15 Foods That Start With TH (Latest edition)

To all food enthusiast who has decided to take a new path and research brand new and refreshing dishes or cuisine to try, look no further as we give you a reviewed list of 18 savory and tasty foods that start with the letter “TH.”

All the foods in this article are mouth-watering and tasty. From Thin Crust pizza to Thai green curry and also Thumbprint cookies, do not forget the amazing Thai rice. Make more space for your belly as we expand your options and nurture all your cravings.

Are you thinking of treats or healthy meals, these 18 meals below will surely meet your desire.

Let’s explore the top healthy foods that start with TH

Foods That Start With TH

If you are looking for the top foods that start with TH, we have compiled several of them, and they are featured in the list below.

1. Thin Crust pizza

Thin Crust pizza is the first item on this list of foods that start with TH.

Returning to ancient Rome, when soldiers added oil and cheese to flatbread, pizza has become families’ favorite in many homes today. And it has graciously continued to evolve as we’re now blessed with wide varieties of pizza, depending on your location, and it is now seen as one of the go-to dishes worldwide.

Amongst the different types is the Thin crust pizza, also called the Neapolitan pizza, which is about where it originated from or “Pizza Napoletana.” The thin-crust pizza originated in Naples, Italy.According to food experts, this dish has satisfied humans for over 200 years. It is just a crispy thin base with massively rich, tasty tomato sauce alongside many delicious, fresh ingredients, yet it has bought the hearts of many people around the globe.

2. Theobroma cacao

I’m sure most of you aren’t familiar with this tree. Theobroma cacao is a scientific name for quite a unique tree. The tree gives us Chocolate; now you know where your favorite chocolate bar and flavor originated.

Its beans are used to make your favorite sweets and lovely desserts. Your special chocolate cookies, cakes, ice cream and chocolate bars, and other delightful treats are all made thanks to Theobroma cacao.

The cacao tree is grown in Africa, South America, and Asia, so it can only be grown in tropical regions. The process first involves the fermentation stage before the beans found in the pod are dried and then roasted, which, when it is finally processed, brings forth different chocolate products. You’re happy you’ve learned about the origin of your favorite flavor, “Chocolate,” right?

3. Thai green curry

Thai green curry

If you have tasted any Thai dish or cuisine, you indeed would have tasted this as well. It is a famous spicy curry that involves a mixture of various spices and some mixture of herbs. With its creamy texture-like appearance, when added, it makes your vegetable dishes and meats taste delicious. This dish is commonly served with noodles or rice, which makes it tasty.

The curry paste consists of many ingredients mixed like coriander, green chilies, Kaffir lime leaves that give it an unmatched taste, and also lemongrass. Those who have had this meal will attest to the fact that the addition of Thai green curry to your food elevates the flavor.

4. Thyme

The popular thyme is highly medicinal; it is also used to season and spice up your food. It goes well when you add it to your beef, fish, chicken, and more. It can also be used to make pestos of different kinds.

Thyme goes beyond just being a mere seasoning because it has massive health benefits for your body, like helping your immune system fight off diseases, reducing the risk of obesity or any heart disease or malfunction, it also reduces depression, yes that’s right.

Thyme can be used by adding the leaves to your meal, or you may take teas made of thyme leaves. Whichever one you prefer, you’ll still get the benefits it freely gives.

5. Thimbleberry

Thimbleberry can be eaten and enjoyed in many ways, like putting it in the freezer and then eating it like ice cream, or you can eat them off the plant if it’s the method you prefer.

You can also delve deeper and make a Thimbleberry jam or pie if you love it. Locations like southwestern Canada and the northwestern United States of America are where the thimbleberry plant is grown.

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6. Thin Mints

Thin mint is made from candy mint leaves that are dipped in chocolate. After dipping, it is dried for some hours so the chocolate doesn’t melt away but remains strong. The end product is lovely, and you’ll want to try it.

7. Thumbprint cookies

The thumbprint cookies are sugar cookies, and the top of the cookies have thumbprints. Sounds nice, right? The dough used in making the thumbprint cookies involves different ingredients like eggs, sugar, and butter. For better taste, it may include other flavoring agents like almond extract or your favorite vanilla extract.

The dough is then made to be ball-like before the imprints of a thumb are made. Afterward, the cookies go into an oven, where they are baked. The result would surely make you drool and hungry for it. After baking, the center will look suppressed due to the thumbprints, but that doesn’t take away the finger-licking taste of the cookies.

8. Three Bean Salad

Among the top food that start with TH is Three-bean salad. It is eaten in many cultures around the world. So we might as well say it’s a popular dish. It combines black beans, pinto beans, and red kidney beans. Adding different veggies, such as cucumber or tomato, makes it more prosperous. Three-bean salad is massively rich in fiber and protein.

9. Thistle leaves

Thistle leaves

Native Asia, Europe, and North America are the geographic locations where the Thistle leaves are grown. Thistle leaves have relations with beet greens, mustard, and chard.

The thistle plant is a yearly herb with hairy stems clustered together and can be broken down into smaller leaflets. Whether you choose to cook the thistle leaves or eat it raw, you’re good to go. If you choose the former, boil them for up to 15 minutes; otherwise, steam them for at least 10 minutes before eating.

10. Thai rice

If you want to have breakfast, Thai rice is a brilliant idea. Because it has a mild flavor and is also very easy to cook, it is long-grained white sticky rice, which has already been steamed and then put under the sun to dry. It also has availability for different varieties that are “sticky” or “glutinous,” which gives it a chewy texture slightly different from the regular Thai rice you know. Thai rice comes in two primary sizes: medium-grain (Thai Khao Meung) and short-grain (Thai Khao). For better choice and preference, you should go for the latter, because if it’s smoother and soft texture. You will love it.

11. Thukpa


Thukpa is a famous traditional noodle from the people of Tibet In Asia. The noodles are eaten alongside eggs, meat, and fresh vegetables to make them more delicious. It is a soup made from coconut milk and chicken, and it’s spicy.

Chicken noodle soup and thukpa are similar in that they have a noodles base and chicken broth. Nonetheless, thukpa has more veggie content and is thicker than chicken noodle soup. No jokes, you’ve got to try this dish.

12. Thousand Island Dressing

Thousand Island Dressing

You may be wondering what this is, aren’t you? Thousand Island dressing is a traditional classical food with burgers, fresh salads, and tasty fries. I guess this may be why it is the favorite of many. Ketchup, relish or chili sauce, and mayonnaise blend make up a thousand island dressing. The dressing can be made manually with your hands or an electric blender.

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13. Thosai


Thosai? Two parts are making a whole new meal. It is a combo of dosa and pancake. This food is native to the South Indians of Tamil Nadu. The exact origin of Thosai remains unknown.

Nonetheless, some believe it originated from Sembiyankandiyur (close to Thanjavur) in Tamil Nadu. The dish is prepared specially, starting with the fermentation of the urad dal paste and rice flour and cooking until it turns crispy on a Tava. Interestingly, it can be eaten in different ways like, savory (with potato curry), spicy (with chili powder), or eaten sweet (with sugar or jaggery). The time duration in preparing this dish is relatively fast because it is designed locally using what we call Thosai-kal, which is a local stone slab.

14. Thimbu

Thimbu is also one of the top foods that start with TH. It is especially eaten at the latter end of the year, called the Ember days. It is a well-stuffed dumpling with cheese, fish, or meat prepared in vegetable soup. It may sound funny to you that this food originated by accident about four hundred years ago by St. Lucius of Alexandria.

The dish is popular in several regions like the Sheridan People’s Republic, as it was brought from Tian Xia by settlers. It was also during this period that the dish spread to Avistan. Thimbu typically originated from the northern parts of Tyslandes. I tasted some during my visit to Ustalav, and the taste still reminisces in my head on random occasions.

15. Theeyal


Theeyal originates from South India, Kerala, to be precise, where it is popular. This dish is ideally made of different fresh spices and roasted coconut. Rice is partnered chiefly with this brilliant curry dish. Theeyal comes in other varieties, but some common ingredients include red chilies, tamarind, and coconut. You can prepare your Theeyal with different types of beef, chicken, pork, or fish, depending on your choice. Notably, other parts of India also love this dish.

Frequently Asked Questions-Foods That Start With TH

What Is a Fruit or Vegetable With the Letter T?

Tomato is a fruit that begins with the letter T because it has seeds, but it can also be referred to as a vegetable. Tomatoes are eaten worldwide, and they can be used to prepare dishes of many kinds.

What Fruit Has the Letter T?

Tangelo is a fruit that has the letter T. Tangelo is a combination of two citrus fruit which are grapefruit and pomelo, or tangerine and mandarins. Citrus is the scientific name for Tangelo ft citrus. They are grown in warm regions.

What Is an African Fruit Beginning With T?

Tunde-fruit is an African fruit that begins with T. Tunde-fruit originates from West Africa. Scientifically, it is called an “egg.” because when the Tunde-fruit gets ripe, the inner part is oval, while the skin becomes yellow.

What Berries Begin With T?

Have you heard of Tayberry? Tayberry is a crossbreed of red raspberry and blackberry. They are grown mainly on shrubs. Interestingly, they are sweeter and more prominent than other berries.

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Conclusion-Foods That Start With TH

Are you looking to spice up your regular dining routine? Why not venture into the realm of “TH” cuisine? Our curated collection of delectable dishes incorporates a diverse array of flavorful herbs and spices from various corners of the globe.

Within this compilation, there’s something to satisfy every palate, whether a hearty feast or a delightful confection. The allure of these culinary creations extends beyond their taste alone; numerous options are brimming with essential nutrients.

Embrace the opportunity to embrace these tasty alternatives, offering a wholesome substitute to your customary indulgence in burgers and fries.

Exploring novel culinary experiences remains a valuable pursuit, irrespective of one’s inclination toward ethnic cuisine. Hence, why not dare to step beyond your familiar boundaries and savor a selection of these “TH” delicacies? In doing so, you might stumble upon an entirely new culinary realm that captures your discerning taste.