemary chicken and many more.

Many customers also recommend sweet foods, warm chocolates, meatballs, parmigiana, baci cakes, famous lasagne frittata, etc.

The atmosphere here is calm and Welcoming. The staffs are also cheerful and fast at rendering services.

The Olive Garden Italian Restaurant is open for business 12hrs every day, from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Address: 10243 East US Highway 36, Avon, IN 46123, United States, Phone: +1 317-273-0889.

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9. Longhorn Steakhouse

Longhorn Steakhouse

If you are around Chester road in Avon and looking for a place to eat quality grilled steak, you should stop by Longhorn Steakhouse.

Longhorn steakhouse was founded in 1981 by George. W. Mackerrow Jr is one of the top restaurants in Avon, Indiana, with talented chefs specializing in making tasty grilled steak and chicken dishes.

The popular items on the menu highlights include longhorn salmon, back baby steak, Flos’s fillet and lobster tail, Grilled chicken and strawberry salad, Chocolate stampede, Wild west shrimp, seasoned steak house shrimp, and many more mouth-watering dishes.

The customer service and staff have received numerous positive reviews and feedback from customers, and the atmosphere here is also highly commendable.

Longhorn steakhouse, Avon, opens at 11:00 am and closes by 11:00 pm from Sundays to Saturdays. Enjoy your launch and dinner.

Address: 10107 E US Highway 36, Avon, IN 46123, United States, Phone: +1 317-271-5200.

10. Magoo’s California Pizza

Magoo's California Pizza

Magoo’s California pizza is a casual American dining restaurant specializing in Pizza dishes and is one of the top restaurants in Avon, Indiana, offering excellent pizza dishes and quality services.

This Restaurant also offers takeout service and online ordering so that you can order your delicious breakfast, launch, and dinner from them.

The atmosphere at Magoo’s California pizza is very calm and comfortable, likewise the staff at the counter and other servers. They are all cheerful and ready to be of assistance.

Some of the recommended dishes from Magoo’s are chicken tikka, Garlic bread, baked chicken wings, crash chili, cheese pizza, and a wide variety of pizza dishes, including vegetarian-friendly pizza dishes. The tea here is exquisite.

Magoo’s California pizza is always open, with a bit of variance in time. On Sundays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, the Restaurant opens from 12:30 am to 12:00 am, from 7:00 am to 12:30 am on Mondays, and then from 1:00 am to 12:00 am on Thursdays.

Choose your best pizza dishes, and you won’t be disappointed.

Address: 10584 E US Highway 36, Avon, IN 46123-7984, United States, Phone: +1 317-271-4411.

11. Tin house Thia cuisine and Sushi

Tin house Thia cuisine and Sushi

Are you a lover of Asian food? Are you in Avon, Indiana? Are you looking for a place to eat and enjoy some delicious Asian dishes? Then Tin’s House Thia Cuisine and Sushi Restaurant is the place to visit.

The Tin House Restaurant is an authentic Asian Restaurant known for its creativity and perfectly rolled Sushi and Halal meat.

Tin house Thia cuisine and sushi Restaurant is one of the best Avon restaurants that offer Asian cuisines. They offer top-notch services. And the atmosphere is very welcoming. You can also order takeouts as they offer takeout options.

The menu sections hold exciting and delicious dishes ranging from soups to salads, Appetizers, sushi salads, cooked special rolls, Khanom wan (Desserts), Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and so much more. Visit for a more extensive Menu.

Tin’s House Thai Cuisine and Sushi Restaurant are available for business from 11:00 am to 9:30 am daily.

Stop by today and enjoy a memorable Asian Dish experience.

Address: 10022 E US Highway 36, Avon, IN46123-7770, United States, Phone: +1 317-273-0131.

12. Yats


Are you looking for a place to eat satisfactory food in Avon, Indiana? Turn your attention to Yats restaurant. Yats is an American-based Restaurant that specializes in cajun & creole Cuisines.

Enjoy perfectly seasoned and deeply satisfying meals cooked under the right amount of heat by experienced and creative chefs.

It’s noted that all dishes are served over rice and with cajun buttered Baguette on the side. The menu section holds creative dishes, like the Chefs Hot choice, where the customers are served chipotle alexio and are given the liberty to request spicy hot portions.

Some signature dishes include chili cheese, Etioffee with crawfish, Gumbo, drunken chicken, and more, including vegan and vegetarian-friendly dishes.

The staff is always ready to be at your services, the service rendered is fast, and the clean environment is attributed to the cozy atmosphere.

Do well to visit Yat today. They also support takeouts and have provisions for wheelchair seating.

The operating hours are from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm ( Mondays – Saturdays) and 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Sundays.

Address: 9259 E US Highway 36, Avon, IN 46123-7412, United States, Phone: +1 317-964-0565.

13. Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

Enjoy homemade chips and queso, and buffalo beer battered shrimp, honey butter croissants, and the trademark Cheddar’s cheese fries and bar services at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen.

Cheddar’s scratch kitchen was initially known as Cheddar’s casual cafe and was first established in 1979 by Aubrey good and Doug rogers; and d is now situated in different locations, including Avon.

Like other top Avon restaurants, the customer service is commendable, and they offer vegetarian-friendly options.

Opening and closing hours are 10:00 am – 10:00 pm from Sundays to Thursdays and 11:00 am – 11:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Hang out with friends at the bar, and enjoy drinks and good food at Cheddars scratch kitchen Restaurant.

Address: 9466 E US Highway 36, Avon, IN 46123-7240, United States, Phone: +1 317-209-9690.

14. Red Lobster

Red Lobster

Do you love seafood? Are you in Avon? Are you looking for a restaurant in Avon that prepares fresh and delicious seafood dishes? If yes, visit Red lobsters today and enjoy a memorable seafood meal experience.

The Red Lobster restaurant was founded in 1968 and has continued to use this experience to create art in the kitchen. The staff members, including the chefs, are skilled and experienced in preparing and serving seafood.

Red Lobster is an excellent spot to enjoy launch and dinner dates. For starters, you can have the signature seafood stuffed mushroom. You can enjoy the deliciously seasoned soups or pasta, perfectly grilled salmons or steaks, or many other exciting meals the menu offers.

You can also enjoy these exquisite meals in the comfort of your home as Red lobsters support takeouts and deliveries.

Red lobsters are open for business daily, from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Mondays to Thursdays and 10:00 am to 11:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Make time to enjoy freshly made seafood dishes at Red lobsters.

Address: TARGET SHOPS 10189 E US Highway 36, Avon, IN 46123-7429, United States, Phone: +1 317-271-4906.

15. El rodeo

El rodeo

Lastly, on this list of best places to eat in Avon, Indiana, is El Rodeo, situated at 8128 E US Highway 36, a Mexican-American restaurant specializing in making delicious Mexican cuisine.

You will undoubtedly relish your visit to El Rodeo, especially with friends and family, because they support outdoor dining, have good spacing, and serve good food and drinks.

The El Rodeo Restaurant has an extensive list of meals on its menu ranging from appetizers to Nachos, Salads, Combos, seafood, chicken steak, burritos, fajitas desserts, and so on, including kid meals, all cooked and prepared the Mexican way and served generously.

Opening and closing hours at El Rodeo are from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm daily

Stop by today.

Address: 8128 E US Highway 36, Avon, IN 46123-7964, United States, Phone: +1 317-272-0597.

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Plan a Trip to Avon

Avon, Indiana, is a very welcoming town, and the food here is excellent, do well to visit any of the highlighted Avon restaurants in this article and make the best of your stay in Avon, Indiana, United States.

So, plan that visit today! Make that reservation.